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10 days in Philippines- Top Places To See

The Philippines is one amazing country with jewel-like islands and friendly people that have a ready smile to uplift your day. Visiting the many tourist draws in the Philippines is an experience that will certainly melt all your stresses away. There are countless getaways and hotels to choose from throughout the country to match any budget. The amenities and service are all world-class and provide an unforgettable experience. A trip to the Philippines is a trip of a lifetime that should be done more than once since the islands have so much to offer. Although it is not enough, 10 days in Philippines can provide you with enough time to travel to the many offerings of the country and get your much-needed entertainment, relaxation, and adventure.   

10 days in Philippines–Day 1 Indulge in some Cheap Buffet in Manila


People want to eat the ultimate buffet. The Philippines has a rich culinary tradition that will satisfy many people who are after an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Indulging yourself in a buffet is the first thing you should do on day 1 of a fun and fulfilling 10 days in Philippines. Food is a need, and the first thing you should do is to satisfy your hunger. Once you get to any of the buffet restaurants in Manila your eyes will be opened to the rich array of selections that span yards and meters. You can indulge every taste from sweet to salty, to spicy and umami. The Philippine’s culinary heritage is not just local but enriched by the countries surrounding it. 

Notable Buffet Treats:


Cabalen is a well-known buffet place and is a great starting point if you want to experience the Philippine’s distinct culinary tradition. This restaurant has a total of sixteen branches which is evidence of its success. It has been in the restaurant business for thirty years, and they have seen a steady rise since. Cabalen is specifically a regional cuisine of the Kapampangans who are known as culinary masters so they will never disappoint. If you want some Asian with your Filipino food, they also have some mix Asian restaurant outlets, so you get to enjoy other Asian servings such as maki roll, Pad Thai, and Chinese. 

Islas Pinas

It is crucial to taste the food of each region in the Philippine, and it is impossible to go to each island within ten days. Islas Pinas has all the flavors of the country in one restaurant. Best of all, it is run by world-class chef Ms. Margarita Fores, so you know you will be getting top-notch quality. In Islas Filipinas, you don’t have to hop to a plane to enjoy all the great cuisine the different regions of the country have to offer. Simply hop on a car and head off to this restaurant within Manila. 


If you want Chinese food and a nearly endless selection of it, buffet style, simply head off to Kowloon and get an affordable and filling Chinese buffet. This restaurant is conveniently located along West Avenue and can be easily accessed by bus or jeepney. Kowloon has been in the restaurant business for years, and their buffet is well known, and much loved. Among the delicacies in their buffet are stir-fried noodles, bacon shrimp roll, and spareribs. 

10 days in Philippines–Day 2 Explore Tagaytay

The Philippines can be one hot country, and although people love the blue skies and sunny weather, a much-needed break from it is crucial. If you visit the Philippines during the warmer months, it is very easy to cool down besides getting yourself a glass of halo-halo. You can actually head outside of Manila in the direction of Tagaytay to get to cooler topographies. Going to Tagaytay is one of the best ways to spend 10 days in Philippines. The tourist spots around Tagaytay will give you much-needed relaxation. The weather in Tagaytay is cool so it will give you the energy to explore and witness the scenic views of the area. Tagaytay is just within driving distance from Manila, so getting to this area should be quick and easy. 


Notable Places to Visit:

Visit Sky Ranch

Amusement parks never get old or boring. The child within each of us will leap up at the sight of an amusement park complete with rides such as carousels, and Ferris wheel. The cool climate in Sky Ranch makes it doubly enjoyable. If you are an adult, you can still get loads of fun in the wonderful rides at Sky Ranch while enjoying the weather and the company of relatives. If you are coming to Sky ranch with kids, you will be assured that they will get entertained by the many rides, so you don’t have to think of ways on how to keep them occupied. 

Glamping at 8 Suites

If you plan on staying a night at Tagaytay, then make it one of a kind. Take advantage of Tagaytay’s cool weather and go glamping (not camping) outside. The 8 suites offer glamping amenities that can be enjoyed with friends or relatives. Give yourself the benefits of luxury amenities and get a totally cozy and relaxed spot under the starry night outside. Glamping at 8 suites provides luxury pillows and tents. If you want some drinks, you even have access to a minibar. If you need to use the main hotel’s amenities, you can access it any time during your stay. 

Breakfast at Antonio’s

Dining at Antonio’s used to be reserved for special occasions but if you happen to be on Tagaytay go ahead and take your fill of what is regarded to be one the best restaurants in the country. Indulge yourself with their popular steak and pasta and have a cup of coco after. 

10 days in Philippines–Day 3 Explore Ilocandia, Ilocos Sur

If you love history, you will be going back in time in Ilocos Sur, Vigan. Specifically, go to the place called Calle Crisologo which has rows of old Spanish houses built in the 16th century. This site is under the protection of the UNESCO World. If you want to see the charm of architectures of a bygone era, a trip to Calle Crisologo a must. This is a good destination to include in your 10 days in Philippines. 

Of course, your trip to the past doesn’t just stop at staring at old buildings. You will also get to experience the transport system of that old era. You can hail traditional calesas and go around the city with this horse-drawn carriage. You can get some good photo opportunities riding these calesas. 

Of course, no exploration of Vigan is complete without sampling its culinary offerings. You will get to taste their famous empanadas being hawked on the streets and get yourself a filling and tasty snack. If you want a full sampling of the region’s cuisine, however, you should go to Plaza Burgos where local dishes are being sold in food stalls.

If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can buy all kinds of high-quality pottery, and local fabric weaves. To get a thorough historical feel of the city, it is crucial to visit at least two landmarks: the Syquia Mansion and the Crisologo Museum, otherwise known as the Elpidio Quirino National Museum. Here you will get to see a lot of interesting exhibits that tell the story of the region as well as the entire country. 

10 days in Philippines

Vigan is a good place to visit all year round but if you want to have the best experience go to this region during a festival. You will get to experience more fun and activities if you go between November to April where there isn’t a lot of rainfall. The most spectacular events and festivals in Vigan also happen during these months.

Fiestas in Vigan are celebrated for a week. May marks the beginning of the celebration of Viva Vigan Festival of Arts. Going to these celebrations will help you learn more about cultural and historical facts about Vigan.

10 days in Philippines–Day 4 Explore Ilocandia, Ilocos Norte

Since you are in Ilocandia Region why don’t you go further up and spend a day up North? Spend one day at North Ilocandia in your 10 days in Philippines. The North part of Ilocandia has plenty to offer that will surely make your day interesting

Sample Itinerary:

San Agustin Church

Visiting this historical church is crucial on a trip to Ilocandia. It is notable for two reasons: first, it is a National Cultural Treasure in the Philippines, and second, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Of course, when you get to visit this church, you will be impressed and agree that it is a gorgeous church in the Philippines despite it being the oldest. The fantastic Baroque architecture was the creation of a bygone era and is something that is rarely being done today. The stunning San Augustin Church rises up from the landscape and is a truly magnificent sight to behold. A testament of great architecture and great faith. 

Bangui Windmills

10 days in Philippines

These windmills have been much photographed and are notable for being one of the most famous attractions of Ilocos Norte. These windmills up close are gigantic structures! In photographs, they may look rather ordinary but seeing them live is breathtaking. Their towering height and clean design are a unique contrast to the natural surroundings. Everyone feels compelled to stop and be awestruck for a moment when they pass these windmills. For truly memorable photographs go to Bangui windmills when it is about sunset. The views of the setting sun are spectacular in this area as it casts shimmering light and shadows on the windmills. 

Paoay Sand Dunes 

If you want some fun and adventure in Ilocos, go on an adrenaline-pumping trip through the Sad Dunes. This is a natural amusement ride as you go from sharp turns to sudden drops in the many elevations and falls of the sand dunes. Technically, the country has no deserts, but the sand dunes are a close experience to knowing what it feels like traversing one. If you want to experience a unique sport, try sandboarding on the sloped areas of the sands and get some great shots of your moves for posterity. 


Go to Pagudpud and experience beach fun. Amazing beaches and bodies of water await you in Pagudpud. You can take a refreshing dip in its waters after a long hot day of adventure and picture taking. Some of the sights to see are Kabigan Falls and Saud Beach. You can also stop at the Blue Lagoon and Bantay Abot Cover and get to see nature’s amazing artistry as well as get some rest and relaxation among cool waters. 

10 days in Philippines–Day 5 Exploring Bicolandia

Bicol is a region with a rich heritage and diverse natural wonders. It is a great destination for people who want to see it all and do it all. It’s also notable that some places in Bicol are free to visit. Unlike other destinations, Bicol has so many things to offer. A visit to Bicol is a true interaction with nature. 

Bicol is a sight to see because of the amazing beauty of its plains, rolling hills and majestic volcanoes. Because of this, Bicol appeals to the mind, heart, and spirit. Make it one of the places to visit in 10 days in Philippines. The region has attractive places that have not yet received many commercial improvements and, in these places, we are moved to introspect, relax, and have fun and simply feel nature as we bond with friends and relatives forgetting the pressure of the city for a moment. 

Sample Itinerary

Palumbanes Island

10 days in Philippines

Palumbanes island is a relatively quiet beach where you can just simply commune with nature and enjoy the local culture. Palumbanes is known as Paromopong to the locals. Bitaog beach is found here and is free to be visited by the public. There are no commercial establishments to be found on the beach, so you will have to bring your supplies. The sand is beautiful and off-white. If you want just to go bumming around on the beach amongst unspoiled nature with clear waters and lush greenery, head over to Bitaog beach and have fun-filled hours with friends. 

Misibis Bay Resort

This place is a luxury getaway that offers world-class service and a fantastic view of Misibis Bay. There are 37 Asian inspired villas in this hotel, making it a truly luxury island getaway. In this resort, you can indulge all the delights of your senses. Get magnificent views and spoil yourself with the culinary offerings of its world-class in-house restaurant. You can also engage in various watersports such as diving with whale sharks and swimming. If you want something low key simply enjoy a walk along Misibis bay’s pristine beaches.  

Subic Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon

Perplex your friends and followers on Instagram with a pink beach. No, it isn’t filters or Photoshop, the sands of the beach are truly pink! Be witness to this unusual colored beach and amaze everyone. Also, enjoy other adventures in this beach such as exploring its rock formations and snorkeling. 

10 days in Philippines–Day 6 Boracay

No trip to the Philippines is complete without a trip to Boracay. This beach is a must-see in 10 days in Philippines. The powdery white sand that is as fine as talcum powder is truly something which beckons tourists. Boracay is well known to Filipino as well as foreigners. The beach is especially packed during the months of March to May. Boracay also gets crowded during the holiday season such as Christmas and Lenten season. Hotel rates will usually go up during these months. 

10 days in Philippines

If you are concerned about the weather in Boracay, you can be assured that the weather remains temperate all year round, never too chilly or too hot. The temperature is always approximately 30 degrees Celsius. The peak hot months occur from March to June while the cooler months are from August to October. 

Sample itinerary

Kitesurfing in Boracay

If you have never tried kitesurfing going to Boracay might be a good place to start learning. There are many schools in the area that welcome beginner students as well as folks with more experience. The most prominent school is the Freestyle Academy Kitesurfing School. This school is located on Bulabog beach. You can expect instructors here to be friendly, professional and highly trained with all the necessary licenses and certificates

Relaxing Spa

If you want a stress-melting and detoxifying experience, get yourself a nice uplifting spa. There are numerous spas and massage services scattered all over the island, so you will have plenty of choices to relax your body and your mind. There are places for every budget and price point. If you want more affordable spas, you can find them along White beach. Places like mandala spa operate classier spas. For ninety minutes you get to have an amazing whole-body massage wherever you like: on the scenic beach or in the privacy of your room. Massage services are one of the prime offerings of the island, and they are worth what you pay for. You will likely have a second round of massage after feeling its healing effects on your mind and body. 

Go Beach Hopping

There are many islands, just a few distances away from Boracay’s famous White Beach. Several smaller beaches around the island are worth peeking into. You will find that these beaches will have jewel-like waters and have stunning views. Do not miss your chance for an island-hopping adventure. Go to scenic islands such as the famous Crocodile Island. Go to Puka beach as well and see the uniquely shaped shells that can be found along its shores. 

10 days in Philippines–Day 7 Palawan

El Nido is one of the well-known places to visit in the Philippines. Include it in your 10 days in Philippines. It has gorgeous beaches and bodies of water that are host to unique species of animals. There are at least two notable places to see in Palawan. 

Nacpan Beach, El Nido

10 days in Philippines

What makes El Nido a paradise are its beaches. One of the best beaches in the area that is well known to tourists is Nacpan beach. Although there are many bodies of water to see in El Nido, such as coves and lagoons. Nacpan Beach is still worth a visit. What makes this beach special is its 4-kilometer golden sands of unspoiled beauty. You will get to see verdant palm trees rising up near the shore which gives this island a truly serene and tropical vibe. It should also be noted that Nacpan beach is one of the twin beaches in El Nido the other being Calitag beach which is as equally stunning to explore.  

Tubbataha Reef, Palawan

Palawan has something amazing to offer aside from El Nido. Tubbataha is an amazing spot for daring adventurers and divers since it opens up a whole new world. Imagine an underwater scene with the most amazing vivid colors. In Tubbataha, you get to interact with fish and marine life as well as witness amazingly colored corals of every type. At the heart of Sulu sea is Tubbataha and there is amazing marine biodiversity in this spot. Tubbataha is a recognized geographic center. The only way to get to this area is through a boat that lodges in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. 

Tubbataha is a bit difficult to access, but it is necessary to keep visits to a minimum to maintain its unspoiled beauty. The waters and marine life have been kept pristine over the years because of the protection it gets. Tubbataha is also protected by UNESCO World and has been nominated as the “New Seven Wonders of the Natural World.”

In Tubbataha, you will get to see marine life from reef sharks to manta rays. The islets found around Tubbataha are also host for birds and turtle nests. 

Tubbataha is a natural park, and you need to plan well and book months in advance before you go. Once you witness its fantastic depths, you will find that all of the preparation is worth it in the end. 

10 days in Philippines–Day 8 Coron, Palawan

The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands with jewel-like beauty. Include Palawan in your 10 days in Philippines. An extensive array of islands makes choosing your own paradise easy. Within Palawan are other islands that have come to be prominent because of its distinct attractiveness and beauty. Coron is one of them. The Island of Coron is an established tourist attraction with commercial developments and extensive accommodations to choose from. If you want a stress-melting experience and break free from your pressure cooker life, choose Coron as your getaway. Give yourself an amazing retreat and sanctum so you can recharge your body mind and spirit.  

Sample Itinerary

Paolyn Floating House Restaurant 

This is one of the unique places to book a stay in Coron. In Paolyn Floating House Restaurant you will be there right on the water. They have three notable attractions that are just within walking distance: Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, and Twin Lagoons. If you want one of a kind accommodations book a stay in this floating house. One of the unique things you can do here is to stargaze on the rooftop. During the day, you can dive directly on the clear waters from your room. The houseboat is spacious and can easily fit up to seven people. It has two queen beds and three single beds. There are also kayaks, paddleboards and snorkeling gears for an amazing watersports adventure. 

Sangat Island Dive Resort 

10 days in Philippines

People who go to Coron choose it for the unique diving adventures it offers, particularly, the downed world war 2 Japanese ships. Sangat Island Dive Resort is perfect for people who want to see these shipwrecks. Aside from the diving adventure the area also has a 300-meter stretch of powdery beach sands flanked by dramatic limestone cliffs and verdant palm trees. If you want to do something other than diving you can have some fun with other watersports such a snorkeling and jet skiing. You can also go island hopping or visit underwater seascapes other than the world war two ships. 

Glittering Fireflies and Plankton tour (with Buffet Dinner)

Witnessing fireflies at night clustering among trees and shrubs is nature’s natural LED light and is quite magical to behold. However, the fireflies are not all that glitters, when you dip your hands on the water, the bioluminescent plankton also glows. Planktons react to sound, and when you tap your boat, they will spread their light underneath the water as if saying hello. It is truly a jaw-dropping amazing sight that you think you’ll only be seeing in a movie’s computer effects. 

10 days in Philippines–Day 9 Angeles City

Spend day 9 of your 10 days in Philippines meeting sexy girls. Amazing entertainment greets the man who is willing to step into Angeles city’s nightlife. At this point, we are now heading back near Manila which is our final destination. Filipinos are charming and friendly, and you can experience the same with the people you will be meeting in the many bars in Angeles City. You can get excellent service from the waitstaff to the female entertainers. If you have a hectic life and you need loosening up, you can have a drink as well as have a companion in any of the bars. If you just want to spend the night watching girls, you can also do so. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed a great night at Angeles nightlife with the endless amounts of booze and the fun party vibe. 

10 days in Philippines

Walking Street

The specific district where the bars and nightlife are located is at Walking street. The bars are endless, and choices can be confusing since there are so many of them. In each bar, you will encounter door girls who will try to capture your attention. They will usually yell out the name of their bar. If you think the girls are pretty and you like what you see you can go and peek inside. You don’t have to hesitate or be shy. If you don’t like what you see, you can always back out. If you are dazzled by what you see inside, go ahead and have a seat. Buy yourself some drinks and watch the show. 


The top bar to visit on Walking Street is Dollhouse. The best and the hottest girls work in Dollhouse. Because of this, the place is jam-packed every night with tourists and ex-pats. You will be impressed by the door girls who truly have top-notch looks. The waitresses are equally hot, and you might conclude that a trip to Angeles is one of the most special. 

10 days in Philippines–Day 10 Manila

Visiting the islands and provinces can prove exhausting, so go ahead and have a relaxing day walking around the capital’s main historical attractions. Cap off your day by going to Manila hotel bars and have cool drinks and start a friendly conversation with a stranger.  


10 days in Philippines

If you love history, you will love the Intramuros area. Intramuros is known as the Walled City. This is one of the best places to spend 10 days in Philippines. It spans 64 hectares and was bombed during the second world war. Once you get in the Intramuros area, you will get to see its quaint and charming environment. Some structures were preserved such as the centuries-old churches of Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. 

A landmark within Intramuros is the Fort Santiago. This is the main offices for armies and soldiers during the era of the Spanish. However, it has stuck in the minds of people as the prison of the country’s national hero in his final hours.

You can soak up a lot of history in Intramuros, and a guided tour will help you learn more. You can cover the vast area via a unique bamboo bike or horse-drawn carriage. 

After a day’s trip at Intramuros, you will need a hefty dinner and Barbara’s restaurant, which is as historical as Intramuros itself. It is a great place to fill your gastronomic cravings. 

Hotel Bars in Manila


Spend your last night in Manila, touring the hotel bars. People in Manila know how to entertain and be entertained. Indulge your need for drinks and fun nightlife in the countless bars across Manila. Mingle with the crowds and gain a friend. End your 10 days in Philippines with amazing drinks, partying and world-class service. 

Final Thoughts

You need to plan a vacation in the Philippines every year to see and explore every nook and cranny of its beauty–10 days in Philippines is not enough! Have an unforgettable vacation that you can’t find anywhere else. The Philippine is one amazing place that has dramatic beauty as well as a great heart. 

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