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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider to Spend Your Honeymoon in the Philippines

When thinking of tropical destinations for a honeymoon, the Philippines often gets picked to be among the top 5 destinations. Not only is the Philippines a great place to spend your honeymoon; it also serves you the best memories that will last you for a lifetime without burning a hole in your pocket.


For many years, newly married couples pick the Philippines as their honeymoon destination because of 10 top reasons which we will explore in this post.


FIRST: Cheap Destination Honeymoon 


Every couple just starting in their lives want to spend the first days of their life together in a remarkable destination without necessarily burning a hole in their pockets and creating more money problems in the long run.

Because the cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than other tropical countries, or any other country at that; a four-day trip in other countries could be extended up to a week or more days. This means you can enjoy the Philippines more for a much lesser budget.


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SECOND: Locations of Tourist Spots 

One of the great things about the tourist spots in the country is that they are closely connected. This means much fewer expenses in travel and transportation.

With proper planning, you can go to at least four different breathtaking honeymoon destinations in the Philippines in just a day.

THIRD: Fair Climate 


Since the Philippines is a tropical country, it is just right to expect the heat when you come and visit certain destinations. The temperature reaches up to 32 degrees Celsius in some areas while in some areas, the temperature could drop to at least 11 degrees Celsius especially if you decide to visit places up north of the country.


If you want to enjoy the basking warmth of the sun and yet not be burnt, you may choose to visit the mountainous regions and enjoy hiking.


Going to the grand beaches in the Philippines is best during the summertime. But you may also choose destinations depending on the weather within the area during specific months. Going to the beach in between the rainy and the summertime is best because the heat is much bearable and the sunsets are just grand and worth every picture that will serve your memory at its best.

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FOURTH: Great Food 

You can certainly find great good anywhere in the Philippines.


If you are more adventurous when it comes to your food choices, you will certainly enjoy dining around local food destinations in every tourist spot you may choose to visit.


If you want very specific selections, you can research beforehand or ask the locals about the best food destinations they know of in the area.


There are home-grown restaurants in several localities that are known not only for the quality of food that they serve but also for the ambiance in the area. Another good thing about finding great food in the country is that you do not need to pay too much to get the best choices to fill yourselves and satisfy your taste buds with the best food experience you could ever imagine.


FIFTH: Great Culture 


The Philippine Culture is both colorful and exciting.


If you are in for cultural immersion, going to the Philippines and engaging with the locals for a few days would be one of the most satisfying choices for you to explore.


Not only will you be able to see the most exclusive honeymoon destinations in the Philippines, but you will also be able to deeply understand the story behind each beautiful location, every food offerings in an area, and every legend there is to explore to complete your couple-adventure in the country.


SIXTH: Grand Scenic Views on the Road 


From one destination to another, even travel points offer great scenic views for you to capture and keep as part of your honeymoon memory.


Grand Scenic views can be found along the road. So, if you are not planning to commute around, it is best to hire a private car you can drive around or also hire a trustworthy driver who may bring you to key destinations in local areas around.

SEVENTH: Connected Services among Local Tourism Industries 

Among the most efficient developments in the country’s tourism strategies include creating connections between local and national businesses together to make it easier for tourists to go around the country safely and visit interesting destinations with budget and time concerns in mind.

Finding a trustworthy company to handle your travel itinerary would best make your honeymoon experience in the Philippines much more satisfying.

You can search online, read through reviews of trustworthy travel websites where you can find suggestions of organizations that offer the best travel packages to the Philippines. Others also benefit well from receiving suggestions from friends who have already gone and traveled around the country.

EIGHTH: Happy Disposition of the People 


What most say about Filipinos is that they have a fun, easy, and outgoing disposition that is almost infectious. While there are certain concerns about safety and security, if you pick the places where you will visit and check online about their safety record, then you can surely focus on what is fun and be satisfied with your honeymoon trip to the Philippines.

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NINTH: Hospitality 


In every travel adventure, knowing the people in the local area and feeling comfortable around them is certainly an assurance of your satisfaction and fun during your whole travel and will certainly make you feel at home.

Filipinos are globally known as hospitable individuals who put the concerns of their visitors as a priority.


This is why even when there are certain issues and reservations among some visitors in the country, they are overturned by the fact that a majority of the Filipino people are hospitable and are concerned about the safety and comfort of their visitors.


TENTH: A Touch of History in Every Location 


On top of the comfort, the fair climate, the great sceneries, and the great people, you are sure to enjoy the history etched behind top tourist spots that are visited in the Philippines for the background that they carry.


It is certainly exciting to know more than just the surface of the place that you are visiting. As you visit the Philippines, let your honeymoon be a time of discovery that can be added to your chest of memories that you will bring with you as you go back to your own country.


Experience is something that cannot be paid for by any amount of money. And if you choose to have your honeymoon in the Philippines, you will surely gain that experience and become immersed in something that will be worth keeping for a lifetime.


There is no doubt that these ten reasons prove that the Philippines is one of the best destinations to enrich your honeymoon and make this moment in your life together a couple more special and remarkable.


So what are the things you should take into consideration when visiting the Philippines?


Check for New Rules and Regulations in Entering the Philippines as Tourists


Due to the spreading pandemic, you need to check on the latest news and updates on the requirements and protocols that are in place when you are visiting the Philippines.


Better check the Philippines ’ Department of Tourism Website for more updates and know the safety concerns that may be observed in the areas that you want to visit in the country.


Find a Trustworthy Travel Agency


 If you are to connect with a travel agency, make sure to check their validity and proof of operation online. If you have friends who have already visited the Philippines, it may be better to get suggestions from them to avoid any headache of having to run after a bogus agency.


Plan ahead of Time


Like in planning your wedding, you should also plan your honeymoon in the Philippines.


Given the situation today, it is best to find a location where several tourist spots could be enjoyed.


Depending on your taste and expectations, the Philippines surely has something great to offer you.


Take the time to prepare for your travel and plan ahead on your itineraries to avoid any problems during your visit. It is best to take note of three things during your preparation: your budget, your destination goals, and the weather in the areas you plan to visit. Once everything else checks out, you are sure to have that fun and memorable honeymoon in the Philippines that you will surely look back to with smiles and satisfaction for many years.

Key Takeaways

The Philippines has so much to offer. Many of those who have visited the country have great memories to share in their stories. Nonetheless, it is still your preparation and your positive outlook in today’s troubled conditions that will make your visit to this wonderful tropic country worth your money, worth your time, and worth all the efforts you will put into it as part of your honeymoon memories.


Remember, always be safe and plan to avoid any problems that may ruin the fun and adventure that you are to spend on your honeymoon in the Philippines.  

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