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25 Outstanding Tourist Spots in Sorsogon

Do you want to discover the top tourist destinations in Sorsogon this coming vacation? Then, use this guide to plan out your journey!

Sorsogon, in Bicol, boasts gorgeous scenery, pristine beaches, mountains, and an exquisite ambiance, all of which combine to make it a dream vacation spot for travelers.

Despite all of these traits, though, it manages to remain off the usual road. This adds to its charm, particularly for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Alright, let me take you to the 25 best Sorsogon tourist spots!


1. Tikling Island

Photo Credits: Bicol Tourism

The first on the list will surely warm your heart!

Tikling Island is a gorgeous island with captivating virgin beaches that may not be as well-known as Boracay or Bohol. Still, it is equally as beautiful as the other two. One of the beaches in Sorsogon that offers a spectacular view of the tides crashing on the coasts while surrounded by thick flora and deserves to be referred to as a tropical paradise is near Matnog Town.

From the shores of Matnog, a boat can take you to Tikling Island in less than a half-hour. Matnog is located on the southernmost tip of Luzon, along picturesque Matnog Bay. Tikling Island may be seen from the port of Matnog.

When the boat sails closer to the island, one can see the blue waters leading to the coasts of exquisite white sands displayed in front of the expansive green trees.

Please know that this is a privately owned property. As a result, to preserve the island’s natural beauty, the inhabitants prohibit the construction of hotels and other contemporary facilities. They’d advise you to seek shelter amid the coconut trees. While strolling along the shore, you’ll also see some stunning rock formations.

The coasts of some of nature’s most beautiful masterpieces, the beaches, are the ideal location for an exciting yet peaceful holiday. Islands with gorgeous beaches elicit a sense of delight and a divine feeling. In fact, they provide the most pleasing environment for relaxation.


2. Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Site

Photo Credits: Traveloka

Donsol, located in southeast Luzon, is ideal for snorkeling with whale sharks, dubbed butanding.

Donsol’s connection with whale sharks is rigorously supervised to ensure the species’ safety and natural habitat. They are not held imprisoned or fed by the local fishermen. Thus, their appearance or absence is entirely coincidental.

Between November and May, perhaps the world’s largest school of whale sharks migrates here to feed on the area’s dense concentration of plankton and krill.

A small boat transports you to the bay, where spotters instruct you to jump in and swim alongside the whale sharks as they approach the surface. It’s remarkable to be so close to these enormous monsters, which average four to twelve meters in length in Donsol (though residents claim, of course, to have seen larger).

They have the appearance of spotted submarines yet are surprisingly delicate and graceful.


3. Botong Twin Falls

Photo Credits: Mahal Kong Sorsogon

Botong Twin Falls, recognized as one of the amazing eco-tourism destinations in Sorsogon, is indeed a breathtaking sight to see. While the cascade is close together, each fall originates from a distinct tributary.

The best thing to note is that one fall features blue waters that are reflected in the pool, while the other features greenish waters. The right waterfall is 40 meters tall, while the left cascade is around 25 meters tall.

The rich biodiversity and trees provide a rustic setting for the falls. It seems to be better to visit immediately following the rains to appreciate the falls’ magnificence. You can lay yourself at the base of the waterfall and enjoy a refreshing massage from the flowing waters.


4. Bulusan Volcano Natural Park

Photo Credits: Escape Manila

This park is a beloved natural wonder and one of Bicol’s most well-known tourist destinations. This natural park is home to rainforests, grasslands, hot spring gardens, and farming. The park also contains the famed Bulusan Volcano, a popular hiking destination on the island of Luzon.

Other than the Bulusan Volcano, the park also features Hormahan Mountain and Sharp Peak Mountain. The Park also includes the lovely Lake Aguinay and Bulusan Lake.

Bulusan Lake is a popular kayaking destination due to its tranquil environment, fresh air, and stunning views of the surrounding green landscapes and mountains.

The park’s forest products, watershed, and recreational values help meet the surrounding communities’ requirements. The lower slopes are used for agriculture by local people. It provides a protective layer from disasters such as typhoons and flash floods and water for various settlements and irrigation of the neighboring agricultural areas.

The Bulusan Park’s entrance is located directly off the Pan-Philippine Highway, between Irosin and Bulusan.


5. St. Joseph Church

Photo Credits: Sorsogon 101

Commonly recognized as Barcelona Church, it is located in the heart of the city. This well-preserved century-old church is one of Bicol’s oldest. It was built in 1874 during the administration of Governadorcillo Juan Evasco.

There is a fascinating story about this church and that this magnificent structure was constructed using only lime and egg yolks to coat the coral stones used for the building’s facade and walls. Several restorations have taken place at the church.

However, the townspeople were able to maintain the building’s historic walls, belfry, and front, which highlight its past.


6. Palogtoc Falls

Palogtoc Falls is a relaxing retreat after touring the forest-clad Mount Bulusan. It’s a 5-foot waterfall with a deep and broad pool at the bottom. Its crystal-clear waters are so enticing that you can’t help but dive into the pool.

An artificial earthen swimming pool with bubbling water that flows from just a few feet up the slope may be found at the site. Although it is only a small waterfall, the cool spring water is pleasant, refreshing, and bracing. Picnic pavilions are available near the pool.

Villagers, especially children, are demonstrating the genuine fun of what the place has to offer aside from its natural beauty.

Watching the youngsters plunge, dive, splash, and swim in the crystal-clear mountain spring waters against the mixed ambient sound of the kids’ cheerful voices and the sound of the gushing waters of the waterfalls was enough to refresh the day.


7. Paguriran Island and Lagoon

Photo Credits: Pinterest

One of the most enjoyable aspects of spontaneous travel is the opportunity to stumble upon unexpectedly stunning locations. And Paguriran Island was one of such discoveries on a road trip in Sorsogon.

Paguriran Island is a district of Sorsogon City in the northern region of Bacon. It’s only a sandbar connecting a rock islet off the mainland.

There are various ways to get to the island. Still, the most popular is the nipa hut-strewn beachline on the sidestreet of Barangay Sawanga, which is designated by bright flags. If you miss the flags, follow your ears to where the karaoke beltings are coming from, and you’ll be there in no time.

The limestone karst wall that encloses the gorgeous turquoise water fed by Albay Gulf is what gives Paguriran Island its drama. This is filled like a tank at high tide through a cathedral-like aperture. Crossing back to the mainland isn’t a problem unless you book a boat and are willing to forego the beautiful opportunity to walk on the sandbar.


8. Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary

Photo Credits: Flickr

The Lagoon Fish Sanctuary of Juag is located off the coast of Matnog. It belongs to the list of traditional locations on a Matnog island-hopping travel schedule.

It was founded by the Geneblazo family to provide a safe and healthy environment for marine animals and plants to live in. This privately-owned sanctuary is now open to the public for those interested in learning about marine biodiversity and protection.

The fish sanctuary is designed in the style of a fish farm, with bamboo structures enclosing it to preserve the marine life within. The owners, on the other hand, do not harvest and profit from these sea creatures.

Guests have the freedom to snorkel in the lagoon and inside the bamboo cages to get a close look at sea critters, reefs, and plants. The sanctuary’s marine fauna includes giant clams, sea turtles, lobsters, oysters and sea cucumbers.


9. Mt. Pulog

Photo Credits: Pinoy Mountaineer

Mt. Pulog towers over Bacon, Sorsogon. It is not to be misunderstood with Mt. Pulag in North Luzon, which is Luzon’s highest peak and one of the top trekking spots in the Philippines. Although Mt. Pulog is a lesser-known peak, there are strong reasons why it is a good mountaineering destination.

Mt. Pulog is blessed with rich vegetation and gives panoramic views of the ocean. It’s a pretty straightforward hike that the majority of people can complete in less than a day. As a result, you need not be an expert hiker to conquer Mt. Pulog.

The mountain trek begins with a hike through rural woodlands, passing through indigenous plants and trees such as pili and abaca. The trail’s steeper section takes you through dense forest and green farmland. A picturesque round-shaped lake stands atop the mountain.


10. San Benon Hot Spring

Photo Credits: San Benon

This hot spring is located near Irosin. It is an excellent location to rest, unwind, and help to rejuvenate your body. After an active day, your hot water is just what you need. Relieve tired and tense muscles by spending an hour or so in this location.

San Benon Springs will be an exciting place for friends to get together and chill out. It is also ideal for groups or families who want to swim the day out.


11. Dancalan Beach

Photo Credits: Flightporium

Dancalan Beach is located on the shores of Bulusan Municipality and is a popular tourist destination. This beach is vast and clean and has sand that is gray or off-white in hue.

Dancalan has a rustic appearance and feels about it. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside surroundings. A big rice field is directly in front of this Sorsogon beach, and it is a lovely sight to behold. In the background, towering mountains provide a stunning backdrop to the town of Dancalan.

Although Dancalan Beach is around 40 meters near the shoreline, it is a great swimming beach for youngsters because the water remains shallow (1-2 feet) even at this distance. You can rent open-air nipa huts for an affordable price on the beach, and there is a little entrance fee to cover. The practice of pitching a tent on the beach is also prevalent among guests.


12. Bayugin Falls

Photo Credits: Flickr

Bayugin Falls is one of the most promising new tourism destinations in the province of Sorsogon.

It is a tourist attraction in Sorsogon off the beaten path because it is located in a rural setting. It is approximately 20 feet tall and features a naturally-formed pool where you may cool yourself after a long day of work.

Tropical woods surround the waterfall. Residents, particularly children, and teenagers enjoy coming here to swim or play in the crystal-clear waters. It was given the name “Bayugin” because of the profusion of “Bayog,” an indigenous bamboo species that grows in the surrounding area.

Don’t be concerned if you intend to have a picnic. There are sheds and huts that you can rent. You should also bring your food because there are no stores in this location.


13. Panumbagan Sandbar

Photo Credits: Wotif

Panumbagan Sandbar is located off the coast of Barangay Bantayan Pilar, Sorsogon. Panumbagan is a large and long sandbar that can pass for an islet.

It spans almost five kilometers and is characterized by white pebbly sand. Along with ocean views, the sandbar provides panoramic views of the Bulusan and Mayon Volcanoes.

The waterways that encircle Panumbagan Sandbar is a marine sanctuary, making it an excellent snorkeling location. Even if you choose not to venture underwater, sea urchins, sea vines, and starfish can be found near shore. Panumbagan Sandbar is an hour-long boat ride from Pilar port. The sandbar is a frequently visited stop for boat rides of the place.


14. San Bernandino Island

Photo Credits: Sorsogon 101

San Bernardino is a magnificent city with rolling hills, green scenery, and views of the Pacific Ocean. The old lighthouse, which was built more than a century ago, is the other prominent feature on the island. It was known as the Faro de Islote de San Bernardino in Spanish.

It was one of the essential lighthouses built during the Spanish colonial period in the Americas. Before, it served as a navigational aid for ships arriving in Manila from the Pacific Ocean or vice versa. The San Bernardino Strait is well-known for its rough waters, which can be dangerous for boaters.

The majority of tourists to the island choose to participate in a pre-arranged guided tour to gain a good grasp of the island’s history and traditions. Tourists have the option of staying overnight on the island, as there are a few homestays available. Given the fact that these hotels are not four-star, they are run by local families who are well-known for their friendliness and hospitality.


15. Bahay na Bato (Juban)

Photo Credits: Escape Manila

The term “Bahay na Bato” refers to a group of Spanish colonial houses found in Juban, Sorsogon, Philippines. Building its stone brick foundation in 1898, the centuries-old dwellings are known as “Bahay na Bato” (stone house) due to their stone brick construction.

While the dwellings’ foundations were built out of stone bricks, the upper structure was constructed entirely of wood. An additional distinguishing aspect of the residences is their big sliding windows made of hardwood and adorned with capiz shells as a decorative element.

As a group, the “Bahay na Bato” constructions have emerged as the pride of Juban and a prominent tourist attraction in the province of Sorsogon.

Because they are one-of-a-kind, well-preserved, and serve as a reminder of the period of Spanish colonization. The majority of these stone residences are located along the Maharlika Highway in the heart of the town of Juban.


16. Rizal Beach

Rizal Beach, known for its white sands and rich vegetation, is a developing tourist destination in Sorsogon. It is becoming increasingly famous as a surfing destination, thanks to the moderate to large waves with sandy bottoms that can be found there.

Don’t be concerned if you’re a novice or an experienced surfer. The weather conditions at Rizal Beach are ideal for both activities. You can also make use of the surf camp that is available on-site at a reasonable price. Experts can have surfboards, which are also available for rent.


17. Busay Falls

Photo Credits: Expedia

Busay Falls is an understated tourist location in Sorsogon, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer less crowded destinations. Moreover, guess what? There are not just one but seven waterfalls in all, each with its own set of characteristics to offer.

All of these may be explored and enjoyed in a single day. Only the first two tiers, on the other hand, are accessible due to the well-established routes. To take on the different waterfalls, you’ll need a little extra courage and determination.

Prepare to hike through dense forests, scramble up mountain cliffs, and pass brooks before you eventually get to see every one of them.


18. Prieto Diaz Mangrove Ecopark

Photo Credits: FEED

Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon, offers numerous outdoor activities for visitors, including bird viewing, a cruise through the mangrove jungle, and planting mangrove propagules.

Within the park, another attraction to be discovered at low tide is the Halabang Lapis sandbar, which can be seen due to the presence of the low tide and is noted for its fine, powder-white sand. Those that hike Halabang Lapis will be rewarded with panoramic views of the Albay Gulf and the Mayon Volcano.

As the name implies, this eco-park encompasses more than 300 hectares of vast mangrove forest and mangrove plantation, which is a rarity in Florida. It is home to 19 different varieties of mangrove and fish sanctuaries and coral reefs that are protected.

The activities in this eco-park are overseen by the social welfare organization Semancor. Women, the elderly, out-of-school youth, and fishers make up the majority of this population.

Aside from offering exciting outdoor activities, Prieto Diaz Park also offers freshly prepared Filipino cuisine and products created from locally sourced resources.


19. Buhatan River Cruise

Photo Credits: Go Pinas

Among the enjoyable things to do in Sorsogon is to take a cruise along the Buhatan River. The people of Buhatan themselves arrange the trip to safeguard the river and enhance the local economy.

The sightseeing entails traveling downstream on a raft with cushioned seats or in a boat, following the river’s course. Expect to see natural mangrove forests as well as birds flying from one tree to another regularly.

Meanwhile, the staff will provide you with local meals and snacks as you take in the sights. You’ll also see swarms of fireflies during the night, which is a rare sighting. As a result, it is a prerogative that you begin your voyage in the late afternoon.


20. Ogod River (Firefly Watching)

Photo Credits: Window Seat

The Ogod River is one of the major attractions of Donsol, Sorsogon, that visitors can enjoy. Tourists travel to God to take part in a unique form of a river cruise experience. This cruise takes place at night, allowing passengers to witness hundreds of magnificent fireflies lighting up the night sky above them.

Ride on a small boat across the Donsol River and the Ogod River, where you will be able to observe fireflies in their natural environment. These beautiful rivers are surrounded by forests and mangroves, making for a picturesque setting. The firefly watching tour is led by a knowledgeable guide who will provide you with information on the fireflies and the surrounding area.

A soothing and fulfilling activity, observing fireflies in Ogod River is a relaxing and rewarding experience. After all, it is not easy to come across a huge group of fireflies at any given time of day or night. Most of the time, these secretive critters prefer to hang out in forests and around bodies of water where the air is fresh and clear.


21. Museo Sorsogon

Photo Credits: Bicol Mail

Formerly known as the Old Provincial Jail, Museo Sorsogon was a product of renovation by the local government to serve as a showcase for the history and culture of Sorsogon. Sorsogon Provincial Tourism Culture and Arts Office is in charge of running this museum, which the office hopes will become a popular tourist destination in the province.

The structure consists of two stories and ten galleries, which were once used as jail cells. At the galleries, you may see exhibits that tell the story of the province’s founding and participation in the Philippine Revolution, as well as presentations about the region’s situation during the American occupation. On display are the works of art created by inmates in the jail.

Besides a giant amphitheater in its yard, the museum also includes two coffee shops where visitors may rest and eat snacks while taking in the sights. Alegre, Sorsogon City, is home to the museum, which is tucked away within the grounds of the Provincial Capitol.


22. Subic Beach

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Subic Beach is a beautiful and untouched 300-meter length of sand on Calintaan Island in the province of Sorsogon. The beach is recognized for its powdery sand, which has a pinkish-white tint and is ideal for swimming. The prevalence of tiny red corals along the shoreline has resulted in this unique coloration.

Subic Beach’s gorgeous blue waters, which contrast beautifully with the beach’s distinctive sand hue, make it a popular destination for photographers.

Subic Beach has a laid-back atmosphere and is rarely crowded with people. Because the tides are frequently high and the water level along the coast is deep, it is not a suitable location for beginning swimmers. However, it is a beautiful area to relax, sunbathe, and read a book in peace. If you’re looking for a shady area to have a picnic, the beach features modest huts that can be booked for an affordable price.

You can also visit other attractions on Calintaan Island, such as the Calintaan Cave, which can be found on the contrary of the island from where you are staying.


23. Bagatao Island Lighthouse

Photo Credits: Magallanes, Sorsogon

Bagatao Island is famous for its century-old lighthouses from the Spanish era. These lighthouses functioned as navigational aids for sailors. At the same time, it served as a warming station for the settlements in an oncoming pirate attack or Muslim incursion.

However, the island is much more than that. After witnessing these structures, you can unwind on the island’s only beach. The waters here are tranquil, making it a great area to learn to swim if you are a non-swimmer.

For a short trivia, the Bagatao Island Lighthouse is located in the province of Sorsogon, on the eastern side of the way to Sorsogon Bay. It is a 29-foot (8.8-meter) white cylindrical iron tower located in the rocky headland, marking the western end of Bagatao Island’s southern point.

It provides a total light elevation of 135 feet (41.1 meters), which serves to signify the entrance to the harbor and aid ships in navigating the curve around Ticao Island, Masbate on their way to the San Bernardino Strait out into the Pacific Ocean.


24. Pili Haven

Photo Credits: The Pili Haven

Pili Haven is a pili land with an abundance of trees and other vegetation. However, unlike most farms, Pili Haven features bamboo bridges, a café serving delectable local fare, and various photo sites designed to brighten up your newsfeed.

You’ll witness enormous artificial nests, vibrant flower gardens, and even a bamboo windmill. Grab advantage of the opportunity to take a photo with the red jeepney! There’s more to the story because the jeepney was really utilized to transport pili nuts throughout the province in the 1990s.


25. Malawmawan Island

Photo Credits: Bikolnon Official

Finally, last but not least! Here is the Malawmawan island.

It is situated off the coast of the town of Castilla. In addition to being one of the many islands dotting the Sorsogon Bay, Malawamawan Island (also known as Malaumauan) is notable for its tadpole-shaped stretch of beautiful beach, which is sprinkled with ochre sands and azure waters.

Tourists are permitted to visit Malawmawan Island, even though it is privately owned. The water surrounding the island is pristine and, according to locals, nearly always quiet, making it ideal for swimming and soaking under the sun. The shoreline is bordered with coconut and palms, and the light brown sands are pebbly, but it is otherwise clean. It is possible to travel around most of the entire island in three hours or less.

There is no resort on the island; just the caretaker, his wife, and two Bantay Dagat (sea patrol) officers live in a nipa house. If you intend to spend the night, you have the option of staying at the hut or pitching your tent and sleeping beneath the stars. You should also bring your food and drink because there are no stores in the area.


Final Words

You will never get tired of nature’s inexplainable beauty, and you will always be fascinated by the profound creation found in Sorsogon. But, regardless of your excitement, it is better to plan out your itinerary for smoother transactions and journey properly!



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