5 Baguio Hotel with Pool for Executive Meetings

Baguio City is a place to spend vacations, alone time, and meetings. It has the perfect quiet and serenity. This clears the mind and calms the heart. It is a popular notion that Baguio brings out nostalgia. The cool climate is perfect for meetings. A Baguio hotel with pool defines an executive meeting. Accommodations in Baguio range from low-key to luxurious. An executive meeting is perfect in the mountain city. The quiet creates clarity. It helps business executives concentrate. Being away from the buzzing metro is an advantage. However, there is always a perfect time to go on a Baguio trip. If you have a big decisive meeting, better schedule this well. Align it with the perfect time to go to Baguio.

Choose the Best Time of the Year

Baguio reaches the peak of coolness every February. Hence, the Panagbenga festival. People flock to the mountain city to witness the colorful parade. February is known as the coldest month. Even taking a bath becomes a challenge. The rainy months of June to August are also cold. Partner the rainy season with the cool climate, the city becomes basked in thick fogs. Baguio, however, is famed for having scattered rains most of the time. It always helps to bring an umbrella. December is also a cold month in Baguio. This month attracts many tourists. Tourists feel more connection to the Christmas spirit in a cool city.

The population in Baguio doubles every February and December. Scheduling a meeting during June to August is the best time. Visitors still frequent the city, but not in an overwhelming number. The so-called ‘ber’ months is also good timing.

Cheap Versus Luxurious

This is the question. Should you go to an expensive Baguio hotel with pool? Or should you make it simple? Here’s the thing. Baguio has a wide population of students, tourists, migrants, businessmen, and locals. The transient houses and hotels are meant to accommodate the diverse population. Most hotels and transient houses pack prices at an affordable level. Although the accommodations are convenient, not all are suited for meetings. Grand hotels in Baguio, the likes of Le Monet and The Mansion, are suited for executive meetings.

Why? They offer services and accommodations suited for the purpose. Most of the transient houses and cheap hotels are suited for functional use. Meaning, owners expect visitors to mostly be out and about, visiting the city. A Baguio hotel with pool expects visitors to stay in rather than to stay out. Meetings are primarily a stay in activity. Cheap versus luxurious? Best to go with the luxurious for an executive meeting. There are various hotels that offer the appropriate services. 

Popular Locations to Stay

For an executive meeting, you would need to stay in a conducive place. Tourists usually pick spots near the town proper. It is different for a business meeting. The perfect place is slightly away from town. It should be quiet and calm to provide concentration. Some of the best spots are: 

  • Teacher’s Camp
  • Leonila Hill
  • Bakakeng
  • Near Camp John Hay
  • Loakan Road

1. The Manor

When you say “executive,” The Manor will always come up. This is one of the most famous hotels in Baguio City. In fact, it is already a historical marker. This is located at the heart of Camp John Hay. Camp John Hay, meanwhile, is one of the most peaceful places in the city. The Manor takes you into a completely different world. Baguio and all its beauty are emphasized in a classic vintage vibe. The Manor is a world-class mountain resort, perhaps the first of its kind. Needless to say, this is one of the many Baguio hotel with pool. However, it offers more activities. Moreover, the location is perfect. Beyond its premises are fine-dining restaurants and international stores. The Manor sits 5,000 feet above sea level. Temperature in this mountain resort is 19 degrees low. That’s not even in February yet. 

It offers a package exclusively for meetings. Along this, you can also stay in the resort and enjoy. Having a service package for meetings is already a good sign. The Manor has fine dining, a sundry shop, fitness gym, a spa, free WiFi, wellness studio, and a bonfire spot. To add, it is also located at Camp John Hay, a serene and quiet spot. Privacy is assured. 

Location: Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 Philippines

Noteworthy Amenities

  • Fine Dining
  • Sundry Shop
  • Fitness Gym
  • Spa
  • Free WiFi
  • Wellness Studio
  • Bonfire Spot
  • Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Activities

2. Le Monet

Le Monet is another world-class Baguio hotel with pool. Executive meetings are perfect in this place. It is also located in Camp John Hay. Le Monet has a fine view of Baguio City and the forests. It has been a favorite of tourists and locals. Special occasions and holiday getaways fit this world-class hotel. Le Monet has a balcony, free WiFi, flatscreen television, and a mini-bar. Aside from this, it also offers massages. There is also a gym for wellness. The Malt Room in Le Monet offers fine continental food. Local delicacies and eats are also on the menu. If you want to taste Cordillera cuisine, then Le Monet can do just that. As the saying goes: if you want to know the culture, you should eat the local food. Le Monet is also more than willing to provide meeting services. 

The management and staff can assist in making arrangements. This includes the days of accommodation, amenities, food, and other assistance. The hotel also includes shuttle services. As a bonus, Le Monet is surrounded with other attractions. Business with fun never hurts. A paintball station is nearby, just in case you want some alternative bonding time. Restaurants, the likes of Shakey’s and Titania, are also nearby. A bit of shopping won’t hurt as well. Mile Hi Center is also close. 

Location: Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Noteworthy Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Mini-Bar
  • Fine Dining
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Massage Services
  • Shuttle Service
  • Wake-up Call
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa & Sauna

3. Newtown Plaza Hotel

One of the best-rating Baguio hotel with pool, Newton Plaza Hotel is only a 17-minute drive from Loakan airport. It is considerably one of the finest hotels in Baguio. A free wiFi is intact. It also has pool for children as well. Each room is equipped with flat-screen TVs. The bathrooms are squeaky clean. Services and amenities match the needs of an executive meeting. There are desks and telephones as well. This makes the area suitable for the activity. Everyday, the management ensures that rooms are clean. 

The hotel has a Business Suite for 5 people. This is complete with the facilities essential for the meeting. It includes desks, telephone, and chairs. Should you want to walk around, The Botanical Garden, The Mansion, and Good Shepherd are all nearby. Other perks include a garden, business center, ballroom, iron and ironing board (upon request), and a safe. The front desk also provides a 24-hour service. 

Location: Leonard Wood, Baguio City

Noteworthy Amenities

  • Outdoor Pool
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Free WiFi
  • Bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Restaurant

4. Hotel Supreme

This is originally a business center. The staff and management, therefore, are accustomed to assisting executive meetings. Hotel Supreme knows where it came from. There are 65 rooms with free WiFi, LED TVs, and coffee makers. We don’t need to dwell on why coffee makers are essential. In a business meeting, coffee is a must. This is also equipped with a swimming pool. Just in case the executives want to take it easy and dip. A mini-bar completes the business meeting in style. Room services are available. Local calls are also possible. There are meeting rooms to suit executive meetings. The management will gladly arrange the needs for the event. Bathrooms are complete with hot showers and slippers. Housekeeping is done neatly. Specifically, they can also offer extra cleaning services. Everything in this hotel is business-friendly. It is just what you will need for an executive meeting. 

If you want some fluttering about, there are nearby tourist destinations. The Bell Tower, Baguio Cathedral, and St. Louis University Museum are only a few minutes away. Ivy’s Grill & Restaurant and the Lotus House are also close by. These are popular eats in the area. Just in case, there is also a laundry facility and luggage storage. The hotel also has a computer station for your rushed report needs. Finally, designated smoking areas are also available.

Location: Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

Noteworthy Amenities

  • Mini-Bar
  • LED TV with cable connection
  • Swimming Pool
  • Coffee Makers
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Computer Station
  • Luggage Storage

5. Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza

This provides similar amenities and services as Hotel Supreme – only more and bigger. It has 120 rooms. This includes the meeting rooms, business-friendly with coffee makers and desks. The hotel accommodates more people. If the meeting involves more people, they can splurge in this hotel. There are family deluxe rooms, superior rooms, and double deluxe rooms. This hotel has a conference room as well. The conference room is big enough for an extended business meeting. Above all others in this list, Hotel Supreme and Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza are the most business-friendly. 

Location: Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

Noteworthy Amenities

  • Conference Room
  • Free WiFi
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Coffee Makers

Baguio: A Versatile City

Baguio City meets different needs. Whether for tourism or for business, this city is versatile. It extends to the needs of its visitors. Baguio is an educational and financial center of the north. Definitely, executive meetings are welcome. A Baguio hotel with pool rings the “executive” note. Choosing a place for an executive meeting will definitely cost a little. Baguio City has a lot of visitors. Some flock to the mountain city to explore. Should you venture for the same purpose, we recommend cheap transient houses instead. This article provides a list Wanted: Cheapest Transient House in Baguio. You should have a goal in mind. Venturing to explore is best with affordable transient houses. On the other hand, executive meetings should be done luxuriously. You have to be specific with what you need. 

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