6 Ways to Enjoy Masbate, Philippines

6 Ways to Enjoy Masbate, Philippines

Is there anything you’re planning to do while you’re visiting Masbate? As we already know,  the individuals that visit a venue look for a chance to relax and have fun. Still, other individuals don’t have any idea yet of what to do while touring. Never fear! Masbate’s fantastic natural wonders are what makes it unique, and below are the places to go on a tour.


1. Visit Buntod Sandbar and Reef Marine Sanctuary in Masbate City

6 Ways to Enjoy Masbate, Philippines

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The sanctuary’s primary attractions are the sandbar and mangroves. It’s the most well-known venue for outdoor dining in the province, with plenty of shady kiosks. A 20-minute boat ride separates the hotel’s pier from the Rendezvous Hotel.

When should I go: Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary and Sandbar are advisable to visit in March through May. (in the fall and winter months) If a storm or heavy rain is in the forecast, do not visit Buntod Reef.

Entrance Fee: The reef and sandbar are Php 20 for adults and Php 10 for kids.

Cottage for rent: The price is Php 300. One with two chairs costs Php 100.

Nearest store: There is a mini-market and a souvenir shop nearby, but I recommend bringing your food and supplies.

Caution: All fishing, water sports, and collecting (living or non-living) are prohibited. Because an ecosystem’s species and non-living pieces interact in complicated ways that rely on each other’s presence and functionality, Masbate is working hard to restore its beaches’ health after years of illegal fishing and careless beachgoers.

2. Swim in Palani Beach in Balud, Masbate Island, Philippines

6 Ways to Enjoy Masbate, Philippines

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In the late afternoon, take in the spectacular sunsets that surround you. Palani Beach is a favorite because it is one of the most tranquil beaches in the Philippines. Palani is the jewel in the crown of the town of Balud. To get to Palani in Balud, which lies on the southwestern corner of Masbate’s main island, it’s a long journey out from Mandarin.

Palani is approximately one and a half hours from the central city hub of Masbate. The lengthy white sand beach is suitable for beach activities like beach volleyball and Frisbee. 

6 Ways to Enjoy Masbate, Philippines

Photo Credits: Tripadvisor

Its gently sloped seashore and calm waves are ideal for swimming. Visitors can stay at a resort with eco-friendly facilities nearby.

Palani is the jewel in the crown of the town of Balud, which is 68 kilometers away from Masbate City, the provincial headquarters of this island state. The beaches are around 2.5 kilometers away from the center of town. When traveling from Balud to Palani, habal habal (back-riding on a single motorbike) is the most common means of transportation for those who do not have their ride.

The resort’s name, Paraiso de Palani, is an accurate representation of what it means. The entire design of the resort is, without a doubt, the result of the owner’s wit and ingenuity combined with his sense of style. The sight of the huts and their swaying white curtains in the gentle breeze is exceptionally calming. It has the sensation of being therapeutic.

The room with a bed for two people, you may get by with as little as P1 500 in accommodations that are all air-conditioned. Two rooms, one of which is significantly larger, are available for rent for P1 900 per person.

They provide spaces for six people that cost P3, 000 and include a TV and refrigerator. For about P7, 000, you can stay in a dorm that can accommodate 24 people and has two toilets and a bath in the room. There are smaller dorms for 8 or 10 people that are available at a cheaper charge.

3. Do island hopping and take pictures in Animosala Island, a great place to go in San Pascual, Burias Island, and Masbate.

6 Ways to Enjoy Masbate, Philippines

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In the Philippines, Masbate, Animasola Island is a top-rated tourist site. This island has beautiful scenery with spectacular rock formations. The island seems like an old, tattered book to travelers since its sedimentary rocks create lines like those on a page.

Entrance Fees

There is no admittance fee as of the time of writing this article.

Rates for island hopping range from P1600 to P2900 (good for seven pax)

Alternatively, you can take trips from Manila to the islands; these packages cost roughly P4000 per person and include certain meals and transportation, entrance fees, and lodging. Before making a reservation, double-check the inclusions.

 Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity.

  • The most outstanding feature of Animasola Island is a massive rock formation flanked by white sand and crystal-clear water that resembles glass in the distance.
  • The natural rock pools and beach waters of this location are perfect for a refreshing swim.
  • Photobomb the breathtaking beachscape; relax and unwind after a few rounds in the water; or acquire a great tan while on vacation.


Don’t Forget About It.

  • Bring extra batteries and a power bank to keep your electronic devices powered up while traveling.
  • Be sure to store your phones and cameras in a waterproof bag while on the boat to the island because you don’t want to get your electronics wet.
  • On the islands, you should expect terrible phone reception.
  • During the daytime and peak season, the island can become congested.
  • Wearing protective footwear is recommended because some sections are slippery and contain sharp rocks.

4. The Tinalisayan Island, Masbate, Philippines, is where you can swim and snorkel.

6 Ways to Enjoy Masbate, Philippines

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Tinalisayan Island, located off the east coast of Burias Island and another magnificent natural feature in Masbate, is another must-see. Swimming and snorkeling are popular activities on the island, known for its splendid long stretch of sandbar and turquoise waters that are great for swimming and diving. 

The island is full of coral, rock formations, and slate rock sculptures, with an island-sized landscaped in the middle.

People are welcome to stand atop a high rocky hill, looking out towards the horizon, with the island’s beautiful views below.

A long white sand bar bordered by crystal beautiful emerald waters will be visible during your journey. There is no shade, but the area’s natural beauty will make you forget that your skin is becoming darker due to the exposure. 

 Entrance Fees

  • Entrance Fee: There is a P10 entrance fee as of this writing.
  • Cottage rental fees range between P300 and P400.
  • Island Hopping Rate: P1500 – P3000 per minute (good for six pax)
  • Alternatively, you can take trips from Manila to the islands; these packages cost roughly P3000 per person and include certain meals and transportation, entrance fees, and lodging. Before making a reservation, double-check the inclusions.

Don’t Forget About It.

  • Don’t miss out on the long white sand bar and turquoise waters of Tinalisayan Island.
  • Even though there is no shade in the region, you wouldn’t mind getting a sunburn if the views were nothing short of breathtaking.
  • During your visit, you can swim and wade in its waters or enjoy the scenery.
  • Do not forget to withdraw enough cash for your vacation because you will not make purchases using your credit or debit cards.
  • Plan to bring extra batteries and a power bank so that your electronics won’t run out of power when traveling.
  • Bring your food and beverages, but remember to take care of your rubbish after you’ve finished eating and drinking.
  • Everyone is welcome to stand on a prominent rocky outcrop, looking out over the ocean, and appreciate the island’s stunning sights.

5. Pawa Mangrove Park in Masbate City, Masbate.

Pawa Mangrove Park in Masbate City, Masbate

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Pawa Mangrove Nature Park is around 300 hectares of mangroves strung together by a 1.3-kilometer boardwalk with wooden kiosks that span a body of ocean water. The area is expansive, and its protection from alteration has preserved tidal flats, mangroves, birds, and other aquatic animals.

It provides a varied supply of marine goods, like shrimps, oysters, crabs, fingerlings, and other seashells.

While it is attractive to bird enthusiasts and observers, this is particularly desirable to those who enjoy seeing the birds feeding on the mudflats during low tide.

Because of the passage of time and typhoons, some boardwalk sections are damaged or are in poor condition. I have faith that the government will help get this area back on its feet. 

You can choose to pay Php100 plus waiting time for a tricycle, or you can ride a jeepney to Maingaran and walk from there for free.

 What route should I take to arrive?

  • It takes 25 minutes by tricycle to go to the port from Masbate City.
  • Biking from Masbate City Port takes 45 minutes (or maybe even less time).
  • The bamboo bridge joins Barangay Pawa and Mabunga, and it is a popular tourist attraction. Consequently, when you get to the end of the bridge, you will be in a different barrio than when you started. Barangay Mabunga has a cement-paved, narrow road that is suitable for pedestrians and single-cylinder motorcycles.

What should I do?

  • You won’t have to pay to enter and don’t have to make plans before you go, so there’s no need to go ahead and do so before going in.
  • It consists of a mangrove forest of 300 hectares.
  • From the morning until noon, the tide is at its highest. Towards the end of the afternoon — low tide
  • Take care when stepping on the bamboo bridge because it is not durable and wiggles when you walk on it (part of the adventure).
  • Bring some snacks and sit in the hut in the middle of the bamboo bridge for a while; the fresh sea air will put you to sleep and allow you to relax for a bit longer.

Important Note: After lunch until around 4 PM – high tide 4 PM onwards – low tide

6. Have fun at the Catandayagan Falls in Monreal, Ticao Island, Masbate, the Philippines, as you participate in an island hopping tour.

Catandayagan Falls in Monreal, Ticao Island

Photo Credits: Vigattintourism

The picturesque Catandayagan Falls is in Masbate on Ticao Island, a top place to see cascading waterfalls. It is home to numerous island-hopping attractions.

The water cascades directly into the sea from the top of a steep rock around 60 feet in height, making it truly spectacular scenery. You can take a relaxing swim after obtaining the tour guide’s permission. The amount of water pouring down will be less over the summer. However, it is at its best during the Rainy Season. To get to the waterfalls, it takes an hour to go there by boat in Masbate City.

Getting to this area of Masbate City takes around an hour, and you must take a boat to get there. The relaxing water of Catandayagan Falls is best when boarding a cruise that has a dock right below the falls. Waterfalls often dump excess water directly into lakes or streams. Still, the distinction of Catandayagan Falls is that it pours its water into the sea. Roughly about 100 feet tall.

Transportation in Masbate City

Before leaving town, have a look around the city. Suppose you want to get a head start on your Masbate beach adventure. In that case, you may take a short boat journey from the city center to Buntod Reef, a sand bar that serves as the focal point of a marine sanctuary.

Cubao is served by RORO buses as well. Visit the websites of Isarog Bus, Raymond, and RORO for further information. From Cubao to Masbate, a one-way ticket on a regular aircon bus costs approximately P1,200. If you choose to pay a more fabulous fare, Isarog has some buses in its fleet with fewer seats and seats that recline like airplane seats, as well as one with a bathroom in the bus.

In Masbate, you can drive your car. Pay P2,500 per four-wheeled vehicle to carry your vehicle via RORO to Pio Duran Port in Albay, which is past Ligao town on the way. A single boat ticket is at this price. In addition to the boat fare, more passengers pay. RORO ships depart Pio Duran at 8 PM, 3 AM, and 5 PM on weekdays. RORO ships depart Pio Duran on weekends. To arrange transportation, arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled time.


Alternatively, continue driving to Pilar, which is in Sorsogon province. A P3,000 roro fare will charge for your vehicle. Roro vehicles are available from 10 PM to 2 AM and 5 AM on weeknights and weekends.

For an easy journey, keep the following rules in mind.

 1. Do not leave litter on the ground.

By disposing of your waste in the appropriate receptacles, you can help to keep the beach clean and enjoyable for everyone.

 2. Beach Etiquette for the Barefoot: Bring a Towel

When you visit our hotel, please bring a towel if you want to use the communal facilities. Nudist resorts insist that all patrons sit on a towel while in public, even the restroom.

 3. Do not blast music in the background.

You love listening to one of your favorite music, but you are concerned that you will bother your neighbors if you turn it up loud. Even better, consider wearing earbuds. These will drown out background noise and allow you to listen to the audio you’ve previously saved on your phone or computer.

 4. Beach etiquette for those who are not clothed: Review local regulations.

Before going to a nudist beach, make sure you understand the rules in your area. Being aware of where clothes are required is a brilliant idea. For example, while dress code may not be a big deal on the beach, it does in the parking lot, restaurants, and restrooms.

 5. Don’t leave your stuff on chairs.

Don’t leave your belongings in the resort’s beach chairs because the resort will not take responsibility if you lose them.

 6. Beach etiquette for those who aren’t clothed: don’t photograph them.

Never snap someone’s picture without their permission on any beach. Still, you should avoid doing so on a nude beach in particular.

 7. Avoid sand that is in the vicinity of other beachgoers.

While cleaning up after your sand adventure, remember to handle all of your goods with care, so you don’t spread sand on other people’s belongings.

 8. Beach etiquette for the naked: no cell phones or other electronic devices.

At any beach, but particularly at nudist beaches, you should avoid displaying excessive devotion. Your nude state does not allow you to engage in any activities that you and your partner would generally engage in in a private context.

 9. Maintain Your Distance

Even if you’re on a crowded beach, try to maintain a safe distance between yourself and other beachgoers.

 10. Avoid gazing at others.

One major downside of going to a nude beach for the first time is the danger of accidentally staring at everyone’s genitals. So, to prevent distractions, it’s recommended that you read or play games.

Final Words

The Philippines is known for having beautiful locations, but Masbate takes the cake. Relax and have a good time. Enjoy the time with your loved ones. Put off your worries about your workload while you enjoy your vacation. Have you ever been to the Philippines? Where do you enjoy vacationing besides Masbate? Let us know what you think!

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