Here at the Philippine Getaway, we take you to the best spots in our beautiful country, the Philippines. Dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines offer stunning vacation spots, picturesque vistas, and breath-taking experiences. If you’re a traveler who’s looking for the next big getaway, the Philippines will welcome you with open arms!

The Philippines is a melting pot of foreign influences – colonized by Spain for 300+ years, occupied by Japan for about 3 years, and colonized by the Americans for over 40 years. Despite these influences, the Philippines managed to retain its unique identity. Proof to this is our rich culture and traditions – one thing that the foreigners didn’t invade.

We started this blog to show the world the beauty of our beloved country. Beyond the white sand beaches and pristine islands, we want to show the undiscovered beauty of our Southeast Asian home.

In this blog, we list the best hotels, restaurants, vacation spots, and more to help you plan your trip. We also take you to places like you’ve been there, too. We take inspiration from our own travel experiences to give you a raw and real view of the Philippines.

Managed and maintained by Filipinos, this blog is an ode to our homeland and an offering to our visitors who want to discover the unique beauty of our shores.

Your Pinoy Team