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Affordable Beach Resort in Bataan to be Included in Your Getaway List

Roaming around the Philippine archipelago, you may not usually opt for Bataan as a beach adventure stop. However, the province of Bataan is very rich with span-new beaches, various falls, and mountain realms. Because of this, Bataan should be included in your next summer getaway adventure. And to make it more memorable, here is the list of an affordable beach resort in Bataan that you and your family must try when you go there.

In this blog post, we will provide you with the list of beach resorts that offer a budget-friendly package. Check them out here and identify which one is the best for you.

Exploring the province and the affordable beach resort in Bataan

Bataan is the most noteworthy province to choose that is somehow near to the metro. Generally, Bataan reverberates the historic revolts of the country during World War II. Additionally, Bataan cuddles few of the excellently restored heritage sites of the Philippines.

Basically, with just around 2.5 hours, you will be able to reach that beautiful and historic province. Aside from enjoying the breathtaking beaches there, you also experience a touch of nature. Furthermore, Bataan will also give you a nostalgic experience back in time.

How to get to the province and experience the affordable resort in Bataan?

With only 124 kilometres far from Manila, Bataan can be easily accessed by land or by sea, whichever you prefer. If you opt to travel by land, expect a 2-3 hours ride through private transport. Moreover, in case you choose to travel by sea, you’ll only take 1 hour to get there through the Manila-Bataan port.

Where to go in Bataan and experience the affordable resort in the province?

Here are the three popular towns in Bataan where you can go and explore. You can also able to see here the affordable resort in Bataan.

Bataan Town: Morong

Generally, the nearest Bataan town from Manila is Morong. Basically, Morong is an immediate summer getaway because of its proximity to the country’s capital. Moreover, this is the perfect place to go to Bataan when you look for beach spots for families.

Further, you can also do more aside from tripping down the beach. Additionally, this town in Bataan offers some kind of adrenaline jerking expedition that is really surprising in this kind of paradise.

Activities to do in Morong, Bataan:

  • Ocean adventure
  • Inflatable island
  • Jet skiing
  • Banana boat riding

Bataan Town: Mariveles

Another town in the province that offers the affordable resort in Bataan is Mariveles. The location of this town is in the southern part of Bataan. Moreover, the usual hours to drive there is around 4 hours from Manila. Further, similar to Morong, Mariveles, Bataan has numbers of prestigious vistas, ample nature grounds, and photographic view of the beach sunset.

Basically, Mariveles is really perfect for those travellers who are hungry for adventures. Additionally, the natural wonders that it cuddles, provides hard to trek terrain. Aside from that, it also has numbers of the mountain to discover and exotic land structures to experience. Moreover, this town in Bataan will bring you to every heights and depths of the most striking wonders. These include the scenic cliffs and dead volcano.

Generally, Mariveles Bataan is the best excursion place to go. Having this, a beach adventure must be included in your itinerary. Basically, the town of Mariveles can offer amazing beach spots and adventurous inland trips.

Activities to do in Mariveles, Bataan:

  • Taste the foods at Pupung Grill
  • Discover the beauty of the Five Fingers Cove
  • Endure the hot spring at Balon Anito
  • Resort to Sisiman Bay
  • Hiking at Tarak Ridge

Bataan Town: Bagac

Bagac is another worth-visiting town in the province in which the affordable beach resort in Bataan resides. Generally, the location of Bagac is between Morong and Mariveles. Moreover, it has its own coastline walling at the western part of Central Luzon.

Furthermore, among Morong and Mariveles, Bagac is the biggest town. Additionally, it embraces the oldest churches of the Philippines. Moreover, there is an agriculture and aquatic area situated here in Bagac. 

Generally, there are lots of primary attractions in this central part of Bataan including the white sand beaches and adventurous mountain terrains. Aside from that, there are rainforests, waterfalls, and caves that can also be found here in Bagac. What’s great in this town is the WWII mementoes Japanese shrines within the battle site.

Activities to do in Bagac, Bataan:

  • Enjoy the Limutan Falls
  • Take a heritage tour
  • Camp on the beachside 

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List of an affordable beach resort in Bataan

In Bataan, you can also find high-end resort spots and heritage attractions. Moreover, one of the five-star resorts and also a famous landmark within the province is the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. However, if you are a budget traveller, you can also find beach resorts residing in the province that are really affordable. 

Check this list of an affordable beach resort in Bataan and find out where you can stay after your great Bataan exploration. Further, these beach resorts can offer breathtaking beaches and calming natural wonders at a budget-friendly rate.

Anvaya Cove

This affordable beach resort in Bataan has 470 hectares. With its 3.5-kilometre of the coastline to its peak height of around 130 meters, Anvaya Cove builds a residential community along the seaside.

Moreover, with its affordable rate, the whole family may have access to the following beach resort amenities:

  • Pool
  • Beachside
  • Spa
  • Children’s playground
  • E-games hub
  • Library

The Waterfront Beach Resort

The next affordable beach resort in Bataan is the Waterfront Beach Resort. This beach resort offers an amazing paradise fix on the town panorama of Morong, Bataan. Additionally, staying in this beach resort will help you to revitalize and unite with nature all over again. 

Furthermore, the Waterfront Beach Resort is an amazing jewel of Bataan’s western skyline. Moreover, its fine and powdery beach sands offer a luxurious experience that every kids and young at heart will definitely love. Aside from that, you can also unwind at this beach resort, as simple as that, or get that healthy tan skin.

Moreover, for a budget-friendly rate, you can enjoy the amenities offered at the Waterfront Beach Resort. It includes the beachfront, barbeque grills, restaurant, and terrace. Additionally, there are the children’s playground, swimming pool, outdoor pool, and kids’ pool.

Further, WiFi and parking are also available at the resort for free. A karaoke, billiards, meeting facilities, and massage rooms are also available. However, all these come with additional charges.

Juness Beach Resort

This affordable beach resort in Bataan has luxury rooms, elegantly customized furnishings, and gloomy coastal feel. Additionally, around 200 guests are welcome at Juness Beach Resort. Further, the staffs of the resort are very hospitable and welcome each guest with hospitality. Because of that, your stay at this affordable beach resort in Bataan can make your stay worthy.

The amenities here at this beach resort are the swimming pool in the garden, restaurant, karaoke, and water sports. Moreover, there are also available barbeque facilities and kitchen access. Additionally, free parking is also available together with a smoking area and luggage storage.

The Oriental Hotel Bataan

The Oriental Hotel Bataan is one of those affordable beach resort in Bataan. In case you want to discover the hidden treasure of Bataan, this beach resort is an excellent hub to stay in. Moreover, the Oriental Hotel can allow the guests to avail all the things offered within the town and all the excellent spot destinations.

Generally, the amenities like the spa, poolside bar, swimming pool, and indoor restaurants can be experienced at an affordable package rate. Additionally, a 24-hour front desk, free WiFi, coffee shop, and fitness hub are also part of the enticing amenities of the beach resort. There are also gaming centre, bar, garden, and restaurant.

Camaya Coast Hotel

Basically, the Camaya Coast Hotel that is an affordable beach resort in Bataan is only reachable by fishermen of the town. Generally, there is a major transformation of the hotel which becomes widely accessible for many. Moreover, when you opt to go to this beach resort, you enter a paradise of beautiful mountains, nostalgic sunset panorama, and astounding beaches. 

affordable beach resort in Bataan sunset

More so, the Camaya Coast Hotel allows every guest to experience fine sands and the blue waters of the ocean. Further, adding up to this is the beautiful panorama of the cove and a scenic view of Mt. Mariveles. Moreover, amenities like the bar, fitness hub, massage centre, and garden are accessible with just a budget-friendly resort rate. Additionally, you can also avail the swimming pool, water park, and a restaurant.

Claubel Beach Resort

Another affordable beach resort in Bataan is the Claubel Beach Resort. Generally, this is the best resort to stay in if you are having a tight budget. Moreover, the location of this beach resort is close to the pristine beach. 

However, the beach resort has no fancy amenities and facilities. Yet, the natural beauty of the beach is what makes the resort really enticing. Additionally, staying at this beach resort offers different rates for a daytime tour and overnight stay in which both are still affordable.

Phi-Phi Beach Hotel & Island Resort

Phi-Phi Beach Resort is a unique hotel resort destination in the province. Being an affordable beach resort in Bataan, Phi-Phi Beach Resort is a smart option for budget travellers. Moreover, this is also a budget-friendly choice for those who travel in groups or family.

Further, this beach resort has free WiFi, a souvenir shop, and daily housekeeping service. Aside from that, all the rooms are spacious and have air-conditioning units. Moreover, the other amenities of Phi-Phi Beach Resort include the infinity pool, cabanas, and great-tasting restaurant foodies.

Bagac Bay Beach Resort

Also included in the list of affordable beach resorts in Bataan is the Bagac Bay Beach Resort. You can easily access this beach resort in Bagac, Bataan. Due to that, visitors can also easily reach the other local attractions within the province. Moreover, Bagac Bay Beach Resort is the perfect one for those who want to have an immediate family getaway. 

Further, with just a low price rate, you can enjoy their amenities like video rentals, bonfire, and free parking. Additionally, there is also boat riding available that also comes for an affordable rate.

Basically, guests can also bring their own food inside. More so, other establishments near to this beach resort are the wet market, church, and the health centre.

Lumiere Resort

Lumiere Resort is also an affordable beach resort in Bataan. What makes this resort unique from the other is their nipa hut cottages. Moreover, the Lumiere Resort offers a really calming and serene time at the beachside.

Aside from that, this beach resort can get you more in touch with nature. Furthermore, Lumiere Resort is a perfect choice for a nature tripping adventure. Staying here at this beach resort can help you enjoy the beach excellently anytime.

Kai Lodge

Another attractive and affordable beach resort in Bataan is the Kai Lodge. This beach resort is a great choice if your travel goal is to discover the province of Bataan way back time immemorial. Moreover, there are many historical sites and eco-tourism attractions in Bataan that are in close proximity to this resort.

Included in these are the Pawikan Center, Kairukan Falls, and Kanawan Indigenous Aeta Village. Furthermore, Kai Lodge is a perfect destination for family and friends getaway.

Final Thoughts

Bataan’s reputation is normally about the historical heritage of the country. Aside from that, this province is also a famous nesting place of some amazing and pristine beaches. Exploring these natural wonders may need you to look for some comfortable place to stay.

Fortunately, there are affordable beach resorts in Bataan that can offer a great relaxation experience. Moreover, it can also get you more in touch with the beauty of nature.

If you love this blog post, please send us a comment below. However, if you think there is something we’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us. Have a great weekend getaway!

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