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American things not found in Philippines

Filipinos are crazy over American stuff. Like the rest of the world, Filipinos want to get their hands on high quality, and totally unique made in USA items from skincare to electronics, to fashion accessories, to food. American and Filipinos have deep connections and shared tastes. There are many American things not found in Philippines, however. Filipinos are heavily influenced by American culture, and you will find that there will be a mixture of Filipino and American ways in what is considered to be today’s modern Filipino culture. 

There will be American influences in music, food, and art. America is also considered to be the vanguard when it comes to tech gadgets, so their products will be in demand not just in the Philippines but also in other territories. In some cases, Filipino have to order online their items. These things are not easily obtained in the country, even if there is a market demand for it.

Top 3 American Things not found in Philippines—fashion items

American things not found in Philippines

Black Kyliner Kit

Kylie Jenner is well-known and is a social media star. She’s known for her nice booty and sculptured cats like features and puffy lips. She marketed her brand by using it on herself and it turned out to be a big hit. She’s the youngest billionaire on the planet. Kylie is not afraid to go out there and pose for the selfie cameras and share her intimate life. Because of her exhibitionistic streak, many followers were able to relate to her and snatched up kylie cosmetics goodies partly because they loved and adored kylie. What better way to be a good fan than snatching up your idol’s products? Pinoys are equally crazy and want a piece of Kylie or at least her Black Kyliner Kit. People in the Philippine with trendy tastes want their faces to be Kylified, and the Black Kyliner Kit is surely in demand.

Kim Kardashian’s emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Are you a fashion diva, queen, but sadly don’t have the budget for it? You can glam up with the next best thing and live like Queen Kardashian. Yes, you can get a replica of Kim Kardashian’s emerald cut diamond engagement ring. This is, of course, way affordable but just as pretty. Put this baby on your fingers and imagine your billionaire lover. Fantasize or simply have fun with this on costume parties and let it start conversations. Sadly, this is American things not found in Philippines

Z- joyee Unisex Sport Shoes

Pinoys love hip hop. It is not just a fashion style but a way of life. Pinoys want to exhibit their hip hop vibes, especially with footwear that are flashy. Z- joyee Unisex Sports Shoes glitter from the lights as well as the shiny metallic finish. These sports shoes are suitable for men and women. There are lights on the soles which turn and display flashy colors. You will be totally hip and cool once you strut with these futuristic-looking shoes on the metro. These shoes can be charged anytime via a phone charger, so there’s no stopping the fashion. This means your feet will be lighting up once you charge it in an outlet. There’s no putting out the light in your fashion-forward and glitzy power shoes. Again, this is American things not found in Philippines.

Top 2 American Things not found in Philippines—entertainment


People still love card games even if there is already an explosion of high-tech apps games on every single smartphone. People scrambled to buy werewolf card games when it hit the market, proving that unplugged thrills still fascinate. The card has a role-playing game scenario in which payers can enact personas in the game, such as villages or werewolves. This is a great after-work game that can be enjoyed during bonding sessions over drinks. The set has a high-quality feel to it with a sophisticated and well-designed felt case. It’s great to play werewolf, that is, if you can find a place that sells it.

Aliens the Original Comics Series

The Aliens series enthrall sci-fi fans, and the comics version was sold by Dark Horse way back in 1988  a couple of years after the film was released. Fans were overwhelmed and snatched up ever copy. The comics were given a reboot, and now fans can enjoy its surreal, gory world. The hardcover edition features the complete series, and any sci-fi fanatics in the country would love to own a copy.

Electronics, and gadgets

American things not found in Philippines

 Solar-powered wall-mounted LED lights

LED lights are practical, and they are always a good buy. What makes LED great is they are energy-efficient, don’t easily heat up and last for thousands of hours. What if there is a LED that is solar-powered? What if those LED lights have great design and go well with chic décor? Solar-powered wall-mounted LED lights opens up an entire world of energy-saving and design possibilities. If you could snatch them up online, they will certainly be pretty on your walls.

Top 2 American Things not found in Philippines—sports goods

Western-style horse saddle stirrups

If you are something of an equestrian or cowboy, you would love to collect high quality and durable items that enhance your pastime. Stirrups are available online, and Western-style horse saddle stirrups may just be the thing you are looking for. They can be used with any saddle. At under 30 dollars, these stirrups are a great deal. Western-style horse saddle stirrups are high-quality at a good price, but they are quite are hard to find.

Quarterback shoulder pads

If you play quarter back these high-quality pads can keep the opposing team on their guard as you launch your full force on them. These pads can’t be messed with. They have stainless steel hardware and sate of the art technology. You would look like a Robotech with these pads instead of football star, but who cares? Football is intense, and the game can get down and dirty. You need to protect yourself with everything you’ve got when someone is pushing hard against you to stop you on your tracks. You need some mighty good Quarterback shoulder pads armor.

Top 12 American Things not found in Philippines—food

SpaghettiOs cans

If you are an ex-pat or American living in the Philippines, you may be yearning for the taste of SpaghettiOs. These are spaghetti that can be eaten straight out of the an. All you need is a spoon and perhaps a microwave to warm it up a bit. The tomato taste e is strong and distinct. Americans love the sour notes in their spaghetti in contrast with the pinoy’s and creamy version.

Girl Scout Cookies treats

Anything sweet satisfy the senses immediately. These cookies are an especially American tradition that most expats will yearn for. They are originally known as Samoas but has since been rebranded as Caramel deLites. If you’ve been in the Philippines for too long, you might get to miss the taste of home. These cookies are not available on Philippine shelves, and you will have to wait until you get back to the US. If you want a replica of these cookies, you might want to try out Allied Pickfords. See if the taste matches, and you might like it.

Chex Mix treats

American things not found in Philippines

Salty and spicy flavors ae addictive and keep you coming back for more. Chex Mix is top on the list of the best treats from the US, but are sadly American things not found in Philippines. This treat has a long history that stretches back to the 1950’s. Even millennials love it, and the brand has survived through generations. Unfortunately, these scrumptious nibbles are not available in Philippine shores, and the markets have yet to import it.

Cape Cod Potato Chips treats

These Chips are so good they taste like the homemade chips you spent hours preparing. If you are an American, you will want quality chips, and this brand delivers. These chips are light and only has a hint of flavor. If you are moving permanently to the Philippine, this common treat in the US will be a luxury that can only be brought to you buy a friend or relative who visits. 

Trader Joe’s

Pretzels are truly everyone’s favorite. They are sweetened just right, so you won’t get tired of their taste. Pretzels plus peanut butter equals an amazing brand that is already a hallmark in the childhoods and adult life of Americans. Once your craving for these goodies kicks in, there is no way of obtaining a pack from grocery shelves in the country. If you really want these, there are online shops and Facebook groups that sell it. You can also get some in special members-only grocery warehouses in the country that sell a wide range of American products. You might get a lucky sighting of some Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Pretzels.

Teddy Grahams bears

You may have had Teddy Grahams bears in your lunch bag as a kid and enjoyed them even when you were way past your childhood. These are the comfort foods of childhood and make great colorful imaginary friends that can be eaten as well.

This company also makes the best s’mores inarguably in town, unfortunately, both are American things not found in Philippines.

Say goodbye to these sweet little faces once you’ve crossed the American border. These little guys are

Cheetos cheese treats

Cheetos have a salty bite that can leave you salivating for more. However, they won’t be found in Philippine shelves. Cheetos are widely available in the US, and you can enjoy its cheesy, crunchy taste as long as you stay in American shores. You may wonder why other countries are not importing this delectable guilty treat. Imitation cheese is awesome on the taste buds.

100 Grand Bars treats

Candy bars can be real treasures because of the pleasure they give. 100 Grand Bars offer you the chance to taste something luxurious and affordably priced. This treat is for everyone and makes you feel totally good. In fact, you will feel like a millionaire after one bite. This brand has existed since the sixties and is still popular with the new generation. A combination of chewy caramel and crunchy rice crispies with milk chocolate creates an operatic ensemble in your mouth.

Cheez-Its treats


If you ant baked goodness of the cheesy kind, get a pack of Cheez-Its crackers. These mouthwatering goodies are so good they should be available worldwide. Why is it so hard to get these babies elsewhere? The absence of Cheez-Its in shelves is a crime

Pop-Tarts treats

These breakfast items are more than good they are out of this world amazing. Americans love their sugar, and Pop-Tarts have more than 30 grams of it. Pop-tarts are great when you need to spike up your energy first thing in the morning. You can even get creative and eat some ice cream with this treat. Indulge and delight on the unique combination

Airheads treats

These were treats popular in the nineties. If you were a nineties kid, you probably munched on these babies and had good memories of it. Airhead combines salt tastes with sugar, creating a thrilling experience. Airhead can even dedicate and create a special line of flavors named after you if you are famous enough

Combos treats

If combos are not found anywhere else, it may not be a surprise. Even the pretzels don’t make it past US shores. A world without Combos is a world without certain colors existing. We appreciate life better when we can munch on cheese and savory flavors. Combos make a great presence as nibbles in parties and as an appetizer before drinks.

Final thoughts

There are many American things not found in Philippines, and obtaining them can be a hassle. Relatives and friends in the US of people who want these items will know which items they can bring their loved ones. There is a market for these rare American goods and some people moon for them. If you are passionate about these products, you can get them online via third party shipping.

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