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Angeles City Philippines Bars and Nightlife

Great entertainment welcomes the man who steps in Angeles city Philippines bars and nightlife. Filipinos are known for their charm, friendliness, and hospitality, and the same can be experienced with the people you will be encountering in Angeles city bars. Expect excellent service from the waitstaff to the female performers and entertainers. If you’ve had a hectic and stressful career, a trip to the Philippines, particularly Angeles City, will help you chill. You can pick up a companion in any of the bars or just spend the night dancing and watching the girls. You are guaranteed good food, lots of booze, and an upbeat vibe that will help you have fun and relax. Join in the party, and enjoy the night in Angeles city!

Angeles City Philippines Bars and Nightlife

Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife– How does it work?

The specific district where the bars and nightlife in angles city are located is at Walking Street. The choices are dizzying and confusing because you’ll find bars lined up one after the other. You’ll find door girls on the entrance of each bar who will try to get your attention. They will yell out the name of their bar to get your attention. If the girl is pretty and convincing, you may want to take a look at the bar and peek inside. Don’t hesitate and be shy. Enter the darkened room and make a quick scan of the girls on stage. If it doesn’t suit you, you don’t have to pay a fee or buy drinks. If you are dazzled by the girls, go on, grab a spot for a place to have a seat.

Buying drinks

After grabbing a seat, you then order a drink. You have to shell out about 2 to 3 dollars or 120-160 pesos. Affordable! Look around. One of the girls on stage may even smile and look at you. They are expecting you to invite them to sit down and have a drink. There are many girls in the bar. You can hook up with them from the dancers to the waitresses who can be quite hot looking. There are also tequila girls who specialize in selling tequila. These girls are charming; they will come over you and put their arms around you. It is up to you to take it to the next level.

They will then ask you if you can buy them a lady’s drink. These are rather expensive and run up to 5 to 6 dollars or P250-300 pesos. However, if you buy them one you can take your relationship with the girl to the next level and have a really good time. The girl will make you feel good, relaxed, and totally manly.

If you want to take the girl out of the bar for more fun and adventures, you will have to pay a bar fine of 2,500 to 3,000 pesos.

Top 5 Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife places to see


Angeles City Philippines Bars and Nightlife

Dollhouse has had a long history and is already one of the top institutions in Angeles city’s bar scenes. The best and hottest girls in Walking Street work here. They are jam-packed every night with both tourists and ex-pats. The architecture of Dollhouse has an eye-catching façade, and you will be impressed by the sexy door girls whoa are truly are above par. The waitresses are equally hot. You might conclude that this is one of the most special places on the strip.

Once you get inside, you will be greeted by a big round and circular stage. There would be one pole, but there will be at least thirty girls dancing around it. There are even more girls in different areas in the bar. You will find that some of them are sitting with customers while some are sitting together in groups. In this case, these girls are dancers who are taking a break. Some girls are standing and walking around, but you can be sure that all these girls are ready to give you an entertaining time if you buy them a drink.

The Dollhouse dance performance can be pretty impressive, and it happens every hour through the night. You will find acts like two girls going up the pole. If you are bored with this kind of show, there are pool tables upstairs where there is more seating. From this area, there is a view down to the stage, so you will still get to see what is going on. The pool table areas are away from the crowds below and are popular with Japanese and Korean customers who want more privacy with the girls

Club Atlantis

Club Atlantis is one of the best places to go to in the Angeles bar strip. There is simply great entertainment to be found here. Once you get inside, you will get to see two big stages. The first stage is on the ground floor, while the second is on the upper floor. Since that are two stages, it can accommodate a lot of girls, and there will be a combined 150 hot girls exhibited. We admit that the view can be fantastic. Sit down and be dazzled. The effect is like an opera or Broadway with a huge presentation.  

It should be noted that the girls on the upper floor are the better-looking ones. They are quite attractive, fairer skinned, statuesque, and young. However, they can be rather lazy when it comes to dancing. They probably know they don’t have to work hard to have customers calling them over. The girls on the ground floor are also good looking, and they do some special acts like sexy lesbian performances and  special dance performances,

Club Atlantis has been established for years. Dollhouse is a sister company of this club. The owners must have some savvy business sense to have two establishments. Another good thing about this bar is the staff aren’t pushy. The initiative should come from you and not the other way around. If you want a girl you call them; otherwise, they won’t negotiate with you. You can get polite treatment in this establishment; if you forget something of value in this bar, it will be returned to you with no hassle. Amazing fun, great ambiance, and cool and sexy people await you in Club Atlantis.

Viking Bar

Angeles City Philippines Bars and Nightlife

Viking Bar is smack in the middle of Walking Street. It stands out, and you won’t miss it. The exterior is extraordinary and resembles a Viking ship, hence the name. It’s not a big bar, but it is full of sexy Filipina girls who are younger than can be found in most bars. The youth of their girls is the top reason why this establishment can be quite popular among Koreans.  

The inside can get jam-packed, and some of the girls may be sitting outside because of the limited space. If you intend to get a girl out and pay the bar fine, you should go no later than 8 pm. The hottest girls will be taken out after that time. You really won’t see total nudity in the Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife. The girls only wear sexy tight clothes, and the most titillating costume would only be a bikini.

Vikings only have one stage, which resembles a ship. The supervisors in this establishment make sure the girls are dancing enthusiastically; otherwise, they will be reprimanded and get a call out. If a group of new customers enters the bar, the girls stop what they are doing and greet the newcomers by doing a special march in step dance. Like all the other bars, Viking knows how to show their girls and present them in the best light. Don’t miss the fun in Vikings.

Crystal Palace

The location of Crystal Palace isn’t the best. It is away from the louder and colorful Walking Street and is situated on the Real street. This area is a backstreet of Walking Street and rather quiet. However, it is still one of the top bars in Angeles and is worth the roundabout.

This bar is similar to Club Atlantis since it has two stages: a lower stage and an upper stage. The view of such a huge presentation of girls is dazzling. However, the best days to visit are on the weekends since the girls take their days off during the weekdays, particularly Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The girls give you a lot of space if you just want to relax and enjoy the scene. You can have some alone time enjoying a few drinks without girls pressing on you the minute you sit down.

There are two table pools at the back of the bar to give you some extra entertainment. There is also a secret route to Dollhouse since both establishments have the same owner. Overall, Crystal Palace was more fun a few years back, but now it’s a bar where you really aren’t quite sure what you will get. However, the fact that it has an awesome stage and quite a few good looking girls makes this bar worth visiting.

Bretto’s Sports Bar

This bar is not really a girly bar, but girls still work here. It is still one of the best Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife with girls.

This is a great place to hang out if you have seen all the girly bars and want to take a break from it. This place has great ambiance, and you can find amazing people. The bar is open-air, so the place is cool and fresh. You will find a lot of normal girls here. There will also be a lot of ladyboys who play pool or just spend time hanging out. 

There are plenty of TVs installed to catch your favorite sports. They also serve food, and it’s a great place to meet fellow foreigners such as tourists and ex-pats. It’s the best bar to have some alone time and to relax before hitting the more upbeat and crazier girl bars. The calm atmosphere in Bretto’s Sports Bar allows you to play a bit of pool and rest your mind.

Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife– What’s a Good Time to visit the Girly Bars?


Angeles city is different from Pattaya, Thailand. In Pattaya, the girls go on stage much later at 9 pm while in Angeles, the scene is already starting at 7 pm. It is important to know the best time. Most Korean men are already at the bars in the early evening, picking up the most attractive girls.

If you want to go during the day, most bars also have dayshift girls. These girls work from early noon to up until early evening. They go off when the night shift girls arrive. Life is never boring in Angeles city Philippines bars and nightlife. Angeles bars also close much later than Pattaya bars. Four am is the closing time in Angeles, while the closing hour in Pattaya is rather early at 2 am.

It should also be noted that girls take at least two days off, so Mondays and Tuesdays are rather quiet. That’s also one main difference from Thailand since girls there only take one day off, which translates to only 2 to 3 times per month. The best days to go to Angeles and be part of the scene is still Fridays and Saturdays. By this time, the girls are well-rested and raring to give their best on stage and for their customers.  There are many bars and nightlife in other places, but Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife are unique because of the natural beauty and charm of the girls you will encounter.

Good Restaurants

Angeles city also has a lot of good restaurants that feature both local and international cuisine. If you ever want to take your girl out on a date, however, there will be good places to have some flirting and romance while enjoying good food. Angeles is known not just for its Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife but also for being one of the gastronomic hotspots in the country. 

Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife-Final Thoughts:

Relax and have fun in Angeles City Philippines bars and nightlife. There are many places to see and things to do in Angeles that will relax your mind and body. Angeles city has the best bars and nightlife where you can get quality shows and excellent service. An experience in Angeles City is truly something incredible and unforgettable.

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