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Here at the Philippine Getaway, we take you to the best spots in our beautiful country, the Philippines. Dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines offer stunning vacation spots, picturesque vistas, and breath-taking experiences. If you’re a traveler who’s looking for the next big getaway, the Philippines will welcome you with open arms!

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American things not found in Philippines

Filipinos are crazy over American stuff. Like the rest of the world, Filipinos want to get their hands on high quality, and totally unique made in USA items from skincare to electronics, to fashion accessories, to food. American and Filipinos have deep connections and shared tastes. There are many American …
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Influence of American in the Philippines 101

American influence in the Philippines runs deep. History has not always been friendly though. Before the influence of American in the Philippines, there would be war and strife. There would be a series of reforms and betrayal. However, Filipino-American connection would eventually solidify through the desire for peace and development. …
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Potipot Island Zambales: What To Expect

Potipot Island, Zambales – The tiny island of Potipot is situated off the coast of Zambales, which means “Little White Sand.” This is only one of the more than 7000 amazing islands in the Philippines. Potipot Island, Zambales We all know that Zambales can bring many beautiful beaches. It has …