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Beach Resort In Batangas With White Sand

Batangas has an impressive shoreline along the southwestern tip of Luzon, comprising various types of beaches. Some of them are sandy, some rocky. Some of them are entirely isolated; others are fully developed. Everyone has their charm. Everyone has their own business. But it is close to Manila that makes Batangas beaches famous. Just three to four hours’ drive from the capital, this southern province of Tagalog offers natural breaks to the city. There are so many beach resort in Batangas with white sand!

Beach Resort In Batangas White Sand

Tali Beach

Once upon a time, Tali Beach was an elusive destination simply because it is private property. But once you access this small gated paradise, you will be able to enjoy a rare treat. First of all, they have five different beaches, and they are all pretty good. Secondly, it’s always clean and cared for. And last but not least, the beaches are almost always empty. Another fine news? Tour companies are now offering day trips to this gem.

Fortune Island

Fortune Island, once a luxury trip for the rich and famous, is now an abandoned island mostly visited by local visitors. The water is fantastic here. It may even be the best on this list. This little island has a turquoise and white combination on everyone’s radar.

The sand is not powdery and coarse but contributes to its rustic charm. Camping and day trips on the island are required, but a large group is best to do so because the boat can be pretty costly for PHP 5k (US$ 100).

Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach is located in Tingloy and was one of the drivers of the moment ‘s decision. Holy with clear water and white sands, Masasa is an excellent getaway to the beach. Since Tingloy is an island, the experience is even more authentic. They no longer allow camping, but Masasa Beach would always stop to hop around Anilao on the island.

If you choose to stay all day, it could be a challenge to find an excellent shaded area. It could also be a struggle to get here if you don’t hop from the island.

Manuel Uy Beach

Manuel Uy is a great beach to bum around in Calatagan. The beach is not the best, but if you only need a beach fix, it hits the spot. If you catch it a good day, the sand is soft, and the water can be pretty darn blue. Tables are available for rent or free if nobody else is around. Weekends may be busy, but not as bad as Burot Beach, another Calatagan beach.

Sombrero Island

The island of Sombrero is a perfect alternative to the beach of Masasa in Anilao. You’ll love this island, because the water is good, even though it’s small. Sombrero Island is well-known for diving in Anilao and is also an excellent place to snorkel. The beach is tiny, but most visitors come from hopping tours of the island, so they don’t stay that long.


With a long shoreline full of white sand and different resorts on the beach, Laiya has a perfect weekend trip. Acuatico Resort is a favorite location, particularly at the time when infinity pools were scarce. It’s also great for a day trip, and you can find cottages everywhere for rent.

Sepoc Island

Eagle Point Resort may own it privately, but this island is one of the best in Batangas because it is well taken care of. You can access it by touring Eagle Point, but don’t worry, to do so you don’t have to be an in-house guest.

You can organize a tour with them only. Your day tour already includes a great plus lunch. You don’t have to swim too far to see some lovely living corals.

What To Find In Laiya, Batangas

If you are searching for a white sand beach resort on Luzon Island, you might want to find the Laiya Beach resorts in the town of San Juan in the province of Batangas. Laiya is a long stretch of white sandy beach where several private resorts are to be chosen. The sand is not as white and powdery as the famous beaches on Boracay Island, but it is the next best way of spending time in Luzon.

During the low season, Laiya has clear seawater, but during the high season, some parts look contaminated particularly in public areas where it’s crowded. There are also some places where I find the water pretty itchy. The waves are not too full, so adult swimming is safe. Nonetheless, children should never be left unattended in the water.

Aquatico Beach Resort

Another beach resort in Batangas with white sand is Aquatico. Aquatico is the most expensive resort in the Laiya region, but given its high cost, it is almost always completely booked. The resort has an exceptionally well-managed climate, and the rooms are luxurious compared to those in other nearby resorts. However, the rooms are not that large, and to tell you the truth, they look much better in pictures.

Room prices do not include breakfast, but there is decent food in the resort restaurant. The common areas, in particular the swimming pool, are quite small and condensed. I wanted something bigger for the cost, but unfortunately, the online pictures of the resort seem bigger and better than in real life. If you are intrigued by their images of the glamorous appearance of their infinity pool, you will most likely be disappointed once you see them.

Their shoreline looks quite ordinary and resembles the other resorts in the city. The shore is not guarded, probably because the beach is not privately owned. It seems that the main draw of the resort is its infinity pool, which is its highlight in the promotional materials of the company.

Luz Beach Resort

The Luz Beach Resort has a stunning, well-kept shoreline. They are also fenced with bamboo to discourage intruders. The place feels relaxing, and during your stay, you get a sense of privacy. Although the beach isn’t so visually incredible, the sea is beautiful.

You can sit and relax while viewing the ocean in large cottages with white curtains. On the one side, the beach in La Luz has some pleasant rock formations and an area that remains relatively shallower, even during high tide.

Food outside this resort is not allowed, so you have to pay for their buffet meals. Your buffet offers a range of options. They can sometimes serve dinner near the shore, which allows guests to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.

This resort has no swimming pool, so young children might not like it too much. La Luz has no pool and an occasional buffet, but its lovely cottages, better privacy and lower prices are an excellent choice depending on what you want.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is just next to La Luz. It is the best choice in terms of privacy and serenity. The cabanas are as lovely as those in La Luz, and usually, there aren’t many people around so that you can feel a sense of privacy.

They have an infinity pool like Aquatico. This isn’t that high, but at all, it isn’t bad. There is also a jacuzzi. A second pool was recently designed for guests to enjoy. Their fee includes buffet food, definitely an addition. However, food choices are limited, and the taste of someone knowing good food, like the food served at La Luz, is not so impressive.

You must also take a very steep road from the resort to the beach. The car park is some distance from the beach, but you can find a service car after you have parked.

Acuaverde Beach Hotel

You see what you get on their website. There’s nothing too unusual. Their shoreline looks good, however, and the sand is clean and well kept. They have small shackles on the coast, some of them cushioned so that you can always escape the sun and have a beautiful sea view.

This resort has no pool, but there is an area where you can play board games, even table tennis. Their fee includes a lovely buffet meal.

The parking lot is at the resort entrance. There are a few trees, but there are few, so be prepared to leave your car open to the sun if a shaded car park is not located.

Reasons to Visit Batangas 

Batangas is a province of the Philippines in the CALABARZON region of southwestern Luzon. The province of Quezon in the eastern region, the province of Mindoro on the western side of the Batangas River, is surrounded by the province of Cavite and Laguna in the north, which is why most towns are surrounded by water leaving Batangas with their famous beaches and marine life and flora.

Batangas has 31 cities and three villages. Also, the local inhabitants of Batangueños speak Tagalog profoundly and melodically. Language in the province is well understood and spoken. Famous with its historical importance, beautiful beaches, and beautiful people, this is the spot if you are looking for a destination for tourism.

Locals from Luzon and worldwide visitors make Batangas their dream destination since it’s just 2 to 3 hours’ drive from the airport of Manila. Batangas offers beautiful beaches that can provide you with numerous activities.

Visit The Beaches and Resorts of Batangas

Batangas faces the South China Sea on its western side and has a large number of scenic beaches and dive spots that tourists love to visit and explore. Moreover, Batangas is also dotted with beautiful beaches and has many diving places in Anilao Batangas and various parts of the province.

The lovely Batangas is a haven for tranquillity and relaxation, fun, and beauty! Certainly, a place to enjoy the entire family and friends. With this guide, you will find the perfect beach resort in Batangas with white sand.

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