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Beach resorts in Iloilo- 2020 Update

The Philippines is a treasure box with many jewels within. One of the exquisite destinations that are truly a gem is Iloilo. This province is located in the South and requires travel by air if you are coming from the capital city of Manila. The province has well-developed infrastructure and tourism, so moving around should be easy. There are countless beach resorts in Iloilo. You can go resort hopping to have the whole Iloilo experience. Iloilo is not just a natural wonder but also has a rich cultural heritage and a gastronomic scene worth exploring.

Beach resorts in Iloilo—the beauty of Iloilo

There are many historical and cultural attractions in Iloilo. Local tourists will especially be enthralled by the narrative behind Iloilo landmarks and cultural places. There are tons of things to do in the region, so you will be filling your bucket list in no time.

Like nearby provinces, Iloilo has equally beautiful beaches and islands that you can visit within a day. The Islas de Gigantes, located in the northern part of Iloilo, is one of the most notable destinations. This beach is actually a group of islands that feature stunning white sand and inviting turquoise waters.

Beach resorts in Iloilo

Iloilo architecture

As we have mentioned, the province has cultural attractions that can provide visitors a glimpse of a bygone era. There are protected heritage sites intermingled with malls, restaurants, and modern houses. Calle Real and Plaza Libertad have buildings that will take you back in time. The centuries-old churches in Molo and Jaro are still standing and can be visited during the day if you love classical Spanish church architecture.

Top 16 Beach Resorts in Iloilo

Casa Fiammetta Inland Resort

This resort gives you more than one means of relaxation and entertainment. It is also a ranch, and the theme of the accommodations follow this style. Plan a trip to Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, to find this unique resort.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding are just some of the entertainments provided, and there are an extensive selection of horses and ponies to ride. Kids will be thrilled, especially if they are riding a pony for the first time. There are thoroughbreds for more experienced riders, and you can go trail riding at the sandbars and trails if you are a true-blue horseman. Beginners can take lessons from the rink. There is a covered one near the campsite for people who just want to ride ponies.

Kayaking and more
Beach resorts in Iloilo

Of course, if you want to do more than just being on land, you can go on a kayaking adventure in the Jalaud River.  Casa Fiammetta Inland Resort has plenty of amenities to amuse you, whether you want land-based or water-based thrills. You can play billiards, go swimming, camping, play football, or even go bird watching if you love birds. Some bird species you will get to see are wild ducks, migratory herons, and hummingbirds. You will catch them among sugarcane and bamboo groves.

Sandbar Island Beach Resort

If you want to stay, Bulubadiangan Island better book accommodations at Sandbar Island Beach Resort. This is a popular destination in Concepcion, Iloilo. This place attracts plenty of foreign and local tourists for its cerulean waters and long rippling pristine white sandbar. It can shift from left or right depending on the direction of the wind as well as the season.


Visitors can have a relaxing and meditative experience where they can just get in touch with the beauty of nature. Sandbar Island is relatively isolated, and there is not a lot of development. The location is still wild and raw. It is a good place to go swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. You can do just about any recreational water activity. There are also great views of the Mt. Manaphag, from this vantage point

Small island

Bulubadiangan Island is rather small, and Sandbar Island Beach Resort is the lone lodging. Straw huts ae offered to visitors who want to stay on the island. Four to ten people can fit in each hut. The rent is P800. The island has electricity, but it is shut by 9 pm. Bathrooms are available, but the waters are briny. Guests or visitors will have to bring their food or cook it themselves. Having food cooked in the main resort is also an option.

Cabugaw Gamay Island

Northern Iloilo is not just a place for beaches but also a place for abundant seafood. There are a number of quaint beaches in this area.  Islas de Gigantes is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. There are pockets to explore in Northern Iloilo, especially in the nearby coastal towns. There are also grey sand beaches and pebble beaches that can be explored in nearby areas. You need to travel by land and sea to get to Carles, which is the furthermost town in the North of Iloilo. From the mainland, you need to travel for a couple of hours to reach the popular islands.

San Joaquin Pebble Beach

This area is not as well-known as the beaches of Northern Iloilo, but they are great if you are looking for some solitude, peace, and quiet. Here you will find unspoiled marine sanctuaries and tranquil dark sand beaches. These beaches extend to the nearby towns. These beaches are more accessible if you are coming from Iloilo City. If you’re going to Antique, they can be a good stopover. San Joaquín, which is the farthest town, takes 1 to 1.5 hours to reach.

Gigantes Islands

Gigantes is a group of islands in a remote location in Carles, Northern Iloilo. This island draws a lot of visitors because of its pristine silvery sand beaches, crystal rock formations, and amazing seafood. The itinerary for tourists often includes Cabugao Island, Antonia, and Tangke. However, there are more islands and beaches in the surrounding area for adrenaline lovers. Traveling to Gigantes takes 5 to 6 hours from Iloilo city. You have to take land and sea transportation for faster connections.

Concepcion Islands

Before Gigantes exploded in the tourism scene, the island of Concepcion was the better-known tourist draw. Concepcion is home to sixteen beautiful islands, which include Bulubadiangan , Pan de Azucar, Agho, Malangabang, and Baliguian. Silvery sand beaches are inviting, plus the imposing Mt. Manaphag can be seen on the horizon. Concepcion is easy to access from Iloilo City. The trip will only take 2.5 hours of land travel. Afterward, you need to take a 30-minute ferry to reach the islands.

Ajuy Islands

Beach resorts in Iloilo

The islands of Ajuy, which is located in Northern Iloilo, are the most accessible if you are coming from Iloilo City. The Marbuena Island cluster is the most well-know destination in these parts. It is also home to a beautiful island resort. Ajuy’s other attractions include a fishing community, Nasidman, and Calabazas. It pays to give this place a visit since you can find the ruins of a Spanish-era lighthouse. It only takes n hour to get to Ajuy from Iloilo City. Afterward, you need to take a 30-minute ferry ride to reach the beautiful islands.

Cabugao Gamay

If you are visiting Isla de Gigantes Sur, better make your trip worth it and make the roundabout to Cabugao Gamay. This island is just two kilometers away. It can perk up most travelers’ curiosity because seen from afar; it has a peculiar shape and beauty. There is an easily accessible foot trail on t island, which gives one a gorgeous view of the entirety of the island, which is blessed with pristine white sand and emerald waters. Getting to Cabugao Gamay only takes 45minutes ferry ride from Gigantes Norte Island.

Antonia Beach

Antonia Beach is a pristine silvery sand beach in a secluded location near Gigantes Sur. The waters have changeable color. It is an inviting turquoise hue under the sunny morning light. The beach is great for swimming, picnics, and beach bumming. Antonia beach is just near the nearby Gigantes Norte and only takes 45 minutes ferry ride to reach.

Gigantes Sur

There are two Gigantes, Gigantes Sur, and Gigantes Norte. They are the two biggest islands in the area. Tourists mainly converge at the points around the southern coast of Gigantes Sur. Iloilo’s beach resorts include Tangke lagoon, Pawikan cave caverns, Antonia Beach white sands, and the rippling sandbars of Bantigue. Lastly, is the popular island of Cabugao, Gamay.

Gigantes Norte

The biggest cluster of islands in Gigantes can be found in Gigantes Norte. This is the starting point for island hoppers. It also holds a few interesting attractions, such as the Spanish-era lighthouse ruins in its northern side. Bakwitan Cave on the southern half is also worth the peek. Gigantes Norte is just a couple of hours away from the mainland of Carles.

Bulubadiangan Island Sandbar

This sandbar island is popular in Concepcion. Bulubadiangan beach resorts in Iloilo attract countless tourists, which include local and foreign backpackers. The cerulean waters are inviting. The white sandbar shifts and changes with the direction of the wind. Be sure to book accommodation at the island’s lone resort Sandbar Island Beach Resort. The resort is your base where you can explore islands surrounding Concepcion. It only takes a 30-minute ferry ride from the mainland to reach Bulubadiangan.

Agho Island

Paradise can be found in Agho Island in Concepcion. This beach resorts in Iloilo is blessed with pristine white sands with sprawling coral gardens underwater. There is also a shifting sand bar on the island, similar to Bulubadiangan. If you are looking for fine quality sand and whiteness, Agho is the best in the Northern part of Iloilo. What makes it even more amazing is seeing an amazing view of Mt. Pan de Azucar and its surrounding islands. From the mainland of Concepcion, you only need to take a one-hour ferry ride to reach Agho.


Northern Iloilo is home to Sicogon Island in Carles. It is notable as one of the beautiful attractions in Northern Iloilo. This beach resorts in Iloilo was a prime tourist draw, back in the 70’s and 80’s. There used to be a high-end resort in the area aptly named Sicogon Island Resort. The resort has since closed down, but Sicogon still retains its white and cream-colored beaches. Ayala land is developing Sicogon to be a multifunctional tourism park with residences, shops, jungle trails, diving locations, and an airport. You can reach Sicogon from Estancia by going on a one-hour ferry ride. If you are coming from Gigantes, the ferry ride will take up to two hours.

Marbuena Island

Marbuena Island Resort is located in Ajuy. It is a well-known beach resorts in Iloilo. Mabuena has a sandbar that gleams white, especially under the morning sky. It stretches for hundreds of feet from the shore during low tide. A natural trail that circles the island offers expansive views of the sea and nearby islands. The trail continues inland to a forest that hosts large migratory birds and bats.

Bearland Paradise Resort

palm tree

Southern Iloilo takes you to a high-end beach resort on the coast of Tigbauan. Beach resorts in Iloilo Bearland Paradise Resort lets you get amazing ocean views. This is a beachfront resort so that you will have easy access to the waters. Bearland has amenities such as a swimming pool and a restaurant. The beach is not as attractive as the more popular beaches in other areas in Iloilo, but this resort makes up for it with the amenities it provides. If you really aren’t into nature tripping and just want relaxing ocean views and good service, then Bearland Paradise Resort should be on top of your itinerary.

Final thoughts

Iloilo is a jewel in the South that has plenty to offer.  It differs from the other beach destinations in the country since you will also get to see mountain views and explore forests and jungles. Iloilo is a prime draw for eco-tourists who want to witness the unique splendor of untouched tropical paradises. Although Iloilo is a tourist destination, commercial development is kept to a minimum, preserving the region’s natural beauty. You go to Iloilo to witness nature. Beach resorts in Iloilo provide you with amenities and a base to witness vivid natural wonders.  

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