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Beach Resorts In Negros Oriental

If you want a diving experience and to meet the fish, you may wish to visit Negros Oriental. Aside from being famous for the sugar industry, Negros Oriental has a wide array of beaches with rich aquatic resources and mountains with forests and hidden waterfalls. Negros Oriental is in Central Visayas, and you can enter either by plane or ferry. If you are coming from Manila, you can book a flight and land at Dumaguete Airport. You can also ride a car ferry that will take 28 hours before going to Dumaguete port.

It may have fewer beaches than its neighbors, but Negros Oriental is proud of its “natural” beaches that will surely relax your body. It is known to be the center for diving adventures because of having cliffs and sea beds with different depths depending on your diving skills. But before you jump and dive to meet the reefs and fishes, you must know first the things you need to prepare.

What To Do When Diving

Photo credits: Thalatta Resort

🏊  Practice Your Breathing

It is advisable to have a regular breathing pattern when diving in the sea. But if you still hesitate and are afraid that water may be inhaled, practice your breathing without holding your breath for too long. The best method is to breathing in and out slowly. This way, your lungs may be used to some resistance, especially when your body is submerged in water.

🏊  Observe the Flow of Waves and Currents

The water current is predictable and noticeable. But, if you are not aware that a current is going to you, it can distract your diving concentration and can lead to drowning. Before diving, take note of the direction of the wind, for this affects the path of the water current. Learning the course of the current is vital so that you will know how to go back where you started. There are also different diving ways depending on where you plan to dive. But most of the diving techniques, you must dive against the current, except for drift diving.

🏊  Follow Your Diving Guide

Following your guide is the number one safety protocol that you need to follow. Do not dive alone. Always follow your diving guide, and do not try to change your path just because you saw a school of fish. Professional divers are commonly included in the diving package you got not only because to teach you how to dive but also to guide you for the correct paths. There are forbidden paths under the sea, especially if there is unequal depth and waves.

🏊  See But Don’t Touch

Negros Oriental is very rich in beaches and diving areas because the government and non-profit organizations have maintained the preservation of the aquatic resources. That is why there are diving sites for you to enjoy the marine adventure but take note that there are still restricted areas under the water. It is better just to see them with your eyes and do not try to touch anything unless you are allowed to. Taking a picture is also sometimes allowed but remember not to use flash photography because this may be a sign of threat to fishes.

🏊  Check Yourself

Check your vitals first before diving into the water, regardless of whether it is a pool or ocean. You must be fully conscious before diving. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks before submerging because liquor may interfere with your concentration. Say to the diving instructor if you have health conditions like heart or lung problems. Suppose you have panic attacks, better not to try diving unless you know how to calm yourself or you have a medical professional with you.

Assess also your eyes if you can see clearly even with goggles. Remove all your accessories because there is not enough time to look for your ring in case you dropped it. Wear proper diving attire to avoid hassles and suffocation. Lastly, check your skills in diving and choose the appropriate depth suitable for you. Do not dive into the deepest, especially if it is your first time. There are different stages and levels of diving, and it is better to start with the shallow one.

🏊  Prepare Your Pieces of Equipment

Check your diving types of equipment if they are complete. Some packages already include diving pieces of equipment, but you still need to check them before diving. Take note of the oxygen cylinder and regulator, diving suit, snorkel or the diving mask, weight belts, GPS watch if applicable, compass, and a diving map. These are the most common types of equipment that you need to check. You also need to know the emergency escape in case of a diving problem.

🏊  Do Not Get Too Excited

Diving will use all your energy before and after the event. Please do not get too excited to dive because it may lead to an accident. Learn also how to dive because carelessly may break your bones and can be a medical emergency. Avoid too much playing with friends, like pushing or pranking to fall. If you are going to dive from a cliff, avoid posing for pictures in a skeptical spot. Lastly, do not hesitate to jump or dive. Hesitating will confuse your diving guide and can also be the reason for unpredictable cliff slips.

Beach Resorts In Negros Oriental

Most of the beach resorts offer a diving experience because of their location and resources. But if you want to know their amenities and special offers, here is a snippet of each resort’s background.

Photo credits: Mahi Mahi Dive Resort

🌊 Sea Dream Resort

The resort offers a private staycation where you can go out in your comfort zone by having a relaxing beach vacation. Sea Dream Resort is designed to be an extraordinary getaway to make your dream vacation made into reality. It is a beach resort in Negros Oriental that provides meditation and excitement for the tourists and travelers who love to be with the sea.

Sea Dream Resort aims to make their tourists’ dreams into journeys. They want to provide the highest possible type of relaxation with the nature by building a resort with a native tribe style that honors the hospitality of the people of Negros.

This resort has different activities that you can choose from. Such recreations are snorkeling, scuba diving, island sightseeing, souvenirs from local markets, and whale shark watching. You can also have a chance to visit their famous lakes like the Balanan lake, Balinsasayao Twin lake, and their Apo Island. Sea Dream Resort is also known to be a home of highly preserved reefs with more than 600 fish species and corals. Aside from these, you can also try motorbiking around the resort, sea sidebar, relaxing spa, and a beachfront swimming pools.

🌊 Liquid Dive Resort

Liquid Dive Resort is a small resort that has excellent amenities. It is like a hidden gem in Dauin, where it is famous for its diving experience. Their goal is to train travelers in diving so that anyone can enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

Liquid Dive Resort assures every tourist that they can accommodate your group because they are proud to provide their comprehensive amenities and a peaceful environment. If you want a diving experience, Liquid Dive Resort offers more than 600 coral reefs and 30 diving sites where world-class professional divers can teach and guide you for safety purposes.

Aside from diving adventures, this resort also offers mountain trekking at Mount Talinis forests with hidden lakes and waterfalls. You can also have canyoning at Kawasan falls for another type of relaxation. Liquid Dive Resort is indeed a hidden gem because even though it is a secluded beach resort, it also offers a lot of local tours to Casaroro Falls, Twin Lakes, and Valencia Town. Lastly, to complete your day of relaxation, you can have a yoga experience to calm your nerves.

🌊 Antulang Beach Resort

Antulang Beach Resorts offers you different suites, pools, a jacuzzi, and some exciting adventures. You can choose from the presidential suite, executive suite, superior suite, and a family suite. One thing that is unique in Antulang resort is their cliffhanger rooms with an ocean view that will spice your night.

Antulang provides diving, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, and rappelling for their tours and activities. Because cliffs surround the resort, rappelling is one of the highest-demand activities on the island. This activity is for the risk-takers because you will be dropped at a 20 meters high cliff with only a rope as a guide. But do not worry because they assure every participant that the rope is heavy duty and can hold up to four persons at the same time!

Aside from this breathtaking recreational activity, Antulang Beach Resort also offers a cruise trip to its grand hidden bay called Tambobo Bay. This bay is well-preserved as you see the mangroves, bamboos, and other types of tree species. They also have Apo Island Cruise, where you can enjoy 40 minutes of the ocean view.

🌊 Atlantis Dive Resorts

Atlantis Dive Resorts is located at the center for diving in Dauin, Dumaguete. They have many trips that you can try, like customized diving trips with whales, sharks, and hundreds of coral reefs. You can also watch the sunrise with their Azores cruise ships, where you will also have a chance to dive with whale sharks.

Atlantis Dive Resorts also has its own restaurant called Toko’s Restaurant, inspired by a gecko design amenities. They serve 5-star types of dishes prepared and served by their world-class chefs. Atlantis Dive Resorts also has a bar and cafe area for some unwinding experience. One unique offer in the resort is letting the kids dive into their safe zone, but of course, they need to teach and guide them first as a part of their resort protocols. Lastly, Atlantis Dive Resorts has a diving sport where you can compete with other divers as a part of a thrilling vacation.

🌊 Wellbeach Dive Resort

As one of the centers for diving in Negros Oriental, Wellbeach Dive Resort promotes the No Plastic campaign to protect the marine life. To do this, they transformed plastic into edible ones, and they also have water waste treatment to ensure the safety of the ocean.

They have a diving experience like any other beach resort in Negros, but here, you can also have different types of spa massage like Swedish massage and Thai massage. Wellbeach Dive Resorts has a combination of a Swiss-type and Filipino style of the resort because of the owners with different nationalities who decided to incorporate their traditional culture. They also allow the tourists and divers to take a macro picture of the marine life as long as they do not disturb the aquatic animals and destroy the natural habitats of the fishes.

🌊 Mahi Mahi Dive Resort

Mahi Mahi Dive Resort is famous for its snorkeling adventure to Apo Island. Its name means very strong and is also a type of big fish also known as Dorado. They offer a scuba diving experience with different difficulty levels according to your skills so that everyone can enjoy it without accidents. In addition, you can have a chance to meet various schools of fish and turtles. And, you can also complete the critters and shrimps that will surely amaze your eyes.

Aside from diving, Mahi Mahi resort offers a whale shark viewing and lets you swim with them. If you want a relaxing spa, the resort also has a hidden, hot spring that can be found while you ride with an ATV tour. The twin lakes of Danao and Balinsasayao also offer you fishing and kayaking, and if you are lucky enough with the weather, you can have a chance to see flocks of birds early in the morning.

🌊 Vida Homes Condo Resort

This resort has a luxurious and elite style of staycation. Vida Homes has a unique beachfront because of having a golden sand that reflects to the luxury resort. It is a combination of European and Asian styles of architecture that makes the resort stunning. You will have access to their pool bar, lap and infinity pool, private beach, sauna and spa, gym and sports, and many more.

Vida Homes is highly recommended if you want a well-secured architectural structure and a unique place to stay. Aside from staying in their luxury rooms, Vid Homes offers you a chance to climb at Mount Kanlaon. And, visit the monkey sanctuary in San Catalina. Lastly, if you want to satisfy your hunger, you can choose between their restaurant and bar, or a pool bar with a cafe. Their infinity pool is also free from chemicals because they want to create a natural setting type of beach resort.

🌊 Thalatta Resort

This island is one of the most affordable beach resorts in Negros Oriental that offers Seaview in every corner. Thalatta’s name origin is from the island’s tale as it is believed the spirit of the sea. She is also sometimes believed to be Aphrodite’s mother and astrologically as one of the Neptune’s moons.

Thalatta Resort is proud to present their paradise that has perfection in natural scenery and purity because of their humility and love for their guests. The resort also promotes the conservation of natural resources by using solar power systems. They also have different programs to minimize the water wastes. Thalatta resort has an outdoor pool where you can still enjoy the ocean view with a snack bar and spa services.

Lastly, Thalatta Resort has an ATV ride, snorkeling, cockfighting, dolphin watching, waterfalls in Valencia, and island hopping experience. Thalatta Resort is one of the most recommended resorts in Negros. Especially, if you want a peaceful getaway with your loved ones.

🌊 Baki Divers

Baki Divers offers enjoyment with their amenities and protecting the marine life at the same time. The resort is surrounded by a professional management team to ensure the safety of the tourists and the environment. They also have personalized teachings who want to have a professional driving lesson before meeting the sea. They have four diving sites named North Dauin, Mainit, San Miguel North, and San Miguel Tires.

The North Dauin is the Baki house reef where massive coral reefs that are home to different aquatic species can be met. It has a shallow area that can reach up to 18 meters in depth. The Mainit dive station is a challenging dive site because it may have dangerous currents; if not, diving is not managed very well. Lastly, the San Miguel North and San Miguel Tires are perfect for picture lovers because this is the home of Sea Grass beds and critters.

Final Words

Negros Oriental may not be as famous as other provinces in the Philippines. But if you are a risk-taker and like to try a new adventure, you can plan your visit to the province. It is like a hidden gem of Central Visayas that has an exhilarating experience. It is also not too crowded, so you will surely enjoy your vacation intimately. Aside from these, you can also have a chance to visit the volcanic island named Apo Island, located in the southern part of Negros. This island is one of the most popular spots in Negros, so expect that there will be an Apo Island trip in any beach resort you choose.

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