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Beach Resorts La Union: Different Places To Relieve Your Stress!

Do you love to go on picnics with your friends or with the whole family? Do you know what are the best beach resorts La Union?

With over 7000 islands in the Philippines and has the 5th largest coastline in the world, you are never far from white beaches in this country. Thousands of kilometers of coastline means that the Philippines has a lot of world-class beaches to offer. Every province has a lot of beaches that are known and visited by many tourists. The good thing is there are some public beaches in some provinces that are good for a day tour. A perfect spot to hang out with your friends and family.When you want to travel to the northern part of Luzon Island. One of the most popular provinces that has a lot of beautiful and amazing beaches is La Union.

La Union is known to be the Surfing capital of the north and one of the Philippines ’ top surfing destinations. It has giant waves that most surfers are looking for and craving. For some tourists that are not a fan of surfing the province has also instagrammable and amazing beaches. Giving the tourist good vibes and a perfect ambiance to stay for. The province is also known for its natural attractions, historic sites, and delicious foods that are perfect for all tourists. The province is a great destination to bond with your family and friends while enjoying the beach vibe. If you plan to travel to La Union whether you want to go surfing or camping to some of the beaches in the province. And you just want to relax and escape from the busy life of the city. Here are some top beaches La Union has to offer.

Top Beaches In La Union You Can Visit Today! 

#1 Pebble BeachPebble beach is located in San Juan Luna in La Union. If you want to try a different experience when going to the beach, this Pebble in La Union definitely gives you a peculiar vibe. Pebble beach is far from other beaches that have a shoreline that is covered with white sand. This is one of the most popular beach sports in La Union. You will be amazed at the different colors of pebbles, indeed the place is a scenic sight.

However, locals don’t advise you to go swimming at Pebble beach. Because of its strong and giant waves, there is a possibility that the waves will pull you through a deep part of the sea. On the other side, you can still enjoy the place by walking, sitting, and taking instagrammable pictures in colorful pebbles. You can also try to walk barefoot and feel the pebbles press your foot. This experience feels relaxing and therapeutic and it gives you a good vibe.

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#2 San Juan La Union Beach

beach resorts La Union

San Juan Beach is one of the top surfing destinations in the country. Most of the tourists who want to do surfing activities choose this place. The place is also good for those who want to try and study surfing. The beach has strong and gigantic waves that are perfect for all professional surfers. If you want to try surfing but you are not a pro, in San Juan beach there are levels of waves for all types of surfers. The beach has also a wide shoreline that is covered by dirty white color sand. After a long tiring day of surfing and swimming, you can relax sitting on the seaside of the beach while enjoying watching the sunset. Sunset in this place is one of the best sunsets in the entire Luzon. Inside the beach resort, you can find some restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. They prepare some local foods and specialty of La Union you must try. The place is a great destination to relax and relieve stress and anxiety. The least you can do is to enjoy the ambiance of the place while sipping a cup of coffee!

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#3 Taberna Beach

Do you want to experience watching the best sunset in the Philippines? Well, this could be possible when you visit the place Taberna beach. You will definitely love the place because you will be able to experience the best sunset you could imagine. This kind of experience can give you a romantic vibe. The beach is one of the most popular beaches in La Union. Because of this more tourists get attracted and want to visit the place. As a result, Taberna beach becomes crowded during the summer months and weekend days. 

However, if you want to come and visit the beach and you want a smaller crowd, the best time to come and visit the place is early in the morning. So if you want to go to Taberna beach you need to plan ahead of time. A great destination to gather family reunion and to have bonded with your friends. The beach has calm and clear water that you can enjoy swimming in anytime you want. Inside the beach, there are available cottages you can rent at affordable rates. Thus, taberna beach does not require an entrance fee. So if you ever want to fully enjoy viewing sunsets, you can take a camping tent with you and set it up at the seaside of the beach. 

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#4 Acapulco Beach 

If you want to hang out with your friends and family to go swimming and have a picnic,  Acapulco beach is a good place to stay. The place is a public beach that is perfect for local tourists or travelers that have a tighter budget. Many locals come and visit the place for a day just to hang out. 

Despite this, you will be able to enjoy the place. The beach has white sand and clear water that is perfect for your picnic and swimming adventure. There are also available cottages made in a nipa hut and bamboo sticks, you can rent at affordable prices depending on their size. You can also set up your camping tent on the seaside of the beach. Aside from this, you can have a sing-along with your friends and family, there are karaoke machines available on the beach. 

#5 Carlatan Beach

Carlatan beach is a bit small compared to other beaches that are located in La Union. It may be small but Carlacatan beach offers you a lot of outdoor activities just like the larger beach resort. You can go swimming, sunbathing, relaxing or even building a bonfire during the night. This can be one of the best places to do camping with your family and friends while sitting around the bonfire. 

The best time for sharing some stories while sipping a hot coffee and grilled some hotdogs with marshmallows. Furthermore, if you are the type of person who loves to do extreme activities. This place also has extreme outdoor activities like diving and cliff jumping. 

#6 Urbiztondo Beach

Urbiztondo beach is one of the most famous spots in the Philippines for surfers. The beach is also the main surfing beach in La Union. Both local and foreign surfers come and visit the place to do surfing activities. If you are into surfing and you want to try and learn from it, there are surfing schools you can find around the beach. They are offering surfing lessons for newbies. The surfing schools offer a surfing program provided with complete equipment. With this, the student will be able to experience actual surfing because of the provided equipment. 

You can also rent a surfboard and hire a professional surfer. Urbiztondo beach has no clear water and is not a white sand beach. But for those who love surfing, for them, the place is just like a paradise to relax and enjoy. The best time to visit and do surfing camp activities is during the month of July to October or November to March. These said months are the time when waves get stronger and bigger. There are also some restaurants and resto-bars around the beach, where you can stay and eat some local foods. Or it depends on your preference. 

#7 Bauang Beach 

Bauang Beach is a charming paradise located in the town of Taberna. One thing that makes this beach special is that it is blessed with plenty of marine life. Bauang beach has a lot of outdoor activities to offer. The place offers water activities and even land activities. Like surfing, boating, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. About the land activities, you can do such as volleyball, frisbee, minigolf, and camping. Bauang beach has a lot of beach resorts that give the beach a beautiful ambiance along with its wide shoreline. 

The beach also has fine white sand with clean and calm water. A perfect place to go swimming all day. And to have picnic activities with your family and friends. The beach is also perfect for those party-goers. During the night you can experience having a party by the beach. The reason is that Bauang beach has a lot of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The place is also perfect for those who don’t want to engage with a lot of people. The place is a less crowded beach as not too many people visit the beach. 

#8 Darigayos Cove Beach

Another great spot for the local and foreign tourists. Darigayos cove beach is located in Darigayos, the northern part of La Union. The 800 meters of its shoreline is filled with fine white sand. There are also built-up cottages across the seaside that have a nipa hut and a bamboo stick. These are available to rent for a day. The place is very popular with all the tourists. Just like all the residents who live near the sea, fishing is one of their primary sources of income. You can see a lot of fish vendors along the way, so if you want to taste the freshness of seafood you can at least try to buy with them. 

During the months of September to November, the waves on the beach become stronger and bigger. 

So some of the local surfers visit the place and make this an alternative surfing camp. But when the water is calm, you will be amazed by its powdery white sand and bluish water. And this attracts you to swim all day long.

Along the beach cove, there are several beach resorts that you can book a place to stay in. Among the beach resorts located in this place are Coral Island, Noble Tower, and Navalta Beach resort. They offer an overnight stay and comfortable accommodation for their guests. You don’t need to worry also about your security, the beach has lifeguards in every substation.


#9  Poro Point Beach 


Poro point beach is one of the most popular beaches in La Union. The beach is also popular with all the local and foreign tourists because of its scenic view. Some locals dubbed it as the meeting point of the sun and the ocean.

The beach has white sand complementing the blue water. It makes a place a great spot for family and friends to have fun by doing outdoor activities.



#10 Canaoay Beach

Canaoay beach is one of the other beaches located in San Fernando La Union. Just like the other beachfront in La Union, the place also has a lot of resorts around the beach. With this, it is easy for you to book a place to stay. All the resort offers you safe and comfortable accommodation. The good thing is most of the resorts are just in front of the beach. So whenever you feel hungry and want to eat some local food, you don’t need to go outside to buy some food. 

The place is perfect for a swimming spot for family and friends. It has a fine cream sand shoreline with clear blue waters. If you want to have a side trip near the beach, you can visit the Pindangan Ruins. Another tourist spot in San Fernando, La Union that is a few minutes away from Canaoay Beach. 

#11 Panicsican Beach 

Panicsican Beach is listed as one of the public beaches in La Union. This is a perfect spot for having a picnic with your family and friends. The beach is also for those tourists that have a tighter budget. All they want is to relax, have fun on the beach. Inside the beach, there are cottages made in a nipa hut and bamboo sticks that you can rent.

The good thing is most of the cottages are located just in front of the beach. It has calm water that is enticing to all the tourists to go swimming all day. You can also book your accommodation in any beach resort around Panicsican Beach for an overnight stay. 

However, in case you want to stay in La Union for more than a day, the province has a lot of affordable beach resorts where you can book your accommodation and a place to stay during your trips. Here are some of the beach resorts in La Union that offer affordable rates.




#1White House Beach Resort

If you choose to visit some of the beaches in Bauang La Union. White house beach resort offers affordable rates for their guests. The beach resort is known for its clean and comfortable rooms. The resort has a price range of 3500/ night. It also has a pool facing a stunning view of the sea that can give you a great shot when you want to have a photoshoot during sunset. 

#2 Flotsam And Jetsam In La Union

This is one of the most popular resorts for all young travelers. Most of them choose the resort because of its instagrammable accommodation that is perfect for those who love to hang out. The place has colorful interiors, with arts and music that make the spot a photogenic place. A perfect spot also for couples and hanging out with friends. During the night it gives you a romantic vibe while listening to some music played by a band. 

#3 San Juan Treasure Resort

This resort also offers affordable prices ranging from 2500/night. A great spot for all travelers. The resort has 3 pools 15 meters long and sitting on a beachfront. This gives the resort a scenic and romantic view that is a perfect spot to hang out with your friends and family.

#4 Alon And Sandy

Alon and Sandy is a private resort perfect for the couple and those tourists who want to enjoy but with privacy. The resort offers you a Bahay Kubo accommodation that is different from other common resorts. This beach resort offers you an amazing view of the ocean while enjoying the sunrise and the sunset. You can also have a comfortable staycation in one of the treehouses located inside of Alon and Sandy resort while doing your beach adventure. They offer an affordable rate that ranges from 1800/night.

#5 Funky Quarters

One of the most affordable resorts in San Juan, La Union it offers an affordable price of 1850/night. This resort stands out from other resorts you can find in Sa Juan. Because of its colorful and industrial ambiance. A lot of tourists choose the resort to book accommodation and experience its scenic view. The best thing about this resort is you can have a 3-minute walk going to the beach. This is perfect for families taking their kids on the beach without a hassle. 

Final Thoughts 

One of the best places to visit whenever you want to go on a vacation is the beach resort. Also, one of the best places where you can spend as a couple, and a great way to bond as a family. Yur kids will be able to the beauty of nature and sea. You can expose them to a lot of activities such as snorkeling, volleyball, and even just simply creating a castle with the sand. 

Also, whenever you are having a hard time in city life and you need to release your place a beach is the best place to. For the people who wish to know themselves, even more, the beach is also perfect! La Union is very popular for the best beaches this place can offer to the people. 

What are your thoughts about this place? Are you planning to go here and explore one of the beaches listed above? 

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