Beaches in Negros Occidental – The Top 10

Are you craving some vitamin sea? Then look further than Negros Occidental. It’s home to some of the best beaches in the Philippines, thanks to its coastal territories. And the best part is there are many beaches in Negros Occidental for you to choose from!

But to make your vacation count, it only makes sense to visit the best beach destinations. So on your next trip, explore these ten beaches in Negros Occidental.

1. Lakawon Island Resort

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One of the most popular beaches in Negros Occidental is in the small city of Cadiz. 

Cadiz thrives on agricultural and marine resources. So, you know what that means, gorgeous beaches! In addition, a massive part of Cadiz is rural, offering plenty of natural wonders. 

There are several beaches around the area. However, the one you need to visit when in Cadiz is the Lakawon Island Resort. Located 3km from Cadiz city, the resort offers excellent ambiance for all travelers! 

It’s the city’s most famous beach offering crystal clear waters and fun activities. Some of the things you can do in Lakawon Island Resort include snorkeling and camping. Also, make sure to go to Asia’s largest floating bar, the TawHai Floating Bar, located in Cadiz!

Meanwhile, if you want to explore marine life, the resort also has scuba diving packages. And this includes scuba diving lessons for beginners. 

The best part is that this beach is just an hour’s drive away from Bacolod, which means you can bring the whole family! 

Address: Cadiz Viejo, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental
Contact info: (034) 213 6354

2. Driftwood Village Resort

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If you love hammocks and the ocean, Driftwood Village Resort is your destination! This unassuming resort is one of the most relaxing beaches in Negros Occidental. 

It has everything you need, from cottages, hammocks, to in-house restaurants! All you need to do is have fun and jam along with your fellow beach bodies. 

However, the best part about this resort is that everything is affordable. For instance, the restaurants here serve quality food for as low as PHP 100! And the room rates here will only cost you around PHP 750 to PHP 1,500 per night. 

Moreover, you’re getting a bang for your buck as the beach resides in a somewhat secluded area. That means you can enjoy tranquil waters and clean sandy shores for the whole duration. Plus, the locals here are some of the friendliest in the province. 

Address: Brgy. Nauhang, Sugar Beach, Dakbanwa sang Sipalay, Negros Occidental

Contact info: 0920 900 3663

3. Carbin Reef

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One of the best cities in Negros Occidental in regards to marine tourism is Sagay City. This favorite summer destination has recently embraced a new eco-tourism branding. 

The government protects over 32,000 hectares of its marine territories. Shortly after, the local government renamed these locations the Sagay Marine Reserve. 

Because of this, Sagay’s many beaches, islands, and waters are brimming with marine life! So if you’re looking for the best beaches in Negros Occidental to cool off, then stop over at Sagay City. 

The resort that you need to visit while in Sagay is definitely the Carbin Reef. This place boasts a stunning sand bar and crystal clear waters, making it one of the best white beaches in the city. 

In fact, this place is so well-kept that you don’t need to dive into the waters to see marine life. Instead, snorkeling can help you see the impressive views under the sea! 

However, I recommend going snorkeling or diving with a guide. That’s because the underwater currents can go off a little intensely. You can go to Carbin Reef from Bacolod City in a mere 2-hour drive. So what are you waiting for? Paradise is waiting!

Address: XFH7+CP6, Sagay City, Negros Occidental
Contact info: (034) 488 0649

4. Bugana Beach and Dive Resort

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Are you looking for the perfect beach in Negros Occidental to explore with your lover? Then Bugana Beach and Dive Resort is your ideal match! 

From its gorgeous amenities to lush surroundings, this resort has gained a reputation for being one of the most romantic places in the province. It’s the perfect place for those long and intimate walks alongside the beach. 

So it’s no wonder some guests here go home engaged after a stay at this resort! 

Aside from being a romantic place, this resort also prides itself on its unique kayaks. You can rent transparent kayaks directly from the resort by the hour. And this gives you plenty of incredible photo opportunities and a gorgeous view of the sea below. 

Meanwhile, for accommodation, this resort has villas and standard rooms.

Address: Brgy. Maricalum, Campomanes bay, Sipalay, 6113 Negros Occidental

Contact info: 0917 797 7671 

5. Nabulao Beach Resort

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One of the more affordable resorts in Negros Occidental is the Nabulao Beach Resort. It’s the perfect destination for families with kids or a group of friends. 

The resort has a pool and resides near a beach in a small barangay in the province. So it’s perfect for those who don’t want to swim around massive crowds. 

However, aside from swimming, there are plenty of activities you can try at Nabulao! These include jet-skiing, riding banana boats, and paddleboarding. Moreover, the resort also offers island hopping packages for extended stays. 

Though the resort is relatively far from the city, it has an in-house restaurant if you get hungry. They serve everything from pizzas to classic Filipino foods like kinilaw (ceviche). 

Address: Sitio Totong, Brgy. Talacagay, Hinoba-an, 6114 Negros Occidental

Contact info: 0907 565 7090

6. Nataasan Beach Resort & Dive Center

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Nataasan Beach Resort & Dive Center is one of the most underrated in Negros Occidental. It’s a perfect alternative for the first few travel destinations I mentioned in the south. 

It has a white sand beach, a patio, an outdoor dining area, a swimming pool, and a restaurant! Moreover, aside from swimming, this place also offers a ton of water activities. And the most popular thing to do here is dive and snorkel. Hence, its name. 

So in hindsight, this resort has everything in one place!

The resort has over 20 private rooms and bungalows for a more comfortable stay. All of these are air-conditioned for your convenience. 

Overall, the Nataasan Beach Resort & Dive Center is a perfect hidden getaway for families, friends, and lovers alike. 

Address: Brgy. 4 Sitio Punta Ballo Sipalay City 6113

Contact info: (034) 453 8936

7. Danjugan Island

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One of the most successful projects of the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation is Danjugan Island. It comes in two sides: the Typhoon Beach and Moray Lagoon Camp. 

For an isolated yet calming experience, consider visiting Typhoon Beach. This side of the island guarantees a memorable time for all since it doesn’t have cell service. So you get to immerse yourself in its gorgeous waters and surroundings. 

However, if you need mobile service, the Moray Lagoon Camp is for you. The only issue here is that more people stay here, so crowds are inevitable. 

Moreover, this 43-hectare island doubles as a marine conservation site. So expect to see plenty of marine life around the area. Just make sure not to disturb them and admire them from afar. 

Other activities you can do at Danjugan Island include trekking, kayaking, and sailing. Overall, this is a perfect getaway for families and friends looking to have a good time. But remember to book with the PRRCFI first. 

Address: Negros South Road, Brgy. Bulata, Cauayan, Negros Occidental

Contact info: +63 34 441-6010 / experience@danjuganisland.ph

8. Manjuyod Sandbar

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Don’t miss Manjuyod Sandbar when in Negros Occidental if you like clear waters and fun times! Many people have dubbed this place the mini Maldives of the Philippines. 

It’s famous for its pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Besides taking breathtaking photos and swimming, there are some activities you mustn’t miss. These include going on a banana boat ride and dolphin watching. 

However, this place is a ways away and is one of the hardest-to-reach beaches in the province. But the trip is definitely worth it! 

Overall, this place is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. After all, going to a serene and undisturbed paradise is bound to give you an unforgettable time. 

Address: Mabini Street, Bais City, 6206 Negros Oriental

Contact info: 0927 459 7714

9. Punta Bulata Resort

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This resort is a tropical paradise you need to visit when in Negros Occidental. Unwind and relax at its long stretch of white sandy beaches. 

It’s the perfect destination for those who want a romantic ambiance. That’s because its clean shores and waters make for a great setting for intimate walks. 

However, one of the most commendable things about Punta Bulata is that they focus on biodiversity conservation! And you can really see the fruits of their labor as you can clearly see the richness of biodiversity in the area. 

Plus, this rustic resort sits on a massive 20-hectare land of tropical landscapes and lush lawns. So besides swimming, you can also snorkel and dive into its surrounding waters and admire the bountiful marine life.

Moreover, when you explore other islands near the resort, you can see marine life nearly everywhere! 

You can reach this place in a relatively short 3-hour drive from Bacolod city. And for such a beautiful paradise, it’s definitely worth the trip! 

Address: Punta Bulata, Barangay Elijan, Cauayan, 6112 Negros Occidental


Contact info: 0917 848 3558

10. Sipalay Islands

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Although this isn’t the beach itself, the gorgeous islands of Sipalay are full of resorts! Sipalay City is a perfect balance of urban buildings and lush forests. And it’s one of the best places for island hopping in Negros Occidental. 

So what better way to explore the island than go beach hopping? Home to colorful reefs and an abundance of marine life, it’s no wonder Sipalay has some of the beaches around! 

This city’s waters lure in travelers every year, especially during the summer months. So, why not join in the fun and add Sipalay to your itinerary? From Nuahang Beach to Sugar Beach, there’s plenty to explore in Sipalay. 

Overall, with its incredible topography and stunning natural attractions, Sipalay is a must-visit destination! This city beckons travelers to explore and splash around its lovely beaches. 

Location: Sipalay City, Negros Occidental


How Do I Get to the Beaches in Negros Occidental?

Firstly, you need to get to the south of Negros Occidental, which you can do through public transport. 

Start at the southbound bus terminal in Bacolod city and find a trip to your destination. For instance, if you’re going to the Sipalay beaches I mentioned, take the route to Cauayan. And do the same for beaches around different cities in Negros Occidental. 

But keep in mind that the availability of public transportation in the area can change. And this depends on the precautions set in place by the local governing bodies. 

Overall, trips to the beaches around the province can take around 1 to 5 hours of travel time from Bacolod City.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do many tourists go to Negros Occidental?

A: Aside from its abundance of beaches, this province also boasts rich culture and history. And not to mention, the place is home to some of the friendliest locals in the country! So it’s no wonder many tourists choose to go to Negros Occidental when in the Philippines. 

Q: Why is Negros Occidental so beautiful?

A: The province is rich in natural wonders and white sand beaches, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in the country. Aside from that, it also has plenty of lush vegetation and unspoiled bodies of water like waterfalls and springs. 

Q: What are the best things to do in Negros Occidental?

A: Since the province is rich in marine biodiversity and beaches, it only makes sense to do water activities. These include kayaking, snorkeling, diving, sailing, and swimming!

Final Note

The beaches in Negros Occidental are some of the best in the country. They offer some of the clearest waters, shores, and most fun times! From the hidden oasis of Punta Bulata Resort to the open spaces of the Sipalay Islands, there’s plenty to explore. And this coastal area’s beaches let you appreciate its surroundings more. So the next time you go to Negros Occidental, cool down at the many beaches above!

What do you think of these beaches? Which is one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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