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Beachfront Hotels in Coron Palawan

Beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan

The Philippines consists of 7,100 jewel-like islands. With such an extensive array of islands, a place which you can call paradise won’t be so difficult.  The island of Palawan is one of the top tourist draws of the country. Mindoro flanks it in the northeast and Borneo in the southwest. Within Palawan are islands and beaches that exhibit nature’s best artistry. One of the best places to go to in Palawan is Coron. Coron is an established tourist attraction with commercial developments and a wide array of world-class accommodations to choose from. If you want to break free from your stress-filled life and visit paradise, beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan can give you an amazing retreat and a peaceful sanctum to recharge your worn-out batteries.

The Beauty of Coron

Coron is one of the prime tourist draws of Palawan and is famous for its dramatic rock formations and world war two era sunken ships diving spots. Within Coron are colorful freshwater lakes and views of amazing shallow-water reefs. These sites mesmerize travelers and divers.

There are a wide array of accommodations in Coron that can match every budget. You can get value for your money by choosing the best accommodations that will fit your needs. 

Accommodations in Coron range from hostels to homestays to full luxury hotels and resorts with all the perks. It should be noted that Coron ca be divided into several regions and where you will stay will dictate the type of tourist attraction that will be most available to you.

The Three Major Areas of Coron

Coron Town Center

If you want absolute value for money and cheap accommodations that have access to everything, the best place to stay is at the Coron Town Center. A lot of tourists stay here, and they are relatively satisfied.

West Busuanga

This is a secluded and exclusive area. This is great if you want hidden and private accommodations. This area is great for people who are on a honeymoon or for people who want less busy places.

South Busuanga

This place is a little posher and is again a great place for honeymooners or people who want some privacy and can fork out the extra dollars. The region of South of Busuanga offers spectacular views and deluxe resorts that offer a true escape.

Beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan

Beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan—Coron Town Proper

The main town center of Coron is just forty minutes away from the airport and is the most convenient start off point for diving and island-hopping adventures. When you land in the airport, there is a transport service for 3 dollars that takes you to the hotel of your choice. Many travelers choose to stay in the town proper since many accommodations offer value as well as luxury.

The Funny Lion

This beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan offer gorgeous sunset views of Coron. It has ultra-modern interiors and offers modern-day amenities, so you won’t feel that you are in a secluded paradise island. This hotel has spa services, a pool, and spotlessly clean rooms. There is a rooftop bar where you can hang out and unwind after a long day of adventures. This is perfect for honeymooners and family groups who want some serenity.

The hotel has an in-house restaurant with an extensive mouthwatering menu of fresh food and Asian fusion cuisine. You can enjoy cocktails and the Funny lion’s unique drinks once 5 PM starts. This beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan are one of the top places to go to if you are searching for a cool ambience. Your stay will be epic as well as affordable at the Funny Lion.

Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel

Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan is located by the bay. It is a posh hotel with an infinity pool that has a picturesque sunset view. It is possibly even the best sunset view in Coron. This hotel offers both a comfortable and luxurious stay. You can get a room with its own private dock so you can simply leave your hotel room and hop on to a boat and go on with your adventure.

The staff are hospitable and polite, and you will get the royal treatment. Hotel rooms are big, spacious, and well furnished. Beds are comfortable, and you get to enjoy your own private balcony. If you are looking for a hotel with an amazing pool and top-notch accommodations, Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel is a top choice.

Bakawan Hostel

This hostel is a newly built property located conveniently near diving shops, bars, and restaurants in Coron’s Town Proper. It is an economical choice which receives top ratings for its location, comfort and cleanliness. Staff are friendly and polite. There are good sociable vibes in this place, and it is perfect for those who travel solo as well as group travelers.

Bangles Homestay

Bangles Homestay is located in the town proper of Coron a short distance away from the public market. This accommodation provides all the basics like air-conditioning, private bath, and free Wi-Fi. A terrace is one of the features of the guest house. Near the property are a lagoon and lake. The staff at Bangles Homestay can help you with your itinerary. This accommodation is a practical choice since it is near important places. If you want cheap, high-quality rooms, Bangles Homestay is a top choice.

Beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan–West Coast of Busuanga Island

The island of Busuanga is near shipwreck diving spots, picturesque beaches, dramatic landscapes, and great hiking experiences. There are a lot of resorts to choose from in this region. Busuanga is a more secluded area, so you will be far from the crowds of the town proper and will enjoy the seclusion of a more luxurious getaway.

Beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan

Al Faro Hotel Palawan

Al Faro Hotel beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan is perfect for the romantic couple. This resort is situated in southwest point of Busuanga island right near the area of D’Pearl Bay. This spot is an attractive bay and marina with a gorgeous yacht club. The club’s amenities are an iteration of Disney aesthetics. There is also a splendid sunset view, and it is just in close proximity to the WWII diving wrecks from decades-old Japanese warships. This resort follows eco-tourism guidelines and has a very relaxing atmosphere.

Busuanga Bay Lodge

Busuanga Bay Lodge beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan have an architecture that takes inspiration from Bermuda aesthetics. It is located on the west coast of Palawan. This spot is the perfect escape. You will get easy aces to both land-based and sea-based adventures. You can enjoy endless water activities such as snorkelling, yacht sailing, and fishing. Guests can enjoy pampering spa services as well as wines from the in-house wine cellar.

West Atlantic Hotel

West Atlantic Hotel beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan is nestled in the town of Concepcion. This town is among the longest wharves on Busuanga island. You can enjoy a shared lounge and terrace at the hotel. The location is conveniently located near the road, and the service is guaranteed to be top-notch. It is quite far from Coron and is 38 kilometers away. However, you can always book a motorbike at the resort if you need to travel around. The hotel has a basement store and bistro with a wide selection of meals which will make your stay convenient.

Beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan –Islands South of Coron

Coron is also the location of some island getaways such as Culion Island which can be reached via a ferry ride. Other notable islands include Bulalacao, Banana island, and Bulog Dos.

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan are located in picturesque Bulalacao island. This resort has a five-star rating, and its dramatic beauty gives way for top-notch experiences. This island has its own power grid system coming from three gigantic generators. This is the perfect getaway for honeymooners. Aside from the usual island tours and water sports, this resort offers the Hydro bob Submersible Scooter. This allows you free rein on a scooter like vehicle and lets you ride far beneath the sea.

Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort

Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan is nestled in Culion Island just thirty minutes away from the town proper of Coron. This spot is a secluded getaway for world-weary vacationers who are looking for peaceful seclusion and a tropical ambience. One of the notable features of the resort is an outdoor swimming pool that has views of the sea. This hotel provides guests with all their luxury needs from spa services to sauna. It has pleasing restaurants with exceptional menu and bars where you can chill and let loose. It has both a dive shop and a fitness gym. If you are vacationing with kids, they have designated play area. The hotel even has a library for people who really want some quiet time.

Paolyn Floating House Restaurant


Paolyn Floating House Restaurant beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan feature three notable attractions: Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, and Twin Lagoons. Travelers who want a one of a kind experience can book a stay at this floating house. One activity you can do is to stargaze at the rooftop. You can even dive directly into the deep and clear waters. The spacious houseboat can comfortably fit seven people with its two queen beds and three single beds. You also have free use of kayaks, paddleboards and snorkeling gears.

Sangat Island Dive Resort

Sangat Island Dive Resort beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan are perfect for divers who are looking for adventures. It is conveniently located at Sangat Island near the WWII shipwrecks. This property is a getaway that features tropical-style accommodations and a 300 meter stretch of powdery beach sands flanked by dramatic limestone cliffs and verdant palm trees. It offers an array of watersports such as snorkeling and island hopping with jet skis. Sangat Island’s main draw is its underwater seascape which holds natural wonders.

Beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan—other notable resorts

Puerto Del Sol Hotel and Dive Center Coron

This is a great place you might consider because of its varied amenities. You get access to a coffee shop, restaurant, jacuzzi and souvenir shop. They also have a range of rooms and styles to choose from. You can get the Bahay Kubo which has four premier rooms, the mansion villas which has twelve deluxe rooms and the casitas which have four family suites. These have modern amenities which will ensure a convenient stay. The most affordable accommodation is the Mansion Villa and the most expensive are the Casitas. Rates are exclusive of taxes and service charges.

Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort

If you want a stunning resort with silvery sand beaches and coral reef book a stay at Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort. You can get a private cottage with either an ocean view or a garden view. There is a restaurant in-house with a bar amenity. The exceptional menu offers mouthwatering fresh seafood delicacies. Guests can enjoy watersports from snorkeling to scuba diving. Land-based thrills include jungle trekking and fishing.

Club Paradise

Club Paradise beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan offers accommodations of your choice of view. You can get beachfront views, garden view rooms and even island view rooms. The aesthetics of this resort follows the lines of the Filipino nipa hut but with all the modern amenities so you will be assured of a comfortable stay. This beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan can get you busy with all its amenities such as the island spa, tennis court and restaurant. You can satisfy your appetite with an extensive selection of both local and international fare served in eat all you can buffet style.

Final Thoughts

Visit Coron, Palawan, which is a well-known jewel in the Philippines and experience paradise.  You will not only get to explore and discover beautiful and stunning landscapes and seascapes you will also experience top-notch services at beachfront hotels in coron palawan. Recharge and re-align back your spirit and be ready to face any challenges after your pleasant stay.  

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