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Best Adventures to Do in Coron, Palawan

When it comes to jaw-dropping places in Palawan, Coron will surely entice you with its rock formations and crystalline waters – no doubt that it enters the list of most popular beaches in the Philippines.

The most well-known feature of this group of islands is several World War II shipwrecks that you can find underwater. Coron is equally beautiful on the surface, and it is home to one of the most documented sites in the Philippines.

Here in Coron, Philippines, the more you search, the more breathtaking things you’ll find.

Now, in this article, you will discover tips on what to do in Coron, Palawan, and how to enjoy your adventure!



1. Swim in Kayangan Lake

Photo Credits: Flickr

Lake Kayangan is one of the cleanest bodies of water in the entire country. It is also known as The Blue Lagoon as it is encircled by towering limestone cliffs that give the region a sense of seclusion.

You can either appreciate the view or go for a swim; the decision is yours! Those looking for underwater treasures from the 1940s can delight in wreck diving in the waters of Coron, Philippines. There are various sites with differing depths, with some of them even visible to snorkelers in some cases.

Important Information Before Visiting Kayangan Lake

The lake can become pretty crowded, and the view much more so. To avoid the crowd, consider booking a private tour.

The majority of excursions operate simultaneously, which means that the majority of people arrive within a short period of one another. Take a personalized trip and spend more time at each location included in your Kayangan lake package tour.

Come during the off-season for a more leisurely vacation. Visitors in the lake are most prevalent during the dry season, which runs from November to April. If you visit outside of these times, the crowds in Coron and the lake will be significantly smaller.

2. Snorkel in Barracuda Lake

Photo Credits: Trip Advisor

Additionally, you can join an island-hopping cruise that will take you to Coron’s hidden lakes, lagoons, and swimming places, such as Barracuda Lake. It is a picturesque lake encircled by limestone cliffs on Coron Island’s northern tip.

Pack an underwater camera, as tourists will get the opportunity to snorkel atop the Skeleton Wreck, a sunken fishing boat, and swim with the colorful aquatic creatures.

On this adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch at Banol Beach, a slight stretch of white sand beach with clear waters.

Furthermore, this tour takes guests to the famed Twin Lagoon, which comprises two saltwater lakes connected by a tiny passageway that enables travelers to pass through for an amazing tunnel experience.

3. Climb Mt. Tapyas

Photo Credits: Inspirock

Mt. Tapyas, at 210 meters, is Coron’s second-highest peak and one of the most prominent land features. A 15–20-minute trek upstairs to the platform provides a panoramic view of the entire village and coast from the town center.

Mt. Tapyas hiking is typically included as part of a half-day Coron Town Tour (along with Maquinit Hot Springs and other tourist spots around town).

This is easy to do if you have spare time in the city or on your first afternoon upon arrival. Around sunset is the perfect time to hike up. No admission fee is required to ascend 700 steps to the summit of Mt. Tapyas and enjoy the wonderful panorama above the place.

4. Visit the Beach of Malcapuya

The picturesque Malcapuya Beach is only a short boat ride away from Coron Town. There is a limited number of small hotels on the beach.

Consequently, you can expect to have the picture-perfect stretch of sand almost entirely to yourself because the view is one of the most breathtaking vistas you’ll ever see. The ocean is brilliant blue and green, and the sand is white.

The Beach Tour Day trip from Coron Town includes a stop at this beach and a few others and can be booked in advance to get you there.

5. Relax in Maquinit Hot Springs

Photo Credits: Flickr

Maquinit Hot Springs is surely one of the world’s few naturally occurring saltwater springs.

One of the primary swimming facilities consists of three pools, the largest of which can seat an estimated number of 100 people.

Additionally, the facility features wooden bridges and walkways that allow visitors to roam around and take in the view of a piece of the forest. Due to the tropical climate, it is ideal for visiting in the late afternoon or evening when the weather and water temperature are more conducive to a peaceful dip.

Because it is located outside of town, you can either arrange for a local tour or hire a driver to accompany you. This is a fantastic spot to watch the sunset after a busy day visiting Coron, Philippines.

6. Roam in Kingfisher Park

Photo Credits: Calamianes

You will be spending long hours on the beach and snorkeling in Coron, so why not mix things up for a little while?

Kingfisher Park is a mangrove and bird sanctuary with an abundance of natural life to discover. There are plants and animals in the area that are indigenous to Palawan; in other words, they can only be found there!

Furthermore, you can participate in various activities, like the Mount Lunes Santo Trek and the Starry-starry-night Tour. However, the most popular activity at Kingfisher Park is kayaking through the mangroves, where you can get up and personal with the wildlife that lives in the mangroves and beneath your boat.

You can inquire of a local tour guide about any of the aforementioned, and he will assist you.

7. Chill in Bulog Island

Photo Credits: Getting Stamped

Bulog Island is the perfect place to celebrate if you want to make all of your friends and family jealous. The sand is white and fine-grained, the sea is gorgeous, and the surroundings are spectacular.

When the tide is low, you will discover a smooth, slightly raised sandbar where you can jump and make that cool picture of yourself on the water.

However, not only does the way the catamarans line up on the beach resemble something you might see in National Geographic but also the way the catamarans rise out of the water is really unique.

A highly recommended destination while in Coron is Bulog Island.

8. Dine at Levine’s

Travelers are typically on a budget and must make do with stunningly lovely beach shacks. On the other hand, Coron is raising the bar on budget dinner views with an unbowed magnificent high-rise vista of the bay that perfectly captures sunset.

With affordability, Levine’s is the place to go if you want to sample a variety of sisigs that will leave you craving more. It’s a gourmet experience with tofu sisig, beef sisig, and even octopus sisig.

9. Explore in Banana Island

Are you in the mood for romance? Banana Island is teeming with romantic spots perfect for cuddling up with your partner. You will be smiling all the way, I tell you.

Stay loyal to each other in a secluded cottage suspended above the sea with no other soul in sight. Let your boo gently push you on a swing suspended from an old tree with your feet dangling into the sea, or snorkel hand-in-hand and discover tiny treasures for each other in the reefs.

Upon receiving dopamine and joy hormones, relax on the beach and watch the sunset. That is an extraordinary moment.

10. Visit the Safari in Coron Calauit

Photo Credits: Klook

Another fun thing to do in Coron for individuals who prefer land-based attractions to the underwater realm is to visit the Calauit Game Refuge and Wildlife Sanctuary. This day journey to the Coron savannah, where African giraffes, gazelles, zebras, brown deer, and other animals graze freely, will give you a taste of the island’s wild side.

The wildlife reserve is located on a small island near the tip of Busuanga Island, about 70 kilometers from Coron Town. Please make a point of leaving town early in the morning to enjoy a leisurely safari tour of the park before it gets very hot.

Have the time to learn about the province’s unusual, indigenous, and endangered animal species. Visitors can even help park rangers feed animals like the giraffe in the morning at one stable.

This trip might take visitors to North Cay or Pamalican Island for an afternoon swim before returning to the town of Coron.

11. Savor Food Trips

You can enjoy Filipino Cuisine in the nearby restaurants of Coron, Palawan.

🍲 Cuisine from the area

Your itinerary will not be complete if you fail to taste the food prepared by the locals. When you’re on this side of Palawan, you must taste the meal known as tamilok, which is made from woodworms that have been gathered and prepared in the kinilaw way.

Like ceviche, it is a method of cooking fish that is prepared by cooking it in vinegar before serving. The crocodile sisig is another dish that employs crocodile meat that has been seasoned with onion and chili peppers. danggit lamayo, which is a fresh, dried rabbitfish seasoned in vinegar, pepper, and garlic, is also a good option to experiment.

🍲 Restaurants and Bars

Once you’re familiar with some of their signature dishes, it’s time to savor them at some of Coron’s most highly regarded restaurants and pubs. The following is a list of must-visit food outlets on the island:

🍲 Lolo Nonoy’s Food Station

Photo Credits: Trip

It’s a small neighborhood eatery that serves home-cooked Filipino dishes. Chili crab, sinigang (shrimp in sour soup), and gambas are just a few of the delectable meals available at this establishment. All of their set dinners are served with rice and a fried egg, and they also have a selection of local beers and appetizers to choose from.

🍲 Kawayanan Grill

Seafood Platter at Kawayanan Grill, Coron, Philippines

🍲 Christian Lucas Sangoyo

This native-themed restaurant is ideal for those in search of seafood and grilled fare. Try the Kawayanan Platter, which includes grilled crab, fish, squid, shrimp, lato (seaweed), and grilled kibiao (clams), a local specialty that will be your favorite.

🍲 Trattoria Altrov’é

This Slovene-owned pizza and pasta restaurant is well known. Vegetarian choices and international opportunities are also available. Its pizza is made in an authentic Italian-style wood-burning brick oven. The atmosphere is lovely, and the interior of the restaurant recalls a woodsy home.

🍲 Pang’et Firefly Floating Restaurant

If you want to level up your usual dining experience, consider a buffet dinner at this floating restaurant in Coron.

They provide a one-of-a-kind experience: a romantic boat trip through the mangrove forest searching for firefly colonies producing stunning glittering lights before a traditional local meal.

Enjoy time on the water and immerse yourself in nature’s enchantment, and be in awe of the mystical brilliance of sea life.

🍲 Bistro Coron

Photo Credits: Primer

This restaurant, which is located in the heart of the town, serves Italian and French food. Pizza and pasta are their core specialties, but they also sell breakfast items such as pancakes and omelets.

In addition to salads, they serve a variety of food, including chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetarian options. They also offer a selection of wines and beverages, such as rum and tonic water available.



  • Avoid taking the later flights to Coron Palawan Airport: If you take the last flight to Busuanga, you run the danger of your flight being canceled since the airport closes service at nightfall due to a lack of runway lighting airport.
  • Dive with professionals (Corto divers). Their boats are well-equipped for diving. Their staff is competent. They genuinely care whether or not you have previous diving experience with them. When you dive, you get a complimentary lunch, and it is some of the best cuisines to eat in the Philippines so far.
  • If you think about diving, make sure you have your gears. The ships are fascinating to examine, but they have tight passageways and rusted metal everywhere. Many people wandering through town appeared to have been struck by a sharp piece of ship metal, so if you think you’re going down, get your photos in quick.


Final Words

The word awesome is not enough to describe the beauty of Coron, Palawan. And I tell you, if you visit such a spectacular place, you will fall in love with nature all over again. Try to be with your friends and family as you spend your next vacay. You’ll laugh and love, that’s a fact!





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