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Best Affordable Resorts in the Philippines to Stay and Dive In

The Philippines, being surrounded by a large portion of bodies of water, are swarming with numerous beaches. In almost every region, you can experience warm azure waters, white-sand beaches, and many breathtaking water activities. Aside from those world-class sceneries, you can enjoy the beauty of the country in the most budget-friendly getaway. There are lots of best affordable resorts in the Philippines that you will surely love. 

In this blog post, we will give you the list of affordable resorts around the country. We also included here the criteria on filtering those budget-friendly resorts for you to stay. And we also drop off some travel tips that might be helpful for your staycation here in the country.     

Things needed before going to the best affordable resorts in the Philippines

In case you want to go to the Philippines or travel out-of-town to stay in the best affordable resorts in the Philippines, don’t forget to pack these things:

  • Comfortable clothing that is usually light in weight. This can be casual wear.
  • Ensure to pack in your bag a swimsuit.
  • Bring in your pair of sunglasses.
  • Take in with your comfortable shoes like sneakers and sandals.
  • Also, bring a waterproof bag so that you can enclose your electronic gadgets dry.
  • Don’t forget to include sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Friendly Advice:

Bring with you your own reusable bag every time you travel in order to avoid plastic waste.

The Philippines and its currency

If you are going to visit the Philippines, one of the things that you must consider the country’s currency. The official currency of the country is the Philippine Peso which has been circulated through bills and coins. In case you want to get your money exchange into the Philippine currency, go to the shopping mall and have it exchanged there.

However, there are ATMs located in many cities. Yet if you are going to remote areas, cash on hand is the best option. Credit cards are also accepted in popular and well-established beach resorts.

The Philippines – its language and culture

Basically, the official languages spoken in the Philippines are Filipino and English. But, the Philippines are the residence of many ethnical groups. Because of this, there are more than 150 languages within the country. 

In case you visit the country, you may notice churches in every city. This is due to the fact that Catholicism is the main religion in the country. In connection to this, you may experience dealing with older people that are quite religious. 

How to choose the best affordable resorts in the Philippines?

The best affordable resorts were chosen based on the following:


Relaxing and having a getaway from a long week doesn’t need lots of money. The Philippines have many affordable beach resorts that can provide excellent relaxation and an unforgettable getaway experience.


Aside from the beautiful sceneries, the best affordable resorts in the Philippines must have various activities to enjoy. Most of these are water activities such as banana boating, fishing, snorkelling, and kayaking. 


It would be a memorable and enjoyable moment to stay at a resort that has lots to offer. Great amenities may make your stay a thrilling one. 


Food is very much important when you are having your trip. Staying in a resort must have easy food access. Most resorts provide a complete meal package to their guests which make the stay more relaxing.


The best affordable resorts in the Philippines should have a location that is easy to find. A resort that is reachable by public transport is a major plus factor.


One reason why the guests want to stay at the resort is when it is very close to the beach. Resorts near the beach make it convenient for the guests to do activities like walking, swimming, and have fun at the shore any moment they want.

The Best Affordable Resorts in the Philippines


Situated in the calm and hospitable place in Bohol is the Blue Star Dive and Resort. Having its 2.3-hectare resort, you can enjoy and explore more than 20 diving sites within the Anda village. It also has its own house reef known as the Paradise Garden. This reef is so far the most wonderful reef within the area of Anda, Bohol.

Aside from that, the peacefulness of the private balcony is widely open for a perfect seawater view. Or you also have the option to dip down into the Jacuzzi to witness the astounding view of the blue waters. With only $67 per night, you can already enjoy the Pool View and the Ocean View of the Blue Star Dive and Resort. Having these amazing amenities, it is one of the best affordable resorts in the Philippines.   


Antulang Beach Resort is the best affordable resorts in the Philippines within Negros Island. The enticing amenities that it offers include private pools, Jacuzzis, and numbers of cottages. This beach resort also has swimming pools and rooms of premium type around the cliffs’ edge. Moreover, the brilliant bougainvillaeas contribute to the commanding scenery of the endless sea. 

The Antulang Beach Resort is also a white sand beach that touches the crystal clear water of the ocean. You can also enjoy staying at this beach resort because of the various activities that it has. These include the kayaking, horseback riding, diving, and rappelling. With just a budget of $62 per night, you can enjoy your stay in Negros through this Antulang Beach Resort.


One of the best affordable resorts in the Philippines that is just nearby the Metro is the El Puerto Marina Beach Resort. Its location is within the Northern part of Lingayen, Pangasinan. The clear and blue water of the sea smoothly rolls over the black fine sands of this hidden paradise. Because of this, you can enjoy this quiet beach away from the crowded places of Pangasinan.

one of the best affordable resorts in the Philippines
Photo credit: El Puerto Marina Beach Resort

Moreover, El Puerto Marina Beach Resort is also popular because of the rustic ambience and lengthy shoreline. Aside from that, the food they serve also contributes to a great staycation experience. There are varieties of food choices to choose, from Continental to Asian cuisine and different local Filipino dishes. For only about $60 per night, you can already stay and relax at an air-conditioned beach hut of El Puerto Marina Beach Resort.


The Crystal Beach in San Narciso, Zambales is also another best affordable resort in the Philippines near Metro Manila. With a total of four-hour drive, you can able to dive into the vitalizing combination of the sand and beach. Additionally, this beach resort has various amenities and accommodation types to offer. The list starts from the air-conditioned rooms, camping tents, WiFi areas, and car park.   

Further, it also has an eight-hectare property of pine trees that allows for different land activities. The Crystal Beach resort is also a perfect location for a great surf session. So, be ready with your $55 per night and you can have an excellent getaway experience. 


In case you are looking for a sophisticated diving site, Hippocampus Beach Resort is the perfect location to go to. This best affordable resort in the Philippines is also known as the five-star diving site within the Visayan region. The resort can offer the best of the best accommodation packages. It has enticing restaurants, relaxing spas, and cool bars. 

The list of water activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving can also make a great and unforgettable day trip and adventure. Aside from the big rooms and having close proximity to the beach, it is being popular because of its awesome hospitality. The rate of $54 per night, this beach resort in Malapascua Island in Cebu can give you the getaway experience of a lifetime with an affordable price.

Photo Credit: Hippocampus Beach Resort


Another best affordable resort in the Philippine archipelago that is a real paradise is the Coral Beach Club. Located in Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas, this beach has astonishing views of the subtropic islands and adorable sea. Moreover, one great amenity that you can enjoy here in the Coral Beach Club is the dive spot applicable for newbies and experts. The Clubhouse Bar and Restaurant attract more guests because of the outdoor dining place.

Other accommodations of this resort include the rooms under the premier and deluxe packages. It also has a Beach View Room which the ocean view can be enjoyed through the balcony. The food choices from an international and Filipino cuisine can excellently fill the stomachs of every guest. The rate of $51 per night really gives an affordable beach experience.


Having an eco-friendly stay at the Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat and Dive Resort can also make an affordable getaway. One of the best affordable resorts in the Philippines, this resort preserves energy and water consumption through technology utilization. What makes it famous is its program for coral conservation. Moreover, it has white sand beaches, springs, and waterfalls that are all untouched.

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This beach resort is being surrounded by local fruit trees like Kalamansi, Lanzones, and the legendary Mango tree that is 100 years of age. Aside from that, the scented flowers and orchids make the whole scenery a harmonious one. Spending $45 per night is not a bad deal for getting different activities. Snorkelling, diving, land eco-tours, motorbiking, massage and wellness are all in place to make it worth-staying.


Going to Anilao, Batangas, you can find there one of the best affordable resorts in the Philippines. Bubblemaker Dive and Beach Resort offer the nicest rooms with air-conditioned and balcony which gives a complete relaxation deal. Utilizing the beachfront, different activities like diving, snorkelling, and hiking can be done perfectly. Moreover, it also offers diving courses under licensed diving instructors.

From the Metro, just ride a bus heading to the south, especially in Batangas City. When already at the Batangas City Bus Terminal, take a jeepney ride going to Mabini. The driver will then get you off the Anilao Port. From there, ride a tricycle and go directly to Bubblemaker Dive and Beach Resort. The $20 rating per night is all worthy after the ride from the Metro.


Staying in the Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar can give you a peaceful yet interesting beach getaway. Because of the remote location of this best affordable resort in the Philippines, you can have the opportunity to meet there the local tribe of Palawan. Not only that you can meet the Agutaynen Tribe but you can also support their local business once you stay in the resort.

The Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar is a good place to relax. This is a quiet place that is perfect to visit with friends or to stay alone. The foods here are also good as they are offering local cuisine and grilled seafood. For as affordable as $16 per night, don’t miss astonishing scenery of the white sand beach, rolling waves of the ocean, and the blue sky of this resort.

Wrapping Up

The Philippines is a country which is well-known for its white-sand beaches, natural attractions, and hospitality to its guests. What makes it attract more are the budget-friendly resorts that worth-staying. Despite the low charges for staying in the resorts, you can still experience a world-class treatment. Because of their enticing water and land activities, these resorts can still provide the best getaway experience. Aside from that, they also offer great deals and amenities that can make your staycation an excellent and unforgettable one.

What do you think of this post? Please share your thoughts with us! In case there is something we’ve missed that you think should be included in the list, feel free to comment us here. 

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