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Best Beach Resorts in Quezon Province – Must Visit!

The Philippines offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It might be challenging to know where to start exploring the nation. We will help you in getting things started. Quezon province boasts some of the finest beach resorts in the Luzon area.

The Quezon Province is a beautiful location with a fascinating past and culture. Quezon Province, not to be mistaken with Quezon City, is the biggest province in the Calabarzon area, with coconut palms, extensive woods, and wonderful beaches.

Quezon Province’s Top Beach Resorts

📍 The Balesin Island Club

Photo Credits: brideworthy

This resort by Alphaland is an exclusive resort with 7.3 kilometers of pure white sand beaches and villas modeled after some of the world’s most prominent locales. 

The Balesin Island Club also offers a 15-suite Villa with a breathtaking panorama of Lamon Bay and the Sierra Madre peak range. Its world-class amenities also include approximately 400 hectares of woodland and banana domains for trekking, a sports camp for basketball, archery, and even a specific island trail for horseback riding visitors. They have an aquatic sports facility where you can do all of your beach activities.

📍 The Catanauan Cove Resort 

The Catanauan Cove Resort’s core philosophy is advocacy for Mother Earth, thus it pays special attention to promoting sustainability on its twelve-hectare property. According to its website, it has even launched a few community-based ecotourism projects. 

The resort is located in Catanauan’s Barangay Cutcutan and features a kilometers-long white-sand beach, pristine seas, and Nipa Hut-designed rooms that will give you a calm sanctuary away from the city life.

📍 The Villa Noe Beach

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The tranquil Cagbalete Island resort of Villa Noe Beach Resort is located just off the coast of Mauban. You can do so much more than enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cagbalete while you’re here. Go swimming in the calm surf, fishing, climbing, or snorkeling. 

Take a break from the ocean by having a picnic on the beach and overlooking the gorgeous sunsets. The accommodations feature basic facilities, but the emphasis is on putting guests near to nature at a reasonable price.

📍 The Pansacola Beach Resort

It is one of the greatest beach resorts in Quezon Province with breathtaking views. The resort is located at the very extremity of the island, distant from other resorts. This gives tourists the impression that they are on a private island. 

Those interested in a beach camping experience may hire a tent from the resort and sleep directly on the white beaches, waking up next to the gorgeous, blue waves. For those who want a more pleasant stay, there are fully furnished rooms accessible.

📍 The Borawan Island Resort by Cocotel

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Borawan Island Resort, located only 14 miles from Lucena, is a wonderful resort that accommodates people in need of rest and leisure. While visiting Borawan Island, explore the fascinating limestone rock formations and watch the blue seas splash against them. 

Guests may have a one-of-a-kind glamping experience by sleeping in a tent beneath the sky. If this isn’t your cup of tea, there are other bigger cabana-style accommodations available. Every morning, wake up to the vista of lovely white dunes surrounded by lush green trees from the window of your accommodation or tent.

📍 The Balai Loreta

Balai Loreta is a lovely private beach resort in Quezon Province, about three hours from Manila. It is a more diminutive resort, but it has a more intimate feel to it because you have entry to a private beach with only a few other visitors to share it with. 

The resort features traditional nipa huts as well as bigger accommodations to accommodate all types of travelers. Balai Loreta’s beach area features wonderful black, smooth sands and shallow seas for everyone to enjoy. If you’re traveling with a large company, dine in the resort’s huge dining room to bond over wonderful meals.

📍 The Appleton Little Paradise

Photo Credits: tripadvisor

This wonderful Quezon beach resort is located right on the beaches of Real. Appleton Little Paradise is well-known for its friendly staff and tasty food. It serves some of the region’s most famous meals, so if you’re a gourmet, this may be a terrific spot to visit. 

Guests can select from a variety of accommodation types, ranging from nipa huts with limited facilities to fully fitted homes. Whatever accommodation you pick, is fairly rated, and all visitors have entry to the beach and pool.

📍 The Golden Vine Beach Resort

It is only a three-hour drive from Manila and is a great place to honor any event and have some pleasure in the sun. The resort is 6 miles from the city center, so you can see all of the popular sights while yet maintaining some solitude. 

Although this Quezon private beach resort offers excellent beach access, visitors may also swim in the property’s outdoor pool. There are additional things to enjoy if you want to pause the water.

📍 The Blue Pavilion Beach Resort

Photo Credits: agoda

Quezon Blue Pavilion Beach Resort is located in the picturesque location of Infanta, close to unspoiled sands and soothing waves. The beach is lovely and open, and tourists may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as swimming, volleyball, or badminton. 

According to their budgets and interests, visitors can select from a variety of accommodation kinds. Tents on the beach and fully equipped accommodations are available for rent. Every night, bonfires are lighted, which is ideal for cooking delicacies with your closest friends and family.

Essential Things to Bring on a Beach Trip in Quezon


Going to the beach is a terrific way to spend time with your friends or family. But, before you go exploring the gorgeous beaches of the Philippines, you need to have certain important items to protect yourself from sun damage, for example.

✔️A Beach Bag

First and foremost, you’ll need a beach bag to carry most, if not all, of your beach supplies. If at all feasible, pack a waterproof bag to give you peace of mind if a little water gets into it – especially if you have electronics in it.

✔️A Hat

A cap or wide-brimmed hat can serve to protect your skin and eyes from excessive sun exposure. Again, keeping your eyes and skin visible may cause cataracts and skin cancer.

✔️A Sunglass

If you don’t have a hat, you can use sunglasses to protect your skin from skin cancer and your eyes from UV radiation from the sun.

✔️A Sunscreen

When enjoying the Philippines’ beaches, always be sure to protect yourself from UV damage and sunburn. Purchase a sunscreen with a high SPF, such as 30 or 45. This should be applied 15-30 minutes before going outside and reapplied every 30 minutes or so.

✔️An Aloe Vera

If you forget your sunscreen and suffer a sunburn, apply aloe vera gel to the affected area. The aloe vera gel, which is better when cooled, will assist and calm your skin.

✔️A Book

When you’re at the beach, you could find yourself lying about and wishing to read a book, so bring one with you. It is also an ideal prop for photographs.

✔️A Cover-Up

When getting out of the water, entering seaside restaurants, or going down the street, it is preferable to be comfortably covered up with light trendy cover-ups.

✔️A Bathing Suit or Two

A swimming suit is something that you can never have too many of. Bathing suits come in a spectrum of colors and styles to fit every body type. You should keep this in mind when looking for one, especially if you want to appear beautiful getting out of the water or when relaxing on the beach.

✔️A Beach Towel

If you want to sit comfortably on the beach, you should lay down a towel. If you want something that will both keep you warm and dry you fast, try utilizing a microfiber towel.

✔️A Pair of Slipper

Flip flops are the ideal summer necessity since you don’t have to worry about sand getting caught in your shoe or your feet walking on the scorching sand.


Floatation devices, such as vests or arm floaties, are essential for children who swim in a pool or at the beach. While adults can use them for safety, several floating devices can make beach lounging a comfortable experience. Simply relax and drift away. There are even floaties for your meals and drinks.

✔️A Water Bottle

Warm temperatures and dehydration can lead to sunburn, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke at the beach, which is why it’s critical to drink enough water to stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized.

✔️A Change of Clothes

Germs and germs may grow fast on a wet swimming suit, which is why wearing damp swimwear for extended periods is not recommended. As a result, it’s important to change into fresh clothes as quickly as possible, especially for women as a preventive precaution.


There’s nothing better after a hard day than being cleaned up. So pack the following items: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, toothbrush, mouthwash, hairbrush, contact solution, lip balm, and any other personal effects you may require.

✔️A Snorkeling Gear

If you’re going to a snorkeling destination, you should have your own equipment. This may prove to be more sanitary and may save you money on renting equipment.

✔️A Waterproof case

If you have no alternative but to bring your electronics and some cash, try bringing them in a waterproof case. Aside from shielding them from the obvious, the case may generally be worn around the neck to prevent your precious from being stolen.

✔️A Reusable Bag for Wet Clothes

If you don’t have time to let your swimsuit dry before leaving home, make sure you have a plastic bag or two on hand. However, you should air them out as quickly as feasible. Otherwise, they will become moldy and emit a foul odor.

Fascinating Details about the Philippines

🌴Filipinos are Social Savvy

When it comes to social networking, these people are light years ahead of the competition. To put it another way, after spending time with Filipinos, your social media following will skyrocket across the country. 

Filipinos are so obsessed with Instagram and Facebook that Time Magazine named them the world’s top selfie-takers. Filipinos are among the most technologically savvy people on the globe, with nearly everyone of every age publishing something on some kind of social media.

🌴Jeepney is the Common Public Transportation

Jeepneys are the most common kind of transportation in the Philippines. They’re impossible to ignore since they’re so bright and garish. 

They’re also quite packed, which is how they earned their name — one of the obvious sources of the word jeepney is from the phrases jeep and knee since people sit so tightly together if you can find a seat at all.

🌴The Only Christian Nation in Asia

A trip to the Philippines may leave you wanting to worship the Lord in more than one way. There are obvious reasons for this, like the heavenly landscapes and angelic beings, but there is also the religious setting. 

Filipinos take their faith seriously, being the sole Christian nation in Asia and the fifth largest Christian country on the planet. Arab traders were most likely the first to bring the notion of Christianity to the indigenous of the Philippines. However, it wasn’t until Spanish colonialism in the 1500s that the faithfully had an impression on the population.

🌴Largest Supplier of Nurses

Nurses may be the most hardworking and undervalued members of the workforce. Surprisingly, many of the nurses you see daily are really from other nations. The Philippines, for instance, is the world’s leading supply of nurses. 

For decades, the vast majority of Filipino nurses have relocated to the United States in search of work. This phenomenon can be explained by the role of colonization by the United States. Filipinos have long had a highly Americanized education system, which includes a nursing program.

🌴There are around 175 Different Languages 

While some locations have an astounding amount of spoken languages, the Philippines continues to astonish, with about 175 languages spoken throughout the country. 

It is estimated that 171 of those 175 languages are still alive, while the remaining have no known speakers. Filipinos were subject to Spanish control and were so taught the language. Similarly, English only gained popularity in the twentieth century as a result of American colonialism.

🌴The World’s Second Biggest Archipelago

An archipelago is just a collection of islands. Other notable countries exist as archipelagos, but the Philippines is without a doubt remarkable in comparison. 

The Philippines is the world’s second-largest archipelago, consisting of around 7,640 islands. It is also the fifth-largest island country, with a land size of roughly 300,000 square kilometers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I swim in the province of Quezon?

A: In the Province of Quezon, there are several beaches where you may swim and relax. The establishments mentioned above are among the best in the region.

Q: What is the Philippines’ most beautiful resort?

A: The Philippines, with over 7,000 islands, has no shortage of stunning and clean beaches distributed among the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. It might be difficult to determine which beaches are the greatest.

Q: Are there beaches in the Philippines?

A: The Philippines, a country of over 7,000 islands, has hundreds of beautiful beaches. These beautiful beaches may be found in various sections of the nation. Some are well-known for their beautiful beaches and pure sea, while others are well-known for their active nightlife.

Q: Is it possible to swim in the Philippines?

A: Yes, and there’s nothing like the peace that comes with a beach vacation. It offers some of the purest seas in the world and isn’t as busy as other overcommercialized locations.

Q: What is the Philippines’ largest beach?

A: Long Beach, with 14.7 kilometers of pristine white sand, lives up to its moniker as the Philippines’ longest beach. It is the most popular tourist attraction in San Vicente, a new destination in Palawan.

Final Thoughts

Quezon Province has a variety of natural attractions to visit, ranging from lush forests to unspoiled beaches. There is a reason why Filipinos are so proud of this province, so plan a weekend vacation to visit this area. One of the characteristics that distinguish Quezon Province is how kind the people are. While you’re here, try to disconnect from social media and connect with the people of Quezon. That way, I’m confident you’ll have a wonderful time. Visit Quezon Province and stay at one of these fantastic resorts.

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