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Best Beaches on Cebu Island to Visit with Friends

Cebu is one of the popular destinations in the Philippines to visit whether you are living in the Philippines or you are visiting from other countries. It has several amazing beaches, diving spots, historical places, and the famous dried mango delicacy. Most tourists visit Cebu because of the beautiful islands. But if you are going to Cebu for an island trip, you might as well take the chance to visit other places and immerse yourself in its culture. The best beaches on cebu island are one of the reasons why the place is very popular. In this article, you will know more about what Cebu has to offer as well as the best beaches on cebu island to visit with your friends, family, and loved ones.

We also included in this article some of the things you need to know before visiting Cebu. Keep on reading to find out!

Best Beaches on Cebu Island to Visit with Friends

Best Beaches on Cebu Island: Geography

Cebu is believed to be a narrow and long island. It stretches 195 km from north to south, and 33 km from east to west. The eastern central area of the island is where Cebu City (primary urban) is located. Cebu is considered as the second-largest island in the Philippines and is an active commercial hub. Moreover, it has modern huge shopping malls and at the same time several forms of leisure and entertainment. Usually, tourists who get the chance to visit Cebu would want to come back. This is also because it is not your typical travel destination wherein after you get to visit the popular places, you are left with nothing to do. In Cebu, there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy day and night.

Although Cebu is a great travel destination and it has a breathtaking island, the rest of the island is not that developed. You will see rolling hills and rocky and uneven mountain ranges. The coastal areas consist of beaches, fishing resorts and areas, mangrove forests, and other grounds for fishing.

The two places in Cebu Island that’ll capture the heart of adventurous tourist are Moalboal on the east coast and Oslob on the west coast. Situated a couple of hours’ drive south of Metro Cebu, they provide a simple and homey type of trip in pristine scenic surroundings.

When is the Perfect Time to Visit Cebu?

On the off chance you are planning to visit Cebu city to enjoy the beach and experience water activities, the most suitable time to go is from January until April. During those months, the weather is perfect for traveling and doing enjoyable activities. Also, there is very little to no chance of rain during those months. If you are going to Cebu to visit historical places and other popular landmarks, it would still best to make sure that the weather is fine. You do not want to look too sweaty or soaked in the rain in your pictures, right?

Aside from the months of January until April, it is also a great time to visit Cebu during the Sinulog festival, also known as the Santo Nino Festival. The festival is held every third Sunday of January. It is a yearly cultural and religious festival and is the center of the Santo Nino Catholic commemoration in the Philippines.

On the other hand, if you happen to be the person who is not fond of crowds, the best time for you to visit the city is from the month of July to October. These months are considered as low peak season. It is the time when there are few tourists and the airfare to Cebu is low. The rest of the months normally have fine weather. However, you will most likely find yourself in the middle of crowded places. Also, the holidays are crowded with tourists too.

Best Beaches on Cebu Island: How to Get to Cebu?

There are plenty of ways to go to Cebu. It all depends on where you are coming from. If you are from the Philippines, usually the best option is to travel by air. It is faster, convenient, and the airlines usually offer cheap airfares to and from Cebu.

As for international tourists, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport offers several different international flights.

You may also opt to go to Cebu by Ferry, although it’s normally not recommended unless you have plenty of time. Cebu has a dashing port complex. And just so you can go to Cebu on fast crafts or ferries from Manila and other Philippine destinations. 


If you’re in Cebu, and you want to communicate with a person living in the city, then expect an answer in either Cebuano or Tagalog. But there are some locals who are capable of speaking English. Also, the majority of the locals are able to comprehend the English language very well, so don’t be too nervous to address your concern or ask some directions. Politely greet them first when approaching them to establish a warm ambiance.

Best Beaches on Cebu Island to Visit with Friends

Best Beaches on Cebu Island: Best Place to Stay in Cebu?

Cebu is indeed full of breathtaking destinations especially the beaches. Some people who have been to Cebu claims that it has the same clear blue sea and white sand beach with that of Palawan and Boracay. Having the opportunity to swim with beautiful whale sharks of the Cebu City of Oslob is very famous among tourists. However, the major attraction are the following best beaches on cebu island.

1.Paradise Beach

As the name of the beach implies, staying in such a beach is a paradise experience. Perfect for people who like a peaceful place as this beach is not crowded with tourists. The beach is situated slightly outside of the town of Santa Fe located on the island of Bantayan.

It seems like you are really living in paradise because it is very serene and you can spend most of your time without worrying about noisy neighborhoods of bars with loud music. Even so, the beach is not that popular among tourists because it lacks nightlife (bars, restaurants, and a lot of people to mingle with) and is too far away from the mainland Cebu.

2.Santiago Bay

Next on the list is the Santiago Bay. On the off chance you are looking for a beach that is perfect for swimming, this one is the best option. It is because it provides the most peaceful, shallow, and calming water because of its shape. This makes it perfect for swimming. Also, the jaw-dropping view from the hilltop resorts will make you want to stay there forever. From the hilltop, you will see how clear the water.

On top of that, unlike other isolated beaches, Santiago Bay has restaurant that offers the best tasting foods. Aside from that, it is one of the best places to watch the sunset with your partner, family, and friends.

That being said, if you are thinking of the best place to stay and escape from the life’s drama and worries, this beach is the one.

Best Beaches on Cebu Island to Visit with Friends

3.Sumilon Island

This amazing tiny piece of volcanic rock situated in a beach in South Cebu is another destination for your sweet escape. It is unexplored and very few people know about this island which is why it really resembles a paradise. In addition to that, the white sand and turquoise blue water calm your mind.

Perfect for people who want to go swimming for longer hours and for those who just want to take a walk at the beach. Lastly, this island is perfect for travellers who are in a tight budget. The accommodation in Sumilon Island comes in cheap prices considering what the mainland Cebu offers.

4. Bounty Beach

A tiny island located at the North of mainland Cebu, the Malapascua Island first started to be famous for the scuba dive tourists with thresher sharks that are popular in the place. Nevertheless, Bounty beach is maybe the most striking out of all beaches in Cebu. The turquoise waters of the ocean and the blazing white cinder of the sand are only made perfect by the palm trees that are perfectly located near the beach. At the same time, the seaside is booming with fun things to do. There are bars, clubs, and restaurants that are fit to provide an amazing experience to international clients.

5. Bakhaw Beach

If you plan to stay in Santiago Island, you can easily go to Bakhaw beach because they are close to each other. Unlike Santiago Island, this beach is less popular to the tourists primarily because there are not many things to do. There are a few restaurants and bars. Also, the cottages might not be romantic if you are going with your partner.

The upside of staying in this beach is that it is budget-friendly. Since very few people visit the beach, the surrounding is peaceful. So if you are looking for some quality time with your family or friends, you can rent a cottage and bring some of your favorite drinks for a relaxing stay.

Best Beaches on Cebu Island to Visit with Friends

6. Maribago Beach

Maribago Beach is one of the very few beaches in Mactan. Majority of the beaches or seashores situated in Mactan, Cebu are rough. In addition to that, most of the areas on this beach has been owned by luxury private resorts. That being said, if you are thinking of staying on this place, make sure that the front beach and other facilities near the beach are accessible to the hotel guest.


Cebu is popularly known as having some of the best spectacular beaches in the Philippines because of its turquoise water and fine white sand. Since Cebu is a huge island, there are several beaches and each aims to cater a certain beach experience. That being said, it is important for you to determine your preferences when it comes to choosing the best beach to stay.

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