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Best New Restaurants in Makati to Dine-In

When you are in the Metro, there are pretty much places that you should visit. Initially, the malls, entertainment hubs, and restaurants are all enticing. You can find more of it in the heart of Makati City. But, the best attractions here are the restaurants that aside from serving good food also have a good ambience. Moreover, there are also the best new restaurants in Makati that are waiting to be known.

In this blog post, we will give the best new restaurants in Makati to dine with your friends and loved ones. Let us discover the wonders of Makati and what you can do to explore its beauty within the busy streets of the Metro.

The City of Makati

One of the urban cities in Manila is Makati. This city is well-known for the numbers of skyscrapers, entertainment hubs, malls, and restaurants situated in it. Aside from that, Makati City is also popular as a number one business hub in the Metro. In addition to that, it is also a top leisure spot for many travellers including the locals and the foreigners.

However, there are also hidden treasures in Makati that seem invisible and are waiting to be discovered by those travellers. Moreover, more than a business district and malls hot spot, there are other places that contribute to the beauty and popularity of Makati City. These include the attracting markets, parks, and lists of restos that should be included in your Makati exploration.   

The things to do in Makati City before dining in the best new restaurants

Before discovering the best new restaurants in Makati and dine in there, there are other things that you must do. Don’t worry to get hungry as there are numbers of best new restaurants in Makati City to dine with. But before anything else, here are other things that you should do in Makati City.

Explore the beauty of Salcedo Market

What can you get in visiting the Salcedo Market over the weekend? Well, it can give you a sense of thrill and a little bit of excitement. Generally, this market at the park of Jaime Velasquez has lots of local produce and many items for sale.

However, in the summer season, this market can become crowded and may make everyone there feel hot. Yet, your visit at the Salcedo Market would become worthy once you smell the aroma of cooking gourmets right there on the spot.

Once you’re there, never get out of the market without trying the lobster with scallop balls, vegetable samosas and Japanese pancakes. Further, the Japanese pancakes here at Salcedo Market can be filled with your preferred filling. Basically, the choices for the filling include the kesong puti and peanut butter.

Moreover, unique dishes are also available in this market. Additionally, you can try their traditional Polish dumpling or the Pierogi and very palatable baklaya, a famous dessert of the Middle East.

Have a rest at Salcedo Park

The Salcedo Park or the Jaime Velasquez Park is known to embrace art within the park. Typically, a wide collection of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art are open to purchasing here. In fact, there is a yearly event here in the city which features all of those masterpieces.

Primarily, it is a good location if you want to have a morning walk or run at this park as a morning exercise. Do this, basically, on a work-week long and if there is no event happening. Meanwhile, at weekends, this park becomes the host of Salcedo Market. Usually, they run the event for gourmet eating and celebrity sightings.   

Join the bandwagon in Poblacion

Poblacion, a friendly neighbourhood in Makati City where delightful foodies and drinks reside. Moreover, there are different bars, restos, and cafes that you can see in this hospitable community in Makati. Below are some of the best places in Makati that you should include in your itinerary.

  • Yoi Sake Bar – offers the traditional Japanese rice wine and gourmet baked oysters
  • Z Hostel Roofdeck – this is a great hangout for youngsters as they offer some cold beers
  • Polilya – a place where locally made beers are offered
  • El Chupacabra – a favourite place of the locals and foreigners to eat Mexican tacos
  • Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen – this is a place where authentic and exotic foods could be found. You could experience that ‘fear factor” feeling when you eat their menus. This includes the boiled fertilized duck egg or ‘balut’ and the ox tongue or ‘lengua’.
  • Finders Keepers – this is not really located in Poblacion but this is very famous in Makati and should be visited. What makes this place popular are their meticulous drink preparations. Their method of preparation is a careful measuring of each ingredient to serve a delightful drink.

The list of the best new restaurants in Makati

Walking along the street sides of Makati City, you will see an overflowing of restaurants to choose from. Depending on your category of choice, basically, you can find the best restaurants in Makati.

Furthermore, there are Japanese restos which are ideal for a business dine-in discussion with clients. Aside from that, plenty of bars are also present along Poblacion if you are looking for some stress reliever.

Everything you need is here in Makati – coffee, pastries, sushi, and drink – name it! Surely, you will definitely find the best restaurants in Makati that suit your preference.  

represents the best new restaurants in Makati

However, when it’s your first time to visit the city and you’re caught in the middle of those restos, you will find yourself having a hard time choosing where to dine. Well, no worries! Here is the list of the best new restaurants in Makati that are all perfect to dine in. Check them out below and have a great dine-in experience.

1.            Rambla in Salcedo Village

The first on the list of the best new restaurants in Makati is Rambla by Chef Pepe Lopez. Basically, it is a restaurant inspired by the Spanish-Mediterranean style. The unique thing about this new restaurant in Makati is that it utilizes the contemporary approaches in creating winsome specialties. These primarily include Egg Bomb, Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras, and their version of paella and cochinillo.   

Rambla is a restaurant of Bistronomia group which is commonly known for its Spanish tapas bar. Furthermore, the name of this best new restaurant in Makati came from the very popular street in Barcelona, Spain. Rambla launched its first branch in Rockwell but this second branch in Makati is one of the best new restaurants in the city. The Makati branch is somehow bigger when it comes to floor space yet you would still feel the vibe of the tapas bar.

The high-ceiling of this restaurant offers a romantic surrounding and the histrionic night flare. Tables are very engaging to sit into because of the artsy backdrop of the wine bottles that are empty. Moreover, the end part of the resto has windows from the ceiling touching to the floor. This provides a great street scene panorama.

Rambla is the best new restaurant in Makati that is ideal for those who love Spanish food and comfortable sit-down foodies. This restaurant offers almost 80% of the dishes that are the best selling. The remaining 20% of their menu comes from BCN and Las Flores bestsellers.

For starters, you can go for La Prudencia or Sicilian Limonata with the ingredients fresh lemonade with almond flavour. Basically, this Sicilian Limonata dish is good for 350 pesos. Additionally, they also have this program for cocktails and wine pairings. With a budget of 800 pesos per head, you can enjoy the night with their great tasting wines and tapas.

With all these beautiful ambiences and delightful dishes, Rambla is a place that you can go to Salcedo, Makati. Basically, this is an ideal venue for luncheon meetings or great hangouts with friends at night. They are open at 11:00 am to 2:00 am and for reservations, you may reach them via their email address at or

2.            Beni’s Falafel in Poblacion

Next on our list is the Beni’s Falafel. This one of the best new restaurants in Makati is popular for the nutritious meal of the Middle East. One of these is their best tasting Falafel. If you crave for no-meat dishes, then go at Beni’s Falafel and you will find what you are looking for.

But, for those kebab lovers, do not worry as they also have some meat dishes for you. Moreover, this best new restaurant in Makati is a little bit small in space. However, their awards and recognitions are numerous due to their Middle-Eastern fare.

For only 135 pesos, you can already try their Falafel. Eating this signature dish from them can give you a delectable sandwich that you could never expect. In addition to this, another must-try from Beni’s Falafel is their Sabicha and Beni’s Shakshuka.

These dishes have crusts that are really crispy yet do not offer an oily aftertaste. In addition, the filling contains a great tasting combination of parsley, chickpeas, and other herb and spices. Having this combination, the chickpeas’ nuttiness still remains.

Beni’s Falafel performs a job well-done by bringing the spotlight to the Middle-Eastern dish. Moreover, sprinkling with fresh flavours and amazingly palatable food, this is the only place to go in Makati when you think of falafel.

3.            Kermit Manila in Poblacion

Another best new restaurant in Makati City located at Poblacion is the Kermit Manila. Basically, this restaurant is famous for its resort in Siargao. This is probably one of the reasons why many aficionados were exciting to hear their branch opening here in the Metro. Moreover, the main dishes that they serve are Italian foods in which pizzas including cocktails are really worth trying.

Generally, Kermit Manila is definitely for those pizza lovers out there. Additionally, this resto is also perfect for those looking for Kermit. Further, the recommended menu when you dine here is their Pizza Margherita, Pan Seared Tuna, and the Cloud 9.

For Kermit, pizza making is similar to art because they specialize with their DIY pizzas. Primarily, they were very relaxed and confident with their very own pizzas. With just the proper combination of flour, fresh ingredients, pizza dough, and a great oven, they can serve you the best pizza ever.

Moreover, one of their pizza menus is the Kermit Neapolitan Pizza which is good for 280 pesos. The dough is very chewy smeared with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Additionally, the toppings that contribute to its great flavour are the Parma ham and crispy bell peppers. To add up on this is its own version of hot sauce that is really unforgettable.

Aside from pizzas, they also have great tasting pasta that is very homey because it is made in-house. Basically, they tend to serve fresh and tender pasta that outshine every partner dish. One good example is their Tagliatelle alla Tartufata. Generally, with only 420 pesos, you can have a great pasta with aromatic truffle sauce.

4.            Wildflour Cafe and Bakery in Salcedo Village

This best new restaurant in Makati brings in to your table bread and cakes which are globally fare. Wildflour Cafe and Bakery feature coffee, sandwiches, and pancakes that are all homemade. But, wait there’s more as these are all just for breakfast.

Additional to these, they also have dinner menus which include steaks of high-quality and pasta that are also homemade. Moreover, their Roasted Bone Marrow, Kimchi Fried Rice, and Grilled Octopus Salad are all recommendable. Additionally, they also offer a wide selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. If you are looking for filling and comfort foodies, visit the Wildflour Cafe and Bakery.

Wrapping Up

Makati City has enormous skyscrapers, posh malls, entertainment centres, and restaurants to go into. Moreover, visiting this city may not lead you to forget your tummy as there are the best new restaurants in Makati that can serve you good foodies. Aside from the fact that these restos can satisfy your cravings, they can also fulfil your dining experience with attracting ambience.

What do you think of this post? Please comment your insights below! In case there is something that should be included in the list, please comment it here. 

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