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Best Restaurants in Baguio to Satisfy Your Cravings

Like other tourist spots in the Philippines, Baguio is also a great attraction for many foreign visitors and even the locals. Aside from this, you can also find the best restaurants in Baguio that are all perfect for their weather and also for your cravings during your travel. Both the ambience and the foods are really unforgettable which make your tour a perfect one.

In this blog post, we will share the best restaurants in the City of Pines where you can dine and satisfy your cravings. Moreover, we will also give you a little bit info about this “Summer Capital of the Philippines” – Baguio City.

Getting to know Baguio City before dining to the best restaurants there

Situated in the northern Luzon, the city of Baguio is highly civilized and grows as business and commerce hub. It also becomes the centre of education within the northern Luzon. Because of the enticing cool weather of the city, it is hailed as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”.

Furthermore, the name City of Pines is also given to Baguio because of the numbers of pine trees growing there. Aside from that, Baguio is also a centre for shopping for various products like walis tambo, silver, and flowers. Moreover, their goodies include ube jam, raisin bread, and alfajores.

Tourist Attractions in Baguio:

Here are the famous spots in Baguio that you should not miss to visit when you’re there:

  • Kennon Road
  • Dominican Hill’s Diplomat Hotel
  • The Mansion
  • Camp John Hay
  • Teacher’s Camp

Cultural and Historical Destinations:

  • Easter Weaving Room
  • Baguio Tourism Complex
  • Baguio-Mountain Province Museum
  • Baguio Convention Center (BCC)

Natural Wonders:

  • Asin Hot Spring
  • Mt. Sto. Tomas

Religious Destinations:

  • Lourdes Grotto
  • Baguio Cathedral
  • Bell Church

Man-made Attractions:

  • Burnham Park
  • Botanical Garden
  • Mines View Park
  • Wright Park
  • Baguio Country Club
  • Session Road

What to do in the City of Pines before dining to the best restaurants in Baguio?

Before you satisfy your craving for the best restaurants in Baguio City, here are some activities that you should do. This will surely help you to experience the greatness of this city in the northern part of the country.

Witnessing the beauty of Panagbenga Festival

This is the famous flower festival in Baguio. Generally, the celebration of this festival is every February of the year. You will witness various floats with colourful flower decors parading on the street. The locals of Baguio are also showcasing their astounding costumes and native dances.

Experience the horseback riding at the Wright Park

Typically, the cost of horseback riding in Baguio is around Php 300 per hour. Moreover, if you want to roam around the park while riding the horse, a guide will accompany you. You will be charged for this for another fee.

things to do before dining to the best restaurants in Baguio

Relax at the North Haven Spa

You will be relaxed when you visit the North Haven Spa situated in Ferguson Road in Baguio. In combination with the usual Thai massage, you can also get a Baguio strawberry.

Additionally, you can also have a scrub using the coffee from Benguet or the rice from Cordillera. Moreover, they also offer head massage or what they called as the Dagdagis. Aside from that, they also have conventional foot massage or Kolkolis is as part of their service.

List of the best restaurants in Baguio City

When you visit Baguio, you will not only enjoy the beautiful sceneries. Moreover, your cravings will be satisfied with the numbers of the best restaurants in Baguio. Here is the list of those restaurants that provide excellent ambience and great-tasting foodie.

1. Good Taste Restaurant

The first on our list of the best restaurants in Baguio is the Good Taste Restaurant. It is very ideal to have lunch over here. Moreover, big meals are good for affordable and budget-friendly prices. Additionally, this restaurant is very ideal for dining with family or circle of friends.

Aside from that, the ambience of this restaurant is very homey and has a more ‘Pinoy’ touch. Despite having simple-looking menus, they are all great-tasting. Furthermore, here are their bestseller menus – Beef Broccoli, Sinigang na Baboy, Fish Shrimp Tofu, Garlic Buttered Chicken, and Halabos na Hipon.

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2. Mama’s Table

Mama’s Table is one of the best restaurants in Baguio that is good when having celebrations with friends and families. This restaurant has a goal of giving you an elegant and high-end feel. Furthermore, they offer an 8-course French cuisine.

You can find here a very cosy cabin-type house. Moreover, there is also an area for a fireplace that you can enjoy. Also, the garden is waiting for your exploration.

However, dining in at this restaurant can only be done through reservations. Additionally, they only accept to enter one group at a time. So, it is advisable to call them in advance to reserve a seat.

Mama’s Table is also open for special occasions to have a more private dining experience. Calling for a reservation at Mama’s Table is definitely worth the wait. Every food serves here are deliciously remarkable.

3. 50’s Diner

This next best restaurant in Baguio is generally a way of looking back to those attractive eras of the past. 50’s Diner gives an entire appeal of life during the year of the 1950s. Basically, the design and the theme of the restaurant revolve on this concept.

Additionally, the neon signages, bar stools, and jukebox bring life to 50’s era of this restaurant. The menus offer in 50’s Diner includes their delicious burgers, pizzas, and chicken. If you are in groups, you can order their large meals.  

4. Lemon and Olives

Lemon and Olives is an attractive Greek restaurant. Because of its one of a kind design that transverse from Greece’s tavernas and the log cabins of Baguio, this becomes one of the best restaurants in Baguio.

They have a terrace which offers a breathtaking panorama of the pine trees. Moreover, while sitting there, it is best to pair it with their Gyros or Souvlaki. Additionally, their Baklava Cheesecake is one of the best things about this resto.

5. Kung Jeon Korean Palace

Exploring the beauty of Camp John Hay may let you discover one of the best restaurants in Baguio, the Kung Jeon Korean Palace. Usually, the set up of this restaurant is having huge rooms catering smaller rooms inside. Inside the room, you can sit down there with friends circling on a grill.

The concept of this restaurant is about simple Korean barbeque. Meats are very well done and well marinated. Additionally, you can perfectly finish your meal with palatable Korean ice cream.                                                                                                                                          

6. Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a restaurant that did not hide its best and excellent restaurant qualities. Having a garden with plenty of flowers and plants, the ambience is very serene. In connection to this, they serve comforting foods that perfectly blends with the place. Furthermore, despite having great-tasting foods, it is also budget-friendly.

7. Foggy Mountain Cookhouse

Another best restaurant in Baguio that also operates by reservation is the Foggy Mountain Cookhouse. Moreover, this restaurant serves meals that are all fresh and delightfully fine. Additionally, Mediterranean cuisine is the inspiration for their dishes.

However, due to its reservation scheme, please anticipate receiving food that is prepared very fresh.  Further, one of the bestselling meal that they have here and a must-try is the Greek Peasant Lamb.

8. Baguio Craft Brewery

What makes Baguio Craft Brewery one of the best restaurants in Baguio are their glasses of beer that are the perfect match for the gloomy weather in there. Furthermore, they store here one of the beers that are excellently crafted. Because of this having a single shot is not enough so you may end drinking for more. Moreover, they also offer free taste for their drinks if you are not yet sure of what to drink.

best restaurants in Baguio serving beer

9. Chef’s Home

Basically, this best restaurant in Baguio serves Asian dishes that are very friendly to your wallet. The servings for each meal are overflowing. Due to this, it is good for large group diners. Moreover, to try their delightful dishes, better try the Pepper and Garlic Prawns.

10. Oh My Gulay

Along Session Road in Baguio City, you may find Oh My Gulay which serves vegetarian dishes. This best restaurant in Baguio makes use of popular products in Baguio, the vegetables. Moreover, it was Kidlat Tahimik, a famous filmmaker, who set up this resto and at the same time, an art hub.

Furthermore, this just rented a space on the fifth floor of a small building in Baguio. Despite that, this restaurant will allow you to experience relaxing in a playground or park. Additionally, the Oh My Gulay restaurant exhibits the masterpieces of Baguio’s finest artist, Victoria Oteyza.

11. Ozark Diner

Primarily, Ozark Diner is really unforgettable due to its perfectly smelling southern-style chicken. And because of this, it becomes one of the best restaurants in Baguio. Furthermore, what makes the chicken perfect are its breading and the tender, juicy meat. Additionally, another juicy and tasty dish of the Ozark Diner is their barbeque plate.

12. Choco-late de Batirol

A great-tasting cup of hot chocolate is perfect for the cold weather of Baguio. Because of this, Choco-late de Batirol serves this chocolate drink to hug and soothe your soul. Aside from this, they also serve old-Filipino style dishes. These include their very palatable Caldereta, Sinigang, and Sarciado.

13. Amare La Cucina

This best restaurant in Baguio is really a must-try when you’re there in the City of Pines. Although they already have a branch in Pasig, the Neapolitan- style pizza doesn’t deserve a no. Moreover, you can able to toss the dough and pour on extra toppings based on your choice.

Their classic Margherita pizza is great comfort food. Meanwhile, try the Nutella pizza if you love sweets.

14. Chaya

In terms of Japanese food, Chaya is the best restaurant in Baguio that caters this kind of cuisine. Sonoko Taguchi is the owner of this restaurant who also collaborated with her grandmother to serve the dishes offered here. Moreover, foods served here have delightful flavourings and give you the taste of authentic Japanese food. It is good to try their Temaki Sushi.

15. Vizco’s

Baguio City is also famous with its wide hectare of a strawberry farm. And because of this, Vizco’s also grabbed this chance to make use of their local products. With this, Vizco’s offers strawberry shortcakes. Luckily, they got positive comments from their guests noting that their shortcakes are definitely the best one so far.

16. Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

Another best restaurant in Baguio that offers the authentic Cordilleran meals is the Farmer’s Garden Restaurant. All their dishes are surely delectable and really unique. Furthermore, the ambience and the theme of the entire restaurant also give an authentic feel. This is due to their nipa huts. 

17. Cafe by the Ruins

Primarily, this was opened around 1980. However, because it was ruined by the fire in 2017 when it was reopened, its reopening was done recently. This time, the restaurant theme is more modernized. Yet, the original facade is still restored.

18. Ili-Ilikha Artist Village

Another restaurant conceptualized by Kidlat Tahimik is this Ili-Ilikha Artist Village. This best restaurant in Baguio is basically a treehouse incorporated with nooks and crannies. Because of this, the culture of Baguio has been emphasized more.

There is this group of vendors who offer various dishes that are really nutritious and affordable. At the same time, those foods are free of MSG. The name of the group here is the Kiwing na Kahoy Food Community.

Final Thoughts

Going to Baguio is really satisfying. Aside from the fact that it gives beautiful attractions and really good weather, it will also fulfil your cravings. There are numbers of best restaurants in Baguio City that are really worth trying. Their menu list, ambience, concept, and restaurant styles greatly captivate the heart of every visitor travelling there.

What can you say about our list here? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. In case you think there is something we’ve missed that should be included in the list, don’t hesitate to give us a comment.

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