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Best Restaurants in Manila for Fine Dining

The Philippines is blessed with an abundance of natural sources that shaped its culinary heritage. Its topography, which includes mountainous regions and coastal areas and plains, gave rise to a variety of meat, plant, herb, and spice products that are needed to make gastronomic masterpieces. Coupled with Filipino culinary talent, it is no wonder that dining in the country is an adventure that can be immensely satisfying. There are plenty of restaurants all over the country with its own unique culinary offering. For this article, we will explore the best restaurants in Manila for fine dining. You will find that fine dining experiences in Manila will be an adventure to the palate but light on the budget.

Best restaurants in Manila for fine dining—Top 18 places


Antonio’s restaurant offers an unforgettable dining e experience. You shouldn’t miss it. It is well known and praised as one of the best restaurants in Manila for fine dining. It has lush greenery and a delightful ambiance, which will help you savor your food even better. The master behind Antonio’s is chef Antonio Tony Boy Escalante. If you want alcoholic drinks, you can get your fill of a well-curated wine list in their attached Lanai Lounge garden. Antonio’s is one of the best restaurants in Manila for fine dining. You will get to have the best tasting meals in the country.

Best Restaurants in Manila for Fine Dining


This restaurant has been in operation for decades. It was first opened in 1989 and is of the fine dining restaurant in Manila, where you can taste Filipin-Spanish fare. It is located in an easy to spot place in Intramuros. This is a perfect place for foodies who want to enjoy foods with a bit of history and narrative. If you don’t have an inclination for Spanish food, tough, the selection may not please you. If you love the flavors of Spanish food, you will get a mouthwatering experience in Illustrado. This is one of the best restaurants in Manila for fine dining.

Red Baron Ribs & Steaks

Some people are carnivores and simply enjoy meat and lots and lots of it. You can have your fill of all kinds of meats at Red Baron Ribs & Steaks. It is easy to get to this restaurant since it is conveniently located in D. Tuazon Quezon City it is in close proximity to the Banawe area’s food establishments. Get your fill of pork and beef all barbecued to perfection. If you are steak crazy, you should know that it is Red Baron’s specialty. You can get amazing quality at this restaurant and not go over the top with your bill

Bar Pintxos

Sipping a few drinks before a meal can increase your appetite and clean your palate to enjoy flavors more. If you love drink plus Spanish cuisine, then that equals to a necessary visit to Bar Pintxos. Spanish cuisine here is simply outstanding. The original restaurant serves people in the Southern area who love Spanish food. The second branch in Bonifacio Global City are for foodies who want real tapas and pintxos washed down by a mean serving of gin, tonic, and local craft brews. If you are looking for top Spanish fare in Manila Bar Pintxos is the best place.

China Blue

China has a unique culinary heritage that has been shared and enjoyed with Filipinos. However, if you want to get the best of the best, better plan a trip to China Blue by Jeremy Leung. The master behind China Blue is chef Leung. He is an international award recipient and acclaimed culinary master. He remains true to authentic culinary traditions while putting his own mark on it. He creates modern Chinese cuisine at its best. He is a pioneer in fusion cuisine and serves traditional and contemporary dishes that are a true gem in fine dining.

Gallery VASK

This is one of the best restaurants in Manila for fine dining. If you want hip ambiance, then give Gallery VASK a visit. This restaurant serves a twofold role of being a gallery and fine dining place. This restaurant is well-known and attracts a wide variety of foodies from all over the world. Its fame can largely be attributed to Chef Chele Gonzalez who put the Philippines on the map of international cuisine. The type of selections you will find in Gallery VASK are matchless modern cuisine that are truly melt in your mouth with its surprising fusion and flavors. It should be noted that Gallery VASK took the 39th place as one of Asia’s best restaurants, ensuring that you get a world-class dining experience.

Best Restaurants in Manila for Fine Dining


Have an endless bite. Bite is the place o go if you want a never-ending buffet meal. It is time-based, though, since you will only get to eat for thirty minutes. Two hundred bucks allow you to eat for thirty minutes. The selections are expansive with western as well as Asian dishes. You can get one of the best dining experiences of your life while staying on a budget.

Kanto Freestyle

Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. If you are a morning person, you probably want a hearty meal in the early hours of the day. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast serves your needs perfectly. There is breakfast here 24/7. You can design your own breakfast from its wide selection of breakfast items. Although Kanto means street corners in English, Kanto Freestyle serves high-quality food. Try their honey garlic chicken, daing na bangus and Lucban Longganisa. If you want something sweeter, have a bowlful of yummy champorado.

Makan Makan Food Village

Manila Ocean Park is one of the busiest spots in Manila. There is an influx of both local and foreign tourists that visit this park. Naturally, after a day’s tour, you will be craving for food.  You can cap off your day trip with a fine dining experience at Makan Makan Asian Food Village. Get the best Asian food dishes. The selection combines influences from all over Asia, and the result is inimitable fusion cuisine. It serves high-quality food at affordable prices. Makan Makan is perfect for family gatherings since there is something for everyone.


Satisfy your love for Italian food and get an extensive and sophisticated menu of amazing Italian dishes. Rima is the place to go if you want the best Italian fare. The architecture of the restaurant is a unique A-frame tree-like house structure. It is on top of a lush cliff which gives you spectacular views of Boracay’s tropical setting. Italian fare is even made more mouth-watering by the beautiful view of the sunset. The master behind Rima is Chef Omar Ugoletti, who will promise you that you will experience Italian cuisine like never before.

 Restaurant 101

All great chefs have to start somewhere, and you can get a sample of student chefs’ creations at this restaurant. Restaurant 101 is run by Enderun, who trains chefs in the philosophy of Michelin star awardee, Alain Ducasse. Each day offers new selections and menus, so you have to ask the waiter for their best recommendations.

Their breakfast menu remains constant, though, and are available anytime. Selections include avocado toast, Spanish omelets, and waffle ducks

FOO’D by Davide Oldani

Best Restaurants in Manila for Fine Dining

There is more to Italian fare than spaghetti, and if you want a truly in-depth education on Italian food, go visit FOO’D by Davide Oldani. An Italian fine dining experience is affordable in this restaurant. FOO’D by Davide Oldani is located in BGS, and it is advisable to book days before. If this sounds like a hassle, you should know that his restaurant in Italy requires months of booking ahead. If you are lucky, you can get free seats by walking in, but on busy days like Valentine’s, booking ahead is an absolute must.

Mirèio – fine-dining at 5-star Hotel Raffles

You will get treated to a 3-course meal, which includes a starter, main course, and dessert. You can freely choose the dishes you want to include in your course meal. The package includes drinks with options for coffee, tea, or a non-alcoholic beverage. The dining experience is truly high-end with dishes that include gorgonzola croquettes, steak in béarnaise sauce, tarts, and poached fruit.

Toyo Eatery

This restaurant has been featured on CNN so you can be sure that it is top quality. It is the only Filipino restaurant that got into CNN’s Top 50 Asian Restaurants. Diners who want quality for their money will enjoy their experience at this restaurant. Chefs perform culinary exhibitions, and you will enjoy watching them transform authentic Filipino cuisine into something high end with skillful cooking and plating methods. 

A 5-course meal will only cost you P1, 600, or about 31.71 dollars. This course meal includes an appetizer, a main dish, and dessert. You can indulge your love for Filipino dishes with grilled Bangus mangoes and bagoong, all presented with high-end flair.

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge

Set menus can be daunting, especially if you think that you really don’t like one selection. At Ninyo, you have the freedom to select from different prix fixe menus. Because of the way it is set up, you are likelier to find a course meal you like.

A price of 3,000 or about 59 dollars pesos gets you a menu that serves two people. The selections already include oysters, soups, salads, prawns, steak, sorbet, panna cotta, and the wine of your choice.

If you have a bigger appetite, you can go for their six-course menu, which includes tender steak, mushroom salad, and wasabi oysters. You will be shelling out 1,200 pesos or about 23 dollars per person.

The ambiance is also perfect for epicurean dining since the rustic decors are warm, cozy, and a delight to the eye. You can even reserve a gazebo and surprise your date by decorating it with flowers and rose petals.

Umu Dusit Thani

This is one of the best restaurants in Manila for fine dining. Some people love Japanese fare. If you love Japanese particularly sushi, you may be enthralled by conveyor belt sushi. Dusit Thani Manila gives you what you long for and spoils you with its extensive selection of authentic Japanese menus of the finest ingredients. Prices are affordable and start at 1,350 pesos or about 26 dollars. This menu includes tempura gozen set meal, appetizers, sashimi, tempura, pickles, and miso soup. Dessert is included.

Of course, you are a sushi fanatic, and the sushi gozen gives you ten different types of sushi at an affordable price point.


There is simply nothing like Filipino food to warm the heart and stomach, so indulge your cravings at Metiz. The master behind this restaurant is Stephan Duhesme, who promises everything is made with 100% local ingredients. There is an emphasis on vinegar flavors and fermented processes, which he believes sets the Filipino food apart from other Asian fares.

He puts a modern twist to Filipino cooking, and the plating renditions will give the humble Filipino food and fresh look. Even if you’ve had Filipino food a hundred times before, his new techniques are guaranteed to give you new experiences.

You can get a five-course meal at an affordable price of 1,500 or about 29 dollars. This set includes salad, soup, broth, appetizers, and main dish. Dessert is included. The dishes vary and will depend on what is in season. This will ensure that you will get the freshest and most high-quality ingredients. It is advisable to give them a call before you visit to know what is on the menu.

CRU Steakhouse – for vegans with meat lover friends


If you are vegan, dining with friends can be a contentious affair. No one wants to compromise, and each will want to fill their bellies with the type of dishes that will satisfy them most. If you are in constant battle, CRU Steakhouse is a place for truces. Get the best of both worlds for vegetarians and carnivores. Granted that CRU Steakhouse serves meats, they also serve vegan dishes at 1,500 per 4-course meal. That amounts to 29 dollars. The vegan selections are delicious and include mushroom consommé, gnocchi, and coconut dessert. Who knows, your carnivore friends may just envy you and convert to being plant-eaters.

Final thoughts

One of the best pleasures you can give yourself is an unforgettable fine dining experience. Not only will you get to eat high-quality food, but you will also get to enjoy an amazing ambiance that will enhance your dining experience. Best restaurants in Manila for fine dining are all worth the trip. Visit these fine dining places, fill your stomach, and satisfy your culinary curiosities.

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