Best Things about Baler, Philippines (Travel Guide)

Baler, Philippines


Traveling in the Philippines won’t be complete without sneaking a peek at the beauty of Baler. Baler, Philippines, is the province of Aurora’s capital. The laid-back seaside town is renowned for its world-class waves. When you see its beauty right in front of your eyes, the atmosphere of the place will give the same vibe of San Juan in La Union and Boracay in Aklan. But, despite becoming a famous island in the country and even internationally. Baler manages to maintain its provincial charm and warm local friendliness. Is Baler in the Philippines on your travel goals list? Join me in this blog as I show you the beautiful journey over mountainous terrain on roads that zigzag across its blessed landscape.



That light bulb on your mind when you hear Baler is probably giving you the idea of the sound waves of its beautiful ocean. Sabang Beach is the perfect definition of perfect waves for surfing! Due to its powdery beach and exciting waves that reach up to 14 feet in length, Sabang Beach is the most visited and famous Baler surfing location. It’s understandable why Sabang Beach is widely known as the “birthplace of surfing in the Philippines” because of its long strip of gray sand and magnificent waves. Not surprisingly, the beach is home to many resorts, such as Bay’s Inn Resort, Baler Guesthouse and Restaurant, and MIA Surf and Sports Resort. 


Now, if you are wondering how much do you have to spend there, good news! You can enjoy the place for free. Yes, that’s true. You don’t have to pay for the entrance, but you have to pay for the instructors and surfing materials if you wish to learn surfing. With a guide and a surfboard, an hour of surfing will cost you around 350 pesos. They’re charging you 200 pesos only for the board, with no manual included.




If you are a beach person, it is also worth visiting the Dicasalarin Cove. It is another famous Baler tourist attraction. All kinds of visitors love the area because of the white sand beach, rock formations, and beautiful blue seas mirroring its mountains. The Angara family privately holds this isolated sanctuary. However, it is accessible to the public throughout the day for anyone who wants to come.

It is available to visitors who have taken a tour package and who also have a gate pass. People will have to pay an entry charge of 300 pesos if they aren’t staying in Bahia de Baler. Baler has several benefits besides being the country’s top surfing location.

It is where the beautiful white beach, breathtaking view, and Baler Lighthouse are located. A unique cove, not many of them like it since it’s small and peaceful. Many tourists are coming because of its magnificent landscape, renowned lighthouse, and a myriad of natural splendor. Tourists and vacationers return to the region to admire the stunning sight of the ocean’s horizon and the mountains’ majestic silhouette.



Diguisit Beach, often known as the “Rocky Paradise,” is another must-see tourist attraction in Baler Aurora, Philippines. Compared to Sabang Beach, the waves here are more substantial and more complex, which is why professional surfers choose this location. Are you into challenging surfing experiences? I highly recommend Disguit Beach. It is located on the Baler Bayside of Cemento Beach and is one of the most well-known surf places in the country. 

You may see the beautiful rock formations and breathtaking views of the pure blue sky and the great expanse of the ocean. It is a must-see destination where visitors can unwind and enjoy their holiday time.

One of the most marks of the beautiful Diguisit Beach is a rock formation. The shape is the evidence of millions of years of wave pounding. The Diguisit rock formations are next to the world-famous Cobra Reef, the ideal surfing destination for Baler surfers looking to get hammered on the waves.

For the record, there are three unique features of this place. One is the rock formation, which is thirty meters high and ideal for rock climbing. Second is the surfing paradise beyond it, which is a delicate site for beach-goers. Lastly is the white sand beach, a peaceful location for beach-goers, among other things.

The Dela Torre Beach Resort privately owns the beach at Diguisit. Tourists may only access it after paying a twenty-peso entrance charge to the resort. Nevertheless, it faces northwest, making it an excellent location to watch the sunset.

You may also view the magnificent rock formations named Lukso-Lukso, which are in addition to the imposing waves of the ocean. Hops are what people imagine when they hear the word “Lukso.” There are three minor islands along the shore where you may disembark to enjoy the sandy beach. These islands are packed with lush plants and resemble Japanese bonsai trees. It is one of the favorites that I love. 

If you want some excellent beach scenery to accompany your Instagram post, bring a camera along on your next travel adventure to the beach. Have fun exploring all the things you can take pictures of it.

You may rent a nipa hut for Php300. And, if you are going to visit the Lukso Lukso site, you will have to pay a charge when you get there. In Baler, a tourist haven with an abundance of things to visit, you may at least established a deep relationship with some of the most intimate, attractive, and historically significant locations.

You can rent a tricycle from Baler’s main town to visit the Lukso-lukso Islets in the South of Sabang beach. If you ride a tricycle, it takes about five to ten minutes to get to the location. Divers say these islands are great places to go during the calm summer months when reefs are ideal underwater. Luxo Lukso is a good choice for those who like snorkeling.


Ermita Hill is yet another popular tourist destination in Baler, Aurora, Philippines. The location offers you a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean, Casiguran Bay, Sabang Beach, the Dimadimalangat Islets, and the cities of Aurora, among other things. Ermita Hill, however, is more than simply a scenic overlook; it also has historical importance for the province.

A tsunami struck Baler in the 18th century, destroying the whole region. The Ermita Hill illustrates the survivors seeking shelter at that time. Ermita Hill is the exact location where the last remaining families fled to avoid being drowned by the massive tidal surge that struck Baler in 1735. 

At the foot of the hill, life-sized sculptures representing the survivors’ families are there to remember the heartbreaking tragedy. It is the reason for the statue located at the bottom of the hill, which commemorates this important event.

Ermita Hill, however, is more than simply a scenic overlook; it also has historical importance for the province. To reach the summit, visitors will need to walk up the 250-step staircase before reaching the 30-foot cross at the furthest point of the slope. There are also observation decks in certain places where you can get a bird’s eye view of Baler from every angle. The entry charge is P15, while the parking cost is P10.


You can’t possibly miss the capital if you go anywhere in the province. Tourist attractions tend to be in or near cities. Baler is not just about the great surfing spots its coastal regions have to offer. The municipal capital offers attractions for history lovers and other tourists alike. Are you into rediscovering the past? Then visit Museo De Baler.

While it is the smallest municipality in Aurora, its main commercial center is on the small side. It has a giant inscription of the town’s name about 4 feet tall with the Baler 400 Years Monument behind it. 

The place is almost complete because visitors lined up to take pictures and have their photos taken there. I like the building because it’s straightforward to find important locations like the Town Hall, the Tourism Office, Museo de Baler, and Doña Aurora Ancestral House.

The museum’s front entrance has murals of Baler’s history. To enter the museum, put your money in your P30 first.

On the balcony, the Philippines and Spain flags will welcome you. A plethora of Spanish art decorates the ground floor. It has an impact on the Spanish conquest.

The pictures and artifacts are on display in the other part of the museum. While in the gallery on the second level, you will view the works of local artists.

6. Ditumabo Falls in San Luis, Aurora 

It would be best if you didn’t miss swimming at Ditumabo Falls in Baler Aurora. It is known as Ditumabo or “Mother Falls” and is the most impressive waterfall in Baler at 140 feet. It is a breathtaking waterfall known as Mother Falls, since it is the biggest in the area and can be found near Baler, Aurora! Waterfall Creek is located near San Luis and belongs to the Ditumabo Village in Barangay Ditumabo, where the creek was named. However, because of its close vicinity to Baler, the surfing center of Eastern Luzon, it’s an excellent place to visit as a day trip.

A natural pool suitable for swimming is created when free-flowing water cascades into a rocky basin and pours into a large basin.

You should know that visiting Ditumabo Falls is a serious hike. To view the waterfalls at Barangay Ditumabo, visitors from Baler must use a tricycle or van to travel to the barangay and then walk for an hour. This trip is not simple; you will encounter river crossings and challenging terrain, slippery and muddy when it rains. It is still worth it, however. Many fans praise the region’s icy mountain water, ideal for a dip after an exhausting hike. Anyone interested in trekking would do well to check out Ditumabo Falls. It’s a fantastic trip but also quite a challenge.

A Baler tricycle trip with a short stop at Ditumabo Falls will cost about Php700 for a four-person.

7. Balete Tree in Maria Aurora

Don’t you know that the Philippines holds the enormous Balete tree in Asia? Yes, that’s right. It’s hard to explain how something so average may affect your travel attitude—for example, a tree. A significant Balete tree, called the Millennium Tree, exists at Balete Park and has earned a reputation as the giant Balete tree in Asia. One of the most visited sites in Baler is the Balete Tree, which is 215 feet tall and nearly 200 feet wide. Reports show that the trunk of the tree can have almost 60 persons standing end-to-end. 

Encanto is Pinoy folklore’s mysterious creatures that live in Balete trees and practice dark magic, much like the Banyan trees. 

Various people in some regions think that Balete Trees, a kind of tree native to the Philippines, is the home place of monsters like kapre (tree demons) and tikbalang (half-horse half-human mythical beings) (demon horse). Many superstitious individuals are under the impression that little Balete trees (used as houseplants and bonsai) are too risky to bring indoors because they attract ghosts.

If you want to visit and see how beautiful the tree is, here are the things you must know. As of right now, it will cost Php10 for adults and Php5 for children to enter Balete Park. You may hire a tour guide if you want to climb the tree. Just be careful with your steps!

There’s also a store not far from the Balete tree where you may buy essentials. The well-known dishes like the Brown-rice Suman, Palumbo, fresh coconut, and other local delicacies are on display. In addition, bathroom facilities are also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Baler well-known for and why?

A: Baler is well-known for its surfing locations, which are home to some of the most delicate waves in all of Southeast Asia. However, this town is much more than just a surfing destination. Thanks to the abundance of great locations to explore, you will never run out of exciting things to do in Baler. This town has a lot to offer, ranging from laid-back activities to exciting adventures.

Q:  Is the Philippines a nation in its own right?

A: Filipinos are people who live on an island nation in Southeast Asia’s western Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago of about 7,000 islands and islets in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 500 miles off the coast of Vietnam.

Q:  Is Baler Aurora considered to be a rural area?

Aurora is primarily a rural town with a small urban population. Rural regions account for about 75.85 percent of the overall population, with urban areas accounting for the remaining 24.15 percent. On the other hand, the biggest age group is 15 to 64, accounting for 50.68 percent.

Q: Is Sabang Beach a pleasant place to visit?

A: It is a beautiful beach with a variety of various establishments that provide lodging. The water is warm and transparent. The only thing that could cause you to get distracted is the constant stream of boats returning and departing from the underground river.

Q: What is the best route to come to Baler by private car?

Take the Nueva Ecija-Aurora route from Cabanatuan City Proper, going via Talavera, Rizal, and Pantabangan until you reach the Nueva Ecija-Aurora border. Then, drive through the villages of Maria Aurora and San Luis until you reach Baler. The journey would take about 5-6 hours long.


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