Best Things to Do in Subic Bay in the Philippines

If you’re planning on visiting Luzon, you need to visit Subic Bay. It has plenty to offer, from its beaches to parks – there’s always something to explore! Make the most out of the coastal area’s scenery, food, and different beaches you can find. So whether you’re going with family or friends, here are the best things to do in Subic Bay in the Philippines.

1. Play With Tigers at Zoobic Safari

One of the places you should never miss visiting while in Subic Bay is Zoobic Safari. It’s a 20-hectare open, all-natural zoo filled with exotic animals. Below are some of the many activities you can do at this place. 

  • Explore the open forest area. Part of this zoo is a 2-hectare forest, where you can explore and see animals in their natural habitats. These include semi-domesticated, exotic, and untamed wild animals. 
  • Pet certain exotic animals. You can have a chance to pet animals like Bearcats, which is perfect for young children. 
  • Serpentarium for brave individuals. It’s an old ammunition bunker featuring different reptile species, including snakes and lizards. 
  • Feed tigers. The highlight of the place is you get to feed wild tigers inside a protected vehicle. 

Aside from this, the zoo is also full of grasslands, streams, and thrilling terrains. It has plenty of attractions, so you need to spend half a day at least to get the most out of your visit. 

Location: Group 1 Ilanin Forest, Forest Adventure, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Info: (047) 252 2272 | (02) 847-0413

2. Explore the Pamulaklakin Forest Trail

Source: Christian Sangoyo (LakadPilipinas)

Aside from beaches and activity centers, Subic Bay is also filled with nature parks. One of the most popular destinations you must visit is the Pamulaklakin Forest Trail. It’s an open and all-natural area rich in greenery, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts! 

Pamulaklakin is a native Ambala word, which means ‘vine.’ You can find this forest trail in the heart of Subic, filled with fun tourist activities! These include guided hikes, morning and evening jungle tours. 

In addition, the forest trail has picnic areas and tables. It’s the perfect place for friends and family to chill out and have photo ops. 

Overall, at Pamulaklakin, you get to enjoy a culture-rich wonderland. From seeing how natives live and basking in nature, there’s plenty to explore! 

Location: Pamulaklakin Trail, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222 Zambales

3. Meet Some Aquatic Animals at Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure is a natural marine park offering a series of aquatic activities. For instance, you can get up-close encounters with some animals like sea lions and sharks! 

Moreover, this park features fun shows and a collection of marine life. You can find most of the animals at the park’s Ocean Discovery Aquarium and Sea-trek. 

Finally, at this park, you can swim with dolphins! However, you’ll need to pay a separate fee for this, but it’s definitely worth it. 

In short, if you want to beat the heat at Subic Bay but want to go somewhere besides beaches, visit Ocean Adventure. It’s the perfect place for family, friends, and kids! 

Location: Ocean Adventure Approach Rd, Ilanin Forest West, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Info: (047) 252 9000

4. Go to Magaul Bird Park

three blue-and-yellow parrots on tree branch

Something you wouldn’t expect to see at Subic Bay is a bird park. However, Magaul Bird Park is right there and is bringing joy to both tourists and locals alike. It showcases the coastal area’s birdlife with its bird shows.

Popular shows to look forward to when at this park include Winged Wonders and Survival Demo. You get to see exciting bird species up-close at this park. For instance, during feeding times, you can get up-close with parrots or hornbills. 

Aside from these, the bird park also has several other attractions. These include life-sized Angry Birds statues, the Aerial Adventure Walk, Kiddie Rappelling, etc. 

Location: JEST area, Upper-MAU, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Info: (047) 252 1489

5. Have Fun at Funtastic Park

Funtastic Park is an activity center perfect for kids and adults alike. It’s an educational fun park offering unique and fun activities for all. 

With its motto ‘where fed-good moments are made,’ it certainly doesn’t disappoint! To clarify, you can find attractions like the Science Zone and 3D Enchanted Forest. 

Aside from this, there are also picnic areas, souvenir shops, and a cafeteria! But the best thing about this park is that all attractions are educational. And most of all, it’s an excellent venue to burn some of your children’s endless energy! 

Location: Bldg. 2070, Corregidor Highway, East Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Info: 047 250 3099 | funtasticparksubicbay@gmail.com

6. Cool Down at the White Rock Beach Hotel + Waterpark

One of the best resorts around Subic Bay for families is the White Rock Beach Hotel + Waterpark. It’s the one-stop destination for all recreational activities! 

You can enjoy all kinds of aquatic activities at this destination. Moreover, it has a private beach and an entire waterpark complete with watersports. 

Meanwhile, if the heat is too much, you can always have fun inside the hotel. From spas to bowling alleys, there’s always something to do at the White Rock! 

Finally, if you’re planning on staying for the night or a couple of days, this hotel has got you covered. It has around 262 rooms, ranging from standard rooms at the hotel to villas at the beach.

Location: Whiterock Beach Hotel + Waterpark, Purok 3, Matan, Subic Bay 

Contact Info: (047) 232-0066 | reservations@whiterock.com.ph

7. Learn How to Survive in the Wild and Meet New Friends at JEST Camp 

Source: JEST Camp

One of the most educational and fun activity centers at Subic Bay is JEST Camp. Learn new skills, meet new people, all while having fun at this open and all-natural attraction. 

Jungle Environment Survival Training is the most famous survival camp in the Philippines. You can undertake different courses like Camp Craft or surviving training at JEST. And you will be guided by some of the best instructors in the country. 

Moreover, there are also kid-friendly activities, like Wild Child. Children will learn basic survival techniques that they can use long-term. For more adventurous people, activities like Extreme Survival Boot Camp are available as well. 

Overall, JEST Camp is a popular spot for large groups, families, and friends. However, the fees here are expensive. Activities can amount to over PHP 6,000 per person – but it’s definitely worth it! 

Location: Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic Bay

Contact Info: (047) 252 1489

7. Splash Around at Adventure Beach Waterpark

Source: Klook

Are you looking for an affordable way to have fun while in Subic Bay? Then look no further than Adventure Beach Waterpark! 

For guaranteed fun and good times with the whole family, check out this waterpark near Subic Bay. It offers a series of pools, waterslides, and other aquatic activities to beat the heat! But riding down its artificial rapids with inflatable rafts is especially thrilling. 

Moreover, there are plenty of pools and slides for all age groups. And there are always lifeguards on duty, so there’s no need to worry about your kids’ safety. 

If you get tired of the pools, you can always take a dip on the beach next to the waterpark. So you can always explore before going back! 

Location: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Info: 63 47 252-9000 | Info@adventurebeach.ph

8. Bask in the El Kabayo Waterfalls

El Kabayo Waterfalls in Subic Bay | Playing Tourist

Source: GoingTurista

For nature lovers out there, visiting the El Kabayo Waterfalls should be on your bucket list. It’s one of the hidden gems inside Subic Bay. 

You need to go through stunning and lush forests to find this enchanting waterfall. Then follow the stream upwards, which will widen before reaching the waterfall. Once you’re there, stop and breathe in the fresh air while basking in all of its glory! 

This place is serene, and it’s the perfect place for quiet contemplation or meditation. In addition, there are also dry spots in the area where you can have picnics with friends and family. 

But whether you go with family or alone, this is a place you should never miss visiting while in Subic!

Location: Subic Bay Freeport Zone

9. Explore the Jungle In Style At Tree Top Adventure Subic

Explore the lush jungles of Subic Bay in style with Tree Top Adventure Subic. Here, you can go through elaborate trails weaving through the jungles of the coastal area. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature all while enjoying the fresh air. 

But just like every great attraction, there’s a twist! At Tree Top Adventure, the twist is you’re exploring nature while being 100 feet off the ground. You’ll get to walk over platforms and rope bridges between branches of massive trees. 

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, the place also offers ziplining and rappelling. Meanwhile, for a milder turn, try riding through the canopy with custom-made chairs. 

Most of these are safe for kids. You don’t need to worry since the place provides all the safety equipment. Plus, experience guides will always be with you to prioritize your safety. 

Overall, for an unforgettable experience in Subic Bay, definitely visit Tree Top Adventure!

Location: JEST camp area, Upper Mau Cubi, Aparri Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Info: (047) 252 9425

10. Bounce Around At Subic’s Inflatable Island

Home to the largest floating unicorn worldwide is the Subic Inflatable Island. This attraction has everything, from inflatable slides to swings, you’ll never get bored!

This giant floating playground is perfect for families with children. You can slide, bounce, and swing as you please, making it the ultimate bonding experience for all. 

Moreover, it’s an ample space of over 4,200 sqm, which is as big as eight basketball courts combined! So you don’t need to worry about bumping into others when bouncing around. 

After splashing around, chill at the place’s Bali lounge or Rainbow Jungle. You can buy food from its many restaurants, so you don’t need to leave the island. 

Location: Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City

Contact Info: 0945 733 4256 | play@theinflatableisland.com

11. Discover Triboa Mangrove Park

Triboa Bay Mangrove Park – Razel in the wonderland

Source: Razel in the Wonderland

Mangroves are known to thrive best in tropical locations. And the Philippines alone has around half of the world’s mangrove species. These forests play a crucial role in maintaining the balance in the ecosystem for both land and sea! 

In Subic Bay, there are over 60 hectares of these precious forests across six different sites. The most popular one is Triboa Mangrove Park. 

The best time to visit this place is early in the morning or dusk during the drier seasons. However, when visiting, make sure to follow the set rules and regulations. These include: 

  • Respect the surroundings. Be aware of the environment and your actions, and never take anything with you! Whether it’s plants or animals, leave them alone. 
  • Don’t be destructive. Move as little as possible and make minimal noises to avoid disturbing the wildlife. Never play loud music. 
  • Never litter or smoke. 
  • Do your business in the designated restrooms. 

Location: 2034 Corregidor Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

12. Ride the Waves at Networx Jet Sports

person on wakeboard flipping

Swimming isn’t the only thing you can do in Subic Bay. For the more adventurous people, extreme water sports is also an option. And one of the best places for this is Networkx Jet Sports.

This place offers thrill-seekers watersports equipment to rent or purchase. From jet skis to gadgets like fly boards and hoverboards – there’s something for you here! Also, if you have the budget, they offer a yacht cruise. But make your reservations beforehand. 

Location: Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Info: +63 9228129832

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do in Subic Bay for free?

A: While most Subic Bay activities are cheap, there are many things you can do for free! These include visiting national parks like the Ilalin Forest or attending Festivals where you can meet new people and have a blast for no fees at all. Plus, some beaches in the area are free of charge, such as the All Hands Beach. 

Q: What is Subic Bay known for?

A: Subic Bay is famous for its crystal clear beaches, inflatable islands (the biggest in Asia), and historic diving spots dating back from World War II.

Q: Is visiting Subic Bay worth it?

A: If you want to have fun and love nature, beaches, and all things natural, Subic Bay is definitely worth the visit. It offers plenty of gorgeous destinations and fun activities to try. Whether it’s scuba diving or feeding some tigers, Subic has everything you need – and more! 

Q: How do I commute to Subic Bay?

A: If from Manila, ride a bus in Pasay City, Cubao, bound for Olongapo. There, you can ride a jeepney or taxi to Subic Bay. Travel time will reach around 2 to 4 hours, depending on your destination.

Final Note

Subic Bay in the Philippines has many great things to offer. From feeding tigers, exploring historic sites, to swimming on beaches – there’s something for everyone at Subic! This coastal area’s excursions enable tourists to appreciate its beautiful surroundings. So, the next time you visit the Philippines, don’t forget to add Subic Bay to your bucket list!

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