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Best Things to do in the Philippines in December

The Philippines is known as one of the most popular global tourism destinations. This is not surprising since the country is full of spectacular places, breathtaking beaches, festivals, and a lot more. Also, there are plenty of best things to do in the Philippines in December. This is because the water is fine during the said month and it is the season where the locals celebrate the most special holiday, The Christmas season.

The country is one of the very few chosen Asian countries where activities receive a huge amount of attention and promotion. This is because the country and what it has to offer to its visitors will never disappoint. Also, the beauty of the country does not only lie on the magnificent beaches but also on the festivals held yearly.

In this article, we will debunk the myth that summer is the best time to visit the country. It is because it is not entirely true. In fact, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do even during winter which is in the month of December. Indicated below are just some of the best places to visit the Philippines in December:

Best Destinations to Visit in the Philippines in December

Normally, tourists prefer to go to the Philippines during the summer season (March-May). This is the best time to visit on the off chance it is a beach trip. Otherwise, we would say that November-April is the best time to visit the country. During these months, the weather is just fine, not too hot and not too cold. December to February is the perfect time to enjoy the places and participate in different types of festivals being held annually.

We listed the top places to visit as well as fun activities in the Philippines during the months of December. Hopefully, this article will help you plan your trip ahead of time to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable.

Best Things to do in the Philippines in December

1. See the beauty of the Philippine Eagle

The weather in the month of December makes the tourists enjoy their stay and visit a lot of places comfortably. As most people know, the Philippines is a tropical country and the weather is the warm the whole year-round. If you do not want too much hot weather, visit in December and enjoy nature while observing the beauty of the Philippine Eagle which is the national bird of the country.

We are not saying that the Philippine Eagle can only be seen in the said months. You can see it all throughout the year, however, they are easily spotted during the winter. Tourists always seek the most suitable time to have a glimpse at the famous national bird of the Philippines. This bird can’t be found anywhere in the world, only in the country, specifically in the Philippine Jungle.

In addition to that, it is very precious and as per the Philippine law, trading or killing the eagle is prohibited. Anyone caught doing so will be strictly punished.

2. Chocolate Hills

It is most likely that you have seen mountains. In the Philippines, there are smaller versions of mountains, they are called the chocolate hills found in Bohol. The hills are most appealing during December, as it approaches the winter seasons. In addition, they are mostly green and tourists instantly got in love with it the first time they saw it.

Best Things to do in the Philippines in December

Chocolate Hills is one of the famous attractions in the country it amazes not only international tourists but even the local people. It spread over 50 square kilometers and with two slightly larger hills that maintain green grass and gradually turns to brown as it approaches the dry season. The color makes them look like dark chocolate hills. With this distinct feature, it catches the attention of people of all ages and nationalities.

3. Hinatuan National River

If you are planning to travel to the Philippines in the month of December, you should definitely include the Hinatuan Enchanted River. It is a spectacular river with turquoise clear blue water almost similar with that of Palawan and Boracay.

If you are a nature lover, you will surely enjoy this river as it is full of wonders. Also, the water is very clean as you can clearly see fishes even from afar. Nevertheless, fishing is prohibited in this river.

On top of that, what makes this river enchanting is that it is known to be as the habitat of turtles which is why it is mostly visited by nature-lovers. Swimming is allowed but only in specific areas. Sometimes during the afternoon, there are authorized individuals who feed the fish. You can watch them but feeding them yourself is not allowed.

4.Beach Season

This is probably the favorite season of travelers. It is not surprising because the Philippines is known to have plenty of astounding islands. Some of the most popular beaches in the Philippines are Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu Island. The fine sand, clear blue water, and the hospitality of the locals will make your stay memorable.

Best Things to do in the Philippines in December

While the most suitable time to visit the Philippine for your beach trip is on March-May, you may also want to visit the Philippines in December. Do not that the weather is too cold to go to the beach. The truth is, it is the perfect time to commemorate the global fest in a chill vibe.

Since the Philippines is known to have more than 7,000 islands, the beach season is a great way to witness the astounding landscape aside from the glimmering sands along the relaxing water.

5.Taal Volcano

Visiting the Taal Volcano when you visit the Philippine in the month of December will give you a one of a kind experience. It is a small volcano, however, it already erupted several times. Taal volcano can be found in Tagaytay City, which several hours away from Manila. However, you need not go all the way to Tagaytay just to witness the Taal Volcano. Even when your are in Manila, there are certain places where you can clearly see a glimpse of the volcano. It remains an adventure destination as a famous one to witness during the winters while it turns into a popular spot for huge chunk of tourists.

Based on the historical data, the Taal volcano has already erupted more than thirty times since the sixth century. There were a substantial amount of casualties every eruption.

If you are planning to visit the Philippines in the next few years, we do not recommend going to Tagaytay to take a closer look because the volcano has recently erupted last January 2020 and it took weeks to calm down.

6. Cycling

Do not get wrong with this one. I am not suggesting that you come to the Philippines just to go cycling. What I am going to say is that you can do cycling as your side trip.

Best Things to do in the Philippines in December

There is popular annual cycling in the country and it is one of the most enjoyable and fun experience if you are an adventurous type of person. The annual cycling is held every month of December and a lot of locals and even tourists participate in the said competition.

It looks really astounding especially when cyclists go to the greeneries. The railroad is between two sides of the greenfield covering the participants. It looks really great, especially in pictures. It is fascinating that even if the roads are curvy and slight traffics is inevitable, yearly cycling in upland roads is exciting to beat treacherous scenes for fun and excitement.

7. Huge Lantern Festival

The month of December is the month of Christmas. If you are visiting the country on that month, expect that you will see plenty of Christmas lanterns and lights anywhere you go. Basically the spirit of Christmas is everywhere.

It is also during this month when the giant lantern festival is held at the City of San Fernando in Pampanga. This occasion is conducted prior to the celebration of Christmas. A lot of tourists and locals gather together to watch the parade of giant lanterns. Also, it is during this event when you will see how creative Filipinos are.

The most enjoyable part of this event is organizing the contest among the huge lanterns. It is fun and most of the time, the judges find it hard to decide which lantern has the best design because they all look magnificent, creative, and embodies the spirit of Christmas.

The lanterns come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Years ago, there was a rule that the material that should be utilized in the creation of lantern is bamboo Nowadays, creators found the way to make use of twist and add complications to make their lanterns stand out from the rest. Some even use electrical tools just to be more eye catchy.

Best Things to do in the Philippines in December

More Reasons Why You Must Visit the Philippines in December

As you can now see, the are many things to do in the Philippines in December. If you are still not convinced on why you should visit the country, keep on reading!

*Friendy and Hospitable Locals

Knowing that Filipinos are friendly is enough to visit the country not only once. Despite the spectacular places to visit and enjoyable things to do, the locals will make your trip extra special. Moreover, they are friendly to tourists as the locals want to give them a fun and memorable experience.

You can see how friendly Filipinos are once you set foot at the airport. You will immediately be greeted by Filipinos and will assist you. Also, you will most likely need to ride a can. Do not ever feel shy or nervous to ask them especially when it comes to directions because they will always do their best to help you.

Once you arrive at your destination, the locals will almost always want to make friends with you especially if they feel that you are friendly as well. Once you make friends with the locals, some will even invite you to special occasions like fiestas and birthdays.

*Jaw-Dropping Islands

You probably already know this and it is most likely the reason why you are thinking of having a trip to the Philippines. The country has 7,000 islands, each one possessing a distinct beauty.

Best Things to do in the Philippines in December

The most beautiful islands are the farthest ones because they are not easily accessible. However, there are still plenty of popular beaches that never run out of tourist, yet look so clean and preserved like Palawan.

If you are going to the Philippines for a beach trip, we recommend Boracay island in Aklan or island hopping on the beautiful island of Calaguas. Also, you might want to try sky diving in Cebu.

*Lechon, balut, and other best tasting foods

Apart from the beautiful places the Philippines has to offer, there are also plenty of foods like Lechon (roast pig) and balut (a fertilized duck egg that is boiled). It might sound a bit not tasty, but it is actually very good.

Best Things to do in the Philippines in December

Have a taste at Cebu’s world-class Lechon. Stuck your hungry tummy with Pampanga’s sizzling sisig, or try eating in your palm with Quezon Province’s Pancit Habhab. Other must-try famous Filipino dishes are pork sinigang, chicken adobo, Cebu dried mangoes, and of course, the durian from the city of Davao.

*Party life

Nightlife in the Philippines is always fun! Most of the famous bars are located in Metro Manila. They can be in the bars of Quezon City or even in your preferred beach destination. Just a simple reunion or catching up with your friends or family in a Filipino home is very relaxing. One thing that is always present from every Filipino party is the karaoke machine. Karaoke makes the party more lively because Filipinos love to sing. Whether you are good at it or not, you can always have the spotlight on you.


While most people advise that one must visit the Philippines during the summer, visiting the country in the month of December can also be fun. It is because the weather is perfect – not too hot and slightly cold as the cold season is approaching. Also, there are plenty of destinations that are worthy to visit only in December or the cold season.

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