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Things to Do in Tagaytay

A city hidden in plain sight around 60 kilometers from Manila is undervalued. Most tourists don’t think to stop in Tagaytay for a few days between flights, so take advantage of the unspoiled culture and affordable local pricing while it’s still a relatively unknown stop on the western route. When …

What You Must Bring To A Filipino Party

Filipinos love parties so much. They love to make feasts for different reasons, like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days, baby’s first step, religion-related celebrations, and many more. Filipino parties and banquets are often celebrated in the Philippines to create a bond with different people and boast their cooking skills. If a …

Cake Delivery in Philippines – The Top 10

Are you planning on celebrating a special someone’s day in the Philippines? We all know that flowers and, most importantly, cakes are a must-have for these occasions. Luckily, you don’t need to search for long. Many local bakeries offer delicious and gorgeous cakes throughout the country. In this post, I reviewed the …