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Cheap Buffet in Manila- Top Thrills for Tastebuds

People want great gastronomic experiences. Manila is the best place to indulge your need to satisfy your hunger. Food is a need, so you are bound to spend on dining experiences one way or another. Why don’t you satisfy your hunger to the hilt and have an eat all you can? Buffets are immensely satisfying, and seeing cheap buffet in Manila courses that span yards and meters is a true eye-opening delight. Buffet dishes are as varied as the color and hues of the rainbow. Fill your taste buds with every spectrum of flavor from sweet to spicy, salty, and umami. There’s nothing like an expansive buffet, especially when you are mad hungry. Cheap buffet in Manila give you the chance to have a buffet experience beyond just special occasions. In fact, have a buffet whenever you feel like it. It’s all affordable in Manila!

Cheap Buffet in Manila

Top 17 cheap buffet in Manila

Kowloon House

This cheap buffet in Manila place is conveniently located in Quezon City along the busy street of West Avenue corner Times street. It is easy to reach this lace since this is a jeepney route. Of course, from the namesake, Kowloon house, they will be serving mainly Chinese dishes. Who doesn’t love Chinese? Kowloon House buffet is a mouthwatering experience that opens up a whole new world. Once you enter, you will be greeted by a long buffet table laid out with the most sumptuous Chinese. Get your fill of stir-fried noodles, beef tenderloin, bacon shrimp roll, noodles, spareribs, and an assortment of dim sum.


If you want to experience the Filipino fiesta vibe for no other reason other than you are in the mood for it, then head out to Finio. This cheap buffet in Manila is conveniently located in Quezon City and is easy to access via jeepney or bus routes. Have a smorgasbord of scrumptious and palate-pleasing Filipino food. It doesn’t fail. Finio’s selection span the most ordinary to the more complicated Filipino dishes

Have your fill of kare-kare, caldereta, and chicken inasal. Filipino is also transformed into Mongolian style penetration where guests can get an assortment of dishes and have them cooked to perfection. Of course, the star of the buffet is the deboned crispy pata. A must-try!


Tramway can make your eyes as huge as sources because of its affordable price. A cheap buffet in Manila this cheap means you can have a buffet every day. Tramway is a famous buffet destination, though, so expect crazy crowds. They have three branches in the metro. This buffet place is definitely the restaurant to go when you want to have some entertainment with friend s and family. If you received your paycheck for the month, Tramway is a buffet place where you can treat everyone important in your life since it won’t break the bank. Noteworthy dishes include the steamed fish and sweet and sour pork. There is the Hongkong style fried-chicken, and dim sum. Totally worth what you pay for. 

Lee Hak Unlimited BBQ Restaurant

If you are a certified carnivore, head out to Pioneer Street in Kapitoloyo Pasig City. Le Hak is a Korean inspired cheap buffet in Manila place that lets you indulge endless meat all barbecued to perfection. Korean flavors are infused on the meat, so you get to taste something exotic and spicy. The experience will be great if you are a spice fiend. Everything is freshly cooked, and you get to see raw mats transform before your eyes into perfectly juicy and shimmering barbecues. No stale foods and no reheating here. Worth the trip!

Cabalen Filipino-Asian Buffet

Cabalen is a well-known buffet place. It has sixteen branches, so that is evidence of its success. Cabalen is regional Kapampangan Filipino food. It opened thirty years ago and saw a steady rise since then. Kapampangans are known for being culinary masters so your experience here will never disappoint. Cabalen serves all Filipino food. The Asian counterpart serves other Asian dishes such as maki rolls pad Thai, and Chinese. It’s a great cheap buffet in Manila if you want something other than just Filipino food on your plate. 

Café Sweet Inspirations

This is a cheap buffet in Manila place that is well known among the denizens of the Katipunan area. The area surrounding Café Sweet Inspirations saw continuous change, but the establishment still stands to this day. The business remains to be good because they have been consistent with their gastronomic offerings. If you want a laid-back atmosphere where you can fill your belly in peace, Café Sweet Inspirations is a charming place for buffet lovers who are after a good ambiance as well. 

For a reasonable price, you get unlimited selections of proteins and nourishing veggies. You also get to carbo-load with dishes cooked just right. 

YumBoss Putok Batok Restaurant

This buffet place has a number of branches in different parts of the metro. They must be doing something right. Ask yourself what your craving for the day is. If you have a Pinoy palate, you will yell out crabs, sisig, Bagnet, and sinigang. YumBoss Putok Batok Restaurant has it all. They have options for buffet and ala carte. It’s great if you don’t want to blow your budget or if you want to be kind to your waistline and have limits. Selections include adobo, barbecued wings, chicken, calamari, liempo, steak, and seafood combos. These dishes are available both in the buffet and ala carte. 

Cheap Buffet in Manila

The Strand Café

Each place will have its most notable hotspots, and Salcedo Village’s star is the Stand Café. Salcedo Village is smack in the middle of the business district, so there are bound to be a lot of tired and stressed workers who need a perk me up. People who especially work night shifts can gorge themselves on breakfast eats like omelets, breads, and salads. There is also a heftier Filipino breakfast available, which is the perfect reward to a day’s busy work. 

Teppanyaki Xpress

This is one of the gems of the Fisher mall along Quezon Avenue. This is a great buffet destination if your mouth waters at the mere mention of Japanese food. Of course, nothing is stale here, and everything is made fresh. Feast on sushi rice rolls that are wrapped and rolled as you order. If you love meats, there is unlimited teppanyaki available. Notable sushi selections include Hawaiian and California roll plus a whole lot more

Quezon Filipino Spanish Buffet 

Filipino Spanish foods are usually prepared during special occasions and require exotic spices and flavors. It is an indulgence that evokes luxury. Head out to Quezon Filipino Spanish Buffet and get well-prepared dishes that capture the essence of the fusion of traditions. Dishes such include paella and embutido which are all part of the spread. 

There are also strictly Filipino dishes served such as sisig and lechon belly.

They have sweet finishers to your meal, so save some space for them. Cleanse your palate with some sweets like turon, flan, and buchi.

Caffe Dolce

Cheap Buffet in Manila

You can have endless carbo-loading with Caffe Dolce’s spread of lasagna and pasta dishes. However, people flock to this place for the dessert buffet. 

Indulge your sweet tooth cravings with colorful and yummy cakes, pastries, and pies. Finish off the sweetness with a cup of coffee

It’s all cheap in the end since you can have your endless fill of cake instead of just buying one box. 

Master Garden

Most buffets will have set meals, but Master Garden aims to surprise by offering unique menus every day. As a result, eating buffet meals at Master Garden is never boring. Of course, they serve typical ingredients such as beef, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, rice, and fruits. The dishes differ each time you visit. Dishes are mostly Filipino, and you will have an extensive selection without the exorbitant price. 

Hi Rice! Grill

Rice is divine and is a nonnegotiable for Asians and Filipinos. If you have to diet and remove rice, it will be an excruciating challenge. Of course, there’s no such thing as dieting in Hi Rice! Grill. Mongolian cuisine is served here, so you can expect lots of meats and barbecues. Noodles are stir-fried to perfection, and sauces enhance the flavor of every staple. Aside from the griddle station, they have an extensive selection of other dishes as well as a dessert station. 

You have the freedom to create your own Mongolian dishes and match it with sumptuous dishes. 

G Point Smorgasbord & Bar

If you love international cuisine, you can tour the world in this humble, unassuming western-style pub. Things may look a bit rough here, but it adds to its rustic appeal. The down to earth ambiance of this buffet place is home to a gastronomic wonderland. In one siting, you can taste cuisine from America, Britain, Scandinavia, Japan, and the Mediterranean. These cuisines are quite rare in the buffet scene, so expect your trip to G Point Smorgasbord & Bar to be an adventure. 

Fill your belly and shoot some pool after to burn the calories. G Point Smorgasbord & Bar is a great place to dine and have fun. 

Islas Pinas

Each region in the Philippine has a unique culinary tradition, and if you are curious about sampling it all without hopping on a plane, simply hop to Islas Pinas. You can have a sample of a wide variety of food from all corners of the country. This restaurant is under the direction of culinary guru Margarita Fores. Interiors are chic and stylized.

You can have your fill from the many stations which have its own specialty. The Panaderya station has all the classic Filipino baked goods, which include pan de sal and pan de ube. Regional cooking is accessible with choice dishes from Pampanga, Iloilo, Bicol and other territories in the country. Other specialty spots are the Bilao station where you can have your fill of rice cake and the tusok-tusok which is an elevated street food experience

 Zandro’s Grill

The best thing about Zandro’s Grill is the space and the ambiance. If you need to fit in a huge crowd or you are giving a treat to friends and family Zandro’s Grill is the best place to go. Other buffet places get too crowded, and if you are unlucky, you have to wait for hours to get a seat. Zandro’s Grill doesn’t give you any of that hassle; in fact, it can even accommodate big events like baptisms and weddings.

The cuisine here is Filipino fiesta style. In Filipino, fiestas expect dishes like sisig, lechon, and fish steak. These dishes are all served at Zandro’s Grill. Breakfasts are also served all day plus the eat all you can dim sum will have you going for second and third bites. 

Sitio Verde


The same buffet can get pretty boring, but Sitio Verde knows how to spice up their menu by having a revolving menu, which they update two times a week. You get something new at Sitio Verde every couple of days, which means your taste buds will always get fresh excitement. Even if you visit the place here times a week, you will likely get a new menu

Apart from having revolving Filipino dish selections, there are also specials for the day. Specials include beef, chicken, and pork Asian dishes. For kare-kare addicts, this beloved dish is also served. The do-it-yourself pasta station will be something to delight your culinary creativity. 

Of course, desserts are served and leave some space for sweets to cleanse your palate. 

Koko Kofi

Buffet places are not just about getting you to eat until you are totally stuffed. Sometimes you should take it down a notch and go easy on your waistline. Koko Kofi comes in as a less intense cheap buffet in Manila experience. Fill your plate with light snacks such as spaghetti, carbonara, and baked mac. Other selections include cakes, popcorn, candy, and ice cream. In case you really want the full buffet, just add 79 bucks and enjoy the wider selection, which includes pizza and bottomless iced tea.

Final Thoughts

When buffets are mentioned, people get the impression that they can only indulge on special occasions. The extensive cheap buffet in Manila discussed in this article will show you the vast choices in the metro. Don’t wait, visit any one of these places now and give yourself a much-needed treat. 

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