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Cheap Hotel In Manila Near Airport

Manila has a lot of great hotels but if you want a hotel that is near the airport choosing a cheap hotel in manila near airport can be a challenge. You will want a hotel that is affordably priced but still has above par amenities that give you bang for your buck. Choosing a cheap hotel in manila near airport means you don’t have to travel too far to catch your flight or get stuck in traffic. A hotel near the airport is a practical choice so you won’t be late for your flight schedule. Plus, travel time will only take minutes so you will be resting and relaxing in no time. You will find that cheap hotel in manila near airport will have similar amenities compared to other hotels

Cheap Hotel in Manila Near Airport

About Manila Airport & The Terminals

NAIA is an acronym for Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It is Manila’s premier airport which has four terminals that are at 4.8 km distance from each other

The Terminal 1 area is used mainly for international flights. The nearby Terminal 2 area is exclusively used by Philippine Airlines and accommodates both international and domestic flights.

Terminal 3 is the biggest and newest Terminal. It is used for both international and domestic flights. Various airlines can be found here.

Terminal 4 is the last Terminal and is exclusively used for domestic flights. It is the smallest and the oldest Terminal. Mostly parked here are smaller propeller airplanes used for domestic flight.

You can travel between terminals via the airport shuttle bus. Using this transportation is free when you have a ticket to show. The bus operates all day and all night at 30-minute intervals starting at 5 am.

As of this moment, hotels within NAIA itself is limited. You have the option of using the Wing Transit Lounge which can be located at the third Terminal. However, for more pleasant and comfortable accommodations you can choose from several cheap hotel in manila near airport.

Cheap Hotel in Manila Near Airport

Cheap hotel in manila near airport–terminals 1 & 2

There aren’t a whole lot of hotels in Terminals 1 and 2. However, there are a handful of budget hotels and mid-range choices near this location. Rates go from between 26 dollars to 56 dollars which equates to P 1,342 to P 2,909 in pesos.

Go Hotels Manila Airport Road

Go Hotels is just a short distance away from NAIA Terminals 1 and 2. It is a cheap hotel in manila near airport that gives clean rooms. Amenities are basic and are perfect if you are considering a short stay where you want to be comfortable.

There are limited restaurants in the area, but there is an in-house café where you can order basic meals. You can also get your basic stuff and necessities from a convenience store right across the hotel.

OYO 145 Conrado’s Apartelle

This cheap hotel in manila near airport is relatively small and is near Terminals 1 and 2. It is a family-run hotel. The business owners are friendly, and this is a good budget hotel that offers a cozy homely vibe. Free breakfast is also offered with the rooms.

One of the conveniences of booking this hotel is you get free service pick up. For 300 pesos you can also arrange to be dropped off at the airport.

Mella Hotel

Mella Hotel requires you to travel a short 15 minutes away from the airport. The price is a little bit above a budget hotel, but you will be ensured of a comfortable stay. This cheap hotel in manila near airport is also perfect for big groups of travelers since it has family rooms and special lofts that can fit six people.

It also has special amenities like a kids’ room. For adults, they have a swimming pool and spa. You can consider this hotel for a long term stay because of the conveniences it offers.

Cheap hotel in manila near airport–terminal 3

Cheap Hotel in Manila Near Airport

The Terminal 3 in NAIA is right next to Newport City which is an acre wide residential and commercial complex. Thus, there are good options for accommodations for every budget. Good hotels have a price that ranges from 32 dollars to 117 dollars or P 1,672 to P 6,129 in pesos.

One Palm Tree Villas

One Palm Tree Villas cheap hotel in manila near airport is an apartment suite that is just a short distance away from Terminal 3. You can walk through the footbridge and end up in the Terminal 3 food court to reach the One Palm Tree Villas apartments.

There are budget options here which allows you to choose from studios and even one-bedroom units. Each of these choices has a small kitchenette equipped with basic appliances like microwaves. You have the convenience of preparing your meals.

Belmont Hotel Manila

This price point of this hotel is a little bit above a budget hotel. However, it is worth considering if you want to have a comfortable stay. It is located just at the opposite road of Terminal 3. You can access it via the footbridge. You also have access to free shuttle service to other terminals.

Belmont Hotel has top-notch amenities like a rooftop swimming pool and bar which overlooks the city. It is a great spot to relax and unwind after a hectic day. To complete your relaxation, there is also a sauna and steam bath amenities for guests.

Hilton Manila

Hilton is a new player in hotels near the airport. It is a luxury option if you want to have the ultimate stay. It is still near enough the airport and can be accessed via the Runway Manila footbridge. You also have the option of taking a free shuttle service to drop you off if you don’t want to walk far with your heavy luggage.

There are two restaurants in the hotel. Other notable amenities include a large pool and a bar. If you want to dine and have some relaxation, you don’t have to go far. If you have booked their executive room, you are entitled to access to the executive lounge, which serves coffee, pastries, cocktails, and other drinks. 

Cheap hotel in manila near airport–terminal 4

Hotels near Terminal 4 in NAIA are not accessible by foot. You need to drive a short distance to get to them. Different hotels are available at different price points ranging from 23 dollars to 260 dollars or P 1,178 to P13, 595 in pesos.

DG Budget Hotel Salem

This cheap hotel in manila near airport is a budget option near Terminal 4. You can access this hotel via a footbridge, or if you don’t want to walk, you can take a shuttle. For one hundred pesos the hotel can arrange for your lift. If you are coming from other terminals, the cost will be two hundred pesos.

The DG Budget Hotel Salem is located within a commercial complex. You will have access to many restaurants and spa services which are just near your hotel.

Citadines Bay City Manila

The price point of this hotel is a little above a budget hotel. You have to drive a short 15 minutes away from Terminal 4 to get to the hotel. It is located near the famous Mall of Asia and commercial areas which has restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores.

This is a newly built hotel and is notable for its cleanliness. Noteworthy amenities include a pool and a sundeck where you can laze around and relax. Some rooms they offer have condo-like amenities which makes it ideal for long term stays. These rooms will have a kitchenette and a washing machine.

City of Dreams

Get the ultimate in luxury while staying near NAIA airport. City of Dreams is a great hotel that is lavishly decorated with wide and big rooms which even include a butler and room service round the clock. Amenities include an outdoor pool, spa services, and even a fitness center.

If you want a truly outstanding stay book their Presidential site which accommodates up to six individuals. It has an exclusive elevator, jacuzzi, and en-suite rooms. You can also get a private massage since it is equipped with a spa table.

Cheap hotel in manila near airport—other notable hotels

Golden Phoenix Manila

This cheap hotel in manila near airport is located in the SM Mall of Asia complex. It has a total of 281 guest rooms and remarkable facilities and services such as Wi-Fi, convenience stores, and laundry. Since this hotel is located near a major mall and within a commercial area, you will have access to a wide range of dining and shopping experiences.

The Concierge

This hotel is likewise located near the SM Mall of Asia complex. Condo like units are available for rent and are convenient accommodations if you are considering a longer stay. Rooms have guest rooms, living rooms and a kitchenette equipped with appliances. A stay at the Concierge gives you proximity to various dining and shopping experiences that can fill your days with pleasure and entertainment.

Kabayan Hotel

This cheap hotel in manila near airport is near major transit systems MRT and LRT. You will have easy access to all points in the metro. Kabayan Hotel is not just near dining and shopping districts; it is also near nightlife hotspots. If you want to relax during evenings, you can go to any of these hotspots dress up and let loose.

Manila Airport Guide

What to Expect

Manila is a big airport and traversing, it can be a frustrating experience. The four terminals are all interconnected via a shuttle bus. However, many travelers have complained that these buses are not operational, so you have to take a cab at a steep price. The terminal 3 is the largest and newly built Terminal. Terminal one has undergone some renovations as well. Together they handle most of the airline traffic.


Many travelers do report some improvement at NAIA, but you can still expect it to be a complicated place as you move through long circuitous lines to get to your flight. There are restaurants and shops aplenty within the airport to keep you occupied; however, they do not accept credit cards. You may have to find an ATM inside the airport and withdraw some cash.

The airport is said to offer Wi-Fi services, but it doesn’t; seem to be reliable since many travelers report issues with it. If you want to wait comfortably there are lounges which offer first-class amenities including showers. Economy calls passengers will have to pay for these, but business class passengers have it included in their package.

Sleeping in Manila Airport

Many travelers warn that you shouldn’t sleep at NAIA unless you really have to. Some chairs can provide some comfort, but most of the seating are made of metal. Temperatures within the airport also tend to change from extremes so you may need more layers of clothing and in some instances, less.

If you find yourself in a situation that you have to spend the night in the airport a convenient place to do so is at Terminal 3 since it is more comfortable than the other areas. In other areas such as Terminal 2, Some travelers say that there are love seats and reclining chairs.

However, you should be aware that some areas do not permit people sleeping, and people who eventually doze off are asked to pay large fines. If you really need to sleep within the airport, there are private rooms available in Terminal 1 and where you can snooze in privacy and comfort. 

Good to Know

It is also unfavorable to sleep in public areas on the airport since scams may victimize you. You have to be awake and alert and take extra care of your luggage and belongings. There have been a number of scams being reported in the airports such as demands for bribes and theft.

Final Thoughts

The NAIA is one big busy airdrome but traversing it is one of the adventures you need to go through to get to the wonderful sites of the Philippines. Cheap hotel in manila near airport guarantees that you will have a stay that is hassle-free and convenient. Choosing a hotel near the airport is a practical option, so you don’t have to travel far and wait long hours when it is time to board your flight.  

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