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Cheapest Hotel in Davao City to Stay In

Davao City is one of the most anticipated provinces to visit within the country. There are many beautiful sceneries and attractions that can make your travel in Davao worth it. However, Davao is too far away from Manila, the countries capital. This means that going there is not just ideal for a back and forth rides. So, the best way is for you to stay in Davao City for even just overnight. Fortunately, there is the available cheapest hotel in Davao City for you to stay.

In this blog post, we will share the affordable hotels within Davao that are very ideal for tight budget travellers. So, if you’re ready to have your stay in Davao, then check this out!

A little bit info about Davao City

Being hailed as the Durian Capital of the Philippines, Davao City is the home of tourist spots bounded by cultures and local delicacies. It is a highly civilized city located in the southernmost primary island in the Philippines, Mindanao.

Basically, when you’re in Davao City, you can spend most of your time exploring the beauty of the province. Moreover, it is in Davao where the Philippine Eagle Center and Davao Crocodile Park are located. Then, you could go there and get the chance to meet the finest species in the Philippines.

cheapest hotel in Davao City attractions

Further, have yourself some bit of relaxation around People’s Park. Additionally, you could also pamper yourself by the goodies within their version of China Town. Furthermore, since you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Roxas Avenue Night Market. They usually offer great-tasting Filipino food and Davaoeño delicacies.

On top of that, one great attraction of Davao City that you should not miss is Mount Apo. It is the tallest mountain in the country. So, if hiking is a thing for you, then visiting Davao is a must.

Aside from that, the dry season in Davao City is very predictable compared to other Philippine destinations. The months of June to December are the rainiest month in this place. Meanwhile, April and May are the hottest.

What’s more of Davao is its Kadayawan Festival which the celebration happens every August of the year. During this festival, tourists from other parts of the country and around the world flocked in the said province.

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List of the cheapest hotels in Davao City

Staying in Davao City is not as expensive as you think. Besides, there are numbers of the cheapest hotel in Davao City where you can afford to stay in. Check the list below and find the cheapest hotel in Davao City that fits your budget and preference.

1. Palm Residence Inn

This cheapest hotel in Davao City has air-conditioned rooms, cable TV, and WiFi access. Moreover, the rooms have private baths with showers that you can adjust from hot to cold. You can locate this inn at Guerrero Street in Davao.

2. Bahay ni Tuding Inn

Bahay ni Tuding Inn gives a homey ambience. Furthermore, the amenities offered at this cheapest hotel in Davao City include air-conditioned rooms, WiFi access, cable TV, and shower (hot and cold). Additionally, Bahay ni Tuding also offers continental breakfast for guests which is part of their affordable starting rate.

Moreover, room and massage services can also be provided if requested. The Bahay ni Tuding that can be found in San Pedro Street is also popular for their homemade yoghurt. This is a quiet place perfect to rest in while staying in the beautiful province of Davao. 

3. Orange Grove Hotel

Next on our list of the cheapest hotel in Davao City is the Orange Grove Hotel. Staying in this hotel can offer high-quality room services. Moreover, these include internet access, cable TV, desk, mini bar, and a room balcony. Furthermore, for an affordable rate, the hotel management guarantees more recreational things to offer while you stay here at Orange Grove Hotel. You can find this hotel at the Barangay Buhangin in Davao City.

4. The Royal House Travel Inn and Suites Davao

Located along CM Recto Avenue, this cheapest hotel in Davao City caters an excellent combination of value for money and relaxation. Aside from that, they know purely by heart the needs of budget travellers. With this, the rooms inside the hotel are decorated with minimalist design and conservative colour pattern. Additionally, you can stay and enjoy all the amenities of the Royal House with an affordable rate suitable for tight budget travellers.

5. Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel

The Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel is a 3-star hotel and at the same time one of the cheapest hotels in Davao City. With its affordable rate, the guests can have a comfortable and stylish relaxation. Inside each room are air conditions and showers. However, their internet is only accessible at the public areas of the hotel like the cafes.

Additionally, Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel also offers a bar or dining and room service. Aside from that, parts of their amenities are the coffee shop and seminar facilities. The guests can also have access to the exceptional recreational facilities inside the hotel.   

6. D’ Morvie Suites Davao

This cheapest hotel in Davao City is perfect for those who are looking for just a small room to sleepover. Yet, each room contains an air conditioning unit, flat TV, and private bathroom. Likewise, you can never get bored staying in this small room hotel because you can have free breakfast, WiFi and parking. Availing their affordable room rates and services, you can enjoy staying in this cheapest hotel in Davao City.

7. Red Planet Davao

This hotel has numbers of branches in the country yet this branch in Davao is one of the excellent. The Red Planet Hotel has a touch of modern set up. One example and a great feature is their downloadable app which can be used for communicating with their front desk. So, instead of using the conventional telephone, they utilize the chat or in-app call.

However, its modernity doesn’t affect its rate. You can stay here in this hotel for a mid-budget range that is still affordable. Furthermore, the traditional hotel ambience, hospitality, and good customer service still remain at the Red Planet.  

8. First Pacific Inn Davao

The next one on the list, First Pacific Inn, belongs to the cheapest hotel in Davao City. This hotel offers free WiFi access to every room. Moreover, it also maintains a daily housekeeping service and a 24-hour front desk. With their affordable room rates, all these amenities are widely available.

9. Azienda Meo Apartelle

Providing a great sense of comfort, room accommodations at Azienda Meo Apartelle has amenities have caring touches. Additionally, they have a massage garden that caters a completely relaxing atmosphere. In case you want an exhilarating break from your Davao tour, relaxing at Azienda Meo Apartelle is an affordable and comforting treat for you.

10. Red Knight Gardens

The Red Knight Gardens has various features to provide comfort to their guests. This cheapest hotel in Davao City has internet access, air-conditioned rooms, cable TV, desk, and kitchenette. Moreover, exciting recreational facilities include the hotel garden and an outdoor pool. For an affordable room rate, you can relax and stay here with great ease.

cheapest hotel in Davao City

11. The Manor Hotel Davao

Included in our list is the Manor Hotel. The great ambience of the hotel can be experienced in every room. They have cable TV, mini bar, shower, and internet access in each individual room. Additionally, this hotel also has a massage service which can is a relaxing way to unwind. Despite being one of the high-quality hotels in Davao, Manor Hotel also offers affordable room rates for budget travellers.

12. Zen Rooms

Well-known for catering bedrooms in condominiums and hotels over Southeast Asian countries, Zen Rooms also offer affordable service in Davao. With their affordable rate, you can already stay in their hotel with access to an air-conditioned room, flat TV, private bathroom, and free WiFi. Moreover, Zen Rooms can be found in various locations in Davao City to provide great comfort to every guest.

13. Las Casitas De Angela Inn III

Looking for a place to stay in Davao, then here is Las Casitas De Angela Inn III. This has rooms that are low in rates and really affordable for budget travellers. Moreover, the rooms in this cheapest hotel in Davao City have various bed sizes based on your preference. Aside from that, you can also avail their private bathroom, flat-screen TV, and free WiFi. The foods here are also affordable and delicious as well.

14. ALU Hotel Davao

The rooms in ALU Hotel Davao are oozing with complete peace and harmony. Furthermore, staying in this hotel can give you the sense of having a professional service and variety of features at affordable room rates.

15. The Madeline Boutique Hotel and Suites

If you choose to stay in this hotel, you can able to experience their rooms with free WiFi access. Additionally, included in their services are the 24-hour security system and front desk, daily housekeeping, and taxi service. As a new hotel in Davao City, this is also perfect to have your stay that keeps you within your budget as well. 

Cheapest luxury hotels in Davao City

Having a tight budget during your travel doesn’t mean you cannot afford to stay in luxury hotels. Aside from that, in Davao City, there are numbers of luxury hotels that also offer affordable room rates to comfort tight budget travellers.

1. Honeymoon Suite Anavada Apartment

If you want to express some luxury while you are relaxing in the heart of Davao City, then choose to stay here at Honeymoon Suite Anavada Apartment. At an affordable rate, you can relax at their fully furnished suites. All of each suite has an air conditioning unit, flat-screen TV, kitchen, dining areas, and bedroom.

room in the cheapest hotel in Davao City

2. Davao Abreeza Central Suite

This hotel gives you access to free WiFi, daily housekeeping, and kitchen. Additionally, Davao Abreeza Central Suite has a 24-hour security service and homeroom service. At an affordable rate, the hotel amenities include an outdoor pool, pool for kids, children’s playground, and fitness centre.

3. Eden Nature Park and Resort

In case you are staying in Davao as a family or in a group, Eden Nature Park and Resort is an ideal one for you. Moreover, this luxury hotel is also the cheapest hotel in Davao City offering good services in group travellers. Each room includes private bathrooms, a closet, and a flat-screen TV.

Moreover, there are rooms where you can have a beautiful garden panorama. Additionally, Eden Nature Park and Resort also serves buffet breakfast with a great-tasting meal. Also included in their amenities is an outdoor pool that is also suitable for kids.

4. Domicilio Lorenzo

Great features of the hotel Domicilio Lorenzo are the outdoor swimming pool and the luscious garden. Additionally, it provides free access to WiFi and every room are air-conditioned with an electric kettle. Despite being luxurious, Domicilio Lorenzo also offers affordable rates for some of their rooms.

5. The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites

In the heart of Davao City, you can find one of the most famous hotels there, the Pinnacle Hotel and Suites. Moreover, it has rooms, indoor pool, and hot tub facility. Moreover, included in their hotel feature is the 24-hour front desk, free WiFi access, and free parking.

Additionally, you can also avail their airport transfer and shuttle service but with a surcharge. Yet, this luxurious hotel also has an affordable room rate.

Wrapping Up

Davao City is a rich, urbanized city worth visiting at the southernmost island of the Philippines. However, since it is too far from Manila, going there calls for at least an overnight stay or two. There is the available cheapest hotel in Davao City that can provide you with comfort and exceptional relaxation. So, with the help of these hotels, staying in Davao would not become meaningless.

If you love this blog post please feel free to give us a comment below. In case there is something we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

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