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Dangerous Places To Avoid Visiting In The Philippines: What To Know

dangerous places to visit in the PhilippinesAre you an individual who likes to travel that much? Are you aware of the dangerous places to avoid visiting in the Philippines?

Is the Philippines Really Safe For Tourists? This is the most common question a lot of tourists ask before they travel to this country. Maybe because of what they saw in the news or read about in the magazine. Traveling in the Philippines is a safe country for local and international tourists. However due to the ongoing pandemic today because of covid19, there are some travel restrictions traveling not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

The Philippines is dubbed the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” because of its natural beauty, white sand beaches, rich in coral reefs, green mountains, and majestic volcanoes. On the other hand, like many other countries, there are places that have a high risk of crime as well as places that are safe to visit. Despite the active travel warning in the Philippines, it does not mean the whole country is not a safe destination to visit.

There are some particular regions that are unsafe to visit, but most of the region in the country is considered as safe as other places in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is a lovely country, the people are known to be one of the most hospitable people in the world.

They give a warm welcome to every tourist who visits their place. And this kind of behavior makes international tourists come back to visit the country and some of them choose to settle in the Philippines. However, there are some areas and places in the Philippines that make it unsafe and dangerous to travel. But above all most of the places and cities in the Philippines are undoubtedly a must-have bucket list for everyone. 

Here is the list of the Cities and Provinces in the Philippines that is safe for tourist to travel

Lists Of Dangerous Places To Avoid Visiting In The Philippines

1. Marawi Province

Marawi city is located in northwest central Mindanao. The city is popular to a lot of people for being an Islamic city in the Philippines. Marawi city may not be as popular as the other cities in the Philippines. The city is a small city among others but this place has a lot of beautiful spots and is perfect for tourist destinations that are worth visiting. If there is a chance to visit Marawi city you will be amaze by a lot of things you can do. There are a lot of beautiful places and spots and some hidden destinations that are great and worth it to explore.

However, because of the infamous terrorist attack that happened in 2017, the city is still in the process of recovery. After the Marawi siege, the place became a ghost town and there are over 200,000 residents in the city who decided to leave the place for good and stay in the temporary shelter outside the city. The city also became one of the most dangerous places in the Philippines and the tourism avoided local tourists and international tourists to visit the city. 

2. Siquijor Province

Siquijor province is truly one of a kind destination and a place that is worth exploring for tourists. The province is known as a vacationers paradise because of the amazing destinations you can spot in the province. The place is rich in white sand beaches, mysterious caves, incredible reefs, snorkeling spots, and beautiful guest houses. What’s the most exciting part is you will be able to experience the fantastic sunset. This province is probably one of the well-talk provinces in the Philippines.

Despite all of the worthy and beautiful destinations that this place has to offer, the province is considered as one of the dangerous provinces that are avoided by many local tourists and not endorsing it to some international tourists. They commonly see the province as filled with some supernatural entities and known as a center of witchcraft.

The Philippines is rich in folklore beliefs, through this many locals outside the province of Siquijor believe that the place is a home of witches and ghosts. With the idea of these beliefs, many local tourists avoided the province as their travel destination. 

However, if you have a chance to discover and know more about the province of Siquijor you will discover that the province is a peaceful province after all that makes the province a safe place to travel. The only threat is that when you travel to unfamiliar places, bad things happen in Siquijor. 

3. Cotabato 

Cotabato province is listed as one of the most dangerous provinces to visit and travel with. This province is located in SOCSARGEN, the same region which is also where Marawi is located. The place is considered as the food basket of Mindanao. A top producer of some products such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, sugar cane, and coffee. Visiting Cotabato is not a good idea and not a safe place to visit for all tourists. Terrorism is the major social issue of the Philippines, and Cotabato is one of the high risks and probability of terrorism attack.

The kidnapping of some foreign travelers is the number one target of the terror groups in Cotabato so that they can get a high ransom from a wealthy family and have high-profile publicity. Over a years, Muslim people deliberately discuss to the government, that they want to receive the independence that Cotabato province and the people deserve from the rebel groups. With this, the government has a deal with a leading rebel group which is the Moro Islamic liberation front in Philippine Government. To have an agreement in working together to achieve the betterment of Cotabato province and the Muslim people. However, this will not give you the assurance to have safe travel in the place.

4. Metro Manila City

 Metro Manila is the capital of the Philippines. When some locals in some parts of the Philippines hear about the city of Manila, you could think of the city has a lot to offer. Also, a well-rounded city, a fun and safe place to travel. Metro Manila is one of the most beautiful cities to settle in. With this, some of the locals outside the city migrate to Manila. This is because they believe that this city has a lot of opportunities to offer.

In terms of jobs, to have a good life, and a safer place to live. Because of this Manila became more overpopulated and more crimes. Like just the other capital in the country that is not safe and dangerous to visit. There is just one particular city in Metro Manila that belongs to the list of one of the most dangerous cities in all of Asia and that is in Quezon City. The level of crime in this city is moderate to high. 

Many locals believe that Metro Manila and the other cities are safe to visit and travel with. However, most foreigners and international tourists have a different experience in the city. Most of them have bad experiences in different ways. And there are a lot of criminal records in the area, countless bar fights, robbing everywhere, things stolen and attacking someone in the public place.

Terrorism is a major social issue in the Philippines, so there is a high possibility that this city can be attacked by terrorists. The city also engages in corruption and bribery.  Because of this, Metro Manila is one of the dangerous places to avoid visiting in the Philippines. So it’s a must before you plan to travel, make sure to have research about the safety especially if the area is large- populated areas.

5. Abra Province

Abra province is the 3rd class province of Cordillera Administrative Region found in Luzon. The province of Abra is home to countless bamboo. Also, the rattan furniture and creators. The town is famous for its giant legendary footprint and the hometown of Teofilo Garcia, a living treasure for his skill in making hats. For a long time, Abra province has had the least attention for tourists visiting that place.

But today many travelers are starting to recognize the province to explore because of its travel-worthy sights. There are a lot of travel destinations, beautiful natural attractions, rich in waterfalls and hot springs, a lot of heritage houses and rock formations. 

Like the other provinces in Mindanao, Abra province has also been listed as the most dangerous place to avoid visiting by tourists. Most of the travel agencies operating in the Philippines are not offering a package tour in the Province of Abra. It might be the reason that Abra has the reputation of being unsafe to travel. This is mostly because of the political clan wars and a lot of crimes and violence related to the election for the past years. Because of this, the safety of tourists and travelers is not secured.

However, as of today because of social media and mainstream media, the province of Abra became interesting in the eyes of some local and international tourists.  Keep in mind if you want to visit the underrated province it is a must to have a travel guide with you. Especially if your destination is located in a remote area. 

6. Quezon Province

Quezon province is in Southern Luzon. The province is known for its picturesque islands, rugged mountains, attractive beaches, and forest that is travel-worthy for a nature enthusiast. This is also the province that is rich in coconut plantations and rice farms.

There are a lot of activities you can do in just one day. By visiting the mystical Mt. Banahaw, streams, caves, hot springs, and short mountain hikes. Quezon province is the home of the vibrant and colorful Pahiyas Festival. This is nationally recognized and also famous and visited by lots of tourists. Like the other festivals in the Philippines. This festival is held because they want to give thanks for their bountiful harvest. 

However, the province is also the place where the Non-People’s Army is located. They are not just a few but a large number of NPA. This is one of the reasons that the province is also listed among those places that are dangerous to visit when you want to visit the Philippines. Their destructive nature to many tourists. This happens especially the tourists who come from overseas are very alarming.

The threat of the Military is one of the problems of the Philippines and this is also the worst experience for a foreigner. The government and the national people’s army have agreements to declare a ceasefire in the province. Regardless of the agreements, there are crimes and violence happening in some parts of the province. So it is not advisable for tourists to visit the place, especially those travelers who come abroad. 

But, as of today the recorded crimes and violence in the province is too low. So, if ever you have a chance to visit the province and decide to trek in Mt. Banahaw there are available professional tour guides who can assist you throughout your adventure.

7. Jolo Province

Jolo province is generally popular for being the province that has a lot of violence, crimes, terrorist attacks, and kidnapping around the place. This is the most dangerous province in the Philippines that local tourists and outside the country tourists must avoid travel. Even the local tourists don’t have the courage and eagerness to visit the province because of the terrorist attack. This province is home to Abu Sayyaf, this is a rebellious organization in Mindanao that is known for torturing its kidnapped victims. Most of their kidnapped victims are tourists of the province.

They kidnapped the victim to get a high ransom from a wealthy family, especially if the tourist is a foreigner. Locals have warned all the tourists not to visit the place and travel in any form since there is the presence of a rebellious group and their destructive nature. There are dangerous potential threats, attacks to all the tourists, and kidnapping. Nobody, even the locals, wants to visit the place because also the province has a restriction from the government. This is the main reason to avoid the province if you travel to the Philippines. 

8. Basilan 

Basilan is a home of Muslim,yakan, sama, tausog and badjao. They are proud of their exquisite handicrafts products, basketry, and bronzesmith wares. There are a lot of attractive destinations that are worth visiting in Basilan including the pristine Malamawi Island. There are also some places you can safely stay like Isabela and Lamitan that have a lot of attractive white sand beaches.

However, because of the Abu Sayyaf, the image of the province results as one of the dangerous places to visit by tourists. When the tourist has the chance to visit the country.

Tips Before Visiting A Dangerous Place


Aside from this, there are things you need to consider when you want to travel outside of your country to visit other places.

#1 Do a research

When you have plans to visit another country you need to consider conducting your own research to know more about the place. If the country is safe to travel and visit with. After all, your safety is the most important. Just like all the other countries,  there are also some provinces and cities in the Philippines that are unsafe and dangerous to travel. However, if you conduct some research ahead of time you will be able to know what are places in the Philippines that are dangerous to visit. Aside from this, there are also some travel agencies that will help and guide you to have a safe and fun trip. 

#2 Avoid travel in a remote area

Before you travel outside the country make sure you have the research about the place. Some of the worst incidents happen in remote places in the Philippines. This is the place where a lot of terrorist and rebellious groups are hiding.

When you read that the place is located in a remote area, avoid travel and visit the place. If ever there is a chance that your chosen location is in a remote area. It is a must to hire a professional tourist guide or to have security personnel. Through this, your safety is secured. 

The Philippines is one of the countries having a lot of organizations. So before going to a remote area you need to have the first contact inside the place for you to trust. This will help you to have a safer journey and you will be able to get the best experience as well. You need to be extra careful whenever you want to travel to a remote place. Hence, there are a lot of people who will help you throughout your journey. 

#4 Don’t bring a lot of cash instead use credit cards and ATMs for payment transactions. 

Unlike with other countries such as Japan, or the USA where you have secured your money. But the country of the Philippines is a different country. In the Philippines, there are some particular cities that have a higher crime rate. If you ever have the chance to visit that place don’t bring a lot of cash with you, instead, use credit cards and ATMs for payment transactions. With this, you have a low chance to experience being robbed and kidnapped.

Whenever you wish to visit the country, city life can’t guarantee you that you can safely bring your money. You don’t need to get all the money from your bank account and just leave it in your bag or in your wallet. It is not advisable as well especially if you are in the city place of the country. There are a lot of cases of snatching that even locals already experience. 

However, there are places in the Philippines which is safer and this can be in the province part of the country. There are fewer crimes in this area. Hence, Filipinos are very helpful and happy people! 

#5 Try not to travel at night

It is advisable not to travel at night. If the place has a high rate of crimes and violence and if it is a remote area. It is a good idea if you choose to stay in your place during the night to avoid sudden incidents that may happen to you if you go outside. During the night, this is the time where a lot of violence and crimes happen. There are cases particularly in the Philippines where crime increases at night. 

You need to be extra careful when traveling to this country for your safety. When you are planning to go into a remote area you need to make sure that you get the trip in a day tour. This will help you to reach the place safely! 

#6 Always equipped yourself 

You need to remember that when you try to travel whenever in local or to some different countries in the world, it is important to have essentials. This will help you to have a more convenient way of traveling. You need to help yourself and get the best equipment which is a multi-purpose one. 

Look for the equipment which can give a great experience. For instance, you wish to bring a power bank, you can help have a solar panel type. This will help you to secure the power of your mobile, and as well as your other gadgets. 

#7 Seek the help of a travel agency 

Whenever you are new in the place and you don’t know anything in the place you can get help from a travel agency. They will help you with the amenities that you might get and your temporary home. Why do you need a travel agency? Aside from the fact that you don’t have any ideas about the place, you will also have a good package in a certain place. 

You don’t need to worry that much as there is a lot of travel agency which offers day tour, overnight and longer days. Whenever you wish to have a special tour package you could ask your travel agency provider to help you. The travel agency will also guarantee you that you will have fun traveling in a safer way.

If you wish to know safe places to visit in the Philippines click this!

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