Exploring the Philippines – Best Caves and Caverns To Visit In the Philippines

Are you looking for the best caves and caverns to visit in the Philippines for your next trip? Be prepared to be astounded and amaze with the best caves and caverns that the Philippines has to offer. Visiting spectacular sceneries like this is truly once in a lifetime experience.

Spending time with caves is like traveling back in time a thousand or even a million years ago. Getting inside a cave is like getting into another world. If you’re still planning to have a list of where to go first, then this list will help you choose one:

  1. Hinagdanan Cave

The cave got its name from the Bisayan word “hagdan” which means ladder as the first who discovered it had to build a ladder just to get inside the hollow underground. It has natural lighting in which you will be amazed at how the play of light falling on the maze of large stalagmites and stalactites complete its beautiful scenery on the inside. Both ends of the cave are open and though a pool of water exists, swimming is never advisable for health reasons – not to mention snakes.

  1. Biak Na Bato

This cave is located at Bulacan that is known to hold a significant place as a mountain hideout in the armed revolution against the Spaniards and was once the headquarters of the late President Emilio Aguinaldo. It is a sight to behold with its hanging bridges and natural staircases that connect rivers and caves.

  1. Tabon Cave

This cave is located in the city of Quezon in Palawan where it is famous for its over 22,000-year-old skull of a Tabon man that is found inside the cave. It is dubbed as the “fail cradle of civilization” and one of the longest caves in the Philippines.  It has a 138-hectare museum site reservation that lies along the western coastline of southern Palawan. All caves in the Lipuun Point reservation have become collectively known as Tabon Cave Complex.

  1. Langun-Gobingob Cave

If there is one thing that Calbiga in Samar can be proud of, it has to be this cave that holds the distinction as the biggest cave system in the whole of Southeast Asia with a cathedral that’s second-largest in the whole world with nearly 3,000 hectares.

  1. Callao Cave

This seven-chambered massive cave that’s located in Penablanca in Cagayan has a beauty that’s legendary as rock and limestone formations from the resemblances of an assortment of things like a chapel, dog, rocket, and a lion’s head.

In addition to that, all chambers of the cave have natural crevices which allow the shots of light to get into the dark corners creating an even more beautiful sight within. It is the most accessible of all the caves as its entrance is reached by climbing 184 concrete steps.

  1. Jackpot Cave

This cave is the second deepest cave in the whole peninsula with a depth of 115 meters and 355 meters in length and it’s a major tourist attraction that’s located in the Sitio Tumallo, Barangay Quibal in Peñablanca at the province of Cagayan.

  1. Odessa Tumbali Cave

Another reason to stay in Cagayan is this third longest cave that has 12.6 kilometers connected to the village of Tumbali. It has a lagoon for swimming and has cave diving spots.


  1. Sumaging-Latipan-Lomyang Cave

This majestic crystal cave is running as the deepest cave on this side of the Pacific that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Sagada, Mountain Province. It’s where the Pinoy guerillas made it as a hiding fortress during World War II. With its six entrances, you will be privy to some of the most enthralling natural formations it shows. As of today, this cave is the deepest in the whole Philippines.

  1. Odloman Cave

With its five entrances connected, you will never run out of beautiful crystalline formations in the abundance of large galleries that awaits you. No wonder, this cave is one of the most visited caves in the country today. As a whole, this cave is considered second-longest at 8.9 kilometers and the sixth deepest cave in the whole archipelago that’s located in the Mabinay, Negros Oriental.

  1. Puerto Princesa Underground River

It is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. This is probably the most popular cavern that earns the distinction as the longest navigable and underground river in the world. With its scenic beauty, it has become one of the foremost central tourist attractions of the country.

With its length of 15,000 meters, it is the third deepest cavern in the country and its 8.2 kilometers river winds its way underneath a mountain range. The journey through the cave system alone is 24 kilometers long.

  1. Sohoton Cave

This 841-hectare cave turned into a natural bridge park consists of the river, forest, cliffs, limestone formations, and natural bridges and it’s one of the longest caves in the Philippines.

  1. Monfort Bat Sanctuary

It has been the home of a large colony of 2.3 million rosette fruit bats since recorded history. The bats cover 75% of the ceiling and walls of the 75 meters long cave.

  1. Aglipay Cave

It is an eco-tourism site found in Quirino Province in the Cagayan Valley region. It consists of over 37 interlining underground and chambers of which only 8 chambers have been explored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the largest cave in the Philippines?

The largest cave system in the Philippines is the Calbiga Caves or most popularly known as the Langun-Gobingob caves which measure 900 square kilometers and length of 7 meters wide. It also has a blind crab and the so-called hypogean blind fish that are living inside the cave.

What is the best cave to visit?

There are a lot of factors to consider to choose from which is the best cave to visit like the things you want to do inside the cave if it’s advisable to do so may limit the chances of you being so carefree to visit one. Choosing what’s the best cave to visit should be determined by a lot of things that are applicable and best for you.

Hailed as the most popular cave to visit and officially recognized by a lot of international bodies of nature-related organizations, Puerto Princesa Underground River is probably the best cave to visit. Made popular by its local residents and tourists but still preserving its cleanliness and natural beauty.

How many caves are in Mabinay?

Popularly known as a cave town, the municipality of Mabinay claim that there are over 400 caves with roughly 100 that are known and 50 of it were explored and identified by some foreigners years back.

What is the caving capital of the Philippines?

The caving capital of the Philippines is Samar where the massive Callao cave is located and is also known as a haven for cavers. In addition to that, here are also some of the famous caves in Samar:

  • Naponod Cave – “cave pearl
  • Sulpan Cave – with the combination of Pinipisakan Falls as an entrance
  • Lobo Cave – known for its angel wings and breathtaking waterfalls inside
  • Central Cave – known as Crystal Paradise
  • Taguloulo Cave – a fossilized tooth of a Megalodon inside


Caves and caverns are so peaceful to sight because you know that it is made by nature who had its own way of creating things making it as a masterpiece. We may leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures as we go on visit our historical places. For travelers out there who want to still continue exploring at this time of the pandemic, make sure to come prepared and comply with the health standard protocols.

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