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Hot Springs Laguna Philippines Resorts: Place Where You Can Relax

Hot spring in laguna

If you are an individual who would like to go to different tourist spots. What are the hot springs Laguna Philippines resorts? 

Laguna is one of the places you can have a lot of tourists spot and you can also explore. There are a lot of people who would like to travel to this place. One of the most tourist spots here is the hot springs in Laguna. Laguna is close to the city of the Philippines which is Manila. The reason why people love to be in hot springs is for them to feel the warm water.

This will help them to soothe their senses, relax their body and muscles at the same time. There are a lot of health benefits when you wish to swim in hot springs. People also believed that whenever they have pain in their body, bruises and wounds will help to dry up easily. There are a lot of hot springs you can try to explore here in Laguna. Perfect for couples and even if you wish to have a family reunion. Hot springs are perfect for your body. 

Here are the hot springs you can visit in Laguna, Philippines. 

Best Hot Springs In Laguna

Hot Springs Laguna Philippines Resorts: Place To Relax Today!

#1 Hidden Valley Springs Resort 

Before reaching this hidden valley hot springs resort you will need to trek in the forest. If you are an individual who would like to go here, you need to bring extra energy to your body. What’s the best thing about this hot spring? This is perfect for people who wish to experience the best vacation through hot springs. This is private property, you will need to walk but when you reach the place all are worth it! 

If you are an individual who just likes to be in a calm place and quiet as well, this one is for you! There are many people who love this place because it is not too crowded. So whenever you are a couple and you want to spend the rest of the day with a relaxing view, you need to try to come here. The thing is you feel that you are very close to nature when you are here. There are a lot of large trees and orchids as well. You can also visit here whenever you wish to have your own photoshoot for your birthday, and even for the upcoming wedding. This place helps you to recharge your mind and at the same time helps you to breathe in a clean space. The place is very healthy for those individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and having a lot of stress. 

#2 The Cliffhouse Laguna

This one is a resort, but at some point people consider this having natural water hot springs. For the people who are having a problem with a place which is too crowded for them, this place is good for you. If you wish to travel and have some fun with only the whole family, you can do it here. Cliffhouse laguna has an overlooking pool on top. This is where you can truly enjoy swimming in cold weather in Laguna. This is perfect for people who want some privacy whenever they wish to have a vacation. 

What is the good thing about this place? Cliffhouse helps you to refresh your mind. You are on the top of the mountain, the greeny environment is not only healthy to your eyes but as well as to your mind. Another reason to come here is the fresh air you can breathe. Unlike when you are in the city, where the air is polluted. The place also follows the safety protocol with today’s situation. Whenever you and your family decide to come here, this place can accommodate 16 people. There are rooms and beds where you can truly relax. 

In the morning you can enjoy the scenery while drinking your coffee. Whenever you want to relieve your stress from a stressful week because of school or work, this one is perfect for you! Also, if your company wants to have a simple celebration whenever you reach your quotas this is also a good place to celebrate. 

#3 88 Hot spring result

This is one of the best hot spring resorts in laguna. 88 hot spring resort is located in the base of Mt. Makiling. The resort was awarded by the department of tourism as the best resort in Laguna in 2007. This resort is a perfect getaway for a large group of people. This is a 7 hectares resort that has 11 outdoor pools. These 11 outdoor pools have naturally heated spring water. This is because the water is all coming from the mountain of Mt. Makiling. Many claims that soaking and bathing in hot springs give a lot of benefits to people’s health. 

This is a rich mineral, which helps to boost blood circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, helps you to have a good sleep, and relieves pain. Many believe that soaking in hot springs helps to treat skin disease. Hot springs are the rich source of sulfur that heals and treats skin infection and irritation like rashes, eczema, and big wounds. Aside from the hot springs, the resort is also surrounded by a garden that has beautiful landscapes, and a lot of coconut trees. 

This is a place that would bring you back to nature while enjoying the view of Mt.Makiling. This resort also offers their guests 60 Filipino-style rooms that you can choose from. This is a great place for a family reunion, bonding with friends, a place for retreat, and company team building. A perfect destination for those who want to meditate and release their stress from the hustle and bustle of the city.

#4 La Vista Pansol Resort

Are you looking for a hot spring resort that is budget-friendly? 

La Vista Pansol Resort is a perfect resort for you. One of the main attractions of this hot spring resort that is popular for their guests is its over 7000 square meters of crystal clear water swimming pool. That is naturally heated water from the mountain of Mt. Makiling. This swimming pool also has a huge water slide that is perfect for a kid and kids at heart. There are also a lot of activities La Vista Pansol Resort offers for their guests. They have tennis and basketball courts where you can enjoy playing with your family, friends, and workmates. The resort also has a wild park where you can encounter a lot of different animals. you don’t want to probably miss the chance to try their extreme zipline that will make your heart beat fast. 

#5 Bato Spring Resort

Bato Spring Resort is located in San Pablo Laguna. This hot spring resort is one of the most popular and visited resorts by a lot of tourists during weekends and holidays. This resort is a place that will give you nothing but full of relaxation. Imagine swimming in a manmade waterfall that is flowing with fresh and clear water and surrounded by a lot of huge trees would be a great experience. You can also enjoy swimming in their swimming pools with natural spring water and background of huge trees. This is a great place if you want to be close to nature.

#6 Casa Tropica 

This place is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city visiting Casa Tropica resort that is located in Calamba Laguna. This resort is a private resort that has a private hot spring pool villa for rent. They offer their villas for a budget-friendly price. If you want a less crowded resort to get away with your family and friends this can be a great destination for you. Each villa has available amenities with a relaxing hot spring pool that has naturally heated water from the mountain of Mt. Makiling. They have available two villas Lambana Villa and Diwata Villa that have a modern design. A villa that is cozy, clean, has colorful murals and with a tropical plant design add your staycation more enjoy and relax. Casa Tropica resort has also a viewing deck that gives you the experience to see the beauty of Mt. Makiling.

#7 Al Fresco Springs Resort

Al Fresco Springs Resort is located in Los Baños Laguna, over an hour’s drive from the city. This resort is one of the most visited resorts in Los Baños by a lot of tourists for their weekend getaway. Indulge yourself with their exclusive hot spring pools while enjoying the view of the majestic Mt. Makiling. They have naturally heated water coming down from the mountain of Mt.Makiling that this resort is proud of.

This resort has also an open and spacious place that is perfect for a family reunion, work team building, school retreat, and bonding with friends and loved ones. you can perform your activities in their available two different villas that can accommodate a large number of groups. Al Fresco Spring resort can accommodate both adults and children or even seniors and people with disabilities which makes this resort the best resort for everyone. They have a swimming pool for kids that are connected to adults. with this adults and children will both enjoy, relax and rejuvenate.

#8 Villa Rina And Villa Del Rina Hot Springs 

For those individuals who are planning to have their trip to laguna, this place is a good choice. You will enjoy the scenery of laguna de bay whenever you want to. There are rooms for you to stay in here and also a place to relax. This place is also intended for family outings and gatherings. For the company which has a team-building this place could offer great activities to solidify the bonding of each and everyone on the team. This place will help you to refresh your mind and at the same time helps you to keep in private. 

There are pools and hot springs where this hot spring is located in the heart of Pansol laguna. Craving for a resort that will give you relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the city? Take your family and friends to one of the most amazing resorts in Laguna, the Villa Rina, and Villa Del Rina Hot Spring. There are many people who choose this place for their family reunion, birthday, and team building. This is because it is just a short time to reach the place if you are coming from the capital city of the Philippines. If you are planning to come here, what you need to do first is to book and reserve your slot. They make sure that they follow the safety protocols amidst of pandemic. 

#9 Sol Y Viento Hotels And Resorts

This resort in Calamba Laguna offers its guests a number of hot spring pools where they can choose from. relax and rest yourself bathing and soaking in refreshing hot spring pools. This resort is a perfect place to have a weekend getaway with your family, friends, and workmates. This also offers some recreational activities that you and your family will surely enjoy. Gather your friends and family to have bonding and have a group talk around the bonfire during the night. Their guests can also unwind and recharge from their stylish room accommodations. 

Reasons To Consider Laguna As Your Travel Destination 

  1. Because of organic food 

Aside from the fact that laguna is one of the cities where a lot of great destinations to visit, this is also associated with the foods. There are a lot of delicacies every hometown, the province could offer their people and visitors. However, there are people who are looking to eat foods in a healthier way. There are many people who wish to always have in their plates organic foods. 

Organic foods are not just healthy for the body, but at the same time, it is not high maintenance. Introducing organic food, what you just need is a natural fertilizer to help you grow plants. Another you just need to know how to plant a particular seed so that you will be able to harvest a good one. Organic foods help you to become more healthy and at the same time to refresh your digestive system. This will help your metabolism as well. There are a lot of farms here in laguna offer this kind of food and serves it to the plate. Another thing, there are many restaurants offering organic food to people. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people especially from the capital of the Philippines love to come here. 

2. Natural hot springs 

Knowing the fact that laguna is one of the provinces in the Philippines which has very rich in water. From the sea, falls and up to the topwater. This is also the reason why there are a lot of resorts offering these natural hot springs to the people. Hot spring is not only a great travel destination. But at the same time, this is very helpful to the people, especially to their health. If someone is suffering from any mental health concern, this place can help them. 

Hot spring water can help you relax your body and as well as your mind. With the warm water flowing in your body, then this could be a big chance to refresh your mind. You can get rid of all negativity and toxicity in life. Oftentimes resorts offering natural hot springs to the people are more peaceful than the usual ones, and not too crowded at the same time. This is a good thing especially for the people who wants privacy. So, whenever you are tired of thinking of what city is a good destination to explore and visit, laguna is the answer! 

3. Laguna is rich in history 

The reason why this place is rich in history, just like the capital city of the Philippines Manila, laguna also holds an important part. In the times of colonization from the different people in the country, there is a lot of history that was brought today. Knowing also the fact that Dr. Jose Rizal’s birthplace is in laguna, particularly the city of Calamba. The place has a lot of historical places for you to visit and explore. 

If you are an individual who is curious about everything and wanted to know about history, laguna is a good option. Whenever you wish to see the place where Dr. Jose Rizal’s place, you can come here. Aside from the resorts, you can visit here, there is also a lot of history this place can offer to every individual. Laguna is not only the food, and tourists spots but also the culture and tradition of this place has a lot of history to share. 

4. Great Architectural 

Because it has a lot of history to tell the people, this place has a great architectural structure especially cathedrals. One of the most interesting parts when traveling here is the historical places. The outside appearance of the historical cathedral reflects how history molded the place. If you are a religious individual you would like to be here and spend your special day. 

A great architectural structure of the cathedral, most of the people choose this for their wedding. Laguna is perfect for any occasion and celebration. From the historical cathedral and the reception is to the beautiful resorts of the place. There are a lot of things you can actually do here in Laguna. Whenever you wish you need to have a bucket list for your photography this place is a great option. Because of the vintage look of the place, the reason why a lot of photographers use the place for their portfolio. 

5. Visit different tourists spot 

This is probably the reason why every individual would love to travel to the place of laguna. From hot springs, forests to trek, mountains to hike. There are also lakes for you to spend your good taste of food and have your massage. Also, there are also tourists attraction that will help you to keep kids at heart. There are only a few reasons why you need to visit laguna. There are many good memories you can have here from different provinces of the place. 

Tourists spot here is not only recognized by the locals, or outside the province, this is also recognized internationally. Whenever you feel that city life is not working anymore and you need a place to breathe. Laguna is a good choice for you to escape for the meantime the noise from the city and also the stress you are able to get from the busiest place. Also, family reunions it is also a good place to hold. 

6. Taste delicacies 

In every province in the Philippines, there will always be food that represents the place. Just like in laguna, one of the reasons why a lot of people keep on coming here aside from the tourist’s spot, food is life. There are a lot of delicacies where many people would love to take home and taste it. 

If you are an individual who is always craving something, laguna is a good-to-go place. They are well known for “buko pie, espasol and many more. Whenever you want to taste the best food, you need to try to come here. Aside from the delicacies and great food from the restaurant, you can also enjoy food from one of their tourist spots. Just like laguna lake, where they offer various seafood that grows on the lake. This is for the people to stop buying from other establishments and save more money traveling here in laguna. If you wish to taste the best food and a new smell and taste for your taste buds, laguna is the best place to visit! 

Final Thoughts 

People may have in their mind that a great resort can give a big impact on them. But, the thing is a resort with a hot spring experience is the best one. Hot spring not only helps your muscle to relax, but the warm water helps you to change your mood. This helps your blood to regulate properly and helps you to become more healthy. Most people try to be in a hot spring not only because of the water but the benefits this can give you. Another thing is the memorable experience you may have whenever you start swimming here. 

Laguna is a civilized city but on the other hand, this place also is rich in natural tourist spots. There are a lot of good resorts here, mountains to hike, and forests to trek. Another is they are rich in waterfalls which are well-known not only in the Philippines. Pagsanjan falls were also recognized internationally which is a great thing to know. There are many people who are looking forward to the time they could visit laguna. 

Laguna is also the home of various hot springs because there are a lot of sources. There are a lot of people who are amazed at this kind of view and how nature can work to have this warm natural water. 

So do you have plans for your vacation days? Laguna is the best place for you and your whole family! 

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