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Hotel Bars in Manila- a Definitive Guide

Manila is one of the best destinations in Asia to live it up and have fun. People in Manila know how to entertain and get entertained. There are tons of places in the capital where you can indulge your need for drinks and an exciting nightlife. Fun and beautiful people await you in all the chic hotspots in the Metro. If you’ve been stressed out at work, loosen up and have a drink at hotel bars in Manila. Check out the crowds and gain a friend. If you are coming with a group of friends a great experience at Manila’s nightlife scene will help you bond even better. Toast the night away and be yourself under the starry skies of Manila’s nightlife.

Hotel Bars in Manila

Top 18 hotel bars in Manila


This hotel bars in Manila is one of the trending spots in the Palace complex. Instagram it to your heart’s content. If you love dancing or listening to the tunes of hip-hop, trap, and pop music, then head out to B.A.D. The atmosphere here is laid-back, so you can get to relax while enjoying your favorite music genre. BAD means breakfast all day, which means you don’t just get to be in a hip scene, but you can also get your fill of yummy comfort food. The master behind BAD’s gastronomic offering is chef Mikko Reyes who is not only great in the kitchen but is also an all-around cool guy. BAD’s main clientele are college students and yuppies who love their affordably priced bar selections and menu. Enjoy late-night breakfast and eat or dance till you drop and until the sun comes up at BAD.

Bank Bar

Band Bar is exactly like its name suggests. It’s like a bank where you need to go to a hidden entrance to find the glimmering wealth within. Amazing bespoke cocktails await you after you got through a secret entrance from a 7-eleven. The interiors of this hotel bars in Manila are well-appointed, and you will b greeted by high ceilings and a chic loft drinking area. This place has inarguably one of the most expansive selections of spirits in the Metro.

Have a taste of a variety of alcohols from the most exotic to the common and well-beloved. They have it from a to z. These choice bottles are all impressively lined up at the bar. Music is curated by Antonio Ramos. As the party begins trolleys, meander through the bar area carrying drinks. Traditional Filipino appetizers are served with the drink, and you will get to have your mouthwatering chicharron, calamari, chicken skin, and even crispy sisig. All this happens at happy hour.

Bar 27

Go up to dizzying heights up to the 27th floor of Diamond Hotel Manila and enter a classy hotel bars in Manila that has panoramic views of Manila’s cityscape. Indulge in and of their 27 signature cocktails. Selections include tequilas concoctions with a name like Manila Bay Sunrise and rum drink aptly called Hasta la Vista. Dance and move to the groove of lively music. Filly our belly and get energized with delicious tapas. Tapas are shareable with friends and best enjoyed with drinks.

The Bar

The interiors of this hotel bars in Manila is one of a kind. It was designed to look like a cigar factory in Cuba. Drinks are not the only thing being served here. You can also enjoy a fresh roll of tobacco and really feel like a don. The place is laid-back o you can just sit back and enjoy your orders and relax. The lights are dim with blue-tinted lights, so it is the perfect atmosphere for winding down after a stressful workday. Order drinks with Latin American vibes. That or something James Bond adores, which is the Vesper martini. They also have Lillet Blanc in their list of cocktail offerings

Hotel Bars in Manila

The Belle and Dragon

This quirkily named hotel bars in Manila is a perfect place to get tipsy and a little crazy. This is a well-known neighborhood watering hole that lets you enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic drinks. The best time to go is, of course after work when the party is getting started. Patrons who enjoy music and sports can get the best of both worlds in this pub, which streams football games. There are also quiz nights and DJ performances. Loosen up and cool down by grabbing your colleagues to have a bit of fun and drinks.

Dr. Wine Manila

If you frown on spirits and prefer wine, there is a hangout just for you. Kick back and enjoy an extensively curated wine bar with friends in Dr. Wine Manila. Located in the area of Población, this spot is top on the agenda of wine lovers.

Of course, no wine tasting occasion is complete without appetizers to enhance gastronomic appreciation. There are nice accompaniments which include cold cuts, cheeses, and pâtés for the wine-all you want offering. Happy hours extend to dinner at the third level private lounge where you can have intimate wine dinners and events.

Hotel Bars in Manila

With mouthwatering appetizers to accompany your drink, you can drink all the wine you want for your day’s happiest hour. Take happy hour into dinner at the 3rd Floor Private Lounge, where you can host your own intimate wine dinners and events.

The Island

Step instantly into a tropical paradise and feed your senses with some feel-good music and affordably priced cocktails. Rock the night away with good vibes of The Island. There is something for everyone here. There are nine different concepts, three of which serve food.

Check out the tiki bar inspired Rum Jungle or feed your hunger with carnivore grub at smoking hut’s barbecue. Neon floaties are served all around and make a scintillating display and add to the island vibe. Having a night out at the beach has never been this easy. Grab your friends for a night out. 


This speakeasy is well hidden and gives the impression that it is a secret sanctuary. It is hidden behind a wooden wardrobe, so you feel like you are stepping into a magical world. The sight can really get magical with all the selections of spirits you can indulge in. East meets west in this speakeasy from the look of its interiors. Enjoy cigars and luxuriate in its plush interiors. Reality is indeed different here, and you can enjoy the escape. Have great conversations with friends while listening to slow music in the background of mostly Jazz and Motown music.

The Peak

This hotspot is definitely on top of the world, so we hope you are not afraid of heights. Have a glimpse of Manila’s skyline and grab a drink. This is one of the newest hotspots in the Metro. Go up to dizzying heights up to the 62nd floor of Manila’s Grand Hyatt hotel. This is a multifunctional bar that serves whiskey, grills, and plays music. The bar is at the highest point in Bonifacio Global City. Penthouse living inspired the architecture and design of this bar, and interiors remind you of the cozy ambiance of a home. The peak has an extensive collection of wines and other spirits, Great entertainment, and amazing cuisine await you.

The Penthouse 8747

Go back in time, in the 20’s era, and relieve the Great Gatsby. Art deco interiors greet you once you step inside in this hotspot with old-world charm. Everything is geometric and golden to conform with art deco style. The theme runs throughout, including the geometric metal-framed tables and chairs. When sunset comes over the horizon, the place is filled with a golden light, which is further enhanced by a panoramic view of Ayala triangle gardens. The air is cool and fresh, which will enhance your enjoyment of your cocktails.


This chic pub is located in Población neighborhood and is the top go-to place of people who are craft beer connoisseurs. Curated cocktails also await you plus a hip crowd of mostly bohemians, yuppies, and millennials. This place was originally planned to be a tasting room for Engkanto’s Brewery. The owners took their products and services up a notch and introduced craft beer with the food and already served cocktails. The master chef in this joint is Luis de Terry who serves a world-class menu. However, the craft beer is really the star at Polilya.


Escape from the dreary world and live sky-high at one of the classiest and luxurious clubs in Manila. It offers VIP entrances and top-quality liquor. The most in-demand DJs perform here. Everything in this joint screams upscale and the crowd includes the city’s most discerning party-loving tourist. If you want to have an amazing ladies’ night every night, treats the ladies right at revel. Grab your girlfriends.


Studio 28

If you love gin, then grab a glass and raise a toast. Located in Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City, this upscale lounge reminds you of a New York atmosphere. The bold red doors stand out and become one of the outstanding features that identify this joint. Once you enter, you will be greeted by an intimate lounge that is alive with curated music acts. Drink up and enjoy masterfully mixed gin cocktails and premium gin offerings. Different sounds happen each night, which vary from original music to contemporary covers, to jazz lounge acts. There are live saxophone and electric guitars that DJs feature during weekends. 

Xylo Nightclub

Party animals will find that Xylo Nightclub is the ultimate super club. Located at the Palace, the scene here is truly out of this world. Climb to new heights with the music and vibrant interiors. Ace DJs are the stars of the show. The night club scene is ruled by cutting edge technology. You can dance like nobody is watching

Yes Please

This bar goes back in time a few decades with its 90’s inspired interiors and sounds. Relieve the past decades with music from the 90’s and early 2000s. Listen while enjoying top quality cocktails. Yes, please is a reference to the Magic 8-ball answer.

Come here if you just want drinks and want a relaxing vibe. Interior elements provide a 90’s ambiance, so if you were a child of that era you would find that this place feels like home. Here is also a foosball table you can entertain yourself while enjoying seriously good drinks.


Classics get a rebirth here.  Original creations with a playful vibe and classy drinks are also served. Plus, special homebrewed infusions are part of the libations offered at the Edge. Mixology with a contemporary twist is the stand out concept of this joint

Of course, you should accompany our drinks with some chow and Master chef Luis Chikiamco offer the best-tasting menus. Experience world-class flavors. The dishes and creative drinks cater to palates, who literally want a taste of adventure.

Mirèio Terrace

Have quality cocktails and canapés before the sun sets over Manila Bay. Located on the tenth floor of Raffles Hotel, watch the day fade away into a shimmering starry night at this hotel bars in Manila. Mirèio Terrace sits at the rooftop where you can have amazing views of the horizon

The influences here are traditional French and Mediterranean. Have a sip of champagne and signature cocktails accompanied by indulgently savory appetizers.

The Macallan Whisky Bar

Enjoy interiors with a masculine appeal. Dark woods, leather furniture, and dim lighting make up the interior vibe at The Macallan Whisky Bar. This place is located at Solaire’s Sky Tower and is exclusive. This is the ultimate gentleman’s club judging from its looks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a whiskey drink from the well-stocked glass helves. Accompany your drink with exquisite hand-rolled cigars from humid controlled cedar lockers.

Hotel Bars in Manila Final thoughts

Manila is a place like no other, and hotel bars in Manila is the best place the most premiere offering of the country. Amazing food, great service, world-class libations, amazing views, and cool party people await you. Life starts at night in Manila, so save some energy once the sun goes down and relax and melt your stresses away in the top bars in the Metro.  

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