How to Know if Filipino Guy Likes You: Check these Signs!

There are plenty of things a man can do to show if he likes someone. They do special things that are most of the time obvious. Also, there are times when words are enough to show someone’s affection. This debunks the popular saying, “action speaks louder than words”. While the majority of the men have similar ways of showing their affection, is this also the case among Filipinos? How to know if Filipino guy likes you? If you are of a different nationality you will find it hard to know if a Filipino likes you, unless you know them well. Otherwise, you might want to look for these signs:

Signs to Look for to Know if Filipino Guy Likes You

It is actually simple to show someone that you have a hunch on them. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for you to figure out if someone likes you. This is because some men are just really friendly and of course you do not want them to think that you are just overthinking or you are just assuming.

On the off chance, you are not a Filipina and you are confused if a Filipino is giving you social attention or not, you are not alone. This can be harder especially if you do not know the personality and culture of Filipinos when it comes to these things. So, how to if Filipino guy likes you? Keep on reading to find out

1.He tries to learn your culture

One way to know if a Filipino guy likes you if he is trying her best to learn the culture in your country. After all, why would he make some time learning other country’s cultures, right? Unless he is an exchange student or he is transferring to another country.

How to Know if Filipino Guy Likes You

This one is most applicable if the Filipino is not living in your respective country and your mode of communication is through the internet. The reason, most likely, is to relate with you and to make your conversation more interesting. He does not want to run out of things to talk to which is why he is trying his best to learn more about your culture.

2.He always asks you questions

A Filipino always asks you questions. Whether it is about you or anything under the sun. If he asks questions very rarely, then it is fine. Do not think that he already likes you. However, if he frequently asks you a question, like, he suddenly message you about random things, then at night he asks you again, you can assume that he has something for you.

Aside from that, a lot of people say that if a man always asks you a question, he is serious about you. Also, it might mean that he does not only think of you as an accessory or a trophy girlfriend. Boys who are like this always talk about themselves to impress. Most Filipinos will ask you a lot of questions if he likes you because they believe that this is more effective and respectful among women.

Apart from that, they are always curious and you are a credible source of information about yourself. Hence, it would be safe to think that he wants to know more things about you aside from what is stated in your social media profile. If you are interested in him too, then it is a great way to get to know each other.

3.He makes and maintains eye contact

This one is actually very common regardless of one’s nationality. On the off chance you always catch him looking at you even though you are with other friends, chances are he is into you. Moreover, does he make eye contact, and while you two are talking? It is possible that he is focusing on every detail you are saying and at the same time likes looking at you.

How to Know if Filipino Guy Likes You

Aside from that, other reasons why he makes eye contact is because he wants to get a better look at your reactions and emotions as you speak. This is a way to get to know you deeper.

While making eye contact is a thing to look for to know if Filipino guy likes you, it is also important to make sure that you are still comfortable with it. It is because there are times when frequent eye contact is becoming creepy and uncomfortable.

4.He is determined in introducing Filipino culture

For this next sign, several friends I know find this a major turn on. Why do I say so? It just means that he is not being pretentious and showing that he is only interested in things about you. While trying to relate to you is impressive, too much can be a bit of a turn-off. If he does not only like you because of your physical appearance, he will try his best to relate with each other. And one way to do that is by gradually introducing the Filipino culture.

To do this, he might probably start with the Filipino beliefs, and how rich and blessed the culture of Filipino is. Also, you might find him talking about the famous Filipino foods and famous festivals. So if you have been talking with him for a long time, he will most likely bring up Philippine culture. This is if he admires not only your physical traits.

5.He listens to every word you say and remember even the tiniest details

How to know if Filipino guy likes you? If he tries his best to listen to whatever you say. A guy who has a serious intention tot you will not just let you talk about your interests, he will carefully listen. Also, he would likely ask to follow up questions based on the things that you tell him. Which is why you will instantly know if he is listening and interested or not. On the off chance, he just lets you talk and talk without even asking for follow up questions. He is most likely not interested.

Aside from that, he will remember what you told him a long time ago and might bring it up again. Also, it is possible that the will act on it. For instance, if you mentioned you are fond of a specific flavor or chicken, he will suggest a famous Korean Chicken Restaurant. It does not seem like a big dig, but it is actually the little things that matter.

6. He compliments you- on more than your physical appearance

It is easy enough to compliment someone on the way they look. Anyone can compliment you – friends, co-workers, and family members. Hence, someone saying that you are beautiful does not mean that they are into you. It just means that you are being appreciative of your looks, clothing, and overall behavior.

How to Know if Filipino Guy Likes You

Try to observe if a Filipino guy compliments you on things that are only possible to notice once you start talking. These compliments vary depending on how you compliment each other. But it could be something like saying positive things about your work ethics or beliefs. Also, he can compliment you oh how a nice friend or sister you are. While most girls prefer being complemented with their looks, it actually looks more sincere if a guy compliments your attitude, behavior, intelligence, etc.

7.He interacts with you on various levels

Thanks to the internet and messaging apps, there are now several ways to communicate with other people. Hence, it is most likely that you two are communicating in more than one medium. Carefully evaluate your mode of communication and how many platforms are you using.

Does he often ask you if you already ate your meal, about your day, or he just wants you to know that you are thinking of him. Also, see if he is sharing funny memes to brighten up your day. How often and how well he reaches you out might mean that he is serious and cares about you.

8. He mimics you

Mimicking is another major sign that a guy is into you. And most of the time, the person doing this is not conscious that he actually mirroring your. It just comes out naturally to him. Observe if he starts mimicking your language quirks and the way you talk. Also, how often does he imitate your body language? And when you do these things, do you notice that there is a sudden boost of excitement in him?

Apart from that, when you are chilling, is he relaxing as well? This might mean that he likes you too much that he wants to relate to whatever you are doing.

Important things to know when dating a Filipino guy

Now you already know if Filipino guy likes you. And once you confirm that a Filipino guy sincerely likes you and you like him too, the next stage is going on a date.

Since Filipinos are everywhere, a lot o you grew up having friends who are Filipinos. But have you experienced dating one? Below are some things to know when you are going on a date with a Filipino:

1.He is most likely to be a mommy’s boy. Like really.

Yup, you read that right. While men have a tendency to be a mommy’s boy, Filipinos are most likely to be one. Filipino mothers are the most caring human in the world. They will treat their kids as babies regardless of their age. So when dating a Filipino guy, expect that he is a mommy’s boy.

This is not necessarily a bad thing though. Although the mother of the Filipino guy you are dating might have high expectations on the girls her son is dating.

2. A Filipino guy’s parents may be judgemental of you for a little while

This is common among Filipinos. However, do not be discouraged as they are always like that at first. It does not mean that they do not like you. They are just protective and they want to know you first in a deeper level.

Also, we should accept the fact that most parents are judgemental. They will judge you based on your profession. For example, if you do not have a decent job, they might still need to grow onto you for a while. You might think that this is unfair. Yes, it is really unfair but you just have to show your real self and proved that you deserve their son.

3. Expect that his family will interrogate you

How to Know if Filipino Guy Likes You

A lot of Filipinos I know are like this when a girl who is dating a family member is introduced to the pact. It might be too overwhelming at first, but you will get used to it. They are just eager to know you.

Aside from that, expect that will talk to you in Tagalog. It is somehow a relief that you do not understand what they are saying Your Filipino guy will most likely translate everything to you.

4. If you have not tasted rice in your entire life, expect that you are going to eat one

Rice is a staple food among Filipinos. They eat rice three times a day. It is delicious you can even eat it on its own. And once you have tasted it, you will want to incorporate it into your meals, just like most of the non-Filipinos I know.

In addition to that, there is no such thing as a diet when you have a Filipino boyfriend/girlfriend. Like, do you really that? And what is that?

5. A Filipino guy has a high chance to be overly jealous

Yes and you can’t do anything about it. Most of them are born to be jealous. It is a thing not only with Filipino guys but Filipinos in general. The truth is that they are sensitive and very protective at the same time. Also, they love so much they are too scared their loved one will just easily walk out of his life.

6. He will treat you like a queen

Despite the above-mentioned attitudes, Filipino guys will treat you like a queen, and I am not overreacting. This is really the case among Filipinos. Hospitality is simple what Filipinos are known for.

Final Words

It is easy to tell if someone likes you especially if the guy has the same nationality as yours. How to know if Filipino guy likes you? It can quite difficult to know if he likes you or he is just being friendly. It is because Filipinos are really friendly and hospitable in nature. To help you decide if a Filipino guy likes you, you can look for the above signs. It actually varies from one person to another, but most of the time they are true.

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