How to make a Filipina fall in love with you

If you have chosen a Filipina girl to be your girlfriend, you are in luck. Filipinas are the best choice if you want a blissful love life. They are well-mannered, beautiful an and have time and again demonstrated the virtues of patience, loyalty, and honesty. If you are tired of shallow relationships and want some deep commitment it is crucial to know how to make a Filipina fall in love with you to help you attain a precious catch. Attractions and courtships are culturally dependent. You should understand that your Filipina girl will have values different from western girls. It may surprise you a little, but it only takes a bit of adjusting to. If you are really serious about owning the heart of your girl, you will go through any difficulty just to conquer your lady love’s affections.

Brush on your gentleman skills, you will need lots of it, and start wooing your girl.

How to make a Filipina fall in love with you

Courting the Filipina– how to make a Filipina fall in love with you

Any guy will be challenged to put a smile on their girl’s face. Once you’ve made someone smile, you are a step closer to winning their hearts. Once you see the corners of your girl’s lips curling up, you have elicited a smile from her, and she is probably experiencing a kilig moment with you. There is no direct translation to kilig. The best approximation of this word is a romantic pleasure. It’s the giddy feeling you experience at new love. Kilig is precisely the emotion you want to elicit from your girl. You want to make her totally thrilled that you are courting her.

Here a man is judged by the amount of romantic pleasure he can elicit.


You can generate this excitement in your girl by being totally original and creative. This is the best way on how to make a Filipina fall in love with you. Make your efforts original and stand out. Think of something out of the ordinary to get her to say yes to you. It may seem like a lot of effort, but winning a Filipina is worth it in the end. Of course, there are ways to get your girl to say yes to you by engaging them with conversations, but before you can delve into talk, you should know that some cultural differences apply.


The first romantic stage of getting intimate with your girl starts with ligawan. This is crucial in how to make a Filipina fall in love with you. It may take a long time, and this is a process that would really perplex Western guys. Filipina girl are reared their elders to be indirect when it comes to love. If you love challenges, a girl who is not so easy to get will excite you. Filipina girls are taught to be conservative or mahinhin in Tagalog, and in most cases, they really are. It is not merely an act but their nature. Filipinas are reared since childhood to have self-respect and to take matters of the heart seriously. Hence you will find little budge with the romantic overtures you have to do some grit work. Filipinas tend to keep their feelings a mystery to their suitor.

How to make a Filipina fall in love with you—top things to know

How to make a Filipina fall in love with you

House visit

If your Filipina girl has already agreed that you court her, you have to ask the permission of her family to visit her in the house, parents play a crucial part in the courtship process and remember that you will have to please them as much as you have to please your girl. You will have to ask their consent for your girl’s hand. If you think that you can’t do this step for whatever reason, such as you cannot adapt to the culture, change your priorities, and move forward. You can’t get to the next stage with your girl without going through the house visits.

Bring a Filipino friend

Some westerners may give up because they are put off having to go to a girl’s house alone with all her family present. To make this task easier, bring along a Filipino friend or acquaintance who can be some kind of intermediary. This is how to make a Filipina fall in love with you. If the family knows your companion, personally, you will be in better footing with hem. The intermediary can be the one who will introduce you to the family and can explain to the parents what your goals and intentions are.

The girl’s house

When you visit a girl’s house, you will usually be entertained in the living room. You might get intimidated by the presence of the parents and family members. You may get perplexed why her family is around, even if she’s all grown up. Filipino culture is very protective of their daughter even to a certain age. The family wants to make sure that they can trust you with their girl. If you feel like you are being grilled in the hot seat, you have to understand that you are being tested if you have honest intentions. This is all part of how to make a Filipina fall in love with you.

Gifts for the girl and her family

One special reminder for you is to bring some gifts for the girl and tokens for the rest of the family. Cake or chocolates are good enough and are not too expensive. If you aspire to bring something costly, you might come across as too arrogant. A gift is a testament of thoughtfulness and respect. Gifts show that you have sincere and pure intentions. Your gifts should show that you are thoughtful and kind. You don’t need to bring anything ultra-expensive.

One visit is not enough

So, you have gone through perhaps one session of panlliligaw. If you think that seals the deal, you are way wrong. You must do house visits several times. In some cases, you may even have to do servitude. Yes, you will be doing household chores for the girl’s family. If the girl lives in the province or in a rural area, prepare to chop wood and fetch water. Your chores for the day will depend on what the family requires of you. This may seem like a lot of effort, but you have to understand that your Filipina lady love values this tradition. You get to prove your sincerity by going through this trial, and you must do some physical labor to prove that you can support a family.

In the end, this can be a way for you to further bond with your girl’s family. You won’t be gaining just a sweetheart but an entire family as well.

Filipino Unity

Filipino family is tight-knit. They have constant and firm ties with each other. Filipinos love each member of their family deeply. Family gatherings are yearned for all the time. If a Filipino has to go to a distant place as in the case of OFWs, communication is sustained through texts and internet messaging. If the Filipino is a son or a daughter, their parents will feel deep concern for their safety.  Family ties with the nuclear family are maintained even after marriage. Typically, there will be two or three families living together in a house. If the children have to live separately with their parents going on visits to the parent’s house would be a regular happening.

Respect for the elderly and women

How to make a Filipina fall in love with you

Respect is vital in Filipino culture. Although many Filipina women adapt to modern tends, that is all on the surface. Perhaps they have adapted the makeup and fashion of the times, but innately they are still Filipinas who value respect. Their Filipina identity is molded around respect and value.

Filipinas are especially polite and courteous. Parents and elderly relatives are greeted by touching the hands to the forehead or by kissing the hands itself. This act is done when visiting or meeting an older relative, arriving home, or departing on a long a travel.

Filipino children

Filipino children are reared in a tradition of respect and honor. They follow the morals and teaching s of their parents. They follow the advice and guidance of their elderly relatives. Since your girl was brought up in much the same way, you should assume that she will be listening closely to what her family has to say, especially her parents. The parents wield a lot of authority. Their children look up to them for decisions making. Children follow their parents, not just out of respect but also out of love. Filipino children are well-mannered and treat everyone with politeness and respect.

Polite words

Filipino uses words of respect and politeness that don’t exist in other languages. Terms like Po and Opo are unique to Filipino language and vocabulary. You would also find that Filipinos address men older than them as Kuya or brother, even if they are not related.  

Respect is highly valued in Filipino culture, and the past pointers simply show that it is vital to demonstrate this virtue when courting a Pinay woman.

Meetups for the first time with your Pinay Girl

Of course, you may be after sex being a lusty Western guy, we can’t deny that, but shortcuts will only ruin your chances. Your girl may feel that you are being too amorous or intrusive when you try to hyperspeed things up. Sex won’t instantly happen with your Pinay girl, given her conservative nature.

When you first meet with your girl, it is crucial to be a gentleman. Be courteous and initiate polite conversations. Show that you care for her with small gestures such as opening the door or keeping her to the curb when walking on a busy street.

You should be respectful when meeting your Pinay girl.


Filipinos inherited a lot of traditions from Spain, and one of them is serenade or harana. Harana happens when the girl peers out of her house’s balcony while her enamored suitor, together with his backup musicians, sing romantic songs to woo her aural senses. Common instruments used in a serenade include guitar and violin. The backup singers you will be bringing are there more than just to enhance the music but also to lend you moral support. Harana happens during nighttime, and love songs are often sung. In the high-tech era Harana is still necessary and can be done with the help of portable karaoke and mike. If you don’t want this bulky equipment, simply play a song from your phone. Something that will truly melt your girls’ heart are OPM hits.

Just makes sure you will be singing the tunes well, so practice before you warble. Of course, Haranas will give her romantic pleasure or kilig. You can even serenade here through Skype. Harana may be a fading tradition, but it is so special and even more crucial if a foreigner does it. If you are in your panliligaw stage with your girl in the living room, you may not be able to express your feeling because of the presence of the family, but harana gives you the chance to truly belt out your passionate feelings.

Going Out

If you have already won her and her parents’ trust, you can take her to public places and go on a date. At this stage, you can only go out under broad daylight. Nighttime dates are a total no-no. There is a chance that the parents may require your outing to be chaperoned. To have some privacy, you can request the chaperone to go a little distance away so you can have a serious and intimate talk with your girl. This is a chance for you to have a deeper connection and to see if you have similarities ad shared interest that will increase your bond.

At first, your girl may still feel uncomfortable with you. Ease her discomfort and hesitation with flowers, small gifts, and tender words. Make her feel secure with you. Be a gentleman, always. This is vital to how to make a Filipina fall in love with you.

It doesn’t take much to please a Filipina you don’t have to take her to expensive restaurants. You can snack on street food, and your Pinay date will be totally game. You may like to offer to travel with your Pinay girl if you have an established relationship already since Pinays love travel and discovering nature.


Final thoughts

Love doesn’t come easy, but when it does come, it is deeply pleasurable and highly satisfying, especially when you have chosen a Filipina girl. You should know how to make a Filipina fall in love with you so you can win someone special who will be with you for the long term and through ups and downs. Go the distance in finding true love and embrace your Filipina girl’s culture, family, and beliefs. Go out of your comfort zone and establish deep bonds with a Filipina girl. You will be gaining a new home, a new family, and a new country to cherish and enjoy.  

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