How to Tell if Filipina Likes You: Look for these signs!

Filipino culture is very passionate when it comes to showing their love and affection. If you are not a Filipino and you like to know if a Filipina likes you, it is actually easy to tell. It should not be difficult to especially if you know what you are looking for. So, how to tell if Filipina like you? First of all, you should know that most Filipinas are quick to develop feelings toward another person. But do not let this scare you, it is normal for them to be quite affectionate after a few dates.

To help you know if FIlipina likes you, we list down some signs that she might be into you. Also, we think it is important for you to understand Filipino women- their personality, family, and religion. Keep on reading to know more about them.

Attitude and Characteristics of Filipino Women

Before we move on to signs to look for to find out if a Filipina is into you, let us first describe how they normally look. You probably already know that Filipinas are petite, slim, and self-conscious. They love to makeovers and dressing up. Also, if you are wondering why most of them are slim, it is because they are health conscious. They are careful of the food they eat and they love exercising.

How to Tell if Filipina Likes You: Look for these signs!

Aside from that, Filipinas have a medium skin tone, dark hair, and dazzling hazel eyes. You will be surprised how it is very easy to distinguish a Filipina even in a pool of people. On the other hand, they have no distinct features like those of Chinese, Spanish, and Russian women. The beauty of a Filipina is fascinating, they are unusual, exotic, and amazing.

In addition to that, Filipino women have blood from Spanish, Chinese, African traits, and some characteristics of European women. That being said, it will not be easy to find a variety of women of different appearances with similar nationality unless you are in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, when you first see Filipino women, you might think she is Chinese or Spanish in medium skin tone.

*Family and Religion

In case you haven’t noticed among your Filipino friends or co-workers, they are very family-oriented. They value their families like they are their world. The problem is that most Filipino families consist of several members. That being said, if a woman is the breadwinner of the family., she may have to work harder.

What is great about Filipino women is that you will not easily notice if they are having a hard time because they always put a smile on their face. Based on my experience, the majority of Filipino women I know are already established at the age of 30. They can stand up on their own and they can support their own family. Aside from that, they are very respectful when it comes to those people who are older than them – whether they are at a family gathering or at the office. Moreover, they give respect even to those strangers.

Most Filipino women I know are religious. Most of them are Catholics. Also, one of the reasons why they are resilient despite of what’s happening in their life is because of they put God at the center of everything they do. Hence, they believe that everything happens for a reason and the best is yet to come. You probably do not know this because they are not showy when it comes to their beliefs. They believe that going to church every Sunday with their family is enough.

How to Tell if Filipina Likes You

Almost every guy wishes that they can read the mind of a Filipino to know if they like them. But what if a man is not able to do these things and he must rely only on words and actions? How to tell if Filipina likes you? You might ask, is there any chance of finding out how a Filipina thinks of you aside from directly asking her? Of course. All you need to do is evaluate certain signs.

*A Filipino woman often calls you

How to Tell if Filipina Likes You: Look for these signs!

How to know if Filipina likes you? The first sign is if she always calls you. I will tell you something, most Filipino women think that boys should always call them first. However, if a girl really likes you, she does not care what you think or what other people think. She will call you to ask how you are doing, if you eat already, or just to ask random stuff. This just means that you are always on her mind.

But of course, you should also understand that calling you often does not mean that she is already serious about you. It is not always like that. She must also introduce you to her closest friends and even families just to have them evaluate you.

On the other hand, if suddenly she is not contacting you for several days, personally I think that reasoning out that she’s been busy or having a hard time are not valid reasons. It takes less than a minute to send a message to someone. I think that there is no reason to let days pass by without even sending a message to the person you truly care.

*A Filipino woman is trying her best to win you over

How to tell if Filipina likes you? One way to know is to see if she is trying to win you over. What I meant by that is if she is always telling or doing something that shows that she will do anything for you. Also, you should notice the little things – making you coffee or cooking your favorite meal. Because the truth is, little things matter to them most.

Apart from that, they can show that they are trying to win you over even by words. For instance, your car is broken but you promised her that she can use your car tomorrow. However, you are already too tired to fix it and she knows that you are tired. If she tells you that you must still fix it despite of your condition, then you should think it through. It might mean that she is being selfish. Because if she is really genuine with her feelings, she will instead say “You better rest today and fix that on the following days”.

* A Filipino woman shows jealousy

How to Tell if Filipina Likes You: Look for these signs!

A Filipino woman who does not like you that much will not show jealousy. Of course, you will not know this after a few exchanges of messages. If you are talking to a Filipino woman online, wait for a couple of days. If she asks if you are talking with other girls, it is possible that she is the jealous type of girl.

I do not know about you, but this can be a turn on to some boys. It is somehow great knowing that someone cares about your that much. On the other hand, some men easily get turned off with this attitude. They think it is too early for a girl to ask if he is chatting with other girls. This is also because they believe that girls like this have a tendency to be overly possessive.

*She smiles a lot whenever she is with you

On the off chance you are dating a Filipino woman and you can’t fathom if she likes you, observe how often she smiles when she is with you. If she always put a smile on her face and can’t stop smiling whenever she is with you, it is a possible sign that she likes you. Also, it might mean that she enjoys being with you.

Apart from that, frequently smiling can mean that she is trying to get your attention. And of the possible signs for this is her loud way of showing her behavior. She will laugh at your jokes even if you think that it is not that funny and smiles whenever you two make eye contact.

*She defends you

A Filipino woman who is serious with her feelings toward you will defend you all the time. I have one friend who has a Filipino girlfriend. He said that when they were still dating, he was not sure if the girl has genuine feelings toward him. But then one time they were hanging out with their friends when one guy made fun of my friends’ weight. His girlfriend instantly defended him without even thinking. She even shouted to the person who teased my friend.

Final Words

How to tell if Filipina likes you? Filipino women are not really hard to read when it comes to how they feel about you. The truth is, they are affectionate and show their feelings in an obvious way. That being said, you should be able to tell easily is she likes you by just looking at the above signs. Also, take note that each Filipino woman is different. Make sure you also gauge her because these signs might not mean anything to her.

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