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Is it Safe to Travel to the Philippines Right Now 2020?

With the current situation in the world right now, there is no such thing as safe countries. Before the pandemic, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is the Philippines. Generally, the Philippine is a safe country to visit. This is why there are always several tourists all year round in different parts of the country. As long as the tourists are very much aware of the safety precautions, they are good to go. With all that is happening, is it safe to travel to the Philippines right now? No, but this guide will help you stay safe during your travel.

When will it be safe to travel to the Philippines?

is it safe to travel in the philippines right now

The truth is that no one really knows when exactly is the safest time to travel to the Philippines. Considering the current situation we have, I would say that it is not very soon.

Like plenty of countries around the world, Philippines currently has thousands of active Corona Virus cases and the number is continuously increasing. On the other hand, the country is doing everything they can to lower the number of cases or to flatten the curve. That being said, is it safe to travel to the Philippines right now? No. You may choose to stay safe though, by reading this article and applying the things that you will learn.

Even if you are planning to go to another country aside from the Philippines, you must be able to follow safety measures. As a matter of fact, even if you are just staying in your country, it is stil not safe as long as there are several active cases of Corona Virus.

Is it Safe to Travel to the Philippines Right Now? The Current Situation in the Philippines?

As of this point, the answer the question “Is it safe to travel to the Philippines right now?” would still be somehow yes or no. However, the moment you read the number of cases in the Philippines right now, you wil surely abort your plan of going to the country. Continue reading to find out more.

In this article, we are going to tell you just facts. That being said, we are actually going to be honest. It is simply like this. The ippines is going through a very hard time right now – economically, physically, and politically. It seems like every sector is having hard time. We will not be surprised if other countries are also experiencing the same. There are many factors that contributed to this such as the political leaders and even the citizens.

Apart from that, the President has also been imposing violence when it comes to handling the current situation the country is facing. In addition to that, his use of roving military squad, together with the current insurgency in some parts of the country increased the number of kidnapping and terrorist activities. This explains why there are several areas in the Philippines that is not safe to visit. Fortunately, these places are far away from the famous tourist destinations.

Because of the increasing number of crimes in the Philippines, travel advisories recommend not to visit such places as they are considered dangerous and must be avoided.

What does it mean? Is it that Bad?

We are not saying that Philippines is a dangerous country and no one should visit it. There are just certain places that need to be avoided because crime sare prominent in such places.

Luckily, the Philippines is a very large country, and the crimes are like thousands of miles away from the popular places to visit in the country. This is why even without the pandemic, travelers choose to stay longer in the country because they are still somehow in a safe place despite the crimes. If there isn’t pandemic, it is just simply like this, “if you do not want to get yourself in trouble, do not try to get into one, and I assure you that your trip will not get affected. Apart from that, the government has plenty of active police and military presence in famous tourist spots. In this way, the visitors will keep safe from possible harm.

Is it safe to travel to the Philippines right now? Current COVID 19 situation?

Has it always been safe to travel to the Philippines? Yes. But it is safe to travel to the Philippines right now? No. If you are planning to visit the country soon, you must think twice as the number of COVID 19 cases in the Philippine is almost 70k and the number of new cases every day is not improving. While the government is insisting that the situation has improved, there are clearly no signs of any improvement. As a matter of fact, it keeps getting worse.

What Kind of Traveller are You?

Let us be real, we all want different things when we travel – be it the places to visit, food, outfit, and a lot more. Instead of spending too much time reading several blogs about travel guides and thing do in “insert place” who is written by people having dissimilar interest than you, why not start by sharing something that is of great importance for you when it comes to looking for a new travel destination?

For instance, are you the type of person who loves going to the beach? In the Philippines, there are plenty of spectacular beaches in Islands such as the eve popular Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, and Palawan. Or are you the type of person who prefers spending most of your time inside the hotel? Perhaps you might want to spend a few days in Manila and book a nice hotel. You will never run out of fun things to do in Manila.

*Generally, it is safe to explore Manila

is it safe to travel in the philippines right now

Normally, people who visit the Philipines will most likely pass by Manila first as the airport is located there. When visiting the Philippines, we recommend spending the few nights in Manila for you to experience what i has to offer – from malls, famous restaurant, clubs, bars, and of course, karaoke.

On the other hand, before you visit the Philippines, you probably heard from a lot of people saying that you must be extra careful when visiting Manila because it is the most unsafe place in the Philippines. That is right and wrong at the same time. Majority of crimes in the Philippines occurred in Manila. On the bright side, Manila is a very huge place and the locations of the crimes are usually far away from the popular destinations to visit in Manila. If you follow the standard precaution, you will surely be fine.

For your next visit in the Philippines (when the current situation improves), follow these safety measures:

  • Choose to stay in a place where there is not much crime such as Pasig, Taguig, and Makati City. You will never run out of things to do in these cities. In addition to that, there are plenty of hotels and other accommodations that are great value for money.
  • Do not go to Malate and Ermite in the center of Manila. Make sure not to visit these areas or any other areas that are near these places. This is where pickpocketers search for their target. Apart from that. there aren’t many interesting things to do in the place.
  • Always keep your bags close to you especially when you are in crowded places. Furthermore, even if you are in one of the safest cities to stay in Metro Manila, it is still important to always keep an eye on your belongings. Never ever make a mistake of putting your important items in your back packets because the pickpocketers look at the back pocket first.
  • When you are in crowded places and you are carrying a backpack with you make sure to wear it in front. Do not worry because people will not make fun of you as it is normal.
  • Be careful of beggars. We are not saying that they are bad people, but once you give them money, a lot of beggars will approach you and they will not stop until you give them money.
  • Do not walk along the dark alleys alone. Sometimes, even if you are with someone, it is still not safe.

*Taxis are safe, but keep an eye on the meter

When you are in the Philippines, especially in Manila you do not want to get stuck in crowded public transportation which is why you will most likely wait for a taxi. This is necessary especially if you have plenty of of bags or luggage.

Riding taxis, in general, is safe, however,taxi drivers are known to swindle money most especially from foreigners. Their common reasons are, the meter is broken, they are asking for a fixed price, or sometimes, they are demanding for additional money to the final rate. To avoid these circumstances, make sure that the taxi has a working meter before getting in. Otherwise, look for other taxis.

*There is no Uber in the Philippines, only Grab

For your safety, we recommend booking a car using Grab instead. In this way, the rate is fixed. Even if you got stuck in traffic, driver will not ask for additional money on top of the final price.

Grab, which is bought by Uber is a great and safe way to roam around the city. The rules and regulations of Grab are strict because they prioritize the safety of the passengers. Best of all, the app will determine the price based on the kilometer, demand, and traffic condition even before the car arrives to pick you up.

Is it Safe to Travel to the Philippines Right Now? Most Common Scams to Avoid?

When traveling to the Philippines, you should know that scams are very popular. In addition to that, scammers often target tourists. In order for you to avoid getting scammed, take note of the following common methods of scamming:

*The money changer scam

Scammers who use this method usually set up a money changer shop along the crowded streets. They are attractive because of the better rates compared to other banks and hotels. They will scam you by stealing a couple of notes while counting the money for you or replacing the bigger bills with a much smaller one.

To avoid this, do not go to shady stores and instead research for reputable money changer stores. In addition,must also be responsible enough to know the current conversion rate. Make sure to count your money before leaving

*The familiar face scam

Is it safe to travel to the Philippines right now? Some Filipinos will say no even if there is no pandemic because they have been scammed several times before.

The familiar face method of scamming is done by saying you are someone they know. Usually,their line is, “I work at the hotel you are currently staying in”. After saying this, they will ask you to come with them to show you around the city and offer a free tour. If you encounter this, say no, because it is most likely a robbery.

Solo Female Travelers are In Love with the Philippines

is it safe to travel in the philippines right now

If you have been to the Philippines before or you are planning to go soon, you probably head some rumors that is not safe for women to travel alone in the country. That is definitely not true. In fact, a lot of solo female travelers love the country.

Solo travel is just as safe as any other country in the event that you follow important safety precautions. Make sure to do your assignment on researching for the best places to visit and best things to do.

If your itinerary involved adventures, you need some vaccinations

If you are up to date for routine vaccinations, you should be set up before visiting the country. It is recommended to get typhoid and hepatitis A vaccine to make sure.

Depending on how long you will be staying and where you will be staying, you might need extra vaccines.

Final Words

The Philippines has always been a safe country to visit as long as you will follow safety measures. However, in present times, it is impossible to have a memorable trip to the country due to the pandemic. When everything gets back to normal, plan a trip in the Philippines and refer to this article to know more about the country and how you will be able to have a safe vacation.

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