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Laguna, Philippines, a Paradise for Nature Lovers

It’s no surprise that the Philippines is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous islands because the country has more than 7,000 of them. In the Philippines, you’ll find everything from Palawan and Boracay to Siargao that a beach-lover could want. Many tourists want to visit these exotic islands, but some do not have the time. That’s when Laguna, Philippines come into the picture.

But here’s the good news: you don’t even need to book a trip to experience an island paradise since there are so many beaches close to Manila that you’ll aspire to move there.

A must-do while in Laguna is to see all of the magnificent beaches that will leave you speechless and inspire you to greater heights. So let’s take a closer look at the best beaches in Laguna, Philippines.

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Tali Beach

Tali Beach caters to a particularly distinct demographic of visitors. If you want to spend time with your family, arrange a reunion with friends, or enjoy some peace with nature, this is the place for you. You may help make the meal, which is a one-of-a-kind experience. It will undoubtedly feel as though you are a member of the family.

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Munting Buhangin Beach, Laguna, Philippines

Munting Buhangin Beach Camp does not have white sand to brag about, but it is located in a remote area, making the resort stand out. The resort’s dedicated personnel clean its light brown sand, studded with various shells. This location is perfect for family reunions, corporate team development, and, of course, dating.

La Luz Beach Resort, Laguna, Philippines

La Luz Beach Resort & Spa is a well-known leisure tourism attraction. It is convenient and scenic and provides a wide range of recreational and leisure activities. Guests may also enjoy a nightly campfire on the beach. Directly in front of the hotel is a marine reserve where guests may go snorkeling or scuba diving.

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Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort, Laguna Philippines

A Stylish Beach and Dive Resort in the Heart of One of the World’s Best Macro Photography Destinations. Aiyanar has serious underwater photographers, fun divers, and even non-divers in mind. All of the facilities you’d expect from a contemporary Sea-Side Beach Resort the place offers.


Fun Things to Do in Laguna, Philippines

When you hear Laguna, you immediately think of buko pie and hot spring resorts. However, when you travel farther into its villages, you will realize that there are so many exciting activities to do in Laguna that anyone would be remiss if they did not participate. Since it is so close to Manila, Laguna has become a popular weekend getaway location.

👍 The Seven Lakes are a Must See

What good is a list of things to do in San Pablo Laguna if you don’t include visiting the Seven Lakes? San Pablo, located between the foothills of two mountains—Makiling and Banahaw—is home to the Seven Lakes, including Lakes Sampaloc, Yambo, Pandin, Bunot, Kalibato, Muhicap, and Palapakin.

👍 Swim for a Few Minutes in Bato Springs

One of the most incredible things to do in San Pablo Laguna for a much-needed break is to take a brief plunge in Bato Springs to relieve all the stress in your system. Bato Springs has several wading pools and springs to choose from and enjoy.

👍 Hike to the Mt. Makiling

Mt. Makiling is one of the most incredible locations to visit in Laguna if you are looking for adventure. Hiking Mt. Makiling is a thrilling and nerve-racking activity in Laguna. The slope sags and its steepness proves that Mt. Makiling is a dormant volcano.

👍 Feed the Koi Fish at Nuvali Park

Nuvali is the only spot in Laguna where you can experience the perfect blend of nature, fun, and relaxation. It is a commercialized park with stores, cafés, and other enterprises surrounding it.

👍 Republic Wakepark is an Excellent Place to Wakeboard

Republic Wakepark is the ideal spot to go if you’re seeking exciting things to do in Laguna. Beginners may pick between two wakeboard lakes, and specialists are on hand to teach all of the necessary techniques while having fun, making it the finest spot to start the sport.

👍 Relax in Hidden Valley Springs

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Laguna has a tropical rainforest paradise that can provide you with nothing but tranquility. So, if you’re still looking for things to do in Laguna this weekend, head to Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan and immerse yourself in peace and calm while connecting with nature.

👍 Take a Swim in Dampalit Falls

But even though it doesn’t have quite the grandeur of the Pagsanjan Falls, Dampalit’s tranquility will indeed chill you down. When it comes to Dampalit Falls, even Jose Rizal thought them to be more attractive and mysterious than the famed Niagara Falls.

👍 At the Enchanted Kingdom, You may Scream your Heart Out

Forget your age and let your inner child go in the Enchanted Kingdom. Since you’re already in Laguna, why not take advantage of all the exciting things to do in Sta Rosa Laguna that this theme park has to offer? The enchanted Kingdom never disappoints, with rides ranging from kid-friendly to intense.

👍 Learn about the Philippine National the at Rizal Shrine

Aside from its hot springs and waterfalls, Laguna is well-known for being the birthplace of the country’s national hero, Jose Rizal. Rizal Shrine is one of the most popular Calamba Laguna tourist attractions; most educational trips visit this site at least once a year.

👍 In Hulugan Falls, You may Get a Close Look at the rainbow

The Hulugan Falls is one of Laguna’s most prominent attractions. Come here early in the morning to view the rainbow, which is always present at about 9 a.m. It only takes about 30 minutes to get here from the main town, but the trek back up is challenging.


Laguna Facts You May Not Have Known

Laguna is a popular weekend getaway in the Philippines due to its beautiful water and natural resources. However, it is quickly becoming a real estate hotspot.

This beautiful province has more to offer than meets the eye. Here are some facts about the beautiful region of Laguna that you may not know.

Rich History

Laguna, on July 28, 1571, made the region’s appearance to the civilization. It is now almost 400 years old. The province’s original name was “La Laguna,” but changed to “Laguna” during the US occupation of the nation.

Resort Capital of the Philippines

There’s no doubt that Laguna is a famous tourist destination, but did you know that the province boasts over 700 hot springs resorts in Calamba and Los Baños?

A Promising Tech Land

Laguna is one of the most significant business centers in the south. Aside from a wide range of automobile manufacturers, the region is home to many BPO and IT-related businesses.

A Booming Market In Real Estate

With Metro Manila’s overcrowding and horrible traffic, many individuals are considering relocating to neighboring regions. Laguna is quickly becoming a real estate hotspot due to its proximity to the city and colossal acreage accessible for premium buildings.


Laguna Province’s Well-Known Delicacies

The Philippines differs significantly in terms of culinary enjoyment, particularly when it comes to delicacies. Filipinos are accustomed to purchasing their favorite items whenever they visit a specific location.

There appear to be numerous sweet delicacies around the Philippines that have served as a source of pride: the Laguna Province. Aside from hot spring resorts, significant festivals, tourist sites, and cultural heritages, delicacies and culinary appetizers are prominent in Laguna.


Espasol is a cylinder-shaped Filipino rice cake from Laguna province offered during the Christmas season—made from rice flour that has been boiled in coconut milk and coconut stripes and then put into toasted rice meal.

🍴Kesong Puti

Kesong puti is a soft and unaged carabao milk and salt curdled with vinegar, citrus, or rennet juices, and it originates in Laguna’s Sta. Cruz.


Bibingka is a type of rice cake from the Philippines. Galapong, cocoa butter, margarine, and sugar are common ingredients. Every Christmas, side street sellers sell this delectable rice cake together with “Puto bumbong” to local and foreign tourists.

🍴Buko Pie

Buko Pie, often known as a coconut pie, is a classic Filipino coconut custard cake. It is comparable to a cream pie popular among Filipinos, except that Buko pie is prepared with young coconut and lacks cream and custard ingredients.


Uraró, commonly known as araró or arrowroot cookie, is a Philippine biscuit. The texture is dry and powdery, with a flowery form. They are from South Luzon, namely the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, and Marinduque.


Various Monay is available in multiple provinces. However, in Bay, Laguna, you may locate their one-of-a-kind Monay. The outside of the shell is curved, but the interior is smooth. Monay has cheese or butter to improve the flavor.


Reasons Why Laguna, Philippines is a Fantastic Day Trip Location

Do you need a quick getaway vacation now? Look no farther because Laguna, Philippines, is only an hour and a half away from the rush and bustle of Manila.

Let’s look at why this should be on your traveling list when you are in the Philippines.

✔️Natural Refreshing Hot Springs

Laguna’s hot springs, from Calamba to Los Banos, give a therapeutic boost to your soul. But, of course, there are other health advantages such as better skin, general relaxation, and regulating heart rate.

Delicious Organic Food

Getting healthy in Laguna entails more than just dipping your body in hot spring water but also the nourishment that goes within it. So if you’re seeking guilt-free delectable treats, come to Laguna, Philippines.

✔️Maria Makiling

According to mythology, Maria Makiling, the ghost or divinity that defends Mt. Makiling, is both beautiful and terrifying to see. She is lovely to people who appreciate nature and horrible to those who do not.

✔️Unique Architecture

Bring your camera if historic churches are your thing since you’ll have plenty of opportunities in Laguna. In Laguna, Philippines, there are various Hispanic-era churches, and you can nearly always hear the bells tolling in unison.

✔️Home of the National Hero

Dr. Jose Rizal was born in Calamba, Laguna, the Philippines’ national hero, novelist-journalist Dr. Jose Rizal. Though the Mercados’ original home was destroyed during WWII, it was restored in the 1950s and now serves as an important museum.

Fun Fast Facts about Laguna, Philippines

⚡The present Rizal Shrine at Calamba, Laguna is a copy of the original home destroyed during World War II.

⚡Capt. Juan de Salcedo captured Laguna province and its neighboring territories for Spain in 1571.

⚡As a result of its thriving footwear business, Liliw, Laguna is known as the “Footwear Capital of Laguna.”

⚡A massive pineapple monument is in the town center of Calauan, Laguna.

⚡The Enchanted Kingdom which is located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, is the Philippines’ first and only world-class theme park, which opened to the public on October 19, 1995.

⚡Bian, a significant town in Laguna, got its name from the word “binyagan,” which means “baptismal.”


Frequently Asked Questions about Laguna, Philippines

Q: What are the highlights of Laguna Philippines?

A: Laguna is well-known for its natural beauties, including waterfalls, hot springs, cold springs, and lakes. When it comes to gastronomy, the region is famous for its buko pie.

Q: Is Laguna a desirable location to live?

A: Laguna is a popular destination for individuals looking for a location to reside away from the congested and poisonous atmosphere of Metro Manila.

Q: What is the most important festival in Laguna?

A: Anilag Event is Laguna’s largest and most colorful festival.

Q: Where can I unwind in Laguna?

A: There are several Laguna attractions where you may unwind. The most popular are seven Lakes, Hidden Valley Springs, Nuvali Park, Pagsanjan Falls Falls, and Dampalit Falls.

Q: In what way can I travel to Laguna?

A: To go to Calamba or Santa Cruz, you may take a bus from Manila’s Pasay, Cubao, and Buendia stations. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to get from Manila to Laguna, depending on the traffic. If you are planning to travel to the Philippines here are some tips.

Q: Is Laguna wealthy?

A: Laguna is a picture of wealth, endowed with natural riches and vibrant culture.


Final Thoughts

Laguna is a great location. There are several tourist attractions as well as numerous delectable dishes. In addition, it is closer to the country’s capital city yet distant from the city’s hustle and bustle. So, if you’re looking for a calm and relaxing weekend getaway, head to Laguna, the Philippines, for a brief getaway and be inspired by the inhabitants and nature.

Please share your thoughts about Laguna, Philippines; in the comment section, we would like to know your great experiences from the place.



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