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List of Best Hotels in Tagaytay with Taal View

Ever since the beginning of time, Tagaytay has become the place to be of those people who would like to have a quick vacation Tagaytay is very popular especially among people residing in Manila since Tagaytay is only a few hours away from the bustling metropolitan manila. Aside from that, it is also popular because of the Taal Volcano. You can even see the volcano from some places in Manila. Because of the view, people who will visit Tagaytay prefer to book accommodation with the view of the Taal lake. To make the job easier for you, we looked for the best hotel in Tagaytay with Taal view.

Another reason why bakasyonistas are raving about this place is because of the low temperature. So if you are from a humid city or province, there is no need to travel to Baguio City just to experience its cold temperature. Morever, you will never run out of activities. Tagaytay offers adventures that will definitely make your weekend getaway a blast.

Overview of Tagaytay City

Tagaytay is situated 60km from Manila. If you want to escape the heat and toxicity of the capital, you should go here. During the dry season, thousands of travelers visit Tagaytay because of its low temperature that is almost similar to Baguio. Aside from the cooler climate, people visit Tagaytay because of the spectacular view of Taal lake and volcano. That being said, the best hotel in Tagaytay with the Taal view is very in demand.

List of Best Hotels in Tagaytay with Taal View

What the majority of people think is that Taal Volcano is a tiny cratered hill situated on one end of the island in the center of the lake. This is what people often see in postcards and photographs. The truth is, it is not the Taal Volcano, but the Binintiang Malaki. Binintiang Malaki is just one of the Taal Volcano’s cones and craters. Now, Taal Lake is actually the place where the gigantic volcano formed upon eruptions.

Similar to an enormous balcony with spectacular view, the city rests on the northern part of Taal Lake. This is what travelers find attractive. You will see plenty of accommodations along the highway and inner alleys. These accommodations vary from budget and luxury hotels, condominiums, hostel, and beach resorts.

When is the best time to visit Tagaytay?

You can visit Tagaytay any month of the year. But of course, depending on the activities, included in our itinerary, you might want to take note of the following dates:

  • Dry season– The hottest months of the year are during the months of March to June. Normally the temperature is at 93°F or 33.88°C. As you can see, the temperature during these months is not that hot compared to other places.
  • Cold season– If you really want to feel the coldest temperature in Tagaytay, then visit Tagaytay during the months of December to March. The temperature is normally at 69°F or 20.56°C. If you decided to go during these months, make sure to bring thick clothing.
  • Wet season– If you do not want to ruin your trip and pictures, you should avoid this season. June to October is considered a rainy season so do not visit the city especially if you plenty of outdoor activities.

Areas to Stay in Tagaytay

Tagaytay City has become one of the most popular destinations near Manila. Event the places that are not technically located in Tagaytay are labeled as “Tagaytay”. Usually, these places are already situated in Mendez, Silang, and Alfonso. These are under Cavite. Keep this in mind when you ar looking for a hotel in Tagaytay with the Taal view. Make sure to look along the places located in the vicinity of Tagaytay.

If you are traveling from another country, below are the three primary areas when discovering Tagaytay in nearby towns.

Tagaytay Rotonda Area

This place is also known as Olivarez. There are various types of accommodations in Olivarez because it is close to the famous destinations in Tagaytay. The primary roads running around the city start and end in this place. Hence, it is close to popular restaurants, lodging, and terminal of public transportation.

Nasugbu Highway

List of Best Hotels in Tagaytay with Taal View

Nasugbu Highway along Tagaytay is quite far from Rotonda. But if you are looking for the best hotel in Tagaytay with taal view, look for hotels situated in Nasugbu. Aside from that, this is also where the famous Tagaytay SkyRanch and Ayala Malls are located. If you prefer a quieter place with the best view of the Taal Lake, we recommend looking for a place in Nasugbu.

Calamba Road

On the off chance your itinerary includes going to famous tourist spots like the picnic grove and people’s sky, you should book an accommodation located in Calamba Road. Aside from these tourist spots, there are also several restaurants providing a spectacular view of Taal Lake.

List of Best Hotel in Tagaytay with Taal View

The best hotels in Tagaytay with a great view of the Taal is quite expensive. However, they are of great value for your money and will surely give you a wonderful experience. Here is a list of some of the best hotels in Tagaytay to stay with your friends or family:

1.Discovery Country Suites

The Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay is the best choice for country home. It showcases seven master suites – Oxford, Nantucket, Siam, Nara, Saint Tropez, Andalucia, and Ceylon. It is the perfect place to stay with your loved one and friends.

What the majority of the guests love about this place is the restaurant overlooking the beauty of the Taal lake. You get to enjoy their amazing food while witnessing the beauty of the surrounding. This place will never disappoint you with their facilities, food, and staff.

List of Best Hotels in Tagaytay with Taal View

Until now, Discovery Country Suites is earning praise because of the attentive personalized service and the sublime cuisine from one of the best restaurants in Tagaytay, which is Verbena. We recommend trying their world class food before leaving because they really serve one of the best tasting foods in Tagaytay. Also, it will make your trip memorable.

On top of that, the place is very near the golf courses, famous restaurants, spa resorts, to name a few. Even if you decided to stay for several days, the management will make sure you will have the best time and that you will get what you paid for. Also, do not ever leave the place without tasting their signature wine and cheese, milk and cookies, and of course the breakfast at the famous Verbena.

Location and Contact Details

The exact location of this place is Discovery Country Suites, 300 Calamba Road, San Jose, 4120 Tagaytay City, Philippines. For inquiry and reservations, you can call them at +63 2 8529 8172 or send an email

2. Escala Tagaytay

If you want to take a quick escape from the busy metropolitan manila and stay in a near place with cool weather and a magnetic view, Escala is your best choice. With only less than two hours’ drive from Manila, you will get to escape, relax, and enjoy the amazing scenery in Escala Tagaytay.

There are sixty rooms for the guests to choose from. Each room has a veranda with a view of the countryside. There are few rooms with a best view of the Taal Lake, so make sure to book as early as you can. Observe the beauty of the Taal Lake while sipping your hot coffee. Moreover, you will get to witness the lake while taking a dip in the infinity pool.

What makes Escala Tagaytay one of the best hotels in Tagaytay is the modern facilities and services. Escala Tagaytay has two restaurants that serve Filipino Cuisine. Apart from that, there are organic spas, and areas that are perfect for grand celebrations. Best of all, it provides a hidden location in the center of the city. While you are staying there, make sure to find it.

The rooms are made from excellence. Wake up to an amazing sight, calm your mind and body under the stars and enjoy the cool breeze with your loved ones. You can take a walk in the morning and enjoy the natural surroundings. Enjoy a peaceful stay as this place is situated far from the noises of the main road.

Location and Contact Numbers

The exact location of Escala Tagaytay is Purok 102, Poblete Street, Barangay Maharlika West, Tagaytay City, Philippines. If you want to know more about this place, you can contact them at (02) 8-519-44440917-6753806 (calls only). You can also send them an email at For more information, visit

3. Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel is the perfect place that promises to give you the most comfortable and relaxing stay. Their cozy rooms and exemplary service will make you feel like you are at a home away from home. This classy accommodation started out as an outstanding buffet restaurant and a perfect place for events. But then the management noticed that the guests repeatedly fell in love with the place and wanted to extend their stay. Hence, the world-class rooms.

List of Best Hotels in Tagaytay with Taal View

Relax at their hotel rooms that is equipped with WiFi, high-quality mattress, toiletries, welcome drinks, and flat TV. Basically each room has everything you need during your stay. Moreover, there are modern chairs and tables, to name a few. These will make your stay memorable and comforting.

Of course, your stay is not complete without the best-tasting meal. Taal Vista Hotel offers ala carte and buffet dining dishes. The chef always prepares a variety of foods that will be enjoyed by the old and newer generation. Every day, they serve different cuisines so you will get to enjoy magnificent feast during your stay.

Location and Contact Details

Taal Vista Hotel is located at Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City 4120, Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, you can contact them at +63 (2) 7917 8225 and +63 (46) 413 1000. Also, you can send them an email at

4. Tagaytay Highlands

Last, but definitely not the least is the Tagaytay Highlands. Personally, this is my favorite because they offer different types of accommodation. You can choose from cabins, lots, and condominiums. The type of accommodation you will choose must be based on the number of people you are staying with as well as the purpose. If your pact consists of at least 8 persons, I recommend going for log cabin. On the other hand, if you are just staying with your loved one, you can book a room in their condominium.

List of Best Hotels in Tagaytay with Taal View

What makes Tagaytay Highlands special is their exclusivity and a magnificent destination that you can definitely call your own. Also, their accommodations showcase the Filipinos knack for innovation and originality. They were able to transform the mountain ridges in to a one of a kind mountain resort community. Even so, Tagaytay Highlands continues to invest in this place and develop world-class properties.

Location and Contact Details

The exact location of Tagaytay Highlands is 4120 Brgy. Calabuso, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines. If you need more details or you have questions contact them at (046) 483 0848. You can also send your inquiry at For more information, visit

Final Words

Tagaytay is one of the best places near manila that you can visit if you want to temporarily escape from the bustling city. In just 2-3 hours, you will be able to relax and have a quick weekend getaway. Tagaytay is known not only for its cool temperature almost similar to that of Baguio but also because of the famous Taal Volcano and Lake. Although you can somehow get a glimpse of the lake in some parts of Manila, being able to see it closer is a great experience. That being said, when you look for a place in Tagaytay, make sure that it is a hotel in Tagaytay with a taal view. The above-mentioned hotels promise to give you a comfy stay in Tagaytay and a spectacular view of the lake from your hotel. But of course, make sure to book early especially during the peak season.

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