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Manila Red Light District Hotels

Manila Red Light District Hotels

Adventure, company, and great entertainment awaits the man who stops to appreciate the offerings of Manila’s colorful red-light district. Beautiful girls, great parties and booze can help you loosen up and forget your troubles. Meet charming girls who are blessed with good looks, and the willingness to help you chill. If you have a stressful job, you can leave all that behind and have a little bit of entertainment until dawn peeks in the clouds. Booking a stay at the Manila red light district hotels is a great way to make sure you are near where the action is.

Manila red light district hotels–Top 5 Best Girly Bars in Manila

The top tourist draws in the Philippines are usually in the provinces where there are beaches, islands, and adventures galore. In the metro there really isn’t much to do after you have seen all the museums and historical monuments. The main reason foreigners hang out in Manila is for the party scene and for guys looking for company they especially want to meet all the girls.

It is a good thing that there is a lot of options in the capital if you are looking for some fun, entertainment, and a company for the night. There are at last three types of girl bars you will find:

Bikini Bars

These bars would be closest to go-go bars where girls wear skimpy clothing onstage. However, girls don’t go totally nude anymore, hence, the term, bikini bars. Bikinis are the skimpiest outfit they will wear.

Sports Bars

These bars are similar to the beer bars in Thailand; it is a meeting hotspot for tourists and ex-pats. There is usually a pool table and TV in the main lounge area.


These karaoke places are mainly geared towards Korean and Japanese clientele. The price is steeper here in terms of girls and drinks.

Top 5 Bars

Bottoms (P Burgos Street)

This is the most popular girly bar in the entire metro, and the reason can be reduced to three factors: First, is the premier location which is right at the heart of P Burgos Street. It is the hotspot for tourist nightlife. Second, it has a long history, and they have been mentioned repeatedly on travel books, websites, and forums throughout the web. And the third and most important reason, they simply have the hottest girls.

Bottoms have a couple of stages, a smaller one which can only fit up to three girls and a much larger one which can fit up to five to seven girls. Bar stools circle these stages with tables, and there will also be comfortable couches. The seating at the back area are especially comfortable and give a great view of the entire bar.

Of course, guys come here for the girls. To describe just how the girls look, you can expect them to be nothing less than attractive, with big boobs to boot. They wear suspender costumes, so you get to see a great view from the side angle. If you are lucky, some girls will even let you touch them, but this only happens after you buy them drinks.

High Heels (P Burgos Street)

This bar is distinctive because it has to be the naughtiest bar in Burgos. The reason will be obvious once you step in. You will be greeted by about six girls who are all excited and giggling, and they give you the impression that they’ve been waiting for you for weeks! They make you feel truly welcome and special.

It is not unlikely that the girls will start groping you even before you have ordered a drink. Entertainment is especially top-notch here, and girls really know how to make a profit out of customers. You can expect the girls to be upfront and ask you to buy lady drinks for the group. If you don’t have the budget and decline, they will leave. In any case, if you buy for only one of them, they will still stay, but they will be hoping for a tip. 

At some point you may be asked if you want to have outright sex, but, of course, it will all come at a steep price, and you will have to pay for drinks, bar fines, as well as room rates, and of course the price for the girl.

Manila Red Light District Hotels

This place will also have a few ladyboys now and then. There will also be nights where there will be extremely beautiful girls dancing, but these girls would not be so naughty.

LA Café (Ermita)

This is one of the much-loved girly bars in Manila. It is really a sports bar, and of the largest freelancer bars in the metro. You can go to this place at any time of the week, and you can easily find hundreds of girls who work for themselves and not under any bar. Freelancers meet in this place to engage with a male customer, and after several drinks, they will accompany you to your hotel where you can have a short time or long time fun. You can get all this without having to pay for expensive lady drinks and bar fines.

This bar is Swedish owned and has a couple of floors. On the first floor, there is a circular round bar which is surrounded by stools and tables. There will be a billiard table not too far off. If you arrive at this place at a late time near midnight, you won’t find a place to settle in because there are so many girls. The girls outnumber the guys. On the second floor is a stage for live bands. The performance is not free, though and you have to pay a hundred pesos. Of course, there are more available girls upstairs.

If you don’t like to meet girls at night, LA Café is also the place where you can hook up with girls during the daytime. You can go in the middle of the afternoon and meet dozens of girls who will be eager to entertain and give you company as soon as you walk in.

On the downside, this place charges for pool games and the price will depend on the length of time you play. You pay 25 pesos for the first 7 minutes and up to 100 pesos if you have been playing for 22-28 minutes.

Amazonia Bar (Ermita)

This bar is just a hundred meters from LA Café in Ermita. This place is a typical girly bar and girls tend to be average looking. However, you can still find a handful of really hot girls, statuesque and fair-skinned ones.

This bar has something great to offer and deserves to be on the list of the best girly bars in town aside from the near-naked dancing girls. This bar has a lot of entertainment to offer other than simply hooking up with girls. From the outside, you can see at least two pool tables and of course the typical stage where girls dance. Other than that, Amazonia is also a good place to meet other travelers and ex-pats. The ambience is also great, and the interiors are unique. There are plenty of seating spaces, and the interior aesthetics follow a jungle-like theme, with trees, plants, and wood.

Manila Red Light District Hotels

Of course, typical for a girl bar, the girls would be eager for a deal. They would ask you to buy them a lady drink first before you can even get your hands on them. It is also quite typical that they will ask you if you want outright sex and invite you to the rooms upstairs. This will usually happen after you’ve already bought them several drinks. 

Cotton Club Manila

This club is a little bit out of the way and is nestled in the busy commercial district of EDSA Entertainment Complex in Pasay. Cotton Club is just one of the seven girly bars in a building. The place gives you a déjà vu of Nana Plaza in Bangkok. All the bars have the same owner, but the top bar with the hottest girls is undoubtedly the Cotton Club.

There is one large stage in this club where there will be up to twenty girls dancing at a time. Do not come to this bar too early and wait until around 8 in the evening even if girls start dancing at 6. The hottest and most beautiful girls arrive at eight and get dressed up, put on their makeup and start hitting the stage. Happy hour begins at 6 pm and lasts until 8 pm, and you can get beer for 70 pesos at this timeframe before the hot girls arrive. However, tastes can be personal, and you may just find a girl you like before 6 pm, and you can seal a deal with them.

VIP rooms are also available upstairs, and there will be views on the ground floor. This secluded area is popular among Korean and Japanese clients. The price here is 3,000 pesos which include drinks. You can get any girl you want. Just simply call them over, and they will be very polite and accommodating, or you can call the manager or waitresses to call the girl of your choice. You can even get more than one girl if you like.

Pit Stop is another bar in the area, which is just right across Cotton Club. You can check out this place but only if the best girls have been taken at the Cotton Club.

Manila red light district hotels—Top 11 Best Hotels

Bellagio Hotel

Manila Red Light District Hotels

This Manila red light district hotels is right smack at the middle of Makati’s red-light district. There is a restaurant on the ground floor called Cozy Café. It also has a route to the Bottoms swinging club at the basement. You also have access to a 7-11 convenience store and more clubs lining the street of Burgos. At the lobby restaurant, Filling Station, they offer great food that is filling but a little overpriced. There is free Wi-Fi, even for multiple devices. The staff is courteous up to the manager of the hotel. You should try their theme rooms for an exceptional experience.

Our Melting Pot

This budget Manila red light district hotels is well-maintained. It is located in the metro right at the heart of Makati city at Ayala Triangle Gardens. You will be in the middle of a commercial area in proximity to most establishments so you can easily dine, shop, or buy necessities.

Makati Junction Hostel

This Manila red light district hotels has a hip ambience, and it is equipped with private rooms as well as dorms and coed rooms. There are plenty of amenities here and stuff to do. They have a spacious lounge, game room and so much more. The closest landmark is Power Plant Mall, so you will be close to the best dining and shopping experiences.

Z Hostel

This is a newly opened Manila red light district hotels that is located at the heart of Makati City near Century City. The rooms have a modern design. Amenities include a stylish lounge, game room and in-house café, plus so much more. Z Hostel has a lot of social events and activities that can keep you entertained.

U Hotels Makati

This is an affordable Manila red light district hotels that is nestled in a great location. You will be guaranteed spacious rooms. They have a lobby that offers free coffee and snacks. This hotel gives good value for money and is strategically located near Century City.

Red Planet Amorsolo

The accommodations at this Manila red light district hotels is simple yet modern. This hotel is perfect for travelers who want to stay in stylish surroundings at the heart of the metro without breaking the bank. Red Planet Amorsolo is strategically located near RCBC plaza.

City Garden Hotel Makati


City Garden Hotel Makati is located at the center of Makati but not exactly in the middle of the chaos. This Manila red light district hotels is one of the best mid-range priced hotels in the metro that will give bang for your buck. You will love the relaxing outdoor pool and the proximity to Power Plant Mall that gives you access to top-notch dining and shopping experiences.

Citadines Millennium Ortigas

This Manila red light district hotels takes pride in its fantastic views of the Ortigas skyline. Guests can enjoy their rooms which are designed in an apartment-style. Among the amenities in each room are a kitchenette and seating area. If you are not hanging around your room, you can laze around the outdoor pool or go on a trip to the nearby SM Megamall.

Astoria Greenbelt

This Manila red light district hotels is right smack in the front of the posh Greenbelt Mall. This hotel has stylish rooms and amenities that will make your stay pleasant and convenient. Proximity to Greenbelt gives you access to luxury shopping, and dining experiences and the prime location means you will be near all the trendy hotspots.

Somerset Alabang

Somerset Alabang Manila red light district hotels is a great place to stay if you want to escape the chaotic energy of the metro. You will still be near key spots, but you will be in a relatively tranquil place. Enjoy their outdoor pool and get recharged. Visit the nearby Resorts World Manila and have some great entertainment.

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

This Manila red light district hotels is a remarkable boutique hotel for someone who wants a unique hotel experience. They have an art gallery and a dedicated two-story fitness center. You will also love the quirky themed rooms. This hotel has a great ambience and is in proximity to Salcedo Saturday Market where you can get to see all the best and quality products produced in each region of the country.

Manila Red Light District Hotels: Final Thoughts

Get some naughty fun at the capital. Book yourself a night at Manila red light district hotels and be a short distance away from where all the hot girls do their action. Unwind, have fun, and experience memorable and great entertainment. Give in to pleasurable nights and great company.  

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