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Mindoro Philippines Resorts – The Top 10!

In Southwestern Luzon, Mindoro’s coasts are a must-visit for foreigners and locals. Thanks to its sunny coastal regions, it’s home to some of the most scenic resorts in the Philippines. And the best part is, there are many Mindoro Philippines resorts to explore.

To get the most out of your vacation, it only makes sense to narrow down your itinerary to the top resorts in Mindoro. So make sure to explore these ten resorts on your next visit to the place!

Why Visit Mindoro?

Most people take off from the bustling streets of Manila to the famous coasts of Boracay, Palawan, or Cebu. But there are many hidden places to uncover in the Philippines. And Mindoro is one of the most underrated vacation destinations in the country.

This small Southwestern Luzon coast has a lot to offer, from breathtaking diving spots to serene beaches. Are you still not convinced? Here are reasons why you should add Mindoro to your next trip to the Philippines:

☀︎ Stunning Views

Although people praise the tropical coasts of Boracay, the lush mountains and scenic beaches in Mindoro are as breathtaking. As your ferry or RoRo enters Muelle Bay, you’d be surprised to see the views. 

☀︎ Best Diving Sites Around

Mindoro surprisingly has some of the best diving sites in the country. There are many destinations to explore around Mindoro, especially in the Sabang peninsula. Even if you’re not big on diving, other water activities like snorkeling are also popular on the island. 

☀︎ Unexplored Beaches

There are many other untouched or undeveloped beaches to explore in Mindoro outside of its famous beaches like White Beach. Take advantage of this moment and enjoy entire deserted beaches to yourself! I suggest going to Aninuan as there are plenty of untouched beaches to explore. Just make sure to respect its environment.

☀︎ Accommodations

There are many gorgeous, luxurious, and unexpected Mindoro Philippines Resorts. Whether it’s budget hotels or luxury resorts, there’s something for everyone on the island.

10 Best Mindoro Resorts Philippines

1. Edgewater Dive & Spa Resort

Mindoro Resorts Philippines - Edgewater
Photo Courtesy of Edgewater Dive & Spa Resort

Nestling in one of Asia’s best scuba diving destinations, Edgewater Dive & Spa Resort is a must-visit when in Mindoro.

A top-rated resort that combines leisure and fun—Edgewater has something for everyone. You can find this semi-luxurious resort surrounded by acres of lush tropical gardens.

It’s a PADI resort offering diving courses perfect for newbies and experts alike. And if you’re raving to do something casual, freediving training is also a thing in the resort. Meanwhile, the resort is just a couple of kilometers away from Sabang Beach if you want a challenge.

The resort also offers snorkeling and other water sports if diving isn’t your thing.

Aside from extreme water sports, the resort also has an outdoor swimming pool and spa. Here, you can explore the resort more intimately while relaxing. And the best part is, you can request to have spa treatments in the comfort of your room.

Meanwhile, if you want to explore Mindoro outside the resort, you can find Dalaruan Bay nearby. It’s a gorgeous mangrove bay offering some of the most scenic sites on the island.

Overall, if solitude and adventure are what you’re looking for, visit Edgewater! There’s never a dull moment when in Edgewater.

Location: Edgewater Road, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Contact info: +63 43 287 3774

2. Infinity Resort

Photo Courtesy of Out of Town Blog

One of the newer and more modern beach resorts in Mindoro is Infinity Resorts and Spa. This highly-rated resort in Talipanan beach offers clean and cozy rooms. And not to mention a gorgeous infinity pool. Hence, its name.

Being one of the most famous hotels in Puerto Galera, this place lives up to its name. Going to the site itself is a one-of-a-kind experience as it sits on a vast property with many spaces to relax. It’s the type of destination that lets you enjoy your vacation in comfort—and style!

The resort has 20 rooms with modern Asian-inspired themes, promising comfort and luxury. And for your convenience, the place also offers personalized services. All you need to do is relax in your room and enjoy your stay.

There are also other amenities for guests to enjoy. From a large outdoor jacuzzi to its signature infinity pool, there’s plenty to explore! You can also find onsite restaurants, pool bars, and entertainment rooms in the resort.

Meanwhile, beaches, forests, and mountainous landscapes are nearby if you go outside. Fitness gyms are also available if you’re yearning to be more active during your visit. You may also rent out diving gear or surfboards for water sports.

But above everything else, Infinity Resort is most well-known for its spa treatments. Namely, the Malasimbo Spa treatment. It’s a massage treatment named after Mindoro’s iconic mountain, Mt. Malasimbo.

Location: Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental, Philippines 

Contact info: +63 917 792 6353

3. Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort

Photo Courtesy of Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort

When it comes to the top Mindoro Philippines Resort, Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort is a name you’ll always see. And for good reasons.

This quaint yet luxurious destination showcases all of Puerto Galera’s scenic surroundings. As its name suggests, the place has some of the best sunset views in Mindoro. Aside from this, you can also marvel at the gorgeous panoramas of Mt. Malasimbo and the surrounding ocean.

It has 35 rooms, including five separate villas with individual kitchenettes. Either way, all rooms face the beach. So you don’t need to break the bank for a gorgeous view. Overall, the place brings guests closer to Mindoro’s natural beauty.

Moreover, like Edgewater, Sunset at Aninuan also offers PADI-certified diving courses. It provides basic and advanced open water diving sessions, ideal for exploring the nearby beaches.

However, snorkeling is also an option if you’re not in the mood to dive deep. After all, the resort is near a house reef rich in all kinds of marine life. You can rent out equipment at the resort or from local stalls.

On the other hand, hiking or trekking is also popular if you don’t want to get wet. That’s because Aninuan Falls is only 5.9 kilometers from Sunset at Aninuan. Also, I recommend visiting the resort between November and December as this is when sea turtles nests on the site. Just make sure not to disturb them!

Location: Aninuan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Contact info: +63 920 931 8924

4. Fridays Puerto Galera Beach Resort

Mindoro Resorts Philippines - Fridays
Photo Courtesy of MakeMyTrip

Nestled in an incredibly breathtaking island is Fridays Puerto Galera Beach Resort. You can find this place sitting on Boquete Island across a white sandy beach. Here you get the best view of Muelle Bay in all of Mindoro. 

Muelle Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the Philippines, where Mindoro even recognized it as a national heritage. So when booking a stay on Fridays, you’re practically paying for two experiences in one! 

The resort offers 24 large modern rooms fully equipped with all you need. There’s nothing short of a fun moment at Fridays Puerto Galera, from unlimited WiFi to cable TV. And not to mention, you can reach a private beach from any of these accommodations. 

The resort has a bar and restaurant onsite offering tasty local meals if you’re hungry. There’s also a child-friendly area beside the outdoor swimming pool. So whether you’re traveling with family, a lover, or friends, Fridays has got you covered. 

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to explore, there’s a Coral Garden just in front of the resort. Here, you can find vast corals and all kinds of marine life.

Overall, Fridays Puerto Galera is the perfect serene destination for a relaxing and laidback trip. After all, the place is far from famous sites like White Beach. 

Location: Boquete Island, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Contact info: +63 2 8810 2101

5. Atlantis Dive Resort

Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Dive Resort

One of the most scenic resorts in Mindoro is the Atlantis Dive Resort. A luxury 4-star hotel, this is one of the premier accommodations in Sabang Beach Puerto Galera. Sitting on a hilltop, you get some of the best views of the oceans at Atlantis.

The place is also conveniently located near the Sabang town area. So if you ever need to buy something or want to eat out, travel should be hassle-free.

Atlantis Dive Resort offers 40 modern rooms with amenities like free WiFi. There’s also a swimming pool, spa, boutique, and restaurant. So you don’t need to go out of the comfort of the place.

But what makes it unique is that it has some of the best views of the gorgeous underwater scenery in Puerto Galera. And its strategic location makes it easier to explore the famous diving spots in Mindoro.

And like most PADI resorts in Mindoro, Atlantis also offers guided boat dives every day. At most, the place hosts five diving trips for beginners and veterans alike. However, these excursions showcase coral reefs instead of the regular deep-sea views.

Also, unlike other PADI resorts, Atlantis is incredibly beginner-friendly. And it has exclusive programs for first-timers. But if you’re looking for adventure, the place also offers advanced courses.

Location: Atlantis Dive Resorts, Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Contact info: +63 917 562 0293

6. Buri Resort & Spa

Mindoro Resorts Philippines - buri
Photo Courtesy of Nora Buri Resort & Spa

If relaxation is what you’re looking for on your next vacation, visit Buri Resort & Spa. This is a 4-star hotel in Sito Dalarua, Puerto Galera, Mindoro. And thanks to its isolated location, it’s become a popular pick for intimate getaways. It offers a more serene and natural environment.

The place offers 12 native-style villas made of hardwood and bamboo. And each one stands on a hillside, giving you a gorgeous view of the surrounding landscapes. Moreover, each villa has a private balcony for your convenience.

Other amenities you can find in the resort include a restaurant, pool bar, outdoor pool, and a spa facility. But if you want to be active, the resort offers various excursions. Whether it’s diving or snorkeling, Buri has it all.

What makes this beach resort stand out is its family-friendly services. The resort offers all kinds of activities large and small families alike can enjoy. And if you’re looking to spend some alone time with your partner, the resort also has babysitting or childcare services.

Finally, the adventure doesn’t end at Buri Resort as it is conveniently located next to several destinations. These include La Laguna Beach, the Puerto Galera Church, and Sabang Pier.

Location: Sitio Dalaruan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Contact info: +63 2 7959 9419

7. Manarra Sea View Resort

Photo Courtesy of Kayak

Living up to its name of gorgeous sea views is the Manarra Seaview Resort. Located in the heart of Sabang, this resort gives you breathtaking panoramas of Mindoro’s blue seas and lush landscapes.

The resort offers several rooms equipped with balconies, terraces, air conditioning, and ensuite bathrooms. But what makes its rooms stand out is that each one comes with a kitchenette. Here, you can whip up your favorite meals and drinks without leaving your room.

Notably, the resort commits itself to offer top-quality services. Here, you can enjoy swimming around two large pools with spacious lounging areas. And there are onsite restaurants and bars, so you don’t have to trudge outside town.

Meanwhile, spa services are available if you’re looking to relax and stay at the resort for a whole day. You may request in-room spa treatments for maximum comfort.

But guests don’t need to go too far from the resort if you want to explore Sabang as it’s 200 meters from the famous Sabang Beach. Not to mention, it’s only a couple of meters away from the ferry terminal. So transportation shouldn’t be an issue when in Manarra.

Location: McFadden Skyway, Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Contact info:  +63 927 525 5890

8. Utopia Resort & Spa

Photo Courtesy of Travel Oriental Mindoro

Go to Utopia Resorts & Spa in Mindoro for a well-deserved rest and luxurious getaway. This resort offers five-star services and accommodation for all guests.

This boutique resort offers modern suites and four beachside cottages. Each comes with great entertainment options ranging from board games to cable TV.

Besides this, the place also comes with a large outdoor pool, a sauna room, a gorgeous garden, and a spa. And if you ever get hungry, there’s an onsite café and restaurant for your disposal.

The resort offers all guests a free shuttle service to the nearby town and port as a welcomed bonus.

You can find this luxury resort on the hillsides of Barangay Palangan. And thanks to its strategic location, you get a gorgeous view of the nearby Puerto Galera Harbor.

Other sites you can see from the comfort of the resort are Mount Halcon and Varadero Bay.

Unfortunately, this place doesn’t have PADI-certified diving courses. So if you’re looking for adventure, you’d have to go beyond Utopia.

This beach resort is famous because it comes with a self-service business center. You can find fax machines, printers, and other secretarial services here. At Utopia, you can work while on vacation!

Location:  Palangan Rd, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Contact info: +63 43 287 3681

9. Ara Beach Resort

Photo Courtesy of PlanetofHotels

If you’re looking to travel without paying a heavy price, I suggest staying at Ara Beach Resort in Mindoro. Situated in Barangay Aninuan, this is one of the cheapest and most gorgeous resorts in town. You can find the resort nestled in a more serene and quiet spot, away from the crowded beaches of Puerto Galera.

It provides several rooms equipped with bathrooms, WiFi, and air conditioners. And despite its affordable rate, the room comes with a spacious seating area, a balcony, and cable TV.

Moreover, this boutique resort offers enough amenities that make you feel at home. From an outdoor swimming pool to a private parking area, Ara Beach Resort gives you the best value for your money.

Ara Beach Resort stands out among the number of luxury resorts in Mindoro thanks to its excellent service. Many guests rave about its welcoming staff and delicious hotel food. Also, it’s one of the few kid and pet-friendly places.

But keep in mind that you need to file a request to accommodate your pets in the hotel in advance.

Finally, adding to its homey vibe, the place also offers barbecues. Here, you can eat and mingle like a local with locals!

Location: Talipanan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Contact info: +63 927 836 7000

10. Amami Beach Resort

Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

One of the unique Mindoro Philippines resorts is the Amami Beach Resort. This place offers a different experience thanks to its rustic vibe. And not to mention, they bring joy to guests while saving the planet!

It features rooms that are more eco-friendly than other Talipanan beach resorts. With this comes a traditional yet cozy ambiance. In short, Amami designed their rooms to look like native Filipino homes.

You can find its main accommodation’s across the shores of Talipanan beach. And each one comes with a private balcony, lounging area, and bathroom. However, none of them are air-conditioned. After all, the resort aims to be more native and environmentally friendly.

Although it may seem uncomfortable, it gives you a unique opportunity to sleep to the sounds of the ocean. Plus, it gives you a one-of-a-kind view of the open sea.

The resort also offers other amenities like massage treatments. And you may rent bicycles or arrange tours to nearby destinations.

You can walk to Aninuan Beach from the resort as it’s only 700 meters away.

Location: Western Nautical Hwy, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Contact info: +63 908 206 8534

How Do I Get Mindoro Resorts Philippines?

Unfortunately, there’s no direct route from Manila to Mindoro. But you can always count on public transportation. You can access the sunny coasts of Mindoro by boat from Batangas, Caticlan, Roxas, or Coron.

However, keep in mind that destinations and travel times vary. For instance, the travel time from Batangas via Ro-Ro is around 3 hours. On the other hand, fast crafts or ferries last approximately 1.5 hours.

Either way, when you reach the island, you can explore the area through taxis, tricycles, or jeepneys. From here, you can take specific routes to your resort destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Puerto Galera so famous in Mindoro?

A: This place is famous among foreigners and locals alike due to its gorgeous white sand beaches. And you can find all kinds of resorts catering to all travelers here. Whether it’s luxury hotels to cozy cabins, Puerto Galera has it all.  

Q: Can I bring my car to Mindoro?

A: Although there’s no direct route to Mindoro from the city, bringing your car is possible. Depending on the availability, you may load your vehicle on a RoRo. However, space is limited, so make reservations early on. 

Q: In what region is Mindoro located?

A: You can find the gorgeous coasts of Mindoro Region IV-B (MIMAROPA). Here, you can find Oriental Mindoro. 

Q: What can I do in Mindoro?

A: Besides visiting top resorts in the area, there’s a lot to do in Mindoro. However, the most popular activities include sunset cruising, golfing, hiking, and island hopping. 

Q: What’s the fare from Manila to Mindoro?

A: Generally, a one-way trip from Manila to Mindoro can cost you anywhere between 850 PHP ($16.51) to 1,100 PHP ($21.37). And the whole journey can last up to 8 hours. 

Final Note

The top Mindoro Philippines resort can even rival some of the best destinations in the country. From luxury hotels to quaint local getaways, there are many beach resorts to explore in Mindoro! So, book a ferry and chill at the many resorts above on your next trip to Luzon.

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