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Night Clubs in Makati for the Ladies

Makati is one of the biggest financial hubs in the Philippines. The population here is a mixture of locals and foreigners. At any given time of the year, Makati is busy. It is a melting pot of business, education, entertainment, and fashion. You can expect Makati to offer great entertainment sports. During day time, Makati is a busy bee. Businesses and working people power the city. At night, however, it is teeming with lights, music, and drinks. Night clubs in Makati are unforgettable. They leave a lasting impression, making you want to come back for more. 

Makati has a lot of lady-friendly night clubs. When we say ‘lady-friendly,’ this means the ladies are treated with royalty. There are days – usually Wednesday and Saturday – for Ladies’ Night. Night clubs in Makati make the entrance free for ladies during these days. On some occasions, there are promos on cocktails and other drinks. A ladies’ night out is perfect in the city that never sleeps. 

Safety in Makati

One major concern that we have to address: is it safe in Makati? Remember that this is a business and financial hub. It is a mixture of people. Although law enforcement is set in place, the number one you have to watch out for is thievery. When you get to bars and nightclubs, keep in mind your safety. Best to bring only the cash that you need. If you have a car, then best to use this. Greenbelt, Ayala, and Rockwell are the safest place to be. Regardless, you have to practice vigilance while having fun. 

There are many notable bars and nightclubs in Makati. You just need to look for the best ones. We have reduced the number to the best picks. 

Black Market

This night club is on everyone’s list. Ever since its birth, Black Market has lived to its reputation. It is a different kind of craze. The music is not the typical pop you simply find anywhere else. There is a lot of underground music here to give you the right vibes. If you like dancing the night away, then this is the perfect spot. You can dance ‘till you drop at 3am. The night club has a unique warehouse theme. It perfectly glides with the retro-modern aura. They also serve unlimited drinks from 12 am to 3am. Now that is something to look forward to. Nearby there is Finders Keepers. This is a meal shack that serves hot meals and refreshing drinks. Just in case you get tired from all the dancing, this shack can give you an alternative. 

The Penthouse 8747

Not in the mood for some bouncing and loud music? The Penthouse 8747 will give you the smooth vibes, quiet and exclusive. This is a luxurious display of high-society in the 70’s. The interior reeks of romance and style. You can enjoy some cocktails here. This is an alternative choice from night clubs in Makati. Meals here are the handiwork of chefs and best cooks. This place is located high up the ground, 22 floors to be exact. While dining and drinking, you can see the breathtaking view of Manila. 

Club Royal

Just as the name says, this club brings that special and exclusive vibe. This club features vivid lights and sounds. The interior is lively and stylish. This is all that you need for a night out to remember. Music is selected to make everyone dance. The latest hip sounds are bound to get you on your feet. Whether you would choose a lounge or dance, Club Royal will deliver. Did you know that you can dance until 5am? Literally, dance the night away. VIP sections are available if you want to be more exclusive. This is located on the mezzanine floor, overlooking the dance floor. 

Strumm’s Makati

The Strumm’s Makati is for the 90’s babies who are fans of the 70’s and the 80’s. This is one of the few night clubs in Makati that offers retro music. Live bands will be playing the night away. This completes the retro experience. As compared to other night clubs in Makati with DJs, this one has actual bands from different genres. Expect to bounce and dance the night way, retro-style in Strumm’s Makati. A classic and timeless fun with drinks and music awaits the ladies here. 

Handlebar Makati

This is an alternative night club in Makati. If you plan on taking your sports junkie of a man somewhere, then look no further. This bar is a sports-oriented bar with all the right touches. It has a large-screen for viewing. The major league games are shown by the hour. Handlebar Makati also has hearty meals fit fora king. It also has a pool table where you and your date could play. Live music plays rock n’ rock music, local and international. Try out their grilled steaks as well. Take it from us, the grilled steaks are to die for.  

The Blind Pig

Another alternative is The Blind Pig. This bar has the right touches for some quiet time. It features jazzy music and a relaxing atmosphere. You need to make a reservation to make it to this place. The cocktail bar is an award-winning artwork. Voices must be kept down as well. Guests are not allowed to smoke or to have flash photography. This is to preserve the serenity of the place. If you are looking for a classy getaway, then this bar has the right touches. The interior also serves a hazy vibe to relax and relieve. 

Poblacion, Makati

This area is quiet during day time. But when the sun goes down, it resurrects as a hip and lively place. The best night clubs in Makati are aligned – the loud and the quiet. All the music, the vibes, and the dancing will heighten your mood. If you have that playful mood, then go bar hopping in this area. It has the complete display of music and wild fun. A word of caution: best to come at an early time to secure your spot. 6pm would be a safe hour.

Expect the bars and restos to be filled with party-goers. The area is also 100% safe. Law enforcement makes sure that having fun will be secured. While you’re at it, why not book a room at nearby hotels. There are accessible hotels in the area for convenience. Sometimes, it helps to get a safety pin. If you do not have a car with you, booking a cab may be difficult in the area. It is best to make a hotel reservation for convenience.

Z Hostel is a great place to stay at. This is located at the heart of Poblacion, Makati. You and your entourage can book a room. It has dorm-type rooms with extremely affordable prices. The hostel also has a bar at the roof deck. The bar gives you a more exclusive and relaxing space to chat. 

Notable Picks

There are some notable night clubs within and near the area. The clubs in Makati may be buzzling with partygoers on a Friday night. If you want other options, then here are some good ones.

Early Night?

This is one of the most famed night clubs in Bonifacio Global City (BCG). At the strike of 9pm, the place will be thumping with lively music. The DJs make sure that the music fits babies from the 90’s to the 2000’s. Of course, minors will not be allowed. The front desk and security will be asking for an ID as proof of your age. Big bags and backpacks are also not allowed. Make sure to bring only a small or clutch bag with you.

Once inside, you will see the crazy hazy atmosphere. The bouncers and waiters are extremely friendly. There are VIP sections to lounge into. Four are located in an open but separate room. If you want some privacy, then you can simply walk in to secure the place. Some VIP sections are nearer the dance floor. Others are aligned at the walkways. A designated smoking area is available at a corner. 

Island Life

Another famous spot at BCG is Island Life. Again, backpacks are not allowed. Your IDs will also be checked prior to entering. Once inside, you will be transported into a resort-type of hall. A pool is located in the middle. Around the pool are tables where you can lounge around. The place is huge enough. Smoking is allowed inside. The DJs play the latest pop music. As a bonus: Filipino celebrities cross this place sometimes. You can catch a glimpse of some influencers and models in the place.

VIP rooms are available as well. Much of them are near the stage. They have separate closed rooms. The dance floor is basically wherever you want. However, the center stage is in the middle. You can expect party-goers to fill this dance floor as the night grows longer. You and your entourage can also play beer pong, by request. This is a great way to socialize with other friendly groups. 

Final Thoughts

Makati is a city that never sleeps. During day time, it is a busy financial and business center. It hosts a lot of great restaurants and destinations. This article, meanwhile, presents the options: Best New Restaurants in Makati to Dine-In. When the sun goes down, it transforms into a lively party place. Night clubs in Makati never fail to bring out the party animal. Moreover, night clubs in Makati are the best places to be for ladies. Nearly all the bars have a Ladies’ Night. The night clubs and bars are secured as well. There are alternative places to crash into as well. Mellow bars and quiet restos are aligned near the night clubs. Makati is a city that never sleeps. 

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