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5 Night Clubs in Metro Manila For a Bustling Nightlife

The Philippine capital is home to one of the best nightlife experiences in the country. From the ever-raucous Tomas Morato to the posh BGC clubs, there are many options to consider. Night clubs in Manila and neighboring cities are hosts to tourists and locals alike who want to let loose after a tiring day at work.

Whether you’re into clubbing, dancing, or just a chill night out, there’s a place for you in the capital. The pre-pandemic nightlife in Metro Manila never fails those who want a good time. There are more night clubs in Manila than in any other city in the country, so you’re up for a surprise.

If you’re in the hunt for night clubs to visit, here are some of the best choices in the Metro:

1. The Palace Manila

night clubs in Manila
Photo Credits – Philippine Primer

If you’re looking for nightlife like no other, The Palace Manila is the place to be. It prides itself as the “#1 nightlife experience” in the Metro.

This is located in the posh Uptown Bonifacio in Taguig, where it’s currently considered ass the largest entertainment complex in the entire country. Inside the upscale ‘palace’, there are five main concepts: The Island, XYLO Nightclub, Yes Please, B.A.D., and Revel. Each of these offers a different kind of nightlife experience.

  • The Island. At The Island, you’ll get a laidback tropical experience. Inside, there are two standalone bars and seven individual stations. You can order some drinks to enjoy at the poolside or dance your heart out on their famous Super Papaya dance floor.
  • XYLO. Meanwhile, XYLO Nightclub is where the party animals go. It has state-of-the-art tech that will level up your clubbing experience. Expect to have a party you’ll never forget!
  • Yes Please. For those who want an intimate night, Yes Please is a great place to hang out. It’s a cocktail bar concept in The Palace, which is designed to imbibe a quirky and hip bar. Also, the cocktails here are crafted by famous content creator and foodie Erwan Heussaff.
  • B.A.D. This spot at The Palace is a college bar that offers late-night breakfast, dinner, and a fun night out. Since it’s marketed towards the youngsters, prices here are much cheaper, but not short of fun.
  • Revel. The Revel at The Palace offers all the luxuries you can find for a posh Manila nightlife. It sports a sophisticated architecture with VVIP experience.

Take note that all these clubs at The Palace Manila require bookings and ticket purchases. You should inquire ahead if you wish to visit here.

2. Exklusiv Nightclub Bar

night clubs in Manila
Photo Credits – Philippines Redcat

The Exklusiv Nightclub Bar is located in Malate red light district along M. Adriatico Street. This place is known for its nightclubs, bars, and other nightlife establishments. But if you want to avoid boring ones, you should consider Exklusiv.

The best thing about this bar is they don’t charge an admission fee. You can come in and buy one of their affordable drinks.

Take note that the action at Exklusiv starts pretty late, at around 1 am, when it starts to fill up with patrons. At about 2 to 3 am is where the club comes to life. There are also working girls here if you’re up to that game.

Exklusiv also has special weekend nights and events. They also have resident DJs and featured artists to keep the night alive.

If you want a change in vibe, you can bar-hop to the surrounding establishments in the district. There are KTV bars here that you and your friends will enjoy. Also, the Malate red light district is very popular with tourists, so don’t be surprised to see hordes of foreigners here at any given night.

Overall, the Exklusiv nightclub bar is perfect for those who want to have fun on a budget. Just be careful as this place is also hot in the eyes of thieves and pickpockets.

3. House Manila

Photo Credits – Venuerific

House Manila is a nightclub located inside the Holiday Inn Express in Newport City, Resorts World Manila. This world-class clubbing at Pasay City is frequented by tourists and locals alike who can afford the opulent nightlife.

This place can accommodate up to 1,600 persons or up to 400 seats. On special nights, they invite international DJs and artists to bring on their special sounds. There are also local artists you can catch on one of the nights here at House Manila.

Take note that this is a private club, so you can’t expect to just walk in at any night. You have to reserve your seat from Wednesday to Saturday if you want to experience Resorts World’s premium nightclub.

Since this is located inside one of the most upscale resorts in the country, prices would be steep. Still, it’s worth the splurge for those who can afford it.

4. Prima Facie

night clubs in Manila
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Prima Facie is one of the hidden gems in Tomas Morato Street in Timog, Quezon City. While this part of the metro is known for its busy rush hours and fast-paced vibe, Prima Facie offers a quiet respite. It’s a hidden gem behind the walls of Vitto’s Wine Bar. It has a speakeasy vibe, which first-time visitors somewhat find enchanting.

Inside, your eyes will be treated to an Art Deco interior with dim lighting. It’s the perfect place for a laidback night out with friends. This also serves as a haven for solo flyers who want to hide from the noise of the metro.

Aside from the look of the place, you’re also up for a treat with their well-curated drinks and food. Their specialties here are curated by none other than esteemed mixologist Royce Pua.

Despite its sophisticated atmosphere, Prima Facie offers a taste of something familiar. You can get classic Calamari with bonito flakes here.

As for the price, I can say that Prima Facie is right between posh and budget-friendly. Those in the working class wouldn’t find it intimidating to get a drink or two here.

5. Club ZZYZX

Photo Credits – Club ZZYZX

Another club gracing the upbeat Malate red light district is Club ZZYZX Manila. It’s situated in Jorge Bocobo Street and usually opens at 10 am through 6 am before the pandemic.

Inside, there’s a mezzanine that overlooks the dance floor. You can drink or dance to your heart’s content since this place is known to have one of the best dance floors in the entire Malate area.

If you don’t want to join the party just yet, you can enjoy some comfort food on the club’s second floor. Here, you can lounge comfortably, which allows you to choose the vibe that you like for the night.

Club ZZYZX runs special nights in their club like Toxic Tuesdays, Blockbuster Fridays, Spotlight Saturdays, Wild Wednesdays, and more.

Take note that this club is located in Malate’s Remedios Circle. It’s known for lively nights, so you should look elsewhere (probably Prima Facie) if you want a quiet night out.

How much is the nightlife in Manila?

Metro Manila has tons of nightclubs and bars, which offer varying prices. There are cheap finds, but there are also posh options suitable for those with a fat budget.

If you’re just out for a cold pour, you can have a good time for less than Php 1,000 (US$20). But if you want the best night of your life, you can spend thousands of pesos in one of the most upscale bars in the city.

I suggest setting a budget for your night out. It’s easy to get lost on the expensive drinks at the bar, especially if you’re paying through a credit card. You wouldn’t want to be slapped with a large balance because you got too drunk that you paid for the entire club’s drinks.

Tips for Manila nightlife

Metro Manila is a great place for a night out. However, your supposedly happy night can turn sour if you’re not careful. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

🍺Bring a trusted friend

If you’re planning to get wasted, you should bring a friend you can trust. This way, you won’t fall into the wrong hands once sobriety is out of the window. You should also inform family and friends about your plans for the night, so they will know where to find you.

🍺Dress smart

You don’t really have to put on a tux just to go out at night in Manila. However, you wouldn’t want to go on flip-flops either. Casual is the way to go for most clubs and bars in the city. I suggest wearing shoes you can dance and walk on comfortably.

However, if you’re going to a high-end night club, I highly suggest you check their dress code. Some would require guests to be in their semi-formal or formal attire.

🍺Know the place

It’s very important to know the bar or club you’re going to. You should have an idea about how wild things could get, so you can check if it matches the vibe you’re looking for.

For this part, I always try to ask a local for a personal opinion. This person could give you firsthand knowledge of how things go in a specific club.

🍺Pack the essentials

For the ladies, it’s crucial to pack some tissues as these tend to run out on most club toilets. Don’t forget your hygiene and makeup items so that you can retouch throughout the night.

🍺Set your ‘pre-game’ right

Pre-gaming is drinking a small amount before going out. This is believed to condition your body for heavy drinking later on. Also, it will help you save some bucks on expensive drinks since you’re already loaded. Still, you should go easy as you wouldn’t want to get wasted before the big night.

Aside from that, you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach. Get a greasy meal to help manage your alcohol intake as the fat is said to cover the stomach lining, which slows down alcohol absorption.

🍺Don’t drink and drive

Metro Manila is a witness to the news of drunk driving accidents. If you’re planning to have a wild night out, you should arrange your transportation back to your hotel before you drink. Booking a car from Grab or Uber is the easiest way if you don’t have anyone to pick you up.

🍺Take it easy

If it’s your first time visiting a Manila nightclub, just take it easy and observe the people around. I also suggest tagging along with a close friend if you’re not confident to go out on your own.

While on the club, start with a drink and work your way from there. For the ladies, avoid taking drinks from people you don’t know. Always get it from the bar and make sure you see the bartender pouring it for you.

🍺Dance responsibly

As much as you want to lose yourself on the dance floor, you should groove responsibly. Always mind your belongings and try to remain as sober as possible. Also, respect everyone’s space on the dance floor. You’re not the only one wanting to have a good time.

Try not to overdo the dancing. In the end, it’s about matching your intensity with the overall vibe of the place.

🍺Eyes on your drink

Nightclubs are fun, but they can also be a scary place, much so for the ladies. There can be shady people who will try to lace your drinks with drugs. I’m not saying this happens in Manila all the time, but it could be wherever you go for a night out.

Watching the bartender mix your drink won’t hurt, it will also let you appreciate the drink even more. And if you happen to leave your drink on a spot, it’s best to just leave it and not drink it again. It could be an expensive cocktail, but you can’t take chances when it comes to your safety.


Exploring the night clubs in Manila is a great experience for tourists and locals alike. The bustling streets of Malate and even the posh gates of BGC won’t disappoint those who are looking for a good time. Whatever your budget is, there’s always a place for you to enjoy in the metro.

Have you been to Manila nightclubs before? Share your thoughts below!

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