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Philippine Surf Spots- Top destinations

Surfing gives an adrenaline rush that has got a lot of people hooked. Where is the best place to surf? The Philippines, of course! If surfing spots were an eat all you can buffet, then the Philippines has more than 7,000 islands that can give you a lot of Philippine surf spots. Surf to your heart’s content in the Philippine and choose from a wide array of locations. Each region is special and gives its own unique scenic views aside from a welcoming surfing community. These surfing areas are easy to access since land, air, and sea travel are highly developed in the country. If you are coming from Manila going to the remote surf areas will take no more than a few hours. Pack your bags and hop on a plane, bus, or car. You will be riding the waves in no time.

Philippine Surf Spots

Philippine surf spots- Top 11 waves to visit


Siargao is perfect for surfers of all skill levels from beginners to advanced. It also pays to know that Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines. Siargao is much beloved by surfers because of the strong waves emanating from the Pacific Ocean. Once you land in Siargao, seek out the famed General Luna, which is renowned for Cloud-9. It is a break in the Philippine that is recognized all over. Cloud-9 is a reef break, and many surfers try to conquer this perfect barrel. A warning though, underneath are sharp reefs, so this is probably more suitable for advanced surfers.

Cloud 9 can be scary, and if you are a beginner, it may be better not to attempt it. However, as we said, Siargao has something to offer everyone, and there are spots on the island with shallower waters with sandy depths. One place is Lorente. September is the month where most local and intranational competitions are held. It is the perfect time to watch expert surfers make their move on the waves.

Best time to go

It is best to visit this Philippine surf spots near the end of the year. The waves are at their best between September and May. For advanced surfers, you can go between September and October, and March through May. For real pros who are aiming for the big swells, go between November and February. The waves are truly world-class at this time.

Baler, Aurora, Luzon

Surfers all levels can once again enjoy Baler’s waves. This is where surfing all began in the Philippines. Surfing in Baler has an interesting history. It all began with the filming of Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now in the coastal area back in the ’70s. The filming crew noticed the potential of the island’s waves for some truly amazing breaks, and they began surfing. The locals of Baler watched the film crew, and they adapted the sport for themselves and started practicing on their own.

Baler has a long sandy beach that is gray in color. It is famous with local surfers. Foreigners also find satisfaction with the waves. There are peaks in the ocean, but Baler’s main wave is a right-hand reef break which is best suited for experienced surfers

Three spots in Baler
Philippine Surf Spots


This is home to the best break in Baler. It is a reef break that can produce some thrilling barrels. This is the spot of local surfing competitions. The big swells come in during the typhoon season, and riding the waves that come at this time is best reserved for the more advanced surfers.

Charlie’s Point

This spot is a distance away from Baler. This was the site of the movie Apocalypse Now. The swells are regular in size. It great for beginners because of the fun and languid peaks. The bottom of the sea is mostly sand

Best time to go

The best time to get to Baler is between October through April. At this time, the swells from the North come in. Overall, the surfing waves are pretty consistent throughout the year.

La Union, Northern Luzon

Again, surfers of all levels can enjoy La Union’s waves. What is even better is it is easily accessible if you are based in Manila since it is just a few hours’ road travel from the capital. The waves are clean and world-class. It may not be the surfing capital of the Philippine, but its cool features made it the surfing capital of the North. If you like waves that come as high as eight to ten feet, then La union won’t disappoint. All kinds of surfers will find something that will suit their skill level here. There are three well-known peaks in San Juan: Beach Break, The Bowl, and The Point. Beginners will feel comfortable here.

There are a few other spots that are near San Juan with notable waves:


The type of wave here is a beach break it is a couple of minutes’ drive from San Juan


This wave is comparable to the Rincon in California. Car-rille is a point break that spans over a mile long. It is five minutes from San Juan and a popular surf spot.


You will get to experience long rides on waves between the months of October and April.


This spot is 30 minutes away from San Juan. There are left and right breaks that go with south swell, which occurs between May and September.

Best time to go

Waves are constant all year round, but it is best to go between October through March. The waves in this Philippine surf spots are at their best between December and January.

Eastern Samar

Philippine Surf Spots

If you are an advanced or intermediate surfer, you might consider gearing up for the challenge of Eastern Samar’s waves. This region is a relatively unexplored surfing spot; however, the potential is there. It has a rugged coastline with wild waves. Eastern Samar is still a virgin territory when it comes to tourism and surfing. There aren’t many commercial areas established.

Go to this region only if you are an advanced surfer. There are a lot of barreling waves here and tubes, which are some of the cleanest in the country.

The best breaks are in the following areas:

Calicoan Island

This a quiet island with wicked breaks. ABCD beach has the best waves, which are wild beach breaks. Strong currents in this beach mean the wave are better reserved for experienced surfers.  


This is the surfing capital of the region. This island hosts a strong wave for surfing enthusiasts. The fantastic views also offer a tropical paradise to go beach bumming and not just for surfing adventures.

Best time to go

The region has two monsoon seasons. The first occurs between October and April and the second in May and September. It is best to go between October and April to be on the safe side.  

Zambales, Central Luzon

The waves of Zambales welcomes surfers of all levels of skill. The surf may not be as notable in this region compared to other spots, but it is quite popular with surfers and beach-goers since it is close to Manila.

best breaks:

Crystal Beach Break

This is a well-known spot in Zambales and offers a beach break that beginner surfers and progressing surfers can handle.

High 5 Lahar

This wave is consistent throughout the year if the other waves are less than stellar. This break is for experienced surfers only.

Best time to go

Surfing season is at its peak in this Philippine surf spots between April and September. At this time, the southern swells come in and hit the coast.

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Pagudpud is perfect for surfers of all skill levels; however, Manila’s distance may mean that you have to really plan. It’s all worth it because some of the best and biggest waves in the country are found in this region. What makes Pagudpud even more of a gem is fewer crowds than other surfing hotspots. The beach breaks here are something that will delight both beginners and advanced surfers.

For total beginners, it is recommended that you check out Blue Lagoon. This is a white sand beach with sapphire waters enveloped by verdant tropical forests. This relaxing spot is good for learning the basics of surfing.

Best time to go

Surfing season is at its peak between August and October

Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte, Bicol Region

Surfers of all skill levels should plan a trip to Bagasbas Beach. Between the months of August and November, the typhoons produce world-class waves. All throughout the year, there will be swells and breaks that are perfect for beginners. The easy access from Manila makes this surfing destination quite popular.

There is a wide array of waves for all skill levels in Bagasbas. Gentle breaks are perfect for beginners, while the most powerful ones will satisfy advanced surfers. Of course, a bonus is the scenic views of Bagasbas. The fine gray sand beach is a perfect spot to laze around and relax. Although Bagasbas beach is well-known, it doesn’t get too crowd even at peak season.

Best time to go

If you want the best barrels go between July and November. If weather conditions are favorable, then the fun doesn’t stop until January

Puraran Beach, Catanduanes, Luzon

Intermediate and advanced surfers can expect thrilling waves in Puraran Beach. This is the place to go when a storm hits the country. If you want a challenge and test your mastery, the waves in the Baras town do not disappoint. If you are someone who wants to learn and gain skills, the waves of Pruraran can be a good place to practice and advance in skill level.

Pruraran is notable for the fastest and most hollow barrel in the world. Majestic is the nickname for this barrel.

Best time to go

Peak surfing season happens between November and February

Dahican, Davao Oriental, Mindanao


Surfers of all levels should plan a trip to Dahican. The beach of Dahican is crescent-shaped. This spot is gaining a lot of buzzes and may well become the next big thing in the Philippines’ surfing scene. A big chunk of the waves produced here are for advanced users. However, there are varied swells, so some are perfect for beginners.

This beach is located in Davao Oriental and is a picturesque stretch of pure white sand that spans seven kilometers. It is suffused by the sapphire waters of the Pacific and is also a popular site for skimboarding.

Lanuza, Surigao Del Sur

Surfers of all levels should plan a trip to Lanuza, and they will get more than just surfing thrills. The underwater scene in Lanuza bay is a sight to see since it hosts diverse marine life. You can find rare aquatic species in these waters. 

Above the waters of Lanuza, there are breaks and massive swells that are a delight to surfers. Longboard surfers will find satisfaction with Lanuza’s long right-hander. The barreling reef breaks are something for advanced surfers to overcome. Siargao is nearby, but people choose Lanuza because it is a more secluded surfing spot. 

Things can get pretty quiet here since commercial establishments are closed by 6 pm. If you want more action, visit during the Lanuza surfing festival in the month of November. 

Best time to go

Peak surfing season happens between November to March

Real, Quezon

Surfers of all levels can enjoy Real in Quezon. The dark sands of the beach in Real may give you the impression that there isn’t a lot of action happening, but don’t be fooled. During surfing peak season, the town of Real attracts tourists. People from Manila especially come to this spot. There isn’t much development in Real in terms of commercial establishments. The vibe is idyllic and tranquil, and that can be something positive if you want a smaller crowd. Real is just a few hours’ drive from Manila and you can enjoy waves comparable to Baler and La Union

Best time to go

The best waves happen between October to February. Surfing Peak season occurs between August to March.

Philippine surf spots– Final thoughts

Like any sport, surfing benefits the body, mind, and spirit. Being able to conquer the challenges of mother nature can be exhilarating and train one to have self-confidence. Attaining a higher skill level in surfing requires patience that doesn’t happen overnight. Philippine surf spots help you achieve your goals of reaching an advanced level in surfing. You will be encountering all kinds of barrels, breaks, and waves in the beautiful islands across the country.

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