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Puerto Galera: The Island Life

The most famous tourist locations in the Philippines feature beautiful white sand beaches, fantastic dive spots, and amazing marine life. Puerto Galera has all of these, which has helped to make it a premier tourist destination. Bright sea life, including several kinds of seafood and colorful coral gardens that abound in sea life. Puerto Galera is an excellent place to go on vacation. Still, there are so many cool things to do that you may quickly end up with a packed itinerary, which can get exhausting. So here are some fun tips for how to spend your time there.


1. Kayak

Why not kayak around Mindoro island, which is a fun and exhilarating adventure to do while there. You will enjoy this water sport, which you may partake in if you visit Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera Kayaking is a popular activity.

It is the ideal way to see the coastline on this island. It is not only a pleasant pastime, but it is also an excellent kind of exercise for staying in shape. 

While paddling in a kayak, you may get close to the beach, study rock outcrops, cliffs, and more. Kayaking is a fun activity for everyone because it’s accessible. When it is safe to go out on the water, you need to put on your life jacket, take your kayak paddles, and start paddling.

In Puerto Galera, the water is favorable for most of the year, making it the ideal area to enjoy kayak boats. You can pick up your boat and gear, head out to virtually any location where there is any water. And explore areas that most people on land can only see from the shore.


They also produce kayaks with folded paddles which is down into a more travel-friendly package. It allows you to take your trips to new locations without worrying about dragging them around with you. Being out of the sun and into some of the tropical vegetation at this point is quite refreshing.

2. Have a great day on your Scuba Diving trip.

Among the most diverse diving spots in the Philippines is Puerto Galera. More than 300 varieties of corals and approximately 60 percent of the world’s known reef fish species live on its gorgeous reefs, which have spectacular underwater scenery to match.


For visiting scuba divers, Sabang is the place to be – and for a good reason too. Diving at night on the coral reefs in front of Sabang is excellent for muck divers. At the same time, the wrecks in deeper water are home to schooling batfish, giant frogfish, and an incredible variety of other marine life. 

Reef diving is outstanding off the coast of Verde Island. The place is a magnificent dive site recognized for having great sea fans, vast coral gardens, and gigantic schools of reef fish.

It is a magnificent drive with excellent visibility and currents, and it is a riot of color and life. There are several locations in Puerto Galera where diving enthusiasts can take a plunge, which makes it a popular diving destination.

Dive opportunities abound, including reefs, muck dive sites, wrecks, and drift dives are excellent areas to improve your abilities.

3. Snorkeling

If you have never heard of “snorkeling,” this involves swimming through or on a short area of water. It is safe and entertaining for the general public because it is pretty simple to understand, given its specifications. You’ll be able to do this challenge with a scuba setup:

  • A diving mask.
  • A breathing tube which you will refer to as a snorkel.
  • A pair of swim fins.

Divers who prefer to discover the diversity of coral and fish without getting wet may want to travel this route. 

If you want to learn about diving as a new skill, you can always give it a try. You will know more about its principles and its applications.

Taking scuba diving lessons in Puerto Galera

The Philippines has been investing in scuba diving recently due to various protected marine environments and attractive beaches.

Let us take the example of Puerto Galera and the scuba diving and other things this location offers. 

It is a popular activity among all kinds of travelers. Many guests will return to Puerto Galera repeatedly because of the fantastic snorkeling and stunning sea life.

Flora & Fauna of the Caribbean and Clams of the Coral Gardens

An excellent snorkeling spot in Puerto Galera, Coral Gardens is especially suitable for beginners because of the shallow water and easiness. They may witness a great deal of sea life with a minimal amount of exertion.

Coral reefs and sponges are attractive to children, as they serve as playgrounds for schools of tropical fish to dwell and play around. It provides you with the opportunity to view a great deal of the underwater world in a brief period. Snorkeling at this fantastic location will allow for observing lionfish, unique crabs, and flatworms, among much other marine life.


Coral Garden is shallow in comparison to neighboring islands. You should use caution when swimming near corals because they are delicate, and you should be mindful of strong currents when diving in some areas. Clams that are above three feet in length.

In addition to the Giant Clams, a must-see snorkeling destination in Puerto Galera, the Shark Ray Reef is also there. Giant Clams is near Muelle Pier and can be accessed using small boats. It takes just twenty minutes to reach this must-see sight, and many visitors return to it year after year.


Hundreds of gaping bivalves are in this location, which is also home to schools of vibrant damselfish and a variety of other types of fish. For someone who has never snorkeled before, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


In addition to the two most popular snorkeling spots in Puerto Galera, various other options are available. Even though you can travel in most areas through land transportation, it is advisable to take a boat out to view the marine life in its entire splendor. 


The people of Puerto Galera value marine life and beaches and take care to preserve them, so travelers must too. The reef is fantastic, and you want to see more of it, but you also want to use less energy. In that case, this is an excellent option because you will receive the entire snorkeling experience.

4. Island hopping is a popular pastime in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is an enjoyable place to explore without a doubt. Many local travel businesses and tour operators provide island hopping tours, mainly staying in White Beach. Their preferred destinations are usually less crowded beaches on surrounding islands that are less developed. It is customary to visit Haligi Beach, Bayanan Beach, Sandbar Island, and Coral Garden, each of which offers a different experience of its own to visitors.


A sampling of the best pristine white sand beaches and snorkeling spots in the vicinity is accessible to travelers on this trip. If you wish to see even more, you can pay your guide extra money to take you to another place.

5. Register for a course in sailing

Puerto Galera is a great learning spot for sailing due to its constant clean waters and year-round sailing environment. Light to moderate sailing breezes is nearly always present, allowing trainees to learn to flow more quickly and succeed on the water. 


The courses are suitable for all ages (our youngest graduate was eight years old and our oldest was 54). 

Many residents and visitors can enjoy water sports in Puerto Galera because it is a popular tourist destination, welcoming worldwide. Dinghy Sailing Courses for Beginners and Experienced Sailors. The course fee includes the provision of all necessary safety equipment.


Learn How to Sail a Yacht

After gaining command of the wind and boat balance through a dinghy sailing school, you are most likely ready to progress to learning to sail a yacht. The Puerto Galera Yacht Club offers sailing lessons that will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a cruising keelboat or catamaran on the water securely.

Some of these sailing course graduates have represented the Philippines at the Olympics as the Philippine Olympic Sailing Team members. They have competed in international sailing competitions in Australia, Ireland, Singapore, and Macau. School children from Puerto Galera who began sailing as part of the PGYC Small Boat Program. Successfully, they got gold, silver, and bronze medals in both national and international sailing events. 



When traveling to Puerto Galera, Manila is the most convenient starting point. Getting there from Manila takes only about 3-4 hours at the most. 

 Using the Bus

To go to Batangas Pier in three hours, one should catch the bus from Manila. The Buendia LRT station in Pasay City, a suburb of Manila, connects with the Cubao bus terminal in Quezon City via the busiest public bus lines. In that case, the Buendia LRT terminal is the most convenient stopover point.


Trips are available from 12:00 a.m. until 10:30 p.m., with a bus leaving every 30 minutes. Being a chance passenger is something you may try. Purchase bus tickets online through the bus line websites, on the other hand, if you desire the added convenience of doing so. 

Using a Private Vehicle

The route taken by a private car is virtually identical to the way taken by bus and boat. You will, however, be required to park your car at the Batangas Pier and take a ferry to your destination. 


Google Maps and Waze will come in handy when it comes to navigating your way to and from the pier. Suppose you want to bring your vehicle. In that case, you can ask for assistance with the RoRo or obtain information on parking fees from the administration office.


Depending on the timetable and your budget, you can select between a standard ferry and a Supercat (a fast vessel). If you’re planning a trip to Sabang Beach, Muelle Port is the best place to start. In contrast, if you plan to go to White Beach, start at Pier Balatero.


Ferry service regularly

This time, you’ll need to purchase a separate ferry ticket from the vendor. It runs on a first-come, first-served basis and does not accept reservations. Round-trip travel time is roughly 1.5 hours, and the cost is approximately Php 550.00.


Crafting in a Short Amount of Time

Riding a catamaran vessel is an option for those interested. In addition, this ship can board at Batangas. It is safer than the ferry when the waves break, and the weather is exceptionally terrible or unpredictable.

 It does not travel directly to its destination but instead stops in Calapan Port. You may ride the local jeepney or van when you go to Puerto Galera. The travel time between Calapan and Puerto Galera is 1.5 hours. 


Using a Seaplane

A seaplane is the most convenient mode of transportation to the island if you want to arrive quickly and without fuss. It is only 30 minutes away from Manila, making it an excellent getaway option for extremely busy people who want to get away for a short period.


Air Juan, which operates flights from Manila to Cebu twice a day. You pay a premium for the convenience and quickness of delivery. It is also one of the more recent modes of transportation to reach the destination.


 There are additional taxes for entering Puerto Galera at the Batangas dock and an environmental fee once you are at the pier. When you depart, you will be charged an additional exit fee at the port where you will be traveling to Batangas dock. From the pier, you can pick from the following modes of transportation for your travels:



If you’re coming from one of the port locations, you can utilize this means of public transportation. It helps connect the many different towns in Oriental Mindoro. Vehicles like these may hold up to 10 people at a time. Frequently, the driver will wait until the jeepney is full before departing from the port.



 Suppose you’re only traveling a short distance within the towns or large areas of Puerto Galera. In that case, these are your primary modes of transportation. Depending on the design of the tricycle, it can accommodate 4-6 people. Tricycles, as opposed to jeepneys, are more maneuverable on narrow roadways due to their smaller size.


Chauffeured vehicle or van

If you wish to travel around other parts of Oriental Mindoro or visit different locations, renting a private car is a fantastic alternative. Suppose you are traveling with a large party or children unfamiliar with the local public transit system. In that case, this is the ideal option for you.


Hiring a car or van with a driver will also provide an opportunity to enjoy local sights with an expert driver.

What you should do and where you should stay in Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera is full of resorts that can accommodate all kinds of guests with different financial means. However, you must determine which section of the city you will be spending the most of your time booking a hotel in that location. In this section, we’ll go through the many sorts of accommodations that you can choose. Hotels are list down according to their amenities, locations, and budget.


Accommodations of Various Types

Depending on your needs and budget, you have several hotel options to pick from, including luxury resorts, vacation rental houses, and hostels. 

Hotels and resorts on islands and at beaches


Most accommodations in this region are resort hotels on the beach or island. Beachfront or on islands, the most luxurious lodges offer a full range of services, including a complimentary buffet-style breakfast. The budget-friendly alternatives are suitable for the beach. Still, they can only use the sand and water by walking through the facilities to access it.


Rentals for Vacations


Travelers can book private holiday homes for rent on the internet, and various options are available. These houses are either completely private or shared with other tourist groups, depending on the situation. The guests can cook meals in their kitchens, which are usually with cookware.



Puerto Galera’s guesthouses and hostels are all affordable and provide an excellent option for backpackers. You’ll save money if you go there for the day. Still, the basics of a bed, room, and bathroom are accessible to guests.

Final Words

The experience of vacationing on an island will be even better if you spend more time outdoors with friends, loved ones, and family. It is possible to build even more memories at the places I described above. What have been your impressions of Puerto Galera thus far? You can propose additional activities to do on an island by leaving a comment below.


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