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Rainy Seasons In Philippines: Things You Should Be Aware Of

What are seasons do you have in your country, today? Are you aware of the rainy seasons in Philippines? 

In every part of the world, there are always differences with regard to the season. For the places where they are exposed to the winter season, they might be needing extra needs for the season. Just like when the rainy season comes! The fact is the Philippines is one of the countries experiencing the rainy season. Whenever this country experiencing this season there are a lot of devastating effects nationwide. The Philippines is one of the countries which belong to the underdeveloped countries in the world. 

The country experiences the rainy season from the month of June up to October. However, there is part of the country which has a longer time of the rainy season. Just in the capital of the Philippines where the rainy season is experienced from June to the early date of November. However, in the southern part of Luzon like Bicol rainy season is experienced from November to the early date of March. 

There are a lot of anticipated effects when this season comes in the country. The rainy season might be also the season of the typhoon which is more delicate in some parts of the country. What are the things you need to prepare for whenever this season is coming? Here are the details you need to be aware of. 

Tips You Need To Know When Rainy Season Comes 

#1 Drive Safely 

This is one of the most important things you need to know aside from boosting your immunity. There are a lot of road accidents cases across the globe when both rainy and winter season comes. This serves as a piece of evidence that both seasons are delicate to handle, especially when you are on the road. 

You need to remember that during the rainy season the road is not safe to drive. This is because it is wet and the rainy season can be the reason for the flood. The way you drive during summer is different when you approach the road during the rainy season. You don’t need to Overspeed and be patient even it is traffic. This is considered as one of the safety precautions you can make when this season is coming. You need to be extra careful on the road when raining season is coming as accidents is unpredictable. 

Usually, the accidents cases on the road most of these are motorcycles. This is where they mostly flip on the road, as motorcycles have only 2 wheels. So, for you to prevent this to happen you need to wear protective gears when you wish to go on a motorcycle.

#2 Always have a Medicine kit and Emergency kit

Whenever the rainy season is fast approaching you need to ensure that all your medicine and also your emergency kit is in good. You need to restock and help yourself find the most convenient things to use. This is essential as it can save you and the rest of the family in when an emergency. There are a lot of cases wherein medicines are not that easy to buy during the rainy season in town. 

There is a lot of common diseases that you might get as well during this season. Such as colds, cough and fever, these three are associated with each other. So, you need to make sure that you have the medicines for this season. As well as during this season especially if you have kids and the elderly at home, they are much prone to accidents. You also need to include first aid medicines for wounds. Whenever you have a medical kit at home, you don’t need to worry that much. Knowing the fact that when the rainy season, floods are everywhere. There are a lot of bacteria floods might bring to the whole family especially for kids. 

#3 Prepare foods and water 

One of the best things you can do whenever the rainy season is coming is to prepare food and water. Aside from the medicines your family also needs this essential. Why would you mind having this at home? You need to stock foods and anticipate the possible effects of this rainy season at home. The good thing is you have this at home and you don’t need to be away just to get some food. During the rainy season is not advisable for every individual to stay outside to prevent being sick. 

You need to have at least rice for a week, also foods where you can cook instantly. This is a must whenever there is a disaster that may harm your family not only during the rainy season. Typhoons are connected as well during this season, so you need to think ahead of time. There will be a devastating result after a typhoon, and one of the needs of the people is food and water as well. You need to prepare especially if you know your place is prone to floods and other natural phenomena. 

#4 Make sure your house is in a good condition 

Whenever the month of the rainy season is coming, you need to make sure that you’ve checked every corner at home. One of the important things you need to check is your roof at home. When you know that your place will experience the rainy season, then you must think ahead of time. You need to make sure that roof is durable and in a good condition. This is to prevent worsening the situation. 

Other corners you need to make sure of are the plugs and your window. During the rainy season, most of us just want to sleep all day and spend the rest of the day at home. So for you not to worry that much you need to check the entire house. Windows need to be aligned and easy to close or open. Another thing you need to check is your plugs. Make sure that all your plugs at home is safe and not too much to expose the rain. You need to unplug everything when the flood comes in at home. You need to understand the safety protocols that you need to apply at home when the rainy season comes. 

#5 Keep your umbrella and raincoat always available

When this season is up to date, you need an umbrella and as well a raincoat. Whenever the winter season is coming from the countries having this season people are preparing protective gear. Just like the rainy season, you will need protective gear such as a jacket, preferably a waterproof one. Also, you will be needing an umbrella, raincoat and as well as rubber boots. This will help you to make things more convenient during the rainy season. 

You need to have storage at home where you can find easily these two. At home, you can put this in your shoe storage in front of the house for easy access. You need to have this so that whenever you wish to buy some groceries, you won’t have a hard time. The good thing about having this is you are keeping safe the whole family even if they are always outdoor. 

#6 Take safety measures against mosquitos 

The rainy season is also the season where dengue cases arise. There are a lot of things you can do when the rainy season comes and mosquitos exist at home. Whenever you know that the rainy season is coming, you need to collect all the garbages outside the house. Also, you need to make sure extra bottles and wheels if you have them at home. This will help you to ensure that your surroundings are a safe place to prevent. 

Also, you can prepare a mosquito repellent and lotion for kids for them to be protected. This will also help you to worsen the situation when the rainy season comes. You need to take away the bottles that can be a shelter for the mosquitos. 

#7 Avoid walking in the wet area or in the flood

When the rainy season comes you need to have boots that will help to protect your feet from different bacteria. If the rain is continuous this will might bring a problem to the community. Aside from the fact that it may cause a flood, the existence of mosquitos may also cause different skin diseases. Fungi and other organisms are present in the water that are not able to absorb by the soil. This may cause leptospirosis which may kill an individual if you are not able to cure it immediately. You need to seek professional help with regard to this situation. 

You will be needing the protective gear this is for you to prevent from having skin disease that may cause. Also, you need to make sure that you have skin cream to prevent worsening the situation and to apply first aid as well. 

#8 Boost your immune system 

Aside from the fact that you need to just stay at home, but there are few moments you need to be outside. So, the solution here is to increase your immune system. What you can do is to buy vitamins that would help you to boost yours. Through vitamins you will be able to secure your health and that you will not be able to get sick that easily. 

You need to look for the vitamins which may help you to have good health. Foods and water are essential and can give nutrients but the fact is you will be needing the help of vitamins. This will help you not only by giving you extra energy but at the same time helps you to become more productive. 

#9 Exercise regularly

Knowing the fact that the rainy season is one of the seasons in which you just want to lay in bed and sleep. Because of the cold weather outside you just want to sip a coffee and also to make a very good kind of soup. Foods are very nutritious however, you need to stay active. Foods are not the only factors in keeping an individual healthy. You need to make sure that you keep the fire n your body by burning fats. 

There are many people who forget about working out especially when this season comes. They tend to become lazy as they don’t want to be more active. But, you need to take this as a big chance. Exercising regularly not just only keeping you healthy but at the same time will help you to be fit. 

#10 Eat Fruits and Vegetables 

Knowing the fact that foods, vitamins are very good in the body of a human being. However, fruits and vegetables are very essential as well. There are nutrients from the food that can’t be intake. But there are fruits and vegetables which can offer this kind of nutrients. You need to make sure that the vegetables and fruits you will buy are fresh and from trusted stores. Aside from exercising regularly and taking vitamins you also need to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables for a great metabolism. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many people who wish to visit the country of the Philippines as it has a lot of beautiful scenery here. When you wish to visit a place you also need to know the importance of checking the weather first. Through this, you will be able to know the weather in that place and allow you to prepare things which are perfect on it.

The rainy season is associated with various diseases that a lot of people might be harm from. Children and the elderly are prone to most of it. So, for you to help your family cope with the whole season you need to think ahead of time. You need to anticipate everything for this type of season. 

What are the places you would like to visit in the Philippines, today? Would you mind visiting one of those places listed above? 

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