Retirement To The Philippines, Best Places 2021

Retirement to the Philippines is the perfect place to live your golden years. Thanks to the world-renowned Filipino hospitality, low-cost living, natural attractions, and tropical climate, retirees from all around the world are flocking the country to spend their golden years here. 


Are you thinking about spending your golden years in the Philippines? If yes, that’s great. Moreover, the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), is the government agency that handles the country’s retirement program. 


Its role is to promote and grant Special Resident Retiree Visa or (SRRV) to retirees and offer them benefits, services, and comfort that will ensure a worthwhile stay in the country. 



dumaguete, retirement to the philippines

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“The City Of Gentle People” as it’s otherwise known, Dumaguete is the Capital City of NEgros Oriental. It offers several tourist attraction sites and scuba diving spots. Moreover, this charming coastal town has different festivals along with lively nightlife hotspots. 


Interestingly, Dumaguete was awarded as the best place to retire in the Philippines by the Philippine Retirement Authority. It’s a great place to spend your retirement thanks to the combination of nature, city living, and beautiful beaches and trails. The city has an airport which makes it an ideal place to begin your Philippine tour. 



baguio, best places for retirement philippines

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The rest from your responsibilities. After years of the everyday grind, it’s time to give yourself the best reward possible. It’s spending the rest of your retirement years on a permanent vacation, a never-ending vacation to one of the best places in the Philippines. 


The green city of Baguio is a heaven for those who seek the best rest for their tired body. It offers diverse culture, history, low-cost living, several tourist attraction sites, delicious food, and a ton of things to do. That’s because Baguio City was awarded a UNESCO Creative City.




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Have you been dreaming of waking up in the morning with a beautiful view of the mountains, cool breeze, and everlasting greenery? You’re going to love spending your retirement in Antipolo. That’s because it’s one of the top choices to invest in a property, low cost of living, and just about an hour ride to Manila but half the travel time to the city of Pasig. 


Living in Antipolo is like a vacation all year long. In fact, people in the past treated this place as a summer destination thanks to its close proximity to metropolitan Manila. It offers retirees and tourists a peaceful vacation thanks to its cooler temperature. 



If you think Subic Bay Special Economic Zone is just a weekend getaway, you’re greatly mistaken. That’s because Subic is also an ideal place to spend your best years. Thanks to its blend of business opportunities, amazing beaches, and of course, duty-free shopping. 


Subic offers yachts, colorful sunsets, crystal-blue waters, and lots of food. Indeed, it’s an ideal place to spend the best days. Furthermore, it’s rich in culture, history, picturesque views, shopping centers, forests, waterfalls, water parks, and even survival camps. 



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Do you want the best island living for your retirement years? If your answer is a yes, the island paradise of Siquijor is an ideal candidate. Thanks to its tranquil waters, picturesque sunsets, unexplored caves, and friendly locals, you’re going to love the good life. 


Water adventures are commonplace in Siquijor. The best diving spot on the island is Salagdoong Beach. You can jump cliffs at the Tubod Sanctuary, relax in a fish spa in Capilay Spring Park, and even attend church services at the St. Francis de Assisi Church. 


Cagayan de Oro 

The City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro is a popular destination for ex-pats and retirees. In perspective, it’s a developed city with an unrivaled coastal living experience. Importantly, what makes this city a top choice is the fact that it gets a space in the Top 10 of the Philippines’ Cities Competitive Index. 


Similarly, despite its being a highly developed city, you won’t find too much traffic like Manila. You can visit its natural attractions like the Macahambus Cave and Cagayan River. It gives the perfect balance between the great outdoors and urban living.



Are you looking for a stress-free environment to retire in the Philippines? You might love what Laguna has in store. While others think that living in Metro Manila is logical for living your retirement days, you’re deeply mistaken. 


That’s because people are actually moving out of the city and opt for a quieter place. With that said, Laguna is one of your best choices. Thanks to its thriving economy, friendly locals, excellent medical facilities, and peaceful environment. 



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Imus, Cavite is another ideal retirement place that’s close the Metro Manila. It’s only about 19 kilometers south of the capital offering retirees a convenient place. Currently, they have 14 commercial centers. 


While it’s a thriving community, Imus is becoming a highly urbanized area but doesn’t compromise its provincial glamour. There are several residential developments rising from big companies like Megaworld, Vista Land, and Ayala Land. 


Cebu City

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While you think Cebu is not the best place to retire, you might need to think again. Thanks to its comprehensive amenities, Cebu is becoming an ideal place for retirees to spend their golden years. In perspective, they have white sand beaches, tropical resorts, natural attractions, and the benefits of a highly urbanized city. 


Cebu offers amazing food, rich culture, friendly locals, world-class beaches, and wonderful live entertainment. You’ll also love other amenities like growing economic centers, the best schools, and developed international airports. 


Bacolod City 

Known as the City of Smiles because of its famous Masskara Festival, Bacolod City is one of the best places to live your retirement days. It offers a country charm but with a good mix of urban development. The city, along with the entire province of negros boasts a rich history, picturesque spots, natural attractions, and a hospitable community. 


If you’re looking for a place outside the metro, Bacolod is a great choice. The city has a low crime rate, tolerable traffic, few natural calamities, and a lower cost of living. Moreover, it’s also famous for its chicken inasal, piaya, and a number of delightful delicacies. 


Davao City

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The Crown Jewel of the Philippines, Davao City is recognized as one of the most beautiful places to retire. In fact, a number of real estate businesses see the city as the right place to do business. Thanks to the city’s comprehensive development. 


Moreover, it’s an exceptional place for retirees to spend their golden years. Davao offers a lot of advantages for retirees thanks to its cheaper cost of living, great food, esteemed Filipino hospitality, and the city’s respected peace and order. Davao is an ideal place for trade, tourism, and investments. 


Iloilo City 

The City of Love, Iloilo boasts of an expanding job market, healthy lifestyle, access to different international locations, several world-class beaches, sensible cost of living, sumptuous food, and lesser traffic. The city also attracts local and foreign investments and rich culture. 


Iloilo City has seen increasing development since the past decade. The quality of life among Ilonggos is evident because of the many opportunities coming in. Even more so, the balance between work, recreation, and nature. 


Tagum City 

The Capital City of Davao del Norte, Tagum City is becoming one of the most liveable cities in the Philippines. Retirement means relaxing after decades of working. That’s why it should be considered a big thing. 


Tagum City has a moniker as the Palm City of the South. Thanks to its many relaxing spots, cold climate, several natural attractions, the historical and cultural center, a number of festivities, and a thriving economy. Tagum also offers residents genuine peace and order. 


Batangas City 


The City of Batangas is becoming an attractive spot for several property developers and investors. As a result, a significant amount of homebuyers are exploring the benefits of living outside Manila. Even better, roads have been constructed to shorten travel time from Batangas to the metropolis. 


This makes Batangas City a favorable place to live your retirement. Here are other reasons why it’s beneficial to choose the city; thriving economy, spacious homes, reasonable cost of living, near Metro Manila but not too urbanized, and best of all, a quiet and peaceful environment. 


Lipa City 

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Do you want to live in a place with a more laid-back and relaxed vibe? Lipa City’s colorful culture, charming vistas, and diverse foods make it a nice place to retire. Likewise, the city has a booming economy; there are a number of shopping centers, restaurants, theme parks, and entertainment options you can choose from. 


The city boasts of several festivities, rich culture, great food, and a safe environment. The city is named after the Lipa Tree, Dendrocnide meyeniana, it’s only an hour and a half ride away from metropolitan Manila. It’s also known as the City of All Seasons thanks to its cool weather. 


Final Note

The Philippines is a great country to spend your golden days. Unfortunately, the entire country isn’t as safe as you might think. That’s because there are areas inhabited by militants and worse terrorist groups. But that’s only a small portion of what the country has to offer. With that said, here’s a list of the dangerous places you should avoid in the Philippines.

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