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Romantic Getaway to Liwliwa Zambales Resorts

Love for the beach and the waves. Zambales beaches are oozing with love and romance. Enjoy a romantic sunset with the water splashing gorgeously. Liwliwa Zambales resorts have the perfect romantic getaway that you can enjoy on a weekend. You will fall in love with the breeze and the sunny sight. Romance with drinks and the waves will truly be unforgettable. Whether you will be celebrating an anniversary or getting to know each other, this place is worth visiting. 

Liwliwa Zambales is a haven for surfers as well. Some resorts also offer surfing lessons for newcomers. The best time to come is between March to May. Summer time is the perfect opportunity to be on the beach. However, if you’re in for the waves then come between July to November. Big waves for surfing also form during this period. The resorts in Liwliwa Zambales, meanwhile, have unique tastes when it comes to their themes. They are colorful and earthy. The food and the lodgings will draw you close to an island feel. Best of all, the Liwliwa Zambales resorts have easy access to the beach – literally, a few steps away.  

From Cubao to Zambales

Getting to Zambales is easy and convenient. From Manila, Cubao is the easiest route. There is a bus trip in Victory Liner going to Zambales. The fare is around Php 300 to 400. Simply tell the driver to make a stop in San Felipe. Travel is between 3 to 4 hours. From San Felipe, board a tricycle. Tell them to take you at Liwliwa Beach. In Liwliwa Beach, the resorts are aligned with some signposts. It will be easy to locate your accommodation. Tricycle fare is approximately Php 50. 

Things to Do

Once there, you can do various activities. This, of course, also depends on the resort that you are staying at. 


This is the major attraction in Liwliwa. Nearly all Liwliwa Zambales resorts offer surfing lessons. They have different surfboard sizes. You can pick the best one that suits you. The waves are perfect between 1pm to 5pm. Aside from summer, the best time to come is also between July to November. The rainy season picks up a great tide to ride on. 


There definitely will be swimming involved. Liwliwa Zambales, however, is incomparable to other. The long shoreline allows you to swim for a long stretch. Its fine gray sand will also please the senses. The waves and the long shoreline are also perfect for the gram goals. Taking sweet pictures here will be worth the while.

Sun Bathing

Liwliwa is a great sun spot. At dawn, you can watch the glorious sunrise. The horizon looks divine as the sun shyly peaks in. At sunset, no sight could be more poetic. The waves and the colors define the romantic mood. Daytime is also perfect for some sun bathing. Early morning, before 12nn, is the best time. The sun gives the healthy Vitamin E along with the perfect tan. 


A long shoreline means more time to hold hands while walking. Strolling along the shoreline is romantic. It is a great way to bond and to explore the long stretch. You can splash against the water while enjoying the sand. The breeze gives that cooling effect as well. Smelling the Liwliwa water also 

Board and Card Games

Liwliwa Zambales resorts have board and card games in their common areas. Board Culture is one resort that has different indoor games. If you’re resting in, then this could give you some fun. There are chess boards and other board games. A hot afternoon may not be enjoyable under the sun. But staying indoors for the time being with board games is a good way to burn time.

Beach Volleyball 

The gray sands in Liwliwa is perfect for beach volleyball. Some resorts offer rentals on volleyball and basketball balls. There are some which have fixed netting in the backyard. Burning some calories during your stay would be worth it. Playing volleyball, for instance, on the sand is more challenging than on solid ground. 

Resorts To Love

Although all Liwliwa Zambales resorts are worthy, some are bound to stand out. This includes the four: Board Culture, Hideout, Kwentong Dagat, and Circle Hostel. These resorts, however, fit those on a budget. But don’t be fooled by the small pricing. These resorts are low-key with high quality. Meanwhile, there are other beaches that you can also visit in Zambales. If you’re feeling the “white sand” beach type, then find out more in this article: Top 6 Zambales Beach Resort White Sand.

Board Culture

This is one of the best Liwliwa Zambales resorts. From the moment you see the signpost, you’ll get that friendly vibe. There is a spacious and free parking space if you travel via private car. The owner of this place speaks Ilocano by the way. He and his wife are extremely friendly. They would even offer their best menu. In addition, the couple would offer the best things to do while in Liwliwa. The place has a surfing board rental. You can choose from the colorful display of surfboards. The accommodation is beach paradise. Rooms are huts, some suitable for groups and some for couples.

You can make an early recommendation. They will provide you with a couple room. The rooms have a small space for your belongings. There is a charging station and mirrors. A window and a ceiling fan are also available for ventilation. The place has common bathrooms. There’s a designated area to wash the sand off. The place also sells beer and finger food. At night, you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere at the common area while sipping beer. 


The hideout is a comfortable place for couples as well. It is aligned and surrounded with Agoho trees. The best thing about this place is the vegetarian breakfast. The accommodations are also budget-friendly. Rooms only range between Phph 1,900 to 3000. If you are on a budget, then this place is great to try. The crowd is great as well. Hideout is only a few steps (again, literally) from the beach. So if you want something hip but still romantic – then try the Hideout. It presents you with all the positive vibe that you would need for a romantic getaway.

Circle Hostel

Actually, this suits the “where do lonely hearts go” type of traveler. The motto, “There are no strangers here,” is like welcoming the heartbroken. There are many travelers who go here to meet new people. The crowd here is like expecting a whole new adventure. Nevertheless, the scene places a bet on the romance. Couples may still want to try the place. The interior is laid back and breezy. You could also meet new people and enjoy others’ company. Like the Hideout and Board Culture, this is also near the beach. 

Kwentong Dagat

Kwentong Dagat is a tagalog phrase, translating to Stories of the Sea or Sea Stories. This resort is vegan-friendly. If you are a vegan couple, then this is the best spot for you. Everything about the place was inspired by healthy living. Even non-vegans are welcome in the place. The rooms are in a nipa hut design. They are comfortable and cuddle-worthy. The eats and treats are 100% organic food. Local culture has inspired the motto of the resort. The resort aspires to bring out all the positive vibes.

Meanwhile, it is also Bali-inspired. Hence, the design, motto, and the food. The resort also offers a wellness class during your stay. You can book in advance to secure your accommodation. The resort also accepts team building activities and events hosting. If you are planning to celebrate an anniversary or wedding, then this resort meets the right requirements. Let the waves, positive vibes, and breeze bear witness to your union. 

Helping Out

The local tourism gives life to the community in Liwliwa. This includes the resorts and local crafts. Memories and taking pictures are the best souvenirs. But if you can, why not try buying some of the locally made souvenirs? This is a big help to the locals. You can also buy some of the fish catches and have them grilled. Local fishermen do some catches as long as the waves are not too strong. The resorts have in-house stores for souvenirs as well. Your romantic getaway is more fulfilling when you are helping the locals promote tourism and craftsmanship. 

The Verdict

Liwliwa Zambales resorts are convenient. They are situated near the beaches. Although all are worthy of visiting, we have narrowed the options to the big four. Our criteria? Accommodation convenience, interior, food, motto, cleanliness, and satisfaction rating. A romantic weekend needs the warm breeze and the glorious waves. The waves and shoreline in Liwliwa Zambales is unlike any other. Fall in love three times more with your bae. But add the waves and fun from this romantic place. Liwliwa Zambales is one of the most convenient yet summer-worthy spots in Luzon. You definitely don’t want to miss this place. 

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