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Siquijor Island: Top 5 Beach Resorts

Do you want to see more about the Philippines’ Visayas region? Why not take a trip to Siquijor? Because it combines Catholicism with indigenous religious traditions, Siquijor is considered a distinct Philippine culture area. It is an essential aspect of the culture and identity of the people of the country. It is the heart of the Visayas and the country’s third-smallest province. Off the coast of Negros, the Philippines’ Siquijor Island is an enormous, in-the-middle-of-nowhere tropical island. Epic rainforest waterfalls, healthy ecosystems, rich in palm trees around its white sandy beaches, welcoming residents, and some fantastic cliff-jumping await those who make it here.

What To Expect In Siquijor

Photo credits: Siquijor Province

The island of Siquijor is famed for its mystic and supernatural legends. It’s also well-known for its numerous clean beaches, stunning waterfalls, and historical landmarks. The island of Siquijor is a rather large one to explore. San Juan, a lengthy stretch of beachfront on the island’s southwest side, is the most popular tourist destination. Here, you may find some of the most prominent tourist sites, guesthouses, beaches, and resort towns in Siquijor.

Despite the fact that Siquijor Island has ecotourism, it is far less industrialized than what you would find in Cebu. The majority of individuals are pretty pleasant and welcoming to visitors and speak excellent English.

The most excellent season to travel the island, according to most people, is somewhere in the second quarter of the year. This is usually the summer season, which means you’ll get a lot less rain and a lot more sunshine. In the cooler months, between December up to the 1st quarter, however, visiting the major tourist attractions on Siquijor is considerably more fun. During the storm season, which lasts from August to October, the conditions are pretty hot and humid.

Top 5 Beach Resorts In Siquijor

There are various beach resorts in Siquijor, and these are the top 5 to start your journey on this island.

⛱️ Garden Bungalows Resort

The Garden Bungalows is a family-owned and operated modest resort. René and Jennifer, Swiss and Cebuano, are the known owners of the resort. To effectively serve the demands of the tourists, the two proprietors reside on-site. Their goal is to provide tourists with the most pleasing potential pleasure while they are on their lovely island. They focus heavily on customer service and a well-kept landscape and rooms.

This resort offers free wifi, a parking area, bar, laundry services, full breakfast, and a 24-hour front desk. If you decide to go here, you will have the chance to enjoy different attractions. You can hop from the Paliton beach, Marco Polo, and eat from Oceanlife Explorer Restaurant and Dolce Amore Restaurant.

Garden Bungalows at Siquijor
Photo credits: Garden Bungalows

Aside from these, you can also choose from their various rooms such as Bungalow with garden view, Deluxe, Attic studio, and Superior room. You can also watch out for their promos like year-end discounts and early-bird promos. The resort has a relatively limited capacity and provides separate bungalows to make it easier for visitors to retain distance. It is, in fact, an intimate resort with the best possible seclusion for you to relax and unwind. It’s remote, yet it’s still close to the town of Siquijor. The Garden Bungalow promises you that their rooms are kept very clean and disinfected on a regular basis. It’s also easy to go about because they provide a cab service and a car for rent.

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⛱️ Lazi Beach Club

In Lazi Beach Club, you can enjoy various activities within the Siquijor Island. You will have access to the Siquijor’s waterfalls, underwater adventure, various architectures, and amazing beaches. Siquijor Island’s Lazi is tucked away on the island’s southern shores. All of the resort’s accommodations include beach access and views of Mindanao Island. After a long travel, you may relax in one of the pleasant air-conditioned rooms. A refrigerator, as well as showers with hot and cold freshwater, are available in each room. You don’t have to be anxious about their security because each room has its own secured safe for your valuables. There’s also a fully accessible restaurant on site that provides a great variety of American-European and Filipino cuisine. Alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks are available in the restaurant’s bar.

Lazi beach club at siquijor
Photo credits: Lazi Beach Club

You may enjoy the day lounging in the refreshing water pool, exploring the magnificent steep cliffs beaches, or diving into the lovely coral reef that is only just metered distant from your accommodation. Thunder and lightning over the peaks of Mindanao at nighttime are definitely a spectacle to see. For everyone’s party enjoyment, a really superb karaoke is available.

Near the Lazi in San Juan, you may organize scuba diving through their crew through the dive entities. Day trips to the neighboring caverns and springs are available at an affordable fee. If you want to explore the Siquijor island on your own, you may rent a scooter.

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⛱️ Toris Paradise

The Toris Paradise is a character-defining to Siquijor Island that is a wise option for tourists. The city core is about 2.5 kilometers away, and the airport is only a few minutes distant from the beach resort. The hotel’s strong presence makes it simple to go to the city’s superb attractions. Toris Paradise provides excellent service, including all the necessary amenities for tourists. Some of the features that set Toris Paradise above other nearby hotels include free wifi in every room, baggage storage, wifi in open places, a car park, and conference spaces. All guest rooms have specialized amenities to offer an unrivaled sense of relaxation.

To start making your stay absolutely special, the hotel offers impressive recreational amenities such as diving, sandy beaches, an outdoor swimming pool, snorkeling, and fishing. Toris Paradise is the ideal location for an adventurous and entertaining vacation on Siquijor Island, regardless of your purpose for visiting. You may relax and enjoy your time with nature while taking a break.

⛱️ The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort

Awe-inspiring, enchanting, and captivating are the qualities of the Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort. These descriptions don’t even complete the identity of this sanctuary on the island of Siquijor. Experience the bluish shade of the skylighted on the glistening surface of the water onto your skin, as well as the silky, fine white sand under your toes. The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort is the epitome of indulgence and a dream retreat in the heartland of Siquijor.

Photo credits: The Danish Lagoon

Each villa is entitled to have its own private space and cottage at the seafront. You will still feel at home even you are away from your real home. The villas can accommodate up to 3 persons, and it has a safe box, mini-bar, hot and cold shower, air conditioner. This luxury beach resort also offers boat and motorcycle rental, shuttle service, Siquijor trip, and diving experience.

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⛱️ Islandia Beach Resort

On the secluded paradise of Siquijor, the Islandia Beach Resort is a family-owned private resort. Take in the tranquility of their idle property’s spacious, uncrowded setting, which includes breathtaking sunsets, sandy beach, and majestic mountain forest vistas. Only eight rooms make up this modest resort. In all, there are six rooms with a garden view and two rooms with a beach view. The considerate staff will be delighted to help you plan your desires, whether you need a buddy, outbound boats access, a motorbike rental for their tour package, or possibly a scuba diving expedition. You’ll be treated to feel more at home at their tiny family-style lodge.

Bottom Line

People in the Visayas are indeed friendly and very welcoming. If you decide to settle your vacation at Siquijor, you will not regret all the expenditures. Just don’t forget the basic protocols such as clean as you go, do not touch the things that are restricted, be polite to everyone, and respect the island. Once you have completed your itinerary, I am sure that you will go back here and try other adventures together with your new batch of friends.

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